tagBDSMPrice of a Collar

Price of a Collar


Nick whispered to Charlotte, "It's always your choice Charlotte, my dear...you can always say no to my being your master....but never no to your master." Do you understand the difference?

She'd lost all track of time and she didn't care. The heavy drapes were drawn, blocking the incredible view from Nick's balcony, and also blocking out any sign of daylight or darkness. The sheet beneath her was slightly damp, as was her skin. He'd fucked her senseless and back again, leaving her begging for more. She was naked, save for the brand new leather collar around her neck, a gift from her master, however she didn't feel the lack of clothes so much as she felt the absence of the leather restraints that had bound her wrists and ankles earlier. How much earlier, she had no idea. The muscles in her arms felt a slight ache from having been extended over her head yet she found herself longing for her master's attention, wishing to start all over again. She'd earned this day, this night. Nick had promised her that when the time was right, he would make her his. He had shown her that he knew her better than she'd ever known herself.

She wasn't sure how long she'd slept. She resented any moment squandered in slumber that took her from Nick, from her master. He had given her all that he had promised but upon waking, she was groggy and could nearly believe it had all been a dream. One that she would gladly not wake from. But as the sleepy haze lifted, she slowly felt the proof of reality. Her lips felt bruised from his hard kisses, from his cock, her nipples had the most pleasant ache, reminding her of how he had relentlessly toyed with them, how he had bit them until she feared she could take no more but feared more that he would stop. And between her legs she could feel stickiness, reaching down softly touching herself, feeling also the proof of her masters pleasure drying on her upper thigh causing her to smile. "Mine" she had heard the word whispered in her ear over and over. A word that brought her to orgasm as much as her masters fingers, his tongue or his throbbing cock. She spread her legs slightly, allowing her fingers better access to her swollen clit. She closed her eyes and longed for her masters return.

She felt a strong hand on hers, gently lifting her hand and bringing it to his lips. She moaned softly at her master's kiss, opening her eyes but immediately lowering them. He set her hand on her stomach and reached over to stroke her cheek. "You learn so quickly, my sweet slave. I am so pleased with you, Charlotte." she trembled, her body so full of joy. He had showered, she could smell the fresh scent of soap. And to her great disappointment he wore a robe, a dark patterned silk, covering the body that she longed for.

He gently pushed a lock of her blonde hair back, tucking it behind her ear. She knew that he was enjoying the black trails her tears had left on her cheeks as it had run through her dark eyeliner and mascara. She knew this because he had told her when he had applied her make-up in what had seemed a lifetime ago. He had undressed her and then bathed her. After carefully drying her, he had her sit before a mirror as he brushed out her hair that had been worn up during the warm bath. She had sat silently, as she had been told to, but he spoke often. Telling her how beautiful she was, commenting on her nipples that were already hard, teasing her with his words, telling her all that he would be doing, expressing his pleasure that she was to be his, reassuring her that she was such a good girl, such a sweet slave and that he knew all that she longed for, all that her body needed. Her heart had beat so fast, her body trembling in response that she was grateful he had not forced her to stand, as it was she found herself craving to be on her knees before him instead of sitting in front of the mirror.

It had taken more control than she knew she possessed to sit still as he finally applied her make-up. It was then that he told her how difficult it was to find mascara that was not waterproof or smudge proof. He had carefully outlined her blue eyes, then applied two coats of black mascara. He had moved behind her, kneeling down so that his face was just over her shoulder. He'd pulled her hair back so that it hung down her back then bringing his arm around her back, he reached over her shoulder taking her chin in his hand, forcing her to look directly into the mirror. Her eyes met his in the reflection.

"Your master is a very fortunate man to have such a beautiful slave. Such a very pretty face. By the time we are done, your tears will have enhanced your beauty. Tears of joy, loss, pleasure, pain, it will all blend together for you in the end." He held her chin firmly, the finger tips of his other hand softly tracing her cheek, then moving down her neck causing her to shiver. Her heart beating so hard in her chest that the sound filled her ears. He turned his face, he lips close to her ear, so close she could feel his warm breath and tilted her head in response wanting to expose more of her neck to him. "Precious Charlotte, finally you will be mine." His hand had reached down, pushing her legs apart. "Look again in the mirror and realize that all that you see is mine. Mine to touch, mine to kiss, mine to fuck." He smiled as he saw her smile. "Mine to do as I please, whatever I please, wherever I please, whenever I please."

