tagBDSMPower Trip Ch. 02

Power Trip Ch. 02


Reader Warning: Over the course of several chapters this story will contain cuckoldry, forced-bi, male chastity, humiliation, and other female domination themes. These kinks are not for everyone; if you do not enjoy FemDom themes you will not enjoy this story.

It was difficult for Colin to concentrate during his last class of the day. He had been distracted during all of his classes, but the last class seemed to drag on the longest. It was as though time was distorted and every minute took an hour to pass. Every glance at the clock made him more anxious for the school day to be over; when he wasn't thinking about the agonizing seconds he was thinking about Veronica. Colin's step-mother had suggested she wanted to watch him masturbate again, after he was home from school, and the prospect of doing so excited him greatly.

Their encounter the night previous, while humiliating, was the most erotic thing Colin had ever experienced in his eighteen years of life. As a virgin, Colin's prior sex life had been limited to solitary masturbation. Even though he and Veronica hadn't engaged in any sexual acts and he was simply masturbating in her presence, his incredibly sexy step-mother's participation elevated things to a new level. Her dirty talk and encouragement had turned him on, despite the fact that she was demeaning at times.

That portion of their encounter confused Colin - the humiliation - because it had aroused him as much as everything else. He didn't enjoy being teased or put down in any other situation, but when Veronica did it there was something sexually potent behind her words. She had discovered his bi-sexual fantasies and confronted Colin with that information, something that initially made him feel ashamed, but somehow Veronica had turned it into fuel for two of the most powerful orgasms he could remember experiencing.

Suddenly, a bell rang signaling the end of class and interrupted Colin's thoughts. He hastily gathered his books and was gone in a flash.


Veronica heard the front door when Colin arrived home from school and smiled playfully, eager to continue the sexy game she had played with her step-son. The poor boy was so easily manipulated by the sight of her naked breasts and sultry dirty talk, making Veronica wonder how much more sexual control she could assert over him.

"Veronica?" she heard Colin call. "Are you home?"

If he had been impressed by her bikini the day previous, Veronica planned on blowing Colin's mind completely with her current outfit. "Up here," she called from Colin's bedroom.

Colin took the steps towards his room two at a time. He dropped his backpack on the hallway floor outside the door before entering to the sight of his step-mother. She was sitting in his swiveling desk chair wearing a pair of black panties, a lacy black bra, and sheer stockings that rose to mid-thigh. "Holy shit," Colin breathed at the vision of her gloriously sexy body.

She smiled, one leg crossed over the other, "I've been waiting for you."

"Wow," Colin stared, frozen in place just inside his bedroom doorway. "You look... I mean, you're...."

"I know," Veronica uncurled her leg and rose from Colin's chair. "I look amazing."

"Y-yeah," Colin agreed.

"I wore this so we could perform a little test," Veronica stated, approaching her step-son.

"What kind of test?" Colin asked, hoping it involved sexual intercourse.

"Get naked," Veronica ordered him, ignoring the question.

Colin hesitated, "Are we going to...?"

"We're not going to do anything. I told you to get naked, Colin, and you need to do what I tell you."

"Okay," Colin quickly agreed, all-too willing to comply. Since Veronica was already half-naked, Colin felt little shame in shedding his clothing and standing naked before his step-mother.

"I see you're already hard," Veronica smirked, eyeing Colin's erection. "I assume my outfit turns you on?"

"It looks amazing on you," Colin complimented. A thrill of excitement shot through his body when Veronica reached out and grasped his hard length.

She squeezed him to test the stiffness of his cock, "Do you like girls, Colin? Would you enjoy having sex with me?"

"Y-yes," Colin gasped softly, wondering if he was about to lose his virginity.

"I wonder what turns you on more," Veronica mused, looking up into Colin's eyes. "Me in my sexy lingerie? Or a hard, throbbing cock dripping with pre-cum?"

Colin's cock twitched in her hand, his shaft expanding.

Veronica sucked in a knowing breath when she felt the twinge of Colin's arousal, "Oh my. Did you feel that? I could. Does that turn you on, Colin? When I say things like 'hard throbbing cock'?"

Colin didn't reply, unwilling to admit her words aroused him greatly.

Veronica glided her fingertips over his erection, "You like girls, but you like cock just a little bit more, don't you? Are you a fag, Colin? Do you like cock more than you like a sexy girl?"

