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Power Rangers: The Silver Saga Ep. 02

bySean Renaud©

Last time on Power Rangers: Bryan was left alone at the Homecoming dance and starting to feel a little down. Just then Heather, a mysterious beauty nobody knows walks up to Bryan and literally fucks him on the dance floor before vanishing. At the same time Felation contacts the Rangers. What is this new threat to Sunridge and where did Heather take Bryan?

It was dark, not completely pitch black but dark like the middle of the night with no visible light source yet there was light. Maybe it was the knee deep bright pink fog that gave the room its eerie lighting or it could have been bewildering array of sexual devices displayed on any of the six walls of the hexagon shaped room. Where it wasn't coming from was a window or door because the room had none, like many of the chambers of the Moon Fortress it was only reachable by teleportation.

He wasn't really sure how he'd gotten there, or why he was suspended off the ground by his wrists which had gone numb some time ago. Bryan wasn't even particularly certain where he was other than it was not the school dance.

It was also not a good place to be.

She teleported in behind him and started toward him. He wasn't sure what alerted him to her presence first. It might have been the sensual aroma of her perfume that seized his consciousness in a vice. It could have been the sound of her cat suit creaking with every movement or the steady click-clack of her stiletto heels on the fog concealed concrete. Whatever it was she had his complete and undivided attention by the time that her hand came up to caress his chin and her lavender hued tresses brushed against his shoulder. "What oh what do we have here?" She sang keeping just the tip of her finger on his back, tracing a rib as she circled him.

Bryan had never seen Orgasma before. Didn't know the legacy of the leggy lavender mistress standing before him. If he'd known his reaction would have been more fear and less arousal but it wouldn't have changed his fate at all. "I think it's the mighty Black Ranger of Hedonia." She continued stopping in front of him and staring up at him through her vermilion eyes. "He's so pretty." Skilled fingers quickly unfastened his belt letting his trousers sink to the floor vanishing under the fog. His boxers followed a few seconds later but his belt remained in her black manicured hands as she started circling him again.

"Who are you?" He asked as he stared down at her chest, or more noticeably her nipples extending through the cutouts on the outfit.

"You mean to tell me that you don't know who I am? That you've never heard of the Black Mistress of the Northern Galaxy?" She wrapped her fingers around his erect cock and gently started stroking him. "Well we'll just have to expand your knowledge pet. We'll start with the basics. What is your name?"

Bryan glared down at her for a moment trying to keep from staring down at her full breasts and focus on her eyes. "Don't want to speak?" Queen Areola shook her head and started squeezing his cock, first playfully then painfully as she waited for an answer. "Don't be stubborn, I always get what I want. It's just a matter of how far I have to go." She released his cock to run her fingers slowly up his stomach counting his rippled abs with a smile. Areola lightly raked her nails up over his chest finally ending on his cheek. "Now come on and make this easy." The wicked smile that played out over her luscious lips was enough to send a chill up Bryan's spine but he remained silent. At least he was silent until she raked her nails down across his cheek drawing four streaks of blood.

His head twisted quickly to one side wincing in pain and gritting his teeth. "Now" she continued delicately running her fingers over the fresh wounds "what is your name?"

"Bryan." The word forced its way free of his gritted teeth slowly bringing his gaze back towards hers slowly.

"That's better." She raised herself up onto her toes gently kissing his cheek. "Now listen to me there are two ways this can go." Her tongue slipped out tracing one of the rapidly rising welts on his skin. "I can be sweet as honey and drive you to ecstasy if you let me." Queen Areola leaned closer to him letting her warm breath bath his lips followed quickly by her tongue. "Or" She viciously bit down on his lower lip tugging roughly stretching his flesh nearly to its limit before releasing him. "I can make you're stay the most hellish thing this galaxy has ever born witness too. "Which will it be?"

Meanwhile the other four Rangers were gathered around the holographic projector. Before their eyes a three-headed robot beast, a zord just like their own was tearing the city apart. The first head, built to resemble a giant goat was chewing on what had been a car a minute before. Opposite that head was a long dragon head charbroiling everything in sight while the lion head in the center let loose a deafening roar that leveled a building.

"Felation what is that thing?" James asked staring in horror at the image.