She nodded her head. It was then that he had slipped the collar around her neck, causing her to gasp. She closed her eyes as he fastened it, pulling so that it was tight and then releasing it slightly to buckle it, allowing enough room for her to breath comfortably but later she realized it was more likely for him to slip a finger under the collar and pull her to him at his will.

So it was now, an unfathomable amount of time later, that she woke, bathed in her own perspiration and possibly his, although it seemed he had not broke a sweat despite relentlessly fucking her until they both had come more times than she remembered. He sat on the edge of the bed turned so that he could face her. Knowing better than to look into the eyes of the man that knew her better than she knew herself, she kept her eyes focused on his hands. Her hand that he had rested on her stomach, longed to return to the warm spot between her legs, to her pussy that even now was wet again. "You've not had enough, my slave?"

Her voice was a breathy whisper, "Never Master, I could never get enough of you."

He leaned down towards her face and lifted her chin so that her eyes met his. "Such a touching answer. Your master is very pleased with you. But you realize sweetheart that you have not yet given yourself completely?"

Charlotte's heart skipped a beat as she felt panic course through her body. She reached for her collar, fearing that somehow she had failed a test and it would be taken from her.

He tilted his head, enjoying this unexpected panic. "Dearest, relax. Come up, up on your knees, face your master." He patted a spot on the bed and she moved quickly to her knees. He slipped his hand between her legs, causing her to gasp and thrust her hips forward. "So wet for your master, Charlotte a man could so easily fall in love with such a good girl like you. Many men could at least."

His arm moving around behind her, he slipped a finger into her pussy and she moaned. She was sore, the one finger felt more than enough...if he would just let her fuck herself...already she felt her body responding. Bending slightly at the waist so that his finger could reach her better. Her hips moving as he slipped his other arm around her waist his hand high on her back forcing her forward. He moved over on the bed , closer to bring her to him. His lips were on hers again, his tongue slipping into her mouth as she moaned louder, her moans louder but now muffled. One finger brushed against her clit as his finger moved faster in and out of her swollen pussy, she shoved her body hard against him as he removed the finger, replacing it with two. Her arms reaching around him, her hands clutching at his shoulders for leverage as she continued to frantically thrust back on his fingers. As she felt her body tense, his arm around her waist suddenly tightened, stopping her motion and his fingers slowed. Her head had been resting on his shoulder and she turned her head in protest, crying out in frustration. "Please." she moaned in his ear.

"Tell me that you belong to me."

Her voice shook , her erratic breathing making it difficult to form the words that she was screaming in her head, "Yours, I'm yours."

"Mine to touch, to kiss, to fuck." His fingers fucking her maddeningly slow, her body having not the strength to overcome his strong grasp.

"Yours to touch, to kiss, to fuck...please master....need you..."

"You need me? Will you beg for me?"

She nodded frantically. Finding her voice again, her words tumbling out over each other "Please, please master, let me fuck you, please, I'm yours for anything, will do anything, yours, I'm yours...."

"All mine, Charlotte?"

Her breath hitched as his finger once again every so lightly flicked her swollen clit. "Anything is a dangerous word, you know this darling?"

She bit her lip and nodded.

"But seeing that you are mine, you are not offering anything that isn't already mine to have. Is this true?"

She fought back her tears of frustration and nodded again.

His fingers started moving faster again. "So you are mine to fuck, your sweet pussy is mine to fuck...your pretty mouth " he paused watching her face, "and your tight ass, mine to fuck?" He smiled wickedly at her startled expression, an expression that confirmed what he had suspected. "How fitting that I shall be the first."

She closed her eyes slowly, opened them and nodded. Her voice sounded so far away as she felt his hold around her waist relax, the pace of his fingers speed up matching her already frantic hips. "Yours, make me yours, master."