"N-no," Colin stammered, distracted by the feel of her hand. "I'm not gay. I'm just -"

"Curious?" she finished for him. Veronica pulled her hand away, "Sit down."

"Huh?" Colin was confused, his erection quivering and bobbing in the air.

"Sit down in your chair. I have a surprise for you."

Regaining some awareness, Colin moved to sit. He noticed his bottle of hand lotion had been placed beside the keyboard.

Moving to his right, Veronica bent and took Colin's mouse in hand. She made several clicks until the computer monitor was filled with a video of two men engaged in anal intercourse. A muscled man with a golden tan was on his knees fucking the other male - a younger, more slender individual. Colin's eyes locked onto the scene and he realized the video was not one he had seen before. Veronica must have downloaded it to his computer while he was away at school; she had prepared for him.

"Look at that hunk have his way with that other one's ass," Veronica pointed. "Look at the size of his cock, Colin. Look at how big it is. It must be eight inches, at least."

The younger guy getting fucked in the video was moaning amorously, begging the other man to fuck him harder. Colin watched closely, curious what it would feel like to have another man enter him that way. He wondered if it would hurt, or if it would feel as good as the boy in the video made it seem.

"I want you to masturbate to this," Veronica stated flatly, remaining beside her step-son.

Colin glanced at her, "But I thought you and me...?"

"What? You thought we were going to have sex?" Veronica laughed.

"But your outfit? And you asked if I wanted to?"

"I wore this to test you," Veronica informed him coldly. "I wanted to see if your little dick got harder looking at me, or a guy getting butt-fucked. And guess what? Your dick is practically throbbing right now. I mean, you got hard looking at me, so you're not a complete fag, but look at your penis, Colin. Your pre-cum is practically flowing out of it. You're way more turned on by this gay porn than you were by looking at me."

Looking down at his lap Colin couldn't refute his step-mother's words. His penis was throbbing. Beads of clear fluid were gathering at the tip of his cock.

"I want you to start jerking off," Veronica commanded him. "I want you to watch this gay porn and jerk off your dick."

"Why?" Colin asked, confused. "Why do you want to watch me?"

Veronica ignored his question, "Did you like masturbating for me last night?"

"Y-yeah," Colin admitted softly.

"Did it turn you on to have me watch you cum?"


"Well, if you want it to continue, you're going to start doing what I want. Right now I want you to jerk off to gay porn."

"Okay," Colin reached for the bottle of hand lotion sitting on his desk, realizing Veronica had set it beside his keyboard for this exact purpose. He desperately wanted to stroke himself, after all, even if he was afraid to admit how much the pornography was arousing him.

"That's it," Veronica encouraged as he squeezed out a quarter-sized circle of the lotion into his palm and began spreading it over the length of his erect four inches. It was working! Colin was like putty in her hands, offering little-to-no resistance. "Look at that guy on his hands and knees. That should be you, because the other guy's cock is so much bigger than yours. He would be the alpha male, because he is superior to you. His cock is superior. That means he would get to make you suck it, and stick it up your ass and fuck you with it."

Colin's cheeks reddened at her emasculating comments, embarrassed not only by the fact that his step-mother was humiliating him so, but also because deep down he knew her words were true. The man on his computer did have a bigger cock and Colin often fantasized to thoughts of pleasuring men with cocks bigger than his.

"Your cock could never pleasure a beautiful, sexy woman like me," Veronica continued. "Only a real man, with a real cock, could fuck me and make me cum. A real cock, like the man has in this video. It's no wonder you watch gay porn, Colin. You must know that your cock is too small to please a woman, so you might as well offer pleasure to real men with real cocks. It's the only sex you'll ever be able to get – sucking the cocks of other men."

Colin gasped at the harsh humiliation and suddenly began feverishly pumping his erection, turned on by the dominant words.

"You want to suck their cocks and let them have their way with your ass, because you know you can't get a sexy woman like me. You might as well become a fag – at least you'll be having sex and won't have to masturbate so much."

"I'm n-not gay," Colin protested feebly, fully knowing how ridiculous it was to say when he was sitting there masturbating to gay porn.

"Not fully," Veronica was willing to admit. "Not yet. But I'm going to turn you into a fag, Colin. From now on you're going to watch gay porn when you jerk off. When you cum, you're going to cum to the sight of a man sucking another man. When you cum, you're going to cum to the visuals of a man shooting his load into another man's ass."