"That is the Chimerazord. It was lost over a millennia ago along with the powers of the Silver Power Coin. If it is here that means that somebody has recovered the Silver Power Coin." The giant speaking penis said hanging limp as he continued his speech.

"Can the Hedonia Megazord defeat it?"

The local military had been deployed and made short work of. Right then the scorpion stinger was expertly knocking the choppers from the air and blast the tanks with its laser attack. "I believe the Hedonia Megazord can defeat the Chimerazord." He finally answered before changing the image before the Rangers to Bryan.

He was still dangling in the center of the room with Areola in the Mist Chamber. Four red welts covered his left cheek along with three more on his chest now as the intergalactic diva continued her work. "That is Queen Areola, wife to King Phallon, Mistress of the Northern Galaxy, The Whore of Babalosa-12 and Ball Buster. You're friend is in grave peril."

"We have to go save him!" Daniel shouted taking a step toward the image as if he could just reach in and save his friend like that.

"I am currently working on recalibrating your teleporters to enable you to enter the Mist Chamber. Until then you must go and battle the Chimerazord before all of Sunridge is destroyed."

One by one the Rangers looked from one to the next a silent nod shared between all of them. "We know what we have to do." James said reaching one hand behind his back to grip his Morpher.

"Its Morphin Time!" They all shouted as one. In an instant the four teenagers were replaced with the Power Rangers of Hedonia.

"Lets head out and do some damage control." James said gripping his communicator/teleporter and along with the other rangers teleporting to the sight of the disturbance.

"Holy shit, how are we supposed to stop that thing?" Daniel asked taking several steps back from the monstrous zord destroying the city.

"I don't know." James replied. "But I know where to start. I summon the Red Minataur!"

"Pink Griffon!"

"Blue Behemoth!"

"Yellow Sphinx!"

As each Ranger shouted their zords were released from their underground storage charging or flying to their destinations. When they arrived each Ranger leapt up an impossible distance onto their zords quickly getting to the controls.

"Red Minataur up and ready to charge!" Red shouted as he gripped the controls quickly glancing at the knobs and dials that indicated power levels, weapons cache, shielding and every other technical aspect of his battle vehicle.

"Pink Sphinx soaring and ready to strike!" Pink replied already changing her course to take her toward the Chimerazord.

"Blue Behemoth! Ready to rock and roll!" Blue shouted lowering the horned head of his zord and turning toward the enemy.

"Yellow Griffon fly like an eagle, strike like a lion whooohooo!" Yellow shouted twisting around to match the Sphinx's speed.

"Alright Rangers lets take this slow and by the numbers. We don't know what this thing can d-" James's transmission was cut short as the Chimerazord's dragon head turned its attention toward the Minataur bathing it flames.

"Lets get him out!" Kaylie shouted diving toward the dragon-head and successfully capturing the head in her steel talons. "I got one!"

"Yeah only one!" Amanda shouted sweeping down across the Chimerazord's back and defending the Griffon from a Lasersting. "Watch out there girl!" She shouted soaring out range before turning around.

The Behemoth met heads with goat-head sending a massive explosion of sparks and smoke into the air. When the smoke cleared both the two massive zords were locked at the horns struggling to move each other. "Ahhh yeah tryin to tangle with the beast and you get tossed!" Daniel shouted slowly lowering the Behemoth till he was nearly beneath the Chimerazord.

"Leave a little something for me!" James shouted. As he closed with the Chimerazord the lion-head turned its attention toward the Minataur blasting it with streams of lightning. The massive red war machine was literally lifted from the ground and sent tumbling through a building. "Damnit! My shields are down to 15% I can't keep this up guys!" Red shouted as he brought his zord back to its feet.

"Don't worry Red, I got this!" Daniel shouted as he tried to flip the Chimerazord. For a moment it looked like it would work it was inching upwards until it brought an armored paw down on the Behemoth. The lion-head twisted quickly firing a blast of its Lightning Roar at the Griffon forcing it to release the dragon head, which immediately added its Flame Breath to the assault forcing the Griffon to retreat.

"We have to regroup!" James shouted waiting till the two flying zords were at his side before charging.

