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Practice Interview


This is a slow story and contains no sex. Should be in an ENF (Embarrassed Nude Female) sub-genre.


Gina was mad at herself when she stepped into Starbucks to pick up a chai latte. She had totally botched up her interview this Wednesday morning. 'I should have listened to Karen about her interview practice advice but I let my ego get in the way,' she thought.

As she waited in line, she reflected about the last few months. She had done very well at her previous job. Thanks to a MBA in marketing, she was the Director of Marketing and was looking forward to becoming the VP, when some account irregularities were found. Long story short, she was out of her job without any severance pay. Thanks to her affluent lifestyle and not taking job hunting serious, here she was three months later, her cash reserves running low and her heath insurance expiring soon.

Sitting down in a corner with her latte, she called Karen, "Hi, it's me. You were right. I was unprepared and out of practice. I totally messed up the interview."

Karen tried to calm her down. "Don't worry girl. You have another interview lined up in the next couple of days. Right? Let's focus on that one."

"You are right about the interview process. It's different sitting on the other side of the table. I didn't realize it at all. After all, I got the previous job via a campus interview," replied Gina, who was glad to have someone to talk to.

"Here is what I want you to do. Get some interview practice."

"It takes a long time to setup these interview, Karen. There are not many senior positions out there."

"I understand Gina. But all you need now is to get the feel of being interviewed and handling it well. It can be any job. Check for marketing analyst, or some other junior position walk-in interviews. It does not have to be in your area of expertise. After all you are not going to take it," Karen replied.

After some more advice from Karen, they made plans for the weekend and Gina returned to nursing her chai latte. She overheard couple of women next to hear and saw a redhead and blonde was sitting opposite her.

The redhead was telling the blonde about this job at Babe publications and was asking the blonde to come for the interview, since no resume was needed. It was a job of a receptionist. 'Here is some interview practice I can use. Tomorrow I can try another interview and on Friday, I will be ready.'

She smiled at herself and decided to follow them.

Thirty minutes later, she was standing outside at Babe publication wondering if she made a mistake. They were into publishing adult books, Dvds and toys. 'Calm down. It's only a practice interview. I am not planning to work here. Besides there must be over 30 women interviewing today. Is the job market that bad,' she wondered.

Most of the women were dressed to show off their assets. One blonde had her big boobs almost spilling out of her dress. Gina was proud about how she looked and several of her former boyfriends had praised her boobs and her nice behind, but these women here gave her a inferiority complex.

Not that she had anything to be ashamed about. She was well toned and with a 36C-25-32 figure, she could still turn heads at the beach, even in her one piece swimsuit.

A guy came out and introduced himself as Mike and told the crowd, "We are looking for someone with skills in computers and knows Word and Excel. If you don't match these skills, please leave."

A lot of the women left and there were only seven left. 'Well. That improves my chances.' Most of the floozies seemed to have left.

Mike distributed a questionnaire to the remaining women and gave her a wink when they made eye contact. 'Looks intelligent and nice body too', Mike thought wondering whey she was dressed in a business suit. Most of the other applicants were dressed like floozies to show off their assets.

Gina had no problems filling up the questionnaire but one question bothered her. She wondered what 'Are you ok with the dress code' meant. Doesn't matter anyway and she ticked 'yes'.

Surveying the competition, she doubted that she would be able to get the job. Her brain reminded her that she was not her for the job. She was called third into the conference room, which surprised her totally.

Mike introduced Bob and Frank as partners in the company and gave a brief intro into the company and inquired if she was comfortable working in this industry.

"Yes. It's no problem," replied Gina looking at some of the adult material on the wall calendar of the conference room. 'No way is that woman breasts real. It looks like it is squashing the poor guy's face.'

They started out with some basic background questions and work experience. Gina used her old company's receptionist background and spun a good tale about what she had done previously. After all she did work in marketing.

Mike, Bob and Frank were all impressed with her. Gina was happy the way the interview was going. It had given her a lot of confidence explaining her fake background and she got used to being in the hot seat after couple of minutes.

