tagLesbian SexPrison Bitch Ch. 02

Prison Bitch Ch. 02


Editor's note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


After being caught stealing a quarter of a million dollar necklace from a high end jewelry store, I landed myself 5 years in a woman's prison. I was scared but excited; I had heard so many stories about prison life for women. I had always been curious about experiences with women in the sexual department, but had never had a chance to act on those curiosities. I was about to find out what sex with a woman was like and I was very excited about the opportunity.

Jones and Lucas led me out of the shower area and down toward the cell area. Every time a door opened and closed, it made this awful sound of no turning back. What had I done? What had possessed me to steal that necklace and end up here in prison? Was this what I wanted? I was about to find out.

The cell area of the prison was cold and my nipples went immediately erect. Without a bra or panties on, in the thin jumper that they provided me with, it wasn't hard to feel a chill in all of my sexual places. I carried my bedding as we walked through the cell block. I could feel eyes on me as we passed the cells in the cell block. There were all kinds of cat calls, whoops and whistles as I walked through what would become my home for the next few years.

The guards led me down a corridor that branched off from the main thoroughfare. It was a little more private than the main walkway; only four cells on this branched off corridor. As we approached the last cell on the row, I saw a woman standing at the door of the cell and my mouth dropped. She was the most gorgeous woman I had ever seen. She couldn't possibly be Sherri? She couldn't possibly be the "tough girl" that the other guards were talking about? She had a devious smile on her face and the look in her eyes told me that maybe she was the one.

"You got a new roommate, Sherri," Jones said. "The Boss says that you are to take care of her. And don't forget what will happen if you don't do what the Boss says this time, you little whore! The Boss says if anything happens to this hot little cunt, he will come down hard on you, harder than he ever has before."

They radioed the control room to open the cell door. The door opened and they escorted me into the cell. My eyes got huge when I entered the cell. I had seen some of the things in this cell in magazines, but never in real life. They led me to the bunk and seeing that Sherri's stuff was occupying the bottom bunk, I set my stuff on the top bunk and turned around. My nipples were still very erect and I could feel the cum from the guards dripping out of my pussy and ass and soaking my jumper.

Jones turned and looked at me and said, "Tonight may be the longest night of your life. Your first night in a woman's prison, your first night in a prison cell and your first night in a cell with Sherri may just test your strength and stamina. Sherri has been assigned to you and she may resent you for that at first. It depends on how much you want to be protected from the scum in this place on how well Sherri will protect you. Think twice before doing anything stupid. With as hot as you are, you will need protection. Consider this your one and only warning. For the next 1,827 days, you will get no more warnings from us nor will you get any sympathy from the guards here. Good luck!" With that, the guards turned, walked out and radioed the door to be shut and locked.

Sherri was standing in the corner by the bars and was glaring at me. "Listen here you little cunt, you have a lot to learn about prison life. I am here to teach you the ropes and I am not happy about it. I have no choice but to do what they want when it comes to protecting you, but you will pay your dues to me. First thing that you need to know is this room has come to me by doing a lot of favors for a lot of people. These things are mine and I will use them as I see fit. You will not touch these things without permission first."

I looked around the room at all of the accessories that adorned the cell. There were whips and chains and leather abounding in the room. All things that I thought were not allowed in a prison cell. "I have been here a long time sweetie and I get just about anything that I want. I will be here a long time and I have been the only inmate in this section of the prison for the last ten years. No other inmates are even allowed down this corridor. I pretty much own the place and I like it that way. So, no little cunt is going to come in here and think that she automatically gets the top bunk."

I must have looked surprised with that comment. Sheepishly I said, "I assumed that seeing that you had the bottom bunk, I would occupy the top. I will sleep on the bottom, if that is what you want. I don't want to make any enemies here, especially of my cell mate."

"Well, first of all, never assume anything here or with me. You will only get yourself into trouble. Second of all, I never said anything about you sleeping on the bottom, either. Until you have proven yourself worthy, you will sleep on the floor in the corner of the cell. You have a lot to prove before you deserve a bunk."