"Oh god," Colin moaned at his step-mother's words, aroused at the taboo depravity of it all.

Veronica knelt behind his chair and whispered into Collin's ear, "You want this. Deep down inside the little fag you've kept hidden so long wants it. You want to surrender to your gay urges."

Colin's fist was moving so fast it was a blur and the pumping sounds of his slick fist echoed through the bedroom. Veronica knew he was close, knew she had him under her spell.

"Cum," she ordered him. "Cum while you're watching gay porn."

Colin grunted as his orgasm began boiling up through his shaft, its heat promising intense pleasure.

"Cum!" Veronica commanded.

A thick rope shot into the air, falling to decorate itself across Colin's keyboard. He gasped as several more uncontrollable wads of semen erupted from his pumping fist, each one hurling through the air in a different direction. It landed on his stomach, thighs, and desk to make a mess of everything.

Veronica smiled smugly, watching her step-son respond to her cue.

"Oh god," Colin moaned, his masturbating grip finally going still. A dollop of his semen oozed out from the tip of his erection, the last of his orgasm, and slid down to decorate his thumb.

Veronica made a giggle at Colin's lidded expression, "Did that feel good, shooting your cum all over yourself like that?"

Colin could only nod.

"You belong to me now," Veronica told him. "More specifically, your little dick belongs to me. I don't want you masturbating it unless I give you permission, do you understand?"

"What?" Colin asked, looking up to her with a confused expression. "What do you mean?"

Veronica leaned over so her face was close to his, "I mean that you are in need of control. You jerk off way too much, sitting up here in your room whacking off god-only-knows how many times a day. Since you don't have a girlfriend, and aren't likely to get one with a dick as small as yours, I'll have to assume control of you."

Veronica's words stung Colin. He glanced down at his spent penis and the way it retreated to its much smaller natural state.

"Tell me you agree," Veronica pressed.

"What about when dad gets home?" Colin worried.

"Your father isn't to know anything about this. He couldn't understand. He is a real man with a real cock, and couldn't understand your submissive faggot needs."

"I'm not -"

"Stop denying it," Veronica interrupted him. "You just came to gay porn. You can lie to yourself but you can't lie to me. Part of you is a naughty faggot who wants to suck dick. You are also addicted to jerking off and need the guidance of a strong woman."

"I do?" Colin sounded unsure.

"Did you like the orgasm you just had?"

"Yes," Colin murmured, unable to argue it. Despite the humiliation, his orgasm had been as potent as the night prior.

"I can give you pleasure, Colin. I can make your sexual dreams come true. But you have to give me control."

"I don't know," Colin hesitated, worried about surrendering to a woman he had only ever hated.

"Fine," Veronica lifted a casual shoulder. "You can always go back to jerking off in the dark, all by yourself."

"Wait! I'm just not sure. I don't understand why you want to be with me, or whatever. I mean, you mostly put me down and...."

"I don't want to 'be' with you," Veronica glared at him. "I want you to become my sexual possession."

Colin swallowed. He didn't know why, but the thought of becoming a sexual plaything to a woman as sexy as his step-mother made his head swim. "I can't have sex with you?" he asked, wondering if there would ever be a payoff.

Veronica snorted out a laugh, "You think I'd have sex with a high school senior who has a four inch dick?"

"Please?" Colin begged. "I'm not gay, I like women, too. You're so sexy, Veronica. I want to have sex with you so bad."

"I'll tell you what... if you want to have sex with me you have to do whatever naughty sexual thing I tell you for a whole month. If you do, I'll let you fuck me – but just once, and only out of pity. If you don't do what I ask, the deal is off and you'll never have another chance."

"Okay," Colin hastily agreed. He didn't care what the cost was, or what Veronica's motivations were. Sex with a woman as fine as her was an end that justified nearly any means.

"One month," Veronica lifted her pointer finger. "Whatever I say, you do."

Colin nodded, staring at her pornstar-like body. He was already envisioning what it would be like to lose his virginity to someone as amazingly hot as Veronica.

"Then we have a deal," Veronica smiled, fully aware of the fact that Colin was already having sex with her in his mind. "No more masturbating unless I tell you. If I catch you jerking off, I swear I'll put a cage on your cock. Do you understand me, Colin?"

