tagBDSMPresently Tied

Presently Tied

byMy Erotic Tail©

(Thank you LadyShianne for the editing)

She came out of the bed room and began walking down the hall. She was dressed in her sexy lingerie, of black stockings and garter belt. Her long black hair was pulled taut into a pony tail. A leather vest that laced up the front and was half open. She leaned in and kissed him deeply as they met in the hall. This was her usual attire that she wore when she wanted to play in a sexual way.

"Happy Birthday, lover." She said as she ran a finger across his lips, down to his masculine nipple and pinched it lightly.

"Hum, so are we going to play tonight, Mistress?" He asked, his deep voice bellowed in the acoustics of the long corridor.

"Oh yeah, honey. Matter of fact you go on in and I'll be back with the wine." She replied as she kissed him again and rubbed his cock lightly. He smiled as she went down the hall with a sexy little walk, slapping her ass and looking back at him.

"Woo hoo," he sounded as he went on in to their bedroom. As the door opened he heard a light moaning. So he cautiously opened the door the rest of the way. And there he saw a little petite woman in the middle of the floor. Naked with a bow wrapped around her. She was all tied up in a formal fashion with a gag around her mouth. As her short blonde hair barely graced her shoulders. She was squirming a bit at the restraints. Her arms were tied behind her and her legs were tied together. Other than those ties, she had nothing on but the scarf that was around her head and mouth. She had a card stuck to her breast.

Well, he was at first shocked but the bow and card seemed to ease this sight some. "Well, what has my wife done now?" He said chuckling. Walking over, he took the card from the bound woman's breast. She continued to squirm and moan as she looked up at him in what seemed to be fear almost. He sat on the bed, opened the card and read:

"Happy Birthday, honey, here's your present. Your fantasy come true. I paid her already. She's yours for the taking. Have fun, love."

He liked to play rough and always did this with his wife but now he had a new playmate, thanks to his wife's present. He let out a little laugh as he looked at the damsel that was fighting her binds. He reached down and pulled her hair back hard as she let out a loud moan.

"You're mine, bitch." He said as he leaned down and licked her from her neck to her ear. "Hum, I'm going to eat you up." He said as he reached down and pinched her nipple real hard. The tied up lady let out a loud cry muffled by the gagging scarf.

He stood up and removed his robe and let it fall as the lady looked at his enormous monster size cock and started fighting the restraints. He reached down and pulled her hair back. Her head whipping backwards. Then he pulled her head to his cock that was now starting to grow as he took his dick in his hand and slapped her lightly across the face with it.

"Want this, little lady?" He asked. She was shaking her head no. That fired him up as he threw her to the floor and stood over her tied body and spanked her ass hard.

"The correct answer was yes." He said as he swatted her ass some more. She was whaling out muffled cries. As he knelt beside her he reached down and put his hand at her pussy and pulled her pubic hairs, then fingered her hole. His wife had chosen well. Her cunt was sopping wet with desire. She really enjoyed this. He raised his finger to his mouth and tasted of his present.

He was a large man with a large dick. And this lady's eyes kept getting wider every time she looked at his cock which was growing by the minute.

He bent his present over and slapped her ass. Then he fingered her pussy again. Playing with it, he noticed she was getting even wetter as she fought the ties and wiggled on the floor. He laid his heavy weight on her and licked her lower back as he fumbled to put his dick in her. But her fighting made it hard so he decided to put it at her ass hole.

"Now, if you don't quit moving around I'm going to put it in here." He threatened. He put his dick in just a bit in her ass. She quit moving around.

Grabbing her hair, he pulled her to him and she let out a loud moan. He reached down and took her gag off. She started gasping, as he still had a handful of hair.

"Honest, mister.." She paused with a cough. "I didn't know ya'll were going to...." She stopped talking as he pulled her hair back again and shook her.

"Did my wife pay you for sex?" He asked.

"Yes, but..." She started again as he jerked her to him and putting his dick in her mouth, he pushed her head into him. "Then sex it is, bitch." He said.

She fought to pull her head back but his strength was greater. His dick was getting harder in her mouth and he pushed it deeper into her throat. He felt the back of her tongue as she started to gag on is cock. This just made him push it deeper. He took her head in both his hands and face fucked her until he saw tears in her eyes. He let up and threw her back on the floor. "Fucking cunt, can't even give a good blow job." He yelled. He reached down and grabbed her hair and pulled her to the bed. He picked her up some and bent her over it.