I looked over in the corner of the cell and there was a thin bed roll laying there. I couldn't believe that I was going to have to sleep on the floor for my first night in a prison cell. I looked at Sherry with the biggest puppy dog eyes that I could muster. "Please Sherri; don't make me sleep on the floor. I will do anything to be able to sleep on the bunk! Absolutely anything you want me to do!" With the sound of despair, I allowed myself to look up at her for the first time since entering the cell. She had the same sort of jumpsuit on that I had, but it was black and made out of rayon of some sort. She had on these platform heels that were to die for. Her hair was long and flowing and brunette and was coiffed to the nines. She had make-up on and her nails were done nicely with slut red polish. She was hot.

She reached out and slapped my face and said, "Don't you ever make eye contact with me unless given permission to do so, do you understand, bitch?"

My head was reeling from the slap and I said, "I am sorry, Sherri, please forgive me?"

"And don't ever address me by my first name, you little slut! To you, I am Mistress and nothing else. You will obey me or you will be punished. Now, was that 'anything' I heard you say?"

My gaze went to the floor and I made a mental note not to do anything that would anger her. My cheek was throbbing and I spoke to the floor, "Yes, Mistress, I will do anything, not to sleep on the floor tonight, please?"

"That's good to hear, you little cunt! I will make you do things that you never imagined could be done to you. And you will do them without hesitation and without a whimper. If I catch you not doing something or hesitating in doing it, I will punish you as I see fit. For the next three months you are going to be my little sex slave, my little sex toy and you will do who I want, when I want, and like it! Now, I am sure that the guards gave you a thorough exam in the shower area but I will want to further explore your holes to make sure there is nothing that they might have missed. Get your stuff off of my bunk and I want you out of your jumpsuit, NOW!!!"

Without looking up at here, with my head bowed in submission, I took my bedding off of the top bunk and went to lay it by the bed roll. I started to unbutton my jumper and heard her behind me doing something with the apparatus on the wall. She was much taller than I, at about 5'9" and it didn't take any effort for her to unlock the shackles that were bolted into the wall. I slipped out of my jumper and turned to look at her feet. I could see that she had also stripped and was now only wearing her shoes. I glanced up at her breasts and was immediately excited. She had about 36D cup tits and her nipples were pierced with silver hoops and there was a chain connecting them. I couldn't wait to be able to suck on those hot nipples, if that was an option, in the future. I quickly looked up while she was still facing the wall and got another look of her arsenal of bondage devices. It was quite an impressive collection and one that any dominatrix would die for. She turned around and caught me glancing at her collection and smiled, mischievously.

"Come here you little cunt, I want to take a look at what I have to work with." I walked over to her with my head bowed and she snapped a leather and chain adorned collar around my neck. "This will prove to the other inmates that you are my property and to keep their hands off. Every bitch I have trained in this facility has had a moment or two in this collar. Now get over here." With that, she led me over to the wall by the hook in my collar and pushed me up against the cold concrete blocks. She lifted my hands over my head and shackled my wrists to the cuffs in the wall. I had to stand on my tippy toes in order for the cuffs to reach me and thought this might be painful in the next few minutes. I had no idea.

There I was completely immobile and exposed. I thought to myself, I might as well get used to this as it seems to be an ongoing thing here. I was afraid to say anything, even a remote whimper as she turned around and I could see the back of her. She had a very nice tight ass with a tattoo above her crack that was awesome, very sexy. She grabbed something off of the table beside her bed that I couldn't see. She turned around and came over to me. She lifted my chin so that I had to look up and said, "Listen here, you do the things that I say, when I say them and you won't get hurt. I like to be obeyed and I will reward you for the good things that you do. However, you are not to be rewarded yet, only when you have done something super well, will you be rewarded. Understand?"

I nodded my head yes and she smiled, a sadistic looking smile, but nonetheless a smile. She brought her hand from around her back and then I saw what she had, a ball gag. She placed it over my lips and I opened my mouth quickly, for fear that she might hit me again. Sherri tied that ball gag around my head and then leaned closer to my ear and whispered; "Now the fun begins. The gag is to prevent any of the guards coming back here to check on us. Play nice and I will give you an extra pad to sleep on for the night."