Colin looked up at his step-mother's stern words and nodded again, "Yes."


After leaving Colin, Veronica moved downstairs to change out of the teasing lingerie and into something more comfortable. Her head was spinning as she sat on the bed she shared with her absentee husband. Colin had basically agreed to become her sexual slave, her toy. His submission was so easy to achieve! The power was heady.

Veronica's hand smoothed down her tight stomach and slid beneath the hem of her black panties as she considered the possibilities. Colin was a sexually confused young man, unable to determine if he was gay or straight or something in-between. It turned her on. He was self-conscious and inexperienced, which made him easily manipulated. That turned her on.

Veronica gasped at how wet she was and began rubbing her sensitive clit with the pad of her finger.

Colin was vulnerable to someone in a position of superiority. As his step-mother Veronica was able to expose his submissive nature, which turned her on so much. It was taboo, which turned her on. It was intoxicating, which turned her on. It was completely and totally immoral to take advantage of him....

Veronica shuddered as her orgasm arrived after only seconds of rubbing, waves of intense pleasure radiating through her body. Colin belonged to her....

And that turned her on.


Hefting his backpack full of school books over a shoulder, Colin wondered how he was going to get through his school day. His mind was swimming with the ramifications of the deal he made with Veronica and he knew trying to concentrate on lecturing teachers would be near-impossible.

Exiting his room and trotting down the stairs, Colin smelled coffee. He turned towards the kitchen to find Veronica sitting at their small kitchen table with a mug and the morning paper. Her blonde hair was gathered messily above her head and she wore a revealing robe which did little to hide her fantastic legs.

"Um, good morning," he greeted her shyly, unsure how to act around Veronica after their relationship had taken such a drastic turn.

Veronica looked up from her paper with an indifferent glance, "You don't have school today."

"Huh? It's Friday...."

"I know what day it is, Colin. I called the school and told them you were sick so you'd be excused from classes today."

Colin was confused, "Why would you do that?"

Veronica didn't answer Colin's question directly, "I want you to go back to your room, take your clothes off, and lie in your bed. I'll be up in a couple of minutes."

"Oh," Colin blinked with surprise. "Uh, why? I mean, what are we –?"

Veronica's question interrupted his query, "Do you want me to let you fuck me in a month?"

"Um, yeah, of course I do."

"Then you'll stop asking questions and do as I instruct."

"O-okay," Colin nodded, turning to hurry back to his bedroom.

Swift to shed himself of all clothing, Colin smoothed a hand over his bed covers and sat back against its headboard. His heart was thumping and his erection was already formed in anticipation for what Veronica had planned for him. Was she going to watch him masturbate again? The seconds passed by slowly as he listened to the sounds of Veronica washing her coffee mug out in the sink and place it in a dishwasher. He heard her light padding steps as she climbed the stairs.

"I see you're already hard for me," Veronica smirked when she appeared in the bedroom doorway.

"Yeah," Colin smiled shyly.

Sitting at the edge of the bed facing him, Veronica looked over Colin's slender, smooth body. "You look like you're pretty flexible," she commented.

"I guess so," Colin agreed, curious of what his step-mother had in store for him.

Reaching towards Colin's nightstand Veronica took his bottle of hand lotion, "You didn't masturbate before going to sleep last night, did you?"

"N-no," Colin shook his head, answering honestly. "You told me not to."

Veronica appeared pleased as she squeezed a dollop of lotion into her palm, "Good. I want to make sure you have a decent load of cum in you for your first orgasm today."

His 'first orgasm'? Colin wondered how many times she intended for him to cum. The question was an intriguing one.

Smearing the lotion across the underside of his erection, Veronica frowned at Colin's bush of pubic hair. "Later today we're going to shave you," she informed him clinically, "and get rid of all this hair."

Colin closed his eyes at the sensation of her hand squeezing and twisting around his erection. "Okay," he nodded, willing to agree to nearly anything at that moment.

Veronica posed a sudden question as she began to slowly stroke, "Colin, are you gay?"

His eyes opened back up at the question. He looked at Veronica, the way the hem of her robe had lifted to reveal her golden thighs. The sight of her body aroused him, "No."

"So you don't masturbate to gay porn? You don't fantasize about having gay sex?"

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