tagLoving WivesPre-Bachelor Party

Pre-Bachelor Party


Katy calls Doug a few weeks after we get back from Oklahoma.

After some small talk she starts, "...well, if you still want me to dance at your bachelor party, you may want to move it up a bit. No one likes a fat stripper, and the doctor says I'll be showing in about two to three months."

She sits silent for a moment while Doug reels. I take a moment and open the windows to let in the fresh spring air. I open the front door and lock the screen door before joining Kat in the kitchen again.

"Ya," she finally says, "Ya he's going to stay and be the Daddy. Who knows? Maybe it's his. No, I doubt we'll get a paternity test. We'll just assume it's his. After all, you're getting married soon... to someone else. Remember?"

"Okay. That sounds good. Bye-bye... what? Oh, I just got up, so I'm wearing one of Brian's t-shirts... yeah, that's it, just a t-shirt. Doug! Brian's sitting right next to me... Alright fine, just real quick."

Kat sits down at the breakfast table next to me and slides her hand down her stomach slowly before spreading her legs apart and finding her exposed pussy. She moans softly as she starts toying with her lips.

"I'm getting there! Be patient," she says into the phone.

She splits her labia apart and slides her middle finger into her wet cunt. "Uggh... okay, yeah, it's in."

She continues to finger herself as I sit right next to her. "Yeah. Of course it feels good. Ahhh. Yeah baby, hang on." She takes the phone down and places it right next to her hand for a bit, letting the receiver pick up the squishing sound of my young bride's finger penetrating her wet cunt.

She lifts the phone back to her ear. "How was that? Yeah it feels as good as it sounds. I wish it was you inside me... Brian? He's jerkin off while he's watching of course... we're in the kitchen, we were about to cook breakfast... okay I'll tell him."

She holds the phone away from her ear and tells me, "Doug says he wants you to blindfold me with a kitchen towel or something, then I'll give you the phone and he'll describe what you should do to me and I'm going to imagine it's him."

I don't hesitate, I grab a large, soft dish towel and spin it into a rope, then tie it around her head, covering her eyes. She hands me the phone.

"You can't talk, okay?" Doug starts.

"Now, I want you to lift her up onto the breakfast table. Have her lean back or lay down. Doesn't matter, so long as her pussy's at the edge."

I set the phone down and follow orders. I lift her up by her armpits and set her bare ass on the table. I lean her back so she's resting on her elbows, then I pick the phone back up.

"Okay." I say.

"Good, now set the phone down on the table where I can hear what's going on. Then kiss up her legs, starting with her feet and working your way slowly up the inside, barely missing her pussy and going up to her stomach before making a U-turn and headed back down the other leg. Use your hands to massage her legs while you go."

I do as I'm told. I set the phone down and kiss and gently lick up Kat's leg, I slow as I get to her inner-thighs and give sensual, loving kisses with my lips and tongue, ever so slightly grazing the lips of her pussy as I move up and to her belly. I do the same thing back down.

I pick the phone back up. "'kay."

"Good. Now, repeat that, but this time do a few really light swipes across her pussy with your tongue, and let your hands roam closer to her ass, massaging right near the hole but not touching."

Again I do as I'm told. When I get to her pussy Kat whimpers and grinds her pelvis toward my face. I pull back, keeping the touches slight and teasing. I concentrate on keeping more attention on the soft skin surrounding her pussy while my hands knead and massage her ass, spreading the cheeks apart and working slowly inward.

"Oh Doug," she says, "Just lick me already. I wanna cum in your mouth again."

I pick up the phone.

"Hear that?" I say softly.

"Yeah I heard it. So do the routine you just did again. After your done, continue the cycle one more time, only this time you can really give it to her. Keep it light, though. Remember, it's a tongue not a dick. You can also make contact with her asshole, but don't penetrate, not yet, just massage. Let her start to cum, and just before she gets really excited, stop."

