tagNonConsent/ReluctancePower Outage Ch. 02

Power Outage Ch. 02


In the darkness, George stared at the ceiling.

So why had she suddenly reverted to her lazy ways again. Sure sitting down and paying the bills isn't fun, but it is essential. I thought we'd gotten past that shit. Yeah, it had started with so much promise, especially when she started her first full day after signing the contract...

Lyn moaned softly as George sat on the bed next to her, awakening her. Through heavily lidded eyes, she could see that he was already dressed and holding out a cup of coffee for her.

"What time is it?" she asked as she slowly sat up and rearranged the pillows to support her back, adding a "Thanks," as she took the proffered mug.

"About nine. And good morning, my slave."

She took a few sips of coffee before saying, "Mmmm. I needed that. Good morning....Master. I guess that means it wasn't a dream then."

"A dream come true, perhaps?"

Lyn continued to eagerly drink her coffee. "For you, I suppose so. I'm not so sure about it myself."

"Does that mean you want to back out now and that I should be getting back in touch with the lawyer?" he said firmly, aggravated that last night might be nothing more then another one of her temporary reforms.

She flinched at his tone. "No, Master, that is not what I'm saying. All I'm saying is that I hope it was good for you and that for me it was...."

"Was what?" he asked.

"I'm not quite sure of the words. It was certainly different and not always unpleasant. But more than anything, it was frustrating."

"Why is that?" he said, although he was certain of the answer.

"Because...because...you got to cum and I didn't," she finally blurted out.

"Good. I know about frustration and a hell of a lot more than you. You'll just have to live with it a bit more, but if you're good, you will get your reward. Do you understand that, my slave?"

"Yes, Master."

"Meanwhile, we've got a busy day ahead and need to leave around ten-thirty. That should give you enough time to get cleaned up and have some breakfast. And as far as your attire for the day goes, the same rules as last night. Wear a front closure bra too. Are we clear on that?"

"Yes, Master."

George exited. Lyn heard him go downstairs to the kitchen as she reclined on the bed, sipping her coffee, but barely tasting it as her mind was fully occupied trying to figure out what he had planned. It was futile and she suddenly found herself sucking only air from the empty mug. Glancing at her watch, she said, "Goddammit!" Fifteen precious minutes had passed.

Lyn hurried to the bath and started the shower. The hot water provided welcome relief to her agitated state, but although her heart slowed, it was hardly the clinical 'resting pulse rate.' After doing her hair, applying some makeup and dressing to his instructions, Lyn had barely enough time for a bowl of cold cereal before they were in the car and on their way to...

"May I asked where we are going, Master," she asked as George accelerated down their street.

"You just did, my slave, but it's probably best to keep it a surprise. Let's just say that it's something I've always wanted you to do and fulfills a promise I made"

Promise? What promise was he talking about? Lyn saw no sense in probing further and withdrew to her thoughts, dreading what item was getting checked off from the things he wanted her to do. Recalling the conversations they'd had over the years, that was a damned long list. She tried to figure out where they might be going, but after about fifteen minutes, she had no clue. It looked like they were headed to Red Creek, which was certainly a nice enough town, but too distant for their normal needs. Normal. That's almost funny.

George parked the car in a lot before a nondescript strip mall, with the typical tenants -- a card shop, salon, liquor store and dry cleaner.

"We're here," George announced.

"Okay," she replied, "but where's here?"

"You have an appointment at that salon."

"I do? For what?"

"Your Brazilian waxing, of course," he said, as if she might be going to the dentist.

"My what?"

"You heard me. It's paid in advance including the tip. So just go to the salon, tell them you're Mrs. Murphy and that you have an eleven o'clock appointment."

"You could have told me, I still would have gone," she said, as his earlier reference to a promise became abundantly clear - he certainly wouldn't be yanking her pubic hair any time soon.

"Sure. I could have, but it was worth it just to see the look on your face," he replied with a grin. "At least I chose a reputable place far enough from home that you shouldn't see anyone you know."

"Thanks...I think."

"Now, get in there my slave. I'm going for a newspaper and then I'll wait here for you."