"Trimental Blast!" A feminine voice shouted. The Chimerazord instantly recognized the command; all three heads turned towards the approaching zords and opened their mouths. Fire, ice and lightning came erupting from the dragon, goat and lion heads respectively swirling around each other until they formed a solid beam of energy.

A direct hit would easily have destroyed the zords in their current condition but the Behemoth twisted enough to through off its aim. Even raking across the zords as it did was enough to send the Minataur into critical and ground the Griffon.

"Had enough yet Rangers? I haven't even finished warming up yet. This is pathetic." That same feminine voice called. The Rangers turned this time to find a Ranger dressed in silver standing on one of the building tops. Her helmet designed with a golden lion face over the visor and a golden triangle of armor covering her shoulders and ending just beneath her breast.

"Why are you doing this?" James shouted.

"Why?" She threw back her head and laughed in response. "This world is to belong to the Dread Lord of the Northern Galaxy and I will deliver it to him!" She shouted.

"Come down here and fight me!" James called climbing out of his disabled zord. "Power Saber!"

"You? Fight me? I'll apologize in advance." She replied vanishing from the building top and reappearing at his side. "Silver Blades!" The Silver Ranger shouted summoning her weapons. The most resembled axe blades, one extending from either forearm with one tip just barely beyond her fingers and the other just barely beneath her elbow. "Any time you're ready honey." She purred shifting her weight slightly and motioning him towards her.

Beneath his mask James grimaced as he sized her up. Her stance was absolutely flawless and she there was no sign of fear. As if on cue both Rangers charged at the same time clashing blades and twirling around each other. There was just a flurry of movement, swords, blades and kicks traded back and forth faster and faster.

"Damn." Daniel whispered as he ran over to join the female Rangers watching the battle. "This isn't good." He muttered preparing to summon his own weapon and join the fray.

"Don't do that." The feminine voice chided leveling on of the Silver Blades at the Blue Ranger and firing a blast of energy that knocked him from his feet. "This is just for the adults." She teased turning her attention back to Red just in time to duck beneath his Saber and rake her Blade down across his back slicing straight through the uniform and into his back.

James fell to one knee looking back at her over his shoulder waiting for her next move. It never came. Instead there was a series of musical beeps as her communicator went off. "I've got them!" She paused looking at the other two. "Confirmed. We'll have to finished this another time Rangers." The Silver Ranger bowed dramatically then vanished in a blinding silver light streaking away to the moon.

"That was not good" James grunted getting back to his feet. "Lets get back to Extacy maybe Felation will have something for us." He shook his head and then gripped his communicator and teleported.

As the battle came to an end on the Earth the battle on the moon continued. "What are you?!" Areola shouted as she tightened the clamp around Bryan's cock watching as the tip changed from red to purple before her eyes.

"A Ranger!" He growled through grit teeth. Tears streaked down his face as he continued to keep his screams bottled up inside. So far she attached clamps to his nipples, scratched his face and attached a thumbscrew to his cock head but he refused to give the space witch any satisfaction. Chains had been attached to his ankles spreading them after he'd tried to kick her.

"Such stubbornness." She smiled moving lowering herself to her knees and expertly juggling his balls with her tongue. "I could make things feel soooooooo good for you." She continued slurping noisily at his sack coating him in her saliva. "Show you things those other girls don't know." She purred crawling between his legs tracing the seam of his penis with her tongue till she reached his puckered ass. One hand reached around gripping his shaft and stroking while she started wriggling her tongue around his opening. "Just admit that you're a dog." She purred kissing over his cheeks before twisting her tongue between them one more.

"Never." Bryan gasped as beads of sweat started forming on his chest and back. The lavender haired harlot slowly came to her feet running her tongue along his spine as she did sending a shiver through him.

"Never is a very, very long time." She whispered punctuating her words by tightening the thumbscrew twice more and finally drawing a pained scream from the bonded Black Ranger. Queen Areola backed away from him smiling as she walked back to the wall gripping a long slender rod. "You see this?" She asked just before snapping it across his chest and leaving a bright red welt behind. "I asked you a question dog! Do you see this?" Again there was no answer. She paused for a moment before she whipped him across the back with the rod, raining the blows down until Bryan Responded.