I do as he tells me. I kiss and lick up the legs and around my girlfriends aching vagina. On the second go-around I stop at her dripping, hot opening and use my tongue like a feather-duster - lightly dancing over the lips of her pussy, splitting them slightly to penetrate. I continue this for about five minutes, sucking slightly on her lips and moving my tongue in circles around her clit as she presses her slit into my mouth and gyrates her hips. She begins to shake and whimper. I let this continue for a few seconds then pull back.

"Oh come on!" she yells in disappointment and frustration.

"Good," Doug says, "Now, lift her legs up and rest them on your shoulders. Tease her with your cock. Slide the head up and down her lips, every once in a while let it dip inside before pulling out. Continue this until she looks like she's about to explode, then stuff it all the way in and hold it there. Slowly pull it back out and ram it in again. Do this as many times as you need, then just start to fuck her. Set the phone on the table so I can hear everything."

I set the phone down and lift Kat's legs to my shoulders. She scoots her pussy forward in anticipation. I slide the head of my dick up and down her sopping pussy. She moans and gyrates as I do. Every so often I let slip between the folds. She lets out a light gasp and tries to scoot forward to meet me, but I pull out. I continue this until she's scooting herself almost off the table and mock crying for me to hurry up. I jam my dick into her and she grunts "Uh." I pull out slowly and hit it again. On the next push I leave my dick fully emerged in her body. I rotate it slowly. She's got her mouth open and I see she's starting to cum. I push her shirt up and massage her tits as she does. Harder and harder she grinds her pelvis against mine in the opposite direction as me.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" she cries. "Yes! Yes, Doug! Fuck your little Katwoman." She goes silent and tenses up for a good five seconds as I continue the assault until she just goes limp.

I pick up the phone, "You get all that?"

"Yup. But we're not done with that hot little girl. We're gonna make her cum one more time. Put her legs down and turn her over so she's laying her top half on the table. Then go up and in to that hot little pussy and let your thumb find it's way to that tight little asshole of hers. Odds are it should be pretty wet from the cum that just ran down. When she's just about to cum, reach up with your other hand and pull her hair back toward you. Let's try and get her screaming."

I set the phone down once again and do as he says. I lift her shirt off her, then turn her around and guide her down to the table. Her beautiful tits spill out from either side of her body. I use my foot to push her feet wider apart. I bend down and slide up and in. She groans immediately. I work my dick in tight circles as I move in and out, in and out. My hands knead her ass, getting closer and closer to the hole. Sure enough I find it wet and hot. I let my thumb slowly dive down.

The doorbell rings.

"Shit! Our dad's comin' over to help me fix the chain saw."

"Fuck it." she whimpers as she nears another climax, "make him wait."

My thumb is now fully emerged as I continue fucking her from behind.

The doorbell rings again just as she starts to cum. I abandon the swirls and start pounding her from behind. I reach up as she starts to moan and grab her hair and twist. As I pull it back toward me she lets loose a series of short, ecstatic and LoUd screams. "Ah! Ah! Ah! Uuuuuuunggg"

Her pussy clinches as I release a torrent of cum inside her.

As we both go limp I pick up the phone. "You enjoy that?"

"Oh, yeah," my brother says. "See you in three weeks."


I slide out of Kat and hand her my shirt to put back on. She grabs a glass of water and collapses in a chair at the table, huffing and puffing in exhaustion. I pull up my boxers and throw on my shirt and go to let my dad in.

I find him sitting on the front porch swing.

"Sorry," he says, "am I early?"

"Not at all," I say, "I was just having some breakfast."

"Oh? And what were you having?" he replies.

I just smile. "Just a bit of pie."

"Bet it was damn tasty pie"

We walk through the house to the basement. As we pass the kitchen he leans and says, "Morning Katy."

I peak in too. Kat's sitting at the table. We can see her entire profile. She's got my t-shirt pulled down, stretched over her tits and barely covering her ass, leg's crossed, bare up to within inches of her pussy. Her face is clearly flush and she doesn't even look over. She just raises a hand in greeting and lets it fall back to the table.

"Tired?" my dad says.

She nods as she stares blankly at the table.

"I bet," he replies as we continue on toward the basement. As we descend down the stairs all my dad says under his breath is, "Need to get me a piece of that pie."

to be continued...

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