George watched with amusement as Lyn hesitantly made her way to the salon, pausing slightly before opening the door. Reflections in the glass made it difficult to see much, but he could tell that she spoke to the woman behind the counter.

Satisfied with Lyn's progress, George walked across the street, bought the local newspaper and returned to his car. Although he read the articles, they did not hold much interest. It was more of the same airy persiflage from the elected gasbags, crowing over their dubious achievements or vehemently denying any wrongdoing. Disgusted, he opted for the comics and then the sports page, periodically checking his watch with ever increasing frequency. Eventually, he just held up the paper while staring intently at the salon door.

He'd been told that it should take about forty five minutes, but it was now closer to an hour since Lyn had entered. Perhaps she wasn't being very cooperative, after all he'd arranged for a woman unknown to Lyn to touch her in a very intimate way. Damn that would have been fun to witness!

George saw the salon door open and Lyn scurry the car, blushing deeply as she sat next to him and closed the door, staring straight ahead.

"So how did it go, my slave?" he asked.

"It stung a lot and I felt like a pretzel!...Master," she replied, sounding more upset than she actually was.

"Well, you'd better get used to it because that's part of your new look," he said as he started the car and backed out of the parking space.

"So it's not a one time thing?" she asked, finally turning to look at him.

"Definitely not. Now tell me all about it."

"Like I said, it hurt a bit, especially as it was closer to my..."

"Clit? Go ahead and say it!"

"Yes, my...clit...and towards the center. I had no idea that there was hair so far in."

"And?" he asked, impatiently, knowing there was more.

"Well to remove everything my legs got bent all over the place," she continued, finding it easier to describe with her gaze again fixed forward, but now gesticulating to give a notion of the contortions. "Way off to the side, way up to my chest. And then I had to get on my hands and knees so she could do my backside. But the worst part was her using tweezers to get the strays that didn't come off with the wax."

"And now?"

"It's kind of like sunburn. She put some ointment on and that helped a bit. It tingles a little too."

"Could be you're horny."

"You know I started the day like that!" she snapped, then coyly added, "and it hasn't gone away." But she neglected to mention that even though it was a woman's touch, she'd been stimulated by the procedure.

"So you like having a smooth cunt, huh?"

"Could be," she said, turning to him with a smile. "It's not the worst thing that could happen. Where we off to now?"

"To the mall for one of your favorite things -- shopping!"

"What are we getting?"

"Underwear, sexy underwear. It will be kind of like What Not To Wear, but with an obvious twist. And we'll grab some lunch too."

"Great. I'm starving," she said, squirming in her seat a bit from the residual heat the waxing had left between her legs.


"Why are we parking way out here?" Lyn asked as George parked in a secluded spot a long way from the mall entrance.

"Show me," he said.

There was no doubt as to his reference and, after a quick survey for passersby Lyn lifted her ass from the seat and slid her skirt to her waist.

"Nice," said George, his gaze riveted to her crotch, "Now spread your legs."

She readily complied and his hand quickly softly slid over her mound, her hips rising to meet his touch, but he withdrew to match her movement and maintained only the slightest pressure.

In response to her desperate moan, he said, "Damn! That feels great, but you'll have to wait for anything more." With that, he placed the car in drive and moved to a parking space closer to the main entrance while Lyn readjusted her skirt.

Although no one could discern her 'new look,' Lyn walked awkwardly toward the mall, hands pressed along her hips in a déjà-vu moment, expecting an ill-fated gust would arise spontaneously, solely to embarrass her.

Despite enjoying her predicament, George refused to acknowledge it. "So what do you say, Victoria's Secret first?"

"Sure," she replied and picked up her pace to gain the windless security awaiting her on the other side of the doors. A short walk later, they reached Victoria's Secret, but rather than go in, George made Lyn stop to examine the scantily clad mannequins in the store windows.

"See anything you like?" he asked.

She hesitated. That little black number with the lacy push-up bra and matching high cut boy shorts was very attractive. Decidedly, it was an extreme departure from her usual garb and though it would look very sexy on her, would she be able to live up to the billing? The lace would leave no doubt as to the morning's adventure and...

"Well?" prodded George, causing her to jump slightly as his hand touched her arm and interrupted her thoughts.

"That black outfit looks interesting..."