His robe had slipped off his shoulder on one side, allowing her to feel his warm flesh against her cheek as she laid her head on his shoulder again, her fingers clutching the silk on the back of his robe as she clung to him. She had lost track if he was fucking her with two or three fingers, just knew that it felt like all her pussy could take yet she wanted more. Deeper, harder, faster, she couldn't get enough. Her face must have been burning hot for now his skin felt cool against it. She was moaning, so close....oh so close.

His other arm around her again, holding her to him, his hand moved down her spine and was now tight on her ass. "That's it my sweet slave, so wet, good...so good, need you to be so wet. Spread your legs wider, Charlotte"

Her legs felt weak, she was grateful that he allowed her to hold him. Up on her knees, pressed against him, she spread her legs wider. She gasped as she felt him slip a finger out of her pussy, her body tensing as she felt his finger slick with her juices pressing against her ass. One of her hands moved up his back and tangled in his hair as she tensed, feeling his finger pushing into her ass, his other fingers still fucking her pussy. "Easy..relax..." his voice was coaxing, gentle yet firm and as always full of the control she often lacked. Her body already obeying before her mind could register what was happening to her. His finger was now fucking her ass as easily as his other fingers fucked her pussy. She whimpered as her body moved along with his rhythm, once again fucking herself only this time experiencing the sensation of both her ass and pussy being filled.

He turned his face so that his lips were close to hers. "So good isn't it, my slave? When I'm done with my fingers, not only will your ass be ready for my cock, you'll be begging for it, darling."

Her eyes lost focus, her eye lids fluttered. He kissed her again as she felt his hand on her ass, spreading her cheeks as he slid another finger out of her dripping pussy and slowly worked it into her ass along side his other finger. The sensation was both painful yet satisfying as his fingers so well lubricated from her pussy began to move faster again, moving with surprising ease as she relaxed into his kiss, sucking his tongue. She pressed herself hard against him and could feel his hard cock through the robe. His fingers were relentless, plunging deep causing her to press harder against his cock to attempt escape yet knowing that she would scream with frustration were he to stop. With some difficulty he brought his mouth from hers, her hungry mouth sucking at his lower lip as he pulled away. Her eyes came back into focus as they met his, his smile pure satisfaction as he watched her. "So beautiful, so ready."

He lowered his head to her breast and sucked her nipple into his mouth, his fingers never relenting, her own body straining back against his fingers, rocking into them. His heavy leaking cock had escaped his robe and was rubbing against her upper thigh. Spreading her legs just a little more, she was able to lower her body enough to feel the head of his cock against her clit. "Ohhhhhh....." she clung to him tighter, her fingers clawing at his robe, trying to hold tight as her knees began to weaken.

Raising his head from the nipple he had held firmly between his teeth, he looked at her flushed face, her heavy eyelids over her lust filled eyes. "You're so ready to really be fucked, like you've never been fucked."

A moan escaped her lips from somewhere so deep inside her. "Please....."

His fingers fucking her ass, her pussy, his cock rubbing against her clit, her nipple still aching from his teeth, there was nothing left in the world other than her desire to be had completely. Beyond her own pounding heart , her ragged breath she could hear her masters own deep breathing, the need hidden behind his low steady voice, "Please what, Charlotte? Say the words, slave. Beg your master for what you need."

Her jaw tightened, the words were one sensation too many, she closed her eyes tight. Taking a deep breath, feeling his fingers slow and knowing that if he were to stop she couldn't endure it, she opened her eyes, and through clenched teeth, "Please master, fuck me..." gasping, her body trembling uncontrollably, "fuck my ass, I need your cock."

Nick's eyes were burning with desire and victory as he slowly pulled his hand from between her legs, causing her to cry out. He lowered her down onto the bed, on her back. Her body weak, her hands slipping from his robe and falling to her sides just as her legs fell open. He shrugged the robe from his shoulders letting it fall onto the bed as he moved between her legs. She felt no need to lower her eyes as she looked into his, her hands clutching now at the sheets. He took her thighs in his strong hands, pushing her legs back. Her eyes dropped to his cock, swallowing hard as she took in the size as it as if she were seeing it for the first time. She knew her fear had shown in her eyes by his wicked smile. And still she needed him so bad that she would have curled up and sobbed had he denied her.

She heard the words he had whispered earlier, "it's always your choice Charlotte, my dear...you can always say no to my being your master....but never no to your master. Do you understand the difference?"

