tagIncest/TabooPrincess Ch. 05

Princess Ch. 05


I would like to thank starofthenight12 for editing this tale as well as indigoharvey for some valuable input.

By the time you are finished reading this, you should have all the lines connected in Steve and Maddie's life. I have received many nice notes about this series and several suggestions as to the direction I should take this. When I sat down and started writing Princess, I knew certain things that were going to happen along the way. I knew the opening line, I knew how I wanted it to end Sometimes I let the characters do what felt natural and I ended up with a five chapter tale instead of the four chapter affair I had originally planned.

Not everyone will like the things that happen, but such is life. I have planned to write at least two more tales that tie into this one directly. I want to tell about Steve and Shelby's Valentine's Day weekend in a hotel, and another that will put Herb and Dianne in a new light. Thank you for your words of encouragement, and your votes. Please enjoy, I give you Princess Chapter 5. A word of warning; I didn't write this in the usual first person POV alone. Parts that I feel are best told in first person I wrote that way. Other parts I took the third person point of view.


Manuel "Manny" Garcia poured another shot of Cuervo for Francisco "Cisco" (usually pronounced seeeeesco by his compadres.) Gonzales. Today Cisco had come into the bar far earlier than he usually did and wasn't drinking beer. Manny could never remember a time when Cisco wasn't jolly and downing Coors after Coors with the occasional shot of Cuervo. It seemed to Manny that Cisco also seemed a bit jumpy every time the door was opened.

About eleven o'clock, Cisco paid his tab and left. He didn't even wait for his change. "I'll just hold it for him," thought Manny. Cisco was a regular and he'd be back. Shortly after Cisco left, Officer John Harding and Officer David Burn walked in. It was routine for the Stonemoore police to stop in and just make sure everything was cool. Through the back window Manny saw Cisco's "Hagar Plumbing" truck fly out of the parking lot.

Cisco was very nervous. He knew that at any moment the police or sheriff would pop into Manny's bar and arrest him. Earlier in the day, he had been going on a service call. The address was just minutes away from his home in the Shady Pines Manufactured Home Community. He decided that since he was running early his boss Sammy wouldn't mind if he stopped to see his wife for a few minutes.

.He walked into the trailer and froze. On the couch, naked was his wife Consuela with Rico Martinez from the other side of the park. Rico was fucking Connie for all he was worth.

Cisco grabbed Rico by the back of his neck and pulled him off of his wife. He turned Rico around and planted his face through the coffee table, smashing the thick glass table top.

Rico was out instantly. Cisco turned to Connie and punched her in the face. She screamed at him, "I'm sorry. It isn't what it looks like. We were just.." His next punch shut her up.

Cisco looked around as he came out of his daze. Connie lay in a bloody heap in the middle of the kitchen. He didn't remember ever going in there. Rico was bent over backwards, in an awkward manner over the couch. He didn't appear to be breathing.

Cisco washed the blood off of his hands and drove to his service call. Half an hour later he was in Manny's bar waiting for the cops to come and get him. Every time the door opened he was sure it was them. When he saw the cruiser pull up he decided to run. He would go home and leave the Hagar Plumbing truck there for Sammy and take Connie's Buick. Soon he would be on his way to Texas.

He sped out of the parking lot and flew down the road that led to the main road. Just as he blew through the stop sign, he saw the blue car flying up the road. He saw it too late.


I can feel Stevie's cock buried deep in my cunt. He knows just how to get everything out of me that he wants. Varying his depth and speed he keeps me on the brink of orgasm. He keeps me there until I am begging for release. I can feel my juices running down my ass crack.

Warm sand under my back and sea waves crashing in the back ground only add to the pleasure. Will the Mexican police frown on us fucking on their beach? Every female on the beach is naked so why would my brother and I fucking be bad?

Shelby is exhausted. Stevie fucked her all night long and then I get him in the day time. The Cabo sun beats down on us, adding to our sweat. Stevie is grunting from the exertion and I think he's finally getting ready to cum. I've came four times in the past twenty minutes so it's about time he filled me up with his white hot spooge.

Somewhere a cell phone is ringing. Someone must be on a working vacation or playing hooky from work. I am so close to an explosive orgasm. Stevie works his finger into my ass.

