tagInterracial LovePrincipally Speaking Ch. 02

Principally Speaking Ch. 02

byStardog Champion©

Dinah Lebowitz had lived in the Bay Area of California her entire life, but as the digital clock on her dashboard steadily crept towards 11pm, she found herself driving down streets she never knew existed. Certainly not a re-assuring feeling seeing mile after mile of dilapidated buildings covered with graffiti as she made her way towards her appointed destination.

The navigation system said she was on track, but each time the car made a funny sound or she took a bump in the road wrong, an icy razor nicked at Dinah's spine. This wasn't an area she wanted to break down.

The goosebumps on her bare thighs rubbing together like sandpaper as she shifted anxiously in her seat, Dinah's head filled with the scent of the special perfume Carlton had told her to wear. Tresor wasn't a brand she'd ever worn, and being in the closed confines of her car, with her apprehensiveness working on overdrive, she cringed knowing that scent was going to be imprinted on her brain no matter how the rest of the evening turned out.

"Why does he want me to wear this particular perfume?" she asked herself several times, desperate for anything to take her mind off the millions of other things that would certainly distract her from the task at hand.

The answer to that question would come soon enough.


There were several truckstops dotting the landscape out there on that stretch of interstate near San Lorenzo where the 880 and the 580 met. Each one lit up the night sky like the neon beacon of a casino as Dinah steered through the maze of big rigs in her severely out of place hybrid.

Having weathered more earthquakes than she cared to, Dinah could feel the ground below rumble from the line of heavy trucks passing her in every direction, just adding to the surreal, out of body experience she was feeling.

Checking the truck stop name on the sign with the one she'd written down, Dinah pulled into an out of the way parking spot, cut the engine and surveyed her surroundings as truckers and lot-lizards alike, scurried like tiny ants across the darkened lot.

Less than an hour before, Dinah Lebowitz had been seated with her fellow board members, charting the course for the local school system for years to come. Two months earlier, she'd even been profiled in the Mercury News as one of Northern California's most influential women. Now she was casing the men's room behind a large interstate truck stop, a few towns from home, waiting for the right time (if there was such a thing) to duck inside, unseen.

No one had entered the bathroom in the 10 minutes she sat in the car, and even though she knew some men took their sweet time once they were situated inside, she had to believe if someone had been, they would have come out by then. A shawl wrapped around her head and her chunkiest sunglasses concealing her face, Dinah looked eerily like the Unabomber's infamous composite drawing as she lowered her head and made a beeline towards the door.

"With a flannel shirt and a pair of jeans, you could have pulled this cross gender thing off," Dinah told herself, but it wasn't happening considering the skirt Carlton had insisted on her wearing.

The men's room smelt as bad as Dinah had feared. As prominent as the Tresor was, it did little to mute the other distasteful notes stirring around her. The vibration of all those tractor trailers outside still noticeable under her feet as she stood between the rows of four sinks and four enclosed toilets, Dinah fought the urge to steal even one peek at herself in the cracked and pockmarked mirrors beside her.

"He said the second one," Dinah remembered back to the terse but explicitly detailed instructions Carlton had sent her.

Assuming he meant the second stall as you entered, Dinah crept closer and pushed open the swinging door, desperate to take some level of cover before anyone walked in.

It was exactly as he described. Not that there was all that much to see.

There were the scattershot and extremely lewd drawings and poems scrawled across the walls, not to mention a heaping helping of phone numbers. Seeing those, Dinah congratulated for keeping some level of privacy during her online chats. The toilet itself was, thankfully, in better shape than she thought. She'd seen much worse sights in several of the schools she'd worked in over the years.

Just as she was about to step inside, Dinah froze when she saw the one identifiable feature Carlton had mentioned in his email. There was a crudely cut hole carved between stalls 2 and 3, about the size of Dinah's fist, if she balled it up and tried placing it through. The oval shaped gap appeared to be cut with a pocketknife, then sanded down enough to give it a tolerable amount of smoothness around the edges.

The crude implication of the hole's purpose weighed on Dinah's mind, but she did her best not to try and picture the vast array of sins that had taken place in the very spot she stood over the past few weeks, months or years.