"Mister, no, please I..." she started as he yanked her hair back and put his dick at her ass hole.

"One more word and this dick is going to fuck your tight ass." He yelled.

She got quiet. He put his rock hard cock at her pussy and pushed it in. Still holding a handful of hair as he started fucking her. Pounding his cock into her as she groaned from his enormous size.

The door opened and his wife walked in with a big smile and a bottle of wine and three glasses. He looked at her as she strolled over to the bed. He never quit pumping his big dick into her pussy. His wife put the bottle and glasses down and walked up behind him with her fingers lightly trailing along his back.

"Thank you, baby." He said as she was kissing his back and running her hands around his body.

"You like?" She asked.

"Oh yes, nice present," He replied as he slowed his pace.

"I want a taste." She said. As she then slapped the tied lady's ass. He pulled his dick out as his wife went to her knees and started licking his cock. The tied girl was relieved but he still had a handful of her hair as his wife licked his wet cock.

She got up off her knees and laid next to the tied lady. He put his huge cock back in and stretched her pussy as he entered her and started pumping again. His wife trailed her fingers up and down the petite lady's body. He embedded his cock deeper and pushed into her madly as he finally let go of her hair and grabbed her waist. He pumped her full of his hot cum and slowed his stride as the last couple squirts entered her. He pulled his dick out and slapped her ass with his sensitive cock a couple times before falling on the bed from exhaustion.

He looked at his wife and said. "Thank you, honey, that was a great present."

She smiled as the tied woman relaxed and laid still, obviously relieved it was over. When the wife finally let out a devilish grin and said. "I knew you wouldn't last the whole hour so now it's my turn." As she grabbed the restrained woman's hair and pulled her in for a kiss to finish the hour she had paid for.

The woman's eyes widened as she saw the wife put on the strap-on.

"Hey, you never said anything about that..." The lady spat out.

The wife looked at her and said. "All we agreed to was one hour of sex with my husband and me." She replied as she put the plastic cock against her pussy and pushed in.

The tied gift moaned from the drive into her. The wife set her pace of in and out thrusts. Then she tired of the position, withdrew the strap-on and came around to her face. Holding her hair taught, she pushed the strap-on into her mouth and humped at her face. Her fingers found the latches and unbuckled the strap-on. While it was still in her mouth the wife walked away from it as it hung there at the tied woman's face.

The wife reached down, pulled it from the present's mouth and licked it. Taking a handful of hair, she placed the lady's mouth at her pussy. The tied woman's mouth was closed as the wife ground into her closed lips. With both hands she now held the tied woman's head and mashed her pussy into her face.

She got wilder as she began to vigorously push her wet cunt over the restrained woman's lips and nose. The woman tried to spew some words but every time she opened her mouth the pussy would focus in on the opening and grind into it more. After a moment, the lady opened her mouth and her hot tongue feasted on the wife's soaking wet pussy. Her tongue and lips seemed to find the perfect spots, making the wife gasp in pleasure. Finally the sound of a wetness came from her pussy as she groaned out her pleasure and fell next to her husband, who was now fast asleep.

Un-tieing her husband's present, she slowly rubbed her hands down her freed arms and legs, bringing the circulation back into them. Leaning over her, the wife gently kissed the lady. "You were very good. Now it's my turn to reward you." Moving down, she slowly, sensuously, kissed her way down the woman's body. Taking a nipple into her warm mouth, she suckled ravenously, then bit it hard. "Ohh, yes." The gift moaned, enjoying the pain/pleasure.

"You like that don't you, bitch?" The wife asked as she ran her fingers down to the somewhat abused pussy. Fingering the wetness she found there, she pinched the lady's clit, causing her to gasp at the pain. "Don't you?"

The lady nodded. "Yes, ma'am."

"You like anything I do to you, isn't that right?"

Again, she nodded.

The wife finger fucked her for a while as she suckled and bit at the woman's breasts, then she moved down to the wet cunt before her and began her feast. Her lips, tongue, and teeth pulled at the lady's pussy. Using her teeth, she bit her clit hard enough to cause pain. The woman arched her body, pushing her pussy closer to the punishing mouth. The wife's mouth and teeth worked harder, enjoying the taste and power she had over this woman. Licking the opening and the clit, she ground her mouth against the wonderfully wet cunt until the lady finally tensed with a powerful orgasm.

Laying back on the bed, they both caught their breath.

"Oh dear. We never even got to the wine." She looked into the woman's wide eyes and licked her lips. "Or maybe we did." She said with a giggle.

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