The phone continues to ring, and oddly I can hear the vibrations on a table. There are no tables on this beach. The scene begins to fade and I open my eyes.

In the dark of my dorm I grope for my phone. Who ever better have a damned good reason for calling me. If it's that asshole Mark or his buddy Donny calling to get me to give Mark another chance, I will see to it that ass gets kicked.


"Maddie, this is Heidi."

"Mom? What's wrong?"

"Ok listen. You need to get dressed and go to the airport. There is a cab waiting for you in front of your dorm. George and I will meet you in Denver."

"What? Mom what's going on?"

She sniffled and I could tell she was or had been crying. "There's been an accident. Steven was flown to St. Christopher's in Denver. We don't know any more than that. We'll pick up Shelby and then we'll meet you at the airport."

"Are my parents going up too?"

"No. According to Chief Boyd, Herb told them it wasn't his problem, and to call your aunt. She called me, but you are legally now his next of kin until she can get a flight. She said it would take her longer to get to the airport than it would take all of us to get to him."

I had so many questions but they'd have to wait until I saw everyone. I stopped long enough to vomit and I ran out front to the waiting cab. Forty minutes later I was airborne. Captain Gavin informed us that we'd be in Denver in 45 minutes. I tried to nap.

The Boyd House

"...And now for local news here on KMOR Stonemoore's rockingest rockers in the Rockies...Police are investigating the early morning crash that claimed the lives of two men, aged 45 and 22, and left a third 19 year old man in critical condition after being air lifted to a Denver hospital. Three cars were involved. Names are being withheld pending the notification of kin. In other news; the discovery of two bodies in a mobile home this morning has police detectives busy. No further information has been given about the 46 year old woman and the 32 year old man....and now the weather..."

Heather Boyd was dressed and ready to leave. Her piano contest was today and she was waiting on her mother and father. Her father had come home just an hour ago. He'd been busy with the car wreck and the bodies.

She'd been looking forward to this day for quite some time. She was dressed as provocatively as contest rules would allow. She not only planned on getting a 1 rating on her performance, she also was ready to fight for the man she wanted in her life.

So what if Steve was engaged. She knew there was a connection between them. He was sexy and good looking. Not to mention his sex skills. All though she'd only had him once, she knew she wanted more than just his piano coaching skills. As soon as the contest was over, the gloves were coming off and she was going to give Shelby James a run for her money.

She got into the kitchen to find her parents sitting at the breakfast nook. Her father looked haggard and her mother had been crying. Her father looked at her, "Sit down baby. I have some news for you."

"What's wrong dad? I heard about the wreck on the radio and the murders, did we know any of them?"

"Tommy DeSalle and Francisco Gonzales, the plumber, were killed in the wreck. Steven Sheppard is at St Christopher's in Denver. They had to fly him there by helicopter. I don't know much more than that at the moment."

Heather couldn't speak or breathe for what seemed an eternity. Her chest seemed to seize and the room started to spin. When her chest unlocked her scream would wake the Boyd's neighbors.


I deplaned and immediately headed for the terminal exit. There were quite a few shuttles and taxis out for the early hour. I instantly saw George's Escalade coming down the lane. As I approached Heidi and Shelby got out and ran toward me. Heidi looked as if she was holding herself together, Shelby had obviously been crying. Her eyes were red and puffy and she didn't have any make-up on.

As soon as I hugged Heidi, I started bawling. She just held me as Shelby sobbed even harder than she had been a minute ago. Shelby joined in our embrace and we all cried together. Brandi was in the Escalade and seemed almost inconsolable.

The ride from the airport to St Christopher's seemed to take forever, even with the light morning traffic. I called my Aunt Karen. She was waiting at the Tulsa airport to board her own flight to Denver.

She told me where Stevie was, and I told her that George had volunteered to pick her up from the airport when she got here. She told me that Uncle Frank would be flying out in the afternoon, but he'd rent a car when he got here.

We went in and found the ICU information desk. The nurse told us that Steve was in surgery and a doctor would be out as soon as it was prudent. She had no real information for us, but I took comfort in the fact that he was in surgery, and not in the morgue.