The gravity of her entire existence seemingly was being sucked into that waist high hole to her left, as if an alternate universe was on the other side trying to reel her in. Dinah was so lost trying to fight that hypnotic pull, she barely heard the restroom's outer door swing open, and the echo of cowboy boots headed her way. Crouching like a frightened cat into the corner of the stall, Dinah reached out and fumbled to lock the door. Putting her hands to her mouth as she waited for the man to pass, the sound of his breathing sent chills down the back of her neck as his presence filled the enclosed room.

She only had a brief sliver of a view through the crack in the door, but enough to tell this guy wasn't Carlton. Dinah even let out a meek sigh of relief when she heard his piss stream hit the urinal instead of ponying up in the stall beside her. She knew he had to smell her perfume, it was way too distinct to miss in such an environment. Assuming this guy was one of the truckers out there on the lot, she was sure he encountered oddities of this ilk often during his travels. Even behind the closed door, Dinah could sense the man's bemusement as he washed and dried his hands. She was sure he even tried stealing a peek inside the door on his way out.

Real fear suddenly struck Dinah. Realizing her chance to scurry from the bathroom like a bat out of hell, and return to her regularly scheduled life was dwindling, every single little noise, real or imagined, caused her to flinch as she cowered on the toilet.

Another minute or so passed before the outside door creaked open again.

The new man's footsteps and cadence of breathing once again left Dinah pressing the knuckles of her right hand to her mouth, wondering if this could be Carlton.

"You know it is," a distant, almost ethereal voice inside her head chimed, as if something deep in the core of her psyche recognized the young man's presence from all the times he sat in her office, or walked past her in the halls, a decade earlier.

Seeing his tan work boots beneath the bottom of the door, Dinah could tell he was black just from the passing glance she was able to make through the door's crack when he strode past. The lump in her throat growing as she waited for him to continue on to the urinals, Dinah opened both palms and cradled her sunglass covered face in her hands when she heard the door of the stall beside her swing open.

"DGL64" he mumbled, wasting no time unbuckling his pants as he inquired.

Her tongue dryer than a Death Valley gully, Dinah was finally able to choke back a reply, praying he wouldn't recognize her muffled voice after all those years.

"...Yes," her parched lips managed.

"Good," he casually replied just before tugging the zipper of his fly down.

"Now get down on your knees," Carlton curtly added.

The blood rushing like a raging river in her ears, Dinah hated the young man's crude, blunt arrogance, but she did have to remind herself that she was the one who'd followed his instructions to a tee and now found herself holed up in the men's room of an interstate truck stop.

Before she could piece together any sense of dignity or control, she heard his pants drop down to the tiled floor. Crouched like a scared kitten in the corner of the stall, Dinah's eyes expanded to frightening proportions as Carlton wasted no time feeding his half erect club through the hole separating the stalls.

"I said get on your knees, Bitch," he said once again with heartless purpose.

"Found the perfume, huh," Carlton added matter of factly, taking obvious joy in her searching high and low to find the brand he told her to buy.

The young man's words clunked inside Dinah's head as she fixated on the cylinder of flesh inflating before her eyes, each contour and identifiable mark slowly morphing into the same beastly appendage he'd sent her pictures of.

>From the tone of Carlton's voice, it was clear he wasn't in the mood to tolerate any hesitance on her part. If she refused to do what she'd come to do, Dinah had serious qualms how it would all work out. Perhaps Carlton would take his balls, so to speak, and quietly go home. On the other hand, given Carlton's clear inebriation and potential for instability, being cornered in a bathroom stall with his frustration boiling over wasn't a very comforting thought for Dinah.

For better or worse, her only ticket out of that men's room was the now fully erect slab of black granite springing from the hole in front of her. As if she needed any reinforcement that it was time to step forward, Dinah trembled hearing an aroused gasp leave Carlton's lips just before he widened his stance on the floor.


Fishing the extra joint he'd brought along from the breast pocket of his shirt once he'd shoved his manhood through the hole, Carlton lit up and took a long, slow drag from the thing as the world slowed down around him.

This had been the sixth time he'd invited a woman out to this spot to join him in a dose of illicit fun, DGL64 had only been the second of the six to show. Picturing what the woman on the other side might look like, it provided Carlton an extra virile rush knowing the woman's reluctance to show her face. Knowing he could walk right over there and kick in the shabbily locked door, Carlton fancied himself far more a gentleman. If she simply did as she was told, the least he could do was protect her identity.