"Then let's get it," he interjected and gently pulled her by the arm into the store, "and see if it comes in other colors too!"

They quickly found the outfit and since it was also available in white and red, they collected those as well. With George's prodding, Lyn eventually picked out another three bra and panty sets before heading to the check-out counter. On the way she started adding the price tags and stopped in her tracks.

"Goerge, isn't this a lot of money to spend on underwear?"

"What's the matter? Aren't you worth it? Isn't our marriage worth it?"

"Well, since you put it that way," she replied, nodding with a smile. It was logical, but more importantly, she loved his choice of words. "A lot cheaper than counseling...or lawyers, for that matter!"

Without a word, Lyn resumed her way to the register, still smiling. 'He really does want this to work!' she thought and felt her anxiety over the future fading. After George paid the cashier, he handed the bright pink bag to Lyn, obviously meaning she would carry it while they were walking in the mall, which she found highly provocative -- passersby could only guess what was in the bag and would have no idea about her attire or waxing. Her pussy tingled.

After exiting the store, George checked the time. Just a little past noon. "How about some lunch?"

Lynn's stomach growled at the mention of lunch, and although food was currently second on her list, she readily agreed. They had no difficulty getting a table at one of the chain restaurants that populated the mall where they ate a light lunch, each having a chef salad. The conversation was light as well, with George intentionally avoiding any mention of the morning's activities and Lyn in no hurry to do so.

After the waitress had left the check, George stirred the remnants of his iced tea with a straw, leaned forward, and softly asked, "So, how's your first full day as a slave going?"

Lyn's eyes darted up to him, surprised by the question and paused before replying. "It's been...interesting."

"Interesting? That's all you have to say? I can't believe that!"

"What I mean is that it certainly hasn't been dull," she replied as a smile flashed. "But I'm not entirely sure what to make of it. It's exciting and I'm trying my best to enjoy it, and for the most part, I am. But it's such a dramatic change and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't emotionally confused too."

"I can believe that, but can you be more specific?" he asked.

"Well, I must admit that the shopping was exciting and the waxing is...hmmm...I guess that's exciting too. It's certainly different and I think I could get used to it. But at the same time, I'm thinking this must be a dream - like it's not really happening to me. Sure, I know it's real, but it's so contrary to my nature, it's like going into shock. You know, like this can't really be happening to me."

"I appreciate your honesty. I really do. You're not sorry about it, are you?"

"Definitely not," she replied, "At least so far, anyway."

"I'm so glad to hear that."

George looked at the check, pulled some bills from his pocket and left them on the table.

"Okay, let's go," he said. "Only one more stop before we can go home. It's nearby and shouldn't take too long."

Lyn rose and they held hands as the exited and made their way to the parking lot.

Once outside, she asked, "I don't suppose it would do any good to ask where we're going, would it?"

"Sure you can. We're going to get you some new jewelry."

"How nice, but couldn't we do that at the mall?"

"No," he replied as he unlocked the car. "I have something very specific in mind."


Once George was on the road, Lyn asked, "So, what's the name of the store?"

"Oh, now that would spoil the surprise, wouldn't it?"

"True," she agreed, but his easy answers made her suspicious..

At first, it seemed to Lyn as if George were just driving home, as he had not deviated from that route and she wondered if he had concocted the story about the jewelry since she knew of no jewelers near their home. However, he drove right past their house and towards highway 9, which left her totally confused. 'How can this place be nearby?' she wondered.

Her heart nearly stopped as George crossed at the light and into a strip mall whose only three tenants were a collectibles store, a cigar shop and an 'oh god, please it can't be' tattoo and piercing parlor.

"Why are we stopping here?" she asked, unsure if she wanted the answer.

"Getting your jewelry, of course," he said with an assurance that made her swallow hard.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean we're going in to get your nipples pierced. That's the new jewelry."

"I...I...couldn't you have asked me first?"

"Would it make any difference? You're getting your nips pierced to mark you as my slave and that's that. I thought it would be better if you didn't have to spend time dreading it."

"I didn't agree to this!"

"Not explicitly My slave, but if you remember the contract, your tits belong to me, and if I want them pierced, they'll get pierced," he said calmly, but sternly.