He had made it so that she had asked, begged for what was to happened, although she knew she had given up any hope of saying no when she had allowed him to slip the collar around her neck. Even that wasn't the truth, she'd lost the ability to say no from the moment he had whispered in her ear that he knew her by her greedy body that betrayed her with it's need for all the things that his body could give her. Words spoken to her by a stranger in a gallery showing her work, less than a month ago, yet a lifetime ago.

He had pushed her legs back, as he positioned his cock against her pussy, allowing her legs to rest against his chest. His eyes looking down between her thighs, he thrust his cock into her quivering pussy. She arched her back, using his chest for leverage as she began to frantically fuck him. Her pussy was so soaked, she could feel the wetness run between her cheeks as Nick reached a hand under his thrusting cock, wetting his fingers with the overflowing juices from her pussy before slipping his two fingers into her ass. Charlotte felt her jaw drop as her back arched. Turning her head to the side, she moaned loudly as both his cock and fingers fucked her, first slow and steady, than faster as she thrust herself hard against him.

"So ready, you're so ready to be mine." His voice low, nearly a growl. Eyes closed she nodded her head.

Her body tensed as he slipped both his fingers and his cock from her. She felt him guide his cock down so that the head of it was pressed against her ass. Her breathing was shallow, moving close to panic. His fiercely intense eyes meet her wide eyes as she felt the pressure on her ass increase. She trembled, her body tight. He leaned forward, her legs pressing closer to her chest, her feet dangling over his shoulders, her ass more vulnerable to his cock. His voice was surprisingly soft, "Charlotte..my good girl, relax...just take it slow, do as your master tells you, sweetheart."

She felt her body obey, no need to think just follow his words, she gasped as the head of his cock pushed into her ass. As her body shuddered, she heard Nick groan. Her eyes struggling to focus, his eyes demanding focus as they looked into hers. "there, such a good girl..shhhhhhhh" she realized she was moaning softly , whimpering. He had stopped for a moment allowing her to catch her breath, now he was slowly thrusting his cock deeper into her ass. Slow and steady, the hand that had guided his cock, now pushing the cheeks of her ass apart, making it easier for him to force his way into her tight ass. Her pussy felt strangely empty , achingly in need yet she dared not to move.

"So good, my sweet slave," Nick groaned as the last inch of his throbbing cock entered her. His movements were slow at first, fucking her at a pace that was painfully slow but she knew that she couldn't handle it any faster. He had propped himself over her, his weight supported by her legs against his chest and his hands placed on either side of her head. She reached for one of his arms, holding it tightly as his cock now moved smoothly in and nearly out of her ass before plunging back in deep, again and again. She realized she was slowly thrusting back against him now.

"Mmmm...yes....just like that Charlotte, feel my cock fuck your ass sweetheart." Nick's voice was husky, the normal steadiness beginning to break. She dug her fingers into his strong upper arm, as her other hand moved between her legs. She moaned as her fingers found her throbbing clit. Her hips moved frantically, she was fucking his cock hard, deep, taking every inch up her ass, her pussy soaking wet as she slipped her fingers in. Nick pushed her legs aside, off his shoulders so that he could lean over her enough to kiss her as she pushed herself up from the mattress to meet his mouth. Moving her hand from between her legs she wrapped her arms around his back, holding tight so that she could lose herself in his kiss, her body relaxing further as she sucked his tongue into her mouth, loving the feel of his tongue deep in her mouth as his cock was in her ass and her clit rubbed hard against him. Her screams were muffled in his mouth, lost with his groans, she was so close. Her body tensed in his arms, her fingernails raking his back as she came.. Her pussy tightening, her back had arched and now her body stilled as her orgasm swept over her. As her body suddenly weakened her mouth dropped away from his, her head thrown back against the pillow, and still she was hit with the intensity of her orgasm, her eyes rolling back in her head as her eye lids fluttered unable to see Nick's eyes watching her, his own strokes increasing in speed, his own breathing ragged. She was unaware that she had bit her lip until she tasted blood. As her body relaxed, limp in Nick's arms, she felt his cock throb in her burning ass, heard him groan, calling her name as he came deep inside her. She was his.

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