I still knew very little of how Stevie had been hurt. George didn't know much, just that there had been a car wreck. I heard familiar voices approaching the waiting room and looked up to see Don and Pam Reed walk in. They were followed by Mike Calibrese and Zeke Reed. They all looked tired and worn out.

Heidi approached Don and Pam. They had a quick conversation and then they motioned for us to follow them. There was a smaller waiting room just down the hall. We all found seats and Don and Mike began filling us in.

"Mike and Steve were going home from the shop. We were sitting at Johnny's. Steve came over to say hi to Zeke since they hadn't seen each other in years."

"Yeah. We had just stopped when Diesel pulled up in his Mustang. I had my doubts that anything would happen since Diesel seemed to make a habit out of pushing Steve's buttons and then backing out."

"Diesel bet $2000 against Steve thinking he couldn't cover the bet."

Suddenly Zeke jumped in, "I killed him." He sobbed," I told him I'd cover what he didn't have. I should have let Diesel price him out of it."

"I still don't understand why Steve was cruising without Brandi." George said.

"We weren't cruising. We had all but the driver's seat torn out of his car so we could put the roll cage in. We only stopped to say hi to Zeke." said Mike.

Don continued, "I went to the finish area. Diesel and Steve raced. As they were almost to the intersection where Bluffs Road comes out, a big truck comes barreling down and runs the stop sign there. He hit Steve right smack in the driver's door and sent him flying. I saw his car flip as the truck spun. Diesel hit the truck dead on the nose and I saw the truck driver fly through his windshield. I know they both died instantly. Steve's car rolled about four times. It came to rest on the driver's side."

"We called 911. It only took the ambulance five minutes to get there. Five minutes later they called for the helicopter." said Mike.

"We would have been here sooner but the cops had all kinds of questions. Craig and Gary stayed behind to deal with the police that were still investigating the wreck. They'll be up later on." said Don.

In the corner Brandi started sobbing. I looked over at her and my heart broke. I knew she was in love with Stevie. I went over to comfort her. "He'll be ok Brandi. I have faith."

"It's all my fault." She sobbed, "I should have been there even when he wasn't cruising." I hugged her as Heidi came over.

"Brandi honey, you can't blame yourself. You did all that you could. I know you have feelings for him, all of us do, and no one blames you."

Don standing behind Heidi said "He would have conned you out of the car anyway to race Diesel. Racing Diesel and closing his big mouth was priority one for Steve."

About an hour later George left to pick up my aunt at the airport. Don and Mike went with him. I know it was hard on them. They all blamed them selves in some way. The only person I blamed was Tommy for being such a dick.

It suddenly dawned on me that Tommy had died. I called his mother and offered my condolences. She was pissed off that her son had been a part of this. "We raised him to be smarter than that," she said between sobs. "I wish his father had never caved in to him and had bought him a more sensible car." She asked if there was any news on my brother. When I told her that he was still in surgery, she said that she sincerely hoped that he pulled through.

As soon as I hung up my phone rang. It was my roommate Tammy. She asked where I had gone. I told her where I was and why, she offered to fly out and keep me company. I thanked her for her consideration and told her I had plenty of people supporting me so there was no need for her to miss school.

I heard Brandi's phone ring. "Hello? Oh, Hi Heather. No, no news yet. He's in surgery still. No one has told us anything yet." Tears were steadily flowing down her face. "Play well today for him. He'd never forgive himself if you didn't win because of him."

I suddenly wondered if my parents even knew. I called my mom's cell and got her voice mail. Twenty minutes later I called again.

"Maddie! What a surprise. Why are you calling this time of morning?"

"I was calling to see if you had been told about your son."

"Oh, him. Yes we know he's hurt. Your father is mad because we never pulled him off of the insurance."

"Well mother," I said, no longer trying to conceal my anger, "I just hope you don't rue the fact that you never said 'good bye' to your son."

"Where are you?"

"Denver. George and Heidi flew me here and are here as well. Don't worry; he has plenty of support and love here." I said as I hung up. Then I started crying. I couldn't stop as the sobs racked my chest. Pam was holding me and Heidi was trying to get me to calm down. I told them about my mother's flippant attitude about all of this, and they told me not to worry. "As sad as it is, there are still more than plenty of people who care about him and love him. Including you. Herb and Dianne will have to face facts someday, and I hope they are prepared to be completely cut out of his life."

