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Pregnant in Panties

byLauries Husband©

(This multi-chapter story could be listed in several different groups. It contains group sex, bisexual and gay contact, incest, BDSM and other fetishes. If this offends you, please stop now. If it doesn't, I hope you enjoy. )


"Christ It's hot."

Suzanne stood under the shower watching the dust and the dirt from their dry and fallow farmland sluice off her soft shoulders and follow the streaming water in sandy brown streams over her engorged breasts and large, sensitive nipples. Her daily walk, the exercise her husband and Master insisted on, took her almost a mile and a half around one of the barren fields.

The lukewarm streams flowed together over the curved mass of her late seventh-month baby bump and converged on the bare naked mound of her shaved and swollen vulva. Her right hand found her heavy left tit and started to palm her swelling nipple with a soft circular motion. Her left hand seemed to move on its own, fingertips touching and exploring each curve as it moved downwards over her big rounded belly and then even lower to her always hungry, never satisfied cunt.

The beautiful 5'2", twenty-eight year-old streaked blonde, her curled hair falling past her shoulders, closed her dark blue eyes and turned her face to the spray. The action on her breast moved from palm to fingertips as she unconsciously pinched and pulled the tender nub up and away from her chest. The middle finger of her right hand was slipping and sliding in her little peach slit and the two fingers on either side were lightly grazing the outsides of her fat, juicy pussy lips.

"Oh, God!" she cursed to herself, "Where is Daddy Louis when I really need him?" As her fingers moved in more and more seductive motion, she thought back to that short visit seven months ago.

She and Steven, then her fiancé, had driven cross country to meet his family before their wedding and moving to the country to pursue their careers. He was a writer who believed firmly in the credo about writing what you know. She was a post-graduate fellow in Psychology who had just received permission to write her thesis on what was sure to be a very volatile subject. The farm seemed a great place for them to combine their work.

Suzanne grew up cute and spoiled with all-American looks and a cheerleader's body. She was daddy's little girl and if asked today, she would still say he's is the closest thing to a perfect father ever. She never told him, but she never really fell out-of-love with him when she 'should' have after puberty. And her dreams and thoughts turned sexier and hotter and she found herself willingly growing more and more submissive with each new dream.

They arrived at his parents' home late at night. His mother had already gone to bed, but Louis, Steven's dad, stayed up to meet them. She was dressed for comfort -- a pale blue sundress, very lightweight and sheer, a pair of white cotton thong panties and a pair of sandals. Even though Steven accused her later of doing it deliberately, she didn't really think so. Standing with the bright TV at her back and Louis in front of her, she gave her soon-to-be father-in-law an almost perfect view of her virtually naked body. When he stood up to greet her, she almost gasped. Very handsome, his face covered with the character lines she loved, his perpetual Florida tan contrasted beautifully with his silver hair. He just seemed to dominate everything and everyone around him and she felt that power as immediate submissive attraction.

She almost melted into his strong, bronzed arms as he welcomed her into the family with a kiss that turned un-paternal very quickly.

Under the shower, Suzanne's little lefty pinky was dipping into her slick, wet vagina as she remembered the way he kissed her. Her sharp fingernails started to pinch her ultra-sensitive nipple.

She moaned almost silently as she opened her mouth to his probing tongue -- shocked that he would be so bold in front of his son...and shocked again that Steven, her strong, dominant Master, had not said a word to stop them. When his hands moved under the sundress and he started massaging her firm, toned ass- cheeks, she felt a strong need to stop and took her husband to bed.

The next day, after sleeping in, they followed her new in-law's suggestion; they relaxed by the backyard pool and Suzanne, thinking that both of Steven's parents would be at their store all day, worked on her tan in only a thong bikini bottom.

Louis returned rather unexpectedly, having taken the afternoon off and leaving his wife to tend the store, and went directly to the chaise lounge where his adorable and perhaps submissive (he hoped fervently) future daughter-in-law was laying on her flat tummy, her firm, large tits swelling out the sides, and her ass virtually uncovered by the thong.

Again, without hesitation and in front of his son, the silver haired older man kissed her again like he had the night before. She had to twist up to receive him and she heard her fiancé gasp when she felt her breast lift off the cushion. Again, not saying a word. And Suzanne was too turned on, too submissive and too easily led to resist anything at that point. Within three minutes of his arrival, he was spreading sun-block on her ass. Two minutes later he sent his son on a quick errand and a few minutes after that, Steven returned to see his fiancée sitting up bare-breasted on her lounge chair and his father naked, his hard, stiff cock sliding between her sweet lips and in and out of her warm, sucking mouth.

Suzanne let her tortured nipple go and squatted under the now cool spray. Her right thumb was now circling her clit and her middle finger was plunging in and out of her hungry cunt. Squatting down opened her dusky rose colored sphincter and she forced her middle left finger as far up her anus as it could go before she started a finger-fuck DP on herself. She started groaning as she remembered the rest.

He must have known, she thought, that his son wouldn't do or say anything after he returned only to sit on the other lounger and stare at them. She was, impossibly, even more drawn to the father's power than the son's -- and she loved Steven like no other. Yet she had no ability to refuse the father anything he might demand. The thought made her sexy, rose-colored nipples elongate even more and she showed them to her fiancée with pride and lust on her face.

Then she let her almost father-in-law lay her back on the chaise, spread her golden cheerleader thighs over the sides of the cushion, and pull her up towards him with his strong hands under her ass. When he knew he their complete attention, Louis made her beg for his cock, humiliate herself by pleading for an almost incestuous fuck while his son, her fiancé, sat four feet away. And she did. And she felt like such a total whore.

He left her tight, young pussy with three loads of cum that day before Suzanne's future mother-in-law returned home from work. With the last one still fresh in her tight, young pussy, he said "Just so you know, I don't do sloppy seconds. Maybe my son likes it, but I don't. I will be your first every day you are here." She nodded almost imperceptibly. There was nothing he could ask for that she would refuse him.

And he asked for new, wickedly pleasurable sex acts every day. She quickly grew to look forward to the way his hands felt -- one behind her head and the other holding the soft bottom of her chin in his palm -- when drove his thick, powerful tool deep into her throat. But in her heart, she knew it was their first time, that wonderfully deep, strong and demanding fuck in front of her fiancée, his son, that sent virile sperm on a successful trip to find and penetrate her fertile egg. That's when he became Daddy Louis.


With her fingers working her fun parts just the way she likes, just thinking the name Daddy Louis puts the beautiful pregnant blonde over the top. Now on her back, she rides the waves of her orgasm under the cool waterfall until she is calm enough to remove her fingers and carefully stand up in the slippery porcelain tub.

(to be continued.)

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