Prim Princess Client is a Cumslut

I love to taste a guy's precum . . .
93 words
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♡ This was a script written by bread_n_smut specifically for me
"Your New Prim Princess Client is Actually a Total Cumslut"

♡ you've been hired to help set up a website for a new hot company Blush Bisou. the owner is your typical princess New York heiress type... or so you think.

Additional Tags : [F4M] [Script fill] [Aggressive fsub] [Prim and proper to slutty AF] [Cum kink] [Pre-cum Licking] [Cock worship] [Fuck me like a fleshlight] [Squirt on you] [PiV] [Anal] [Ass to mouth] [CIM] [Swallowing] [Cock praise] [No size mentions]

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Wylie3Wylie39 days ago

That was entertaining loved your sexy little voice and your cum swallowing at the end.

AnonymousAnonymous11 days ago

Loved it!

AnonymousAnonymous11 days ago

Very nice, voice gets a little anime sounding at times which doesn't feel authentic to this script and "what would Gweneth do?" Made me laugh.

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