Taking another soul stirring hit from the blunt between his lips, Carlton once again beckoned the woman on the other side over to the wall.

"You told me you wanted it, Lady!! You came all this way. Here it is ..the real fuckin' deal..get down on your knees and open wide," he nearly gloated as Dina stewed in moral purgatory just a few feet away.

Sensing the unseen woman's apprehension billowing from the other side, Carlton listened to one shallow breath after another leave Dinah's lips until he finally heard her stir forward. Dropping his right hand back down to the base of his shaft, Carlton crudely taunted it up and down, as if to say 'take it', as Dinah shuffled closer.

Even for someone as hardened and cynical as Carlton, he filled with a mystical fizz of excitement waiting for the stranger's first touch, and sure enough a seismic jolt of adrenaline did whiplash through him when Dinah's hesitant fingertips brushed against his seething phallus.

"MMMMMMM," he groaned.

"Now wrap your hand around it and jack it off!!" he told her, his lungs filling with the exquisite rush of conquest as Dinah's grip became more and more sure.

Before letting her close her hand around it however, another far more devious sliver on inspiration sparked inside Carlton's head.

"Did you wear what I told you?" Carlton asked through the wall.

Relaxed, supremely, from the weed now drifting through his system, he was undeterred when she didn't answer.

So, he asked again.

"You didn't wear any panties, did you...I told you not to wear any panties out here," he chastised, his cock luridly throbbing as he interrogated Dinah.

Carlton nearly jumped when the woman replied that she hadn't, albeit in a meek, barely audible whisper.

"Prove it to me," he barked. "Raise up your skirt and put your pussy right up to the hole...I want to see it for myself!!"

Pulling his erection free from the hole, Carlton waited for Dinah to step forward before aiming his middle finger through it. Immediately feeling her humid vaginal warmth bathe his digit, Carlton glided the tip of his finger across the older woman's smooth pubic mound before blindly piercing her swollen labia.

"You shaved like I told you..Good," he praised Dinah before beginning to violently stir the finger deeper inside her.

"...OHHH....GAAWWDDD!!," the bathroom filled with Dinah's hoarse groans.

The vibration of Dinah's knees knocking incessantly against the wall separating them, Carlton jabbed and gouged the finger back and forth until her leaking wetness had seeped all the way down to his bottom knuckle.

As quickly as Carlton inserted the finger, he withdrew it.

A mixture of relief and disappointment bled immediately from Dinah's lips as Carlton allowed her to stew.

"Down on your knees, Baby," he finally told her. "Crawl down there and pucker up!"

It took a few seconds, but eventually the 47 year old woman worked her way down until her pale white knees and lower thighs were visible beneath the divider. Carlton gleamed, knowing she'd passed the point of no return.

Instead of shoving his cock back through the hole, as she undoubtedly expected, Carlton instead used the same finger he just molested her with.

"Lick your juices off!! I want you to taste just how hot you are for this," he calmly prodded, his cock now lurching upwards from his groin like the horn of a rhinoceros.

Tracing the length of his meaty finger down the curve of Dinah's cheek, Carlton painted a trail of the woman's arousal all the way down to her chin before easing the tip up to her lips.

"Kiss it, Baby," his baritone voice echoed through the enclosed space.

Patting down the steely rod of his cock, as if to say 'down boy' when he felt Dinah's mouth close around his middle finger, Carlton slowly wrenched his wrist back and forth, allowing the kneeling woman's tongue to tentatively spin and twist around it.

"Very nice," he told her after a minute or so. "It's a good start. Now comes the real test."

With that, Carlton pulled his hand back and replaced it with something far more substantial.


The scene on the opposite side of the wall was far less cut and dried. Dinah's face, which had started out as a blank canvas when she'd hidden inside the stall, now exploded in every shade and hue of emotion as her hallow eyes focused on the task at hand.

Carlton's voice registered clearly in her ears, but it wasn't the impetus guiding her action. Despite the younger man's insistent and disciplined aura of dominance, there was something far less tangible at Dinah's controls, something buried so deeply inside her, dredging it up into the light would have been a very bad idea. Instead, Carlton Kelly's voice somehow morphed into that long repressed demon of deprivation wallowing in the shadows of her mind.