"Let's move to the second part of the interview. We are all impressed with you so far. This part consists of some minor tasks like handling a phone call, creating a letter or reports, etc.," said Bob.

"We would like you do the second part of the interview in the prescribed dress code." Mike gave her a big grin. He wasn't sure if she would do it since she looked like a class act.

When Mike showed her the Ads for the job position, she looked at the drawing of the nude receptionist and realized what the dress code involved. Babe publications was looking for some one to work in the buff. She thought that it was a good thing she did not need this job.

Gina was a bit flustered but recovered beautifully. "Why did you choose this particular dress code?"

Frank choose to answer the question. "Babe publications has been extremely successfully in the erotic book and DVD markets. Most of our business is done over the internet. One of our writers had written a novel about Nude Secretaries day. We talked about it and decided that we should have a nude receptionist to project the sexy image of Babe. Besides it would give us some eye candy look at. Don't worry, we are not looking for sex. I think with your classy image, you would be great here."

Gina thought about cutting the interview short but decided it would be a good time to try her negotiation skills. "My concern here is stripping naked and completing this interview only to find some floozy has got this job."

"Good point," replied Mike, "How about you strip to your underwear and I will send the rest of the candidates home. We will also pay you $200 for your trouble. We will let you change. Come out when you are ready."

Mike, Bob and Frank stood up and walked out of the room. Gina knew that she should have stopped them but froze like a deer in headlights. She could hear Mike telling the candidates to leave. She knew she had two choices -- leave or strip.

The rational part of her mind kept telling her to leave but her nipples and clit wanted her to stay. She felt that her panties were soaked. Another part of her mind was telling her about this one in a lifetime opportunity to do something wild.

She finally decided that she was going home with this job in hand and remove her skirt, jacket and blouse. This would be a good story to tell her friends on how she got a job as a nude receptionist. Thinking about it made her wet.

Talking a huge breath, she was just about to open the door, when she noticed that her bra looked positively ancient. It was a plain white bra and definitely did not project the sexy image, Babe wanted.

She removed it and looked proudly at her boobs. Her nipples were pointed and sent shivers through her when she played with them. She looked down and noticed that her wetness was now visible on her white panties. Before she knew it, she had taken off her panties and rolled them into a ball and wiped her pussy dry. She threw her panties into the wastebasket, took a long breath and moved her hand to the door handle.

Outside Mike, Bob and Frank were wondering if she had chickened out. But the look on their faces turned to amazement, when they saw Gina step out in all her naked glory. She was much better than what they imagined her in the nude.

Looking at their hanging tongues, Gina realized that she had an advantage and pressed it. "So boys, do you think this is the right image for Babe publications?"

Saying yes seems to be such an easy thing to do but for Mike, Bob and Frank, the sudden loss of blood from their heads made it difficult to say anything, except grunt in appreciation.

Gina knew that she made a great sight for these guys. Thanks to her regular exercise schedule, she was in great shape. Her 36C boobs were always a hit with her former boyfriends. Standing nude in an office, with guys ogling at her, she asked them, "So would you have me type out a sample letter."

Mike managed to recover and told her, "Go ahead. You are perfect for this job."

She sat at the receptionist desk and turned towards the keyboard and started typing. She felt her nipples were very hard and was feeling wet down there. She wanted to touch her clit and her nipples but with three guys standing near her, that did not seem possible. She brought her knees together and wondered if she could rub her legs to stimulate her without them noticing.

She finished the letter and stood up to go to the printer to pick it up. At the printer, feeling naughty, she spread her legs slightly and bent down from her waist to pick up the printed letter. She could feel three sets of eyes focusing on her butt and pussy. When she turned around suddenly, the men were trying to adjust their pants and she suppressed her laughter. 'Men are so easy.'

After couple of more tasks that demonstrated her familiarity with the computer, Mike told her that one of her tasks was handling the mail. Bob handed her a mail box key.

"No problem. Where is the mailbox?"

Mike replied. "It's on the first floor, next to the main entrance."