"Let me remind you," he interrupted, "that you do have a choice. You can go through with this and remain my slave or you can decline, in which case I go back to the lawyer. It's that simple. Yes or no."

Lyn stared out the window and considered her predicament momentarily. He was right. She had signed the contract, but she had never anticipated this -- not that she'd really contemplated the consequences at the time. She turned and looked directly at him. His face was rigid, but the eyes were soft. Oh goddamnit, the things I do for love!

"Okay, I'll do it, but are you sure it's safe?"

"That's my girl!" he replied. "Yes, it's safe. I checked around and made a bunch of calls to find the best place and to be certain that everything is very hygienic. Do you really think I'd do this and put your health at risk?"

"No. I should know you wouldn't."

"So you ready?"

"As I'll ever be," she replied and exited the car.

Lyn was pleasantly surprised when she entered the store. It was very clean and smelled that way. Not heavy with disinfectant as if trying to mask anything, just clean. There was a small sitting area just as she entered and past that several glass and wood display cases, behind which stood an imposing figure, who Lyn assumed must be the owner. He was tall and muscular, dressed in jeans and a black tee shirt. However, what caught her eye were the tattoos that in essence covered his arms and neck with piercings in his nose, eyebrows and ears. Large gauges distended his ear lobes.

Lyn cast an 'are you sure about this?' glance at George, but he ignored that. He only took her hand and led her to the counter.

"Hi," George said to the owner, "I called the other day about getting nipple piercings for my wife."

"Sure," the man replied, "I remember. My name's John."

George introduced himself as well as Lyn.

"Could you do me a favor and explain the procedure to Lyn? She's a little nervous."

"No problem," he replied and then turned to Lyn and asked, "Are you sure you want to do this?"

Lyn blushed a little and softly replied, "Yes."

John then explained to Lyn that the sanitary conditions and proper aftercare were essential for success and the prevention of any infection. For his part, he would use disposable latex gloves and checked the she did not have an allergic reaction to them. The piercing would be done in a private room behind the sales area with single use disposable needles and his female assistant always present. Her husband would also be welcome to observe. To do both nipples would take no more than fifteen or twenty minutes. For her part, Lyn would need to wash the piercings daily with antibacterial soap for the next month and there should be no oral contact for that period as well.

"Does that sound okay with you?" John asked.

"Yes, that sounds good," Lyn replied enthusiastically, pleased with the thorough information and also with George for his thoughtfulness, strange as that seemed.

"Well, then, let's get started," said John, and then turning towards the back of the shop, "Follow me."

He led George and Lyn through a hallway behind the counter, pulled aside a heavy curtain to the left and said to her, "Have a seat," motioning to the hair salon style chair. On the left was a padded stool and table above which were shelves and small drawers which obviously held supplies. Lyn was pleased that the room was as clean and tidy as the main part of the shop and took her seat. George leaned against the wall opposite the table, doing his best to be unobtrusive while maintaining a good view of Lyn.

Leaning back into the hallway, raising his voice, the called "Gina, I need you assistance in here."

Presently, a short, slightly round blonde appeared and Lyn noticed the multiple ear piercings and the gem stud in her right nostril. No tattoos, but Lyn wondered what else on her might be pierced.

John drew the curtain closed and told his assistant what was being pierced. Comprehending the need for her presence with a casual nod, it was obvious she'd done this countless times.

"Okay," said John as he donned a fresh pair of latex gloves, "if you would open your shirt and remove your bra, I'll get started."

As she unbuttoned her blouse, Lyn now understood why George insisted on her wearing a front closure bra. As her full, pale white tits swung freely, she wasn't sure if she was offended or disappointed when it elicited no reaction from John, but she also figured that was probably for the best.

Holding each breast in turn, he swabbed her nipples with alcohol. Its chilling effect quickly made her nipples stiffen. Taking a sharpie from the table, John then marked points on opposite sides of both nipples. She found it oddly erotic for a man other than George to touch her, but that feeling quickly dissipated when John retrieved a small pair of forceps with hollow triangular tips and locked it onto her right nipple with the sharpie dots centered within, causing a slightly painful, but not totally unpleasant, throbbing.

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