When Carlton stabbed his finger inside her from the other side of the wall, Dinah accepted it willingly, biting her lower lip and moaning as she watched with awe the shiny black digit rotate between her moistened labia. When he'd ordered her down to her knees to cleanse the musky length of his finger, Dinah had done that willingly as well, goosebumps spreading across her back and shoulders hearing his groans of approval rise around her. When he finally replaced that finger with his gloriously rigid manhood, Dinah Lebowitz did as nature had designed.

Feeding it back through that crudely cut circle proved more difficult the second time. Expanded to it's full and frightening proportions, Carlton slowly twisted the oblong girth forward until he felt the head of it smack into the side of Dinah's face.

"Kiss it, Bitch," he hissed before taking the final hit of his joint.

Lazily rubbing is hairy nutsack as a pearl of shiny pre-cum oozed from the tip of his dick, Carlton instinctively raised up on the balls of his feet when he felt the older woman's lips come to rest on the spongy head of his penis.

"MMMM...HHHMMMM," he patted the wall with obvious approval. "Now glide that tongue of yours along the bottom and then jack me off!!"

Without the ability to 'see' what was going on in front of him, it simply served to heighten Carlton's other senses. The scent of her perfume was that much tastier on his palate, and the feel of her cautious hand gripping his shaft caused the younger man's chest to swell with lucid pride.

"Rub your pussy with your other hand," he wasted no time prodding. "Stir it up....I want to hear how soaked you get doing this!"

"Alright..now put it in your mouth..put the whole thing in your mouth," Carlton commanded, knowing there was no way on God's green Earth that this woman, or any for that matter short of a carnival freak, would be able to pull a trick like that off.

Even though he didn't say it, he was pleased when the velvet ring of her lips came down approximately a third of the way down the clublike girth.

"You can do better than that," he playfully prodded. "You know I can walk right over there, kick in that door and do it face to face. Maybe I'll even break this camera of mine out and snap off a few shots. I can show a few of my friends what a real slut looks like..maybe even post them online and show the whole world."

Even though he didn't have a camera, the not so veiled threat worked. Within the next few seconds, Carlton heard the woman across from him bow herself, take a long, deep breath and this time clamp her mouth down around the halfway point of his dick.

"Now suck it..roll that tongue around it and fuck it with your face..I can smell your pussy from up here..your hot!!" Carlton growled, even gliding the toe of his right boot out beneath the divider and tapping it against Dinah's bended knee.

An assortment of grunts and choking coughs filling the space, Carlton slowly rotated his hips forward, feeding his package deeper down Dinah's overwhelmed throat, not even stopping when the outer door to the bathroom swung open.

Carlton immediately sensed Dinah's trepidation when the third party entered the restroom. While he certainly understood her distraction, he wasn't about to let the presence of another man slow his roll.

"Keep sucking," he told her. "Don't worry about anything else..this is between you and me."

Even with Carlton's cock resting like a heavy log on her tongue, Dinah could strain her head far enough to the side to see the man who just entered slide cautiously by the crack in the door.

"Had Carlton invited an audience?" Dinah couldn't help but wonder, but her fears were alleviated somewhat when the sound of the stranger's piss stream echoed from the corner urinal.

Feeling the younger man's work boot tap her bare knee several more times, Dinah once again commenced with her carnal chore. The clear, salty pre-cursor to Carlton's release mixing with her saliva, Dinah's senses filled with the abundant masculine scent wafting from Carlton's genitalia each time she was about to suck in a fresh dose of oxygen through her flared nostrils.

Sure the visitor had even stopped to peek in on her through the crack on his way out the door, this time Dinah didn't even turn to acknowledge his presence.

Carlton could have easily shot his wad at any moment. It had been four days since he'd last had sex, and the copious reservoir of semen boiling in his balls would likely drown the woman if she didn't pull her mouth away in time.

The one woman who had kept her date with him at that very spot a few weeks earlier, a middle aged Filipino if Carlton's accent detector was right, tried swallowing his load and a brutal, coughing fit ensued. Peering through the glory hole once he was done, Carlton saw a sticky white bib of cum obstructing the woman's face and chest as she dazedly rocked back and forth on her knees. Like a thief in the night, Carlton stuffed his cock back inside his pants and left before the woman in the opposite stall could even get to her feet.

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