Almost an hour later, George and my aunt Karen walked into the room. I jumped up and ran to hug her. We held each other and cried. Finally I got a hold of myself enough to introduce her to everyone. She and Shelby embraced and wept just like she and I had.

"I sure do wish we had met under better circumstances young lady. I know just how much Steven loves you, and I look forward to having you in our family."

We all sat around for a while talking. Aunt Karen's phone rang twice. Once was my grandparents. As she filled them in on what she knew I heard my grandfather yell curse words when informed that his son was not there. Her next call was from Uncle Frank. He was about to board a plane in Tulsa and would be here in a couple of hours.

Just before three in the afternoon my uncle showed up. He was introduced around and joined all of us in waiting. Heather called Brandi again as did a couple of other friends of theirs.

At 4:45 a doctor came out. "Sheppard family? Steven Sheppard's family? He looked surprised when our entire group stood. "OK, I guess I'll talk to all of you. I am Dr. Brothers. We think we have the internal bleeding under control. He had a lot of internal damage, as well as head trauma and a broken pelvis, fractures in both legs and arms, as well as seven ribs and his right collar bone. Dr. Feinstein our chief of neural surgery spent three hours in his head and got most of the cranial bleeding fixed. He'll likely have to go in again when some of the swelling goes down. We have him on some medications that stimulate blood clotting. One downside is that those can sometimes cause embolisms, but it seems to be less risky than his bleeding out.'

"We haven't bothered to set any of the multiple fractures. He's too weak to withstand that right now. The next 36 to 48 hours are going to be crucial. If he makes it through them I give him a decent chance at survival. He'll be moved into the ICU in half an hour or so and then some of you might be able to visit him. We ask that you not have more than four in the room at a time."

Heidi called him aside and talked in hushed tones with him. When she came back to us she said she didn't really have anything else to add, he pretty much had told us where we stood.

Several cell phones went into action at once as folks back home were apprised of the situation. I was asked if I was going to call my parents. "No," I replied, "They don't care enough to come up here they don't need to know."

Aunt Karen had a knowing look on her face as she called my grandparents. I heard her tell them not to come, there wasn't much anyone could do at the moment, but they should come when he was a bit more recovered and closer to being out of the woods.

Stonemoore John Morris Lexus

David Sanchez walked across the showroom floor. As one of the top sales people at John Morris Lexus he'd had to deal with the manager a lot. She had never been less than professional in all of the time he had worked there. She'd always been bright and courteous, never failing to remember a co-worker's face.

Today something was different. She seemed distracted and once he thought he had seen her cry. He was glad that John wasn't in today. John had a history of making life rough for any employee who was having an off day. David had even thought of approaching her and asking if everything was all right.

He would have all ready if he wasn't close to closing a deal with Dr. Bryan. Now he had to go to his manager's office to get a deal signed off. If Thomas was busy he'd go see her.

Thomas was on the phone when he walked in and motioned for him to go see her. That meant Thomas was having phone sex and didn't want to be bothered. "That's OK," thought David. "John and Dianne know about your habits and soon I'll be sitting in your seat." He walked on down the hall to Dianne Sheppard's office and knocked.

"Come in." she bade from inside. He opened the door and walked in. On her desk were several pictures of a young lady. "A very hot young lady," David thought to himself. There were also several pictures of a long haired boy. In a few he was playing piano. She seemed to be staring into the eyes of this young man as he walked into the room. The resemblance of the girl and boy in the pictures to Dianne was unmistakable. They had to be her children. "What can I do for you David?" she asked.

"Thomas is, er um, well he's occupied and I need to get this deal signed off."

"Fucking Thomas," she swore under her breath. "YES! One step closer." David thought.

"How would you feel taking over Thomas' job David?" she asked.

"I feel I am ready for it, as long as it isn't today." He chuckled, she seemed to be elsewhere. "Are you OK Dianne? You seem a bit out of sorts today."

"I'm just distracted. Someone I care deeply about is in the hospital in Denver and I am worried about them."

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