She took my tit in her hand and started to squeeze my big 38DD tit in her right hand. With her left hand, she took two of her fingers and shoved them deep into my pussy. I let out a grunt but it was grunt of surprise and excitement at the same time. I was still filled with guard cum and mixed with my own juices that had started flowing as soon as I became naked. I was wet and her fingers slid right in without hesitation. "Your pussy seems a little bit engorged and swollen; they must have had a good time with you down there. I can feel the guard's cum mixed in with your juices and it does feel good. I'll bet your ass is soaked with their cum, as well."

She took her fingers out of my cunt and shoved them in my ass. My ass was a little sore from the fucking I had gotten earlier, but it was still soaked with cum so her fingers went in easily. She pumped her fingers in and out of my ass a couple of times and I started to squirm a little bit. "You like it in the ass, don't you, you little slut?" I nodded my head yes and she started going deeper and harder. With every stroke into my ass, she was stroking my g-spot from behind. It was feeling awesome and I started to moan. My ass was grinding and pushing against her fingers with every stroke. I was getting hotter. Being shackled to the wall, on my tip toes and being fucked in the ass by this gorgeous Mistress, I was close to cumming. She must have been able to sense it because she started pumping faster and harder. "I can't believe that your ass is so tight and so responding. Are you going to cum for me you little cunt?"

I nodded my head and with the next up stroke, she added another finger. I had three of her fingers in my ass and she was fucking me like a little whore. I was in heaven. After about a minute of her fucking my ass with three fingers, I started to clinch my ass muscles and pussy muscles and needed release. I came with a vengeance and squirted all over her arm. She withdrew her fingers quickly and turned me around and slapped my ass, hard. I whimpered underneath the ball gag and she smacked my ass again. "You fucking little whore, I will tell you when you can cum and only when you can cum." She turned me around and lifted my chin to look at her. "Do you understand? I am in control here and you are only to be gratified when I say so." I nodded my head yes and she reached back down to my pussy. "Now, let's try this again. I will tell you when you are to release and if you do so before I tell you that you can, you will be punished."

She started rubbing my hard little clit with two of her fingers. Making nice little circles all around my clit and then she reached up and pinched my left nipple. She just kept circling my clit until my hips started swaying to her touch. She was trying to make me cum, I just knew it. I also knew that I could cum at any second, right now. I bit into the ball that was stuffed into my mouth and tried not to cum. She then took her two fingers and slid them inside my cunt deeply and hit that little spot that turns sex into magic. I started writhing in the shackles and my pussy muscles started tightening. I was biting the ball gag as hard as I could when she said to me, "If you cum right now, you fucking slut, I will leave you to hang there the rest of the evening, until dinner time. You better think long and hard about not cumming, no matter what I do to you."

As soon as she said that, she leaned over and bit the nipple of my left breast. It was sticking out hard and erect because she had been pinching it. The bite almost took me over the edge but it was so hard with her fucking my cunt with her fingers like she was. With every up stroke, she hit my spot and made me quiver, made my pussy muscles tighten even more. She moved to my right tit and clamped down, hard enough to make me jump. She laughed and said, "How much more do you think you can take?" With that comment, she reached around me and slid two fingers into my ass. She started fucking my ass and fucking my pussy at the same time. I was in ecstasy like I had never been before. I have had guys before do the same thing, but with this gorgeous woman fucking me like she was I didn't know how much more I could stand.

While I was still lingering on that thought, she turned her pussy hand so that she could rub my clit with her thumb. That was it! I wouldn't be able to last another thirty seconds like that. Just then she said, "Okay, you little slut, cum for me! I want you to cum like a whore!" She was pumping fingers in and out of my ass and my cunt with the same motion and rubbing my clit with that thumb of hers. She bit my left nipple and then my right and I couldn't stand it any more. My hips bucked forward and I came like the whore that I felt like I was. The entire orgasm lasted about two minutes and I didn't think that I was going to be able to withstand any more arousal.

She leaned up and withdrew her hands from my body. She looked completely satisfied