"Yes I see it!" He screamed lowering his head down. Sweat poured from his face splattering in the growing pool beneath him.

"Yes I see it Mistress." She corrected him drawing the rod back through the air.

Just the sound of it whipping through the air was enough to make the Ranger cringe in fear. "Yes I see it Mistress!"

A smile slowly crept over her purple lips before she kissed his shoulder. "Now that wasn't so hard was it?" She didn't expect a response to that so there was no retaliation for his silence. Only another soft kiss, one after another over his shoulders and spine and creeping up his neck ending just beneath his ear. "I want you to look at it." She whispered sliding the cool metal up along his side so he could see the tip. She started twisting the rod and the top six inches started slowly expanding. First to the size of a finger, then a penis but it kept growing till it was equal to her arm finally stopping at nearly the same size as his thigh. "Do you see that?"

"Yes Mistress." Bryan replied his eyes growing wider as he glared at the torture tool in terror.

"Good. Now if you don't learn your lesson, very quickly you will have that inside you." She replied letting the device deflate as she kissed down over his back. This time she followed the network of red welts with her tongue. Each time she found a new place to kiss she was rewarded with a wince and a rattle of chains as he tried to pull away from her.

Despite all the pain he was feeling there was a shot of pleasure as her tongue again pushed passed his sphincter. He couldn't even hold back the slight moan as Areola twisted her tongue farther into him. "That's a good dog." She whispered pulling her tongue back and replacing it with the slender rod and pushing it deep into him.

Areola moved back between his legs kissing between his legs. A lusty purr rumbled from her throat as she bit down on his inner thigh suckling his flesh between her teeth until it bruised leaving a warm kiss behind before leaving another purple mark on his pale flesh. She'd given him three more when she finally stopped and unscrewed the thumbscrew letting it fall beneath the mist to the floor. "Just tell me when it's enough. I want to hear you tell me you're just a dog." She instructed before taking the purple crown of his cock between her lips and twisting her tongue around it.

Bryan was caught between her lips and the expanding rod in ass and trying to remain perfectly still. It was impossible to do, his ass clenching trying to push the invading object out as it started to stretch him. He had no idea how big it had gotten when he screamed out for the first time.

The sucking didn't stop, she wasn't even paying attention to him as she inched her way farther and farther down over his shaft, almost half of it between her painted purple lips now. Her tongue pushed slowly back and forth massaging the underside of his cock with each stroke of her tongue. Areola knew exactly what she was doing as she continued to twist the rod inside him feeling as he got fuller and fuller.

"I'm a dog!" Bryan finally shouted unable to fight back the stream of tears pouring from his eyes. As soon as he finished speaking the rod stopped growing remaining inside him.

"Now just relax and try to enjoy it puppy." His mistress purred pumping the rod into his ass in time with her lips around his shaft. Bryan tried his best to fight down the urge to gasp but with each stroke inside him, or bob of her head it grew inside him till his stomach started to tighten.

He bit down on his lip doing his best to silence the pleasured gasp escaping him but it didn't help. The sounds of moans soon echoed around inside the Mist Chamber reminding him of how close he was. Her lips were only wrapped around the tip now, a purple "o" suckling frantically at him when it slammed into him.

Queen Areola gasped as his warm cum splattered against the back of her throat sliding down into her stomach. The second blast coated her tongue followed by a third that bulged her lips outward before she let herself swallow another sweet mouthful. She knew he was watching as she stood up letting his cock fall limp before she kissed him fully on the lips.

It wasn't Bryan's first time with a mouthful of cum. It was his first time with a mouthful of his own cum though. The thought should have filled him with disgust but as the warm slime was pushed into his mouth and spread over his tongue he felt his cock hardening again. Bryan wasn't even aware that he'd started returning her kiss until she pulled away and he found himself trying to maintain the kiss.

"That's enough for now Puppy." She cooed laying another soft kiss on his cheek. "Besides somebody else wants to play with you." She finished licking a few drops of cum from his lips as he swallowed the rest.

There was a streak of silver light and when it faded away Heather stood there still in her transparent silver dress a twisted smile curling her lips. "I think you hurt my toy my Queen."

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