Gina was not sure of leaving the confines of the office in her birthday suit. She racked her brains for an excuse. "Err. The other tenants may complain"

"Then we will kick them out, since my dad owns this building." Frank was grinning as her said this.

'In for a penny, in for a pound,' she thought and walked through the main door. The guys sighed as they watched her beautiful ass sway and leave.

Out of the office, she wondered what had gotten into her. Was she a closet exhibitionist or something? Just waiting to come out? This was so out of her character. She had never even worn a thong in her life and here she was prancing in the altogether. What was this so exciting, she wondered.

The building had an old style elevator with the manual door sliding gate. She pressed the button on the elevator and waited for it to come down. As the elevator was coming down, she noticed the legs of couple of guys and dashed on the side. She pressed her back against the wall. The elevator stopped and she hoped that the guys would not step out.

One of the guys shouted 'Anybody there' and cursed when they go no response. After what seem to be an eternity of her holding her breath, the elevator continued. She realized her heart was beating very fast and even her clit was throbbing. Tempted to give it immediate attention, she however decided to go down using the stairs.

On the first floor she checked if anyone was around and seeing no one she quickly went over to the mailbox area. She almost dropped the key as she inserted it and quickly retrieved the mail.

Unfortunately for her, the door to the office next to stairs was opening and she had two choices -- run outside or run to the elevator.

She ran to the elevator and closed the doors and pressed the button to go up. As the old elevator stared it's journey up, one of the guys noticed her and excitedly pointed to his friend. Thankfully the elevator cleared the first floor, before his friend could get a look.

She quickly got out on the third floor and ran towards the Babe publications door. Pausing before the door to compose herself, she took a deep breath and entered.

"Mail Call." She then distributed the mail and waited for her next task.

Her next task was to sit in and take notes for a conference call. She noticed that all the guys were distracted by her teasing. She even dropped her pencil and got up and bent down to give everyone an eyeful, when picking it up. 'Damn, I need some relief myself. My pussy is soaking wet."

"You are hired," Mike told her as soon as the call was over, "We are very impressed by your performance. We need to do the offer letter and other paperwork and will email it to you tomorrow. Can you start on Monday?" It looked like they wanted to get rid of her and get some relief too.

Sensing that she had an evil thought. 'Since I don't plan on seeing these guys again. Let me turn up the heat.'

Gina trying to look innocent picked up a DVD on spanking. "I was wondering that if you could include corporal discipline, instead of firing me for any offenses. I really need a job and am fine working with a red bottom. I am sure I will learn quicker this way."

Thoughts of the red bottom nude running around in the office almost sent Mike over the edge. He manage to say, "Sure. I will make sure that's in your offer letter. Thank you for coming her today."

He watched as Gina draped her jacket, blouse and skirt over her arm and blew them all a kiss and still nude went out the front door. He wondered how they were going to survive with her working in her birthday suit. But right now, he had something to care of immediately.

Closing the door behind her, Gina ran to the women restroom on the floor. Thankfully it was unoccupied. Not that she would have cared anyway. Entering a stall, she plunged her fingers into her wet pussy and pinched her nipples hard with her other hand.

A few minutes later, she was exhausted from the orgasm. 'Whew. I have never come like that.'


Friday morning she was all perky and relaxed. The ten orgasms over the last couple of days put her in a great frame of mind. If she would do an interview naked, she could handle this one. Even Karen noticed her change of attitude and was curious to know what happened. But Gina was too embarrassed to tell.

The interview went very well and by mid-day she was in the CEO's office. He offered her the position of VP of Marketing, which she accepted. He asked her if she could start on Monday, since they required someone urgently.

She thought about this and rubbing her legs together under the desk asked, "Would it be ok if I start from next month. I had picked up a temp job and wanted to make sure they find a replacement. It wouldn't be fair to them."

The CEO was impressed and told her that would be no problem. "Too many young people are not committed today. I am glad to see you are not leaving someone in a lurch."

Smiling she stood up and left. 'I should go shopping for some high heels today. After all a nude receptionist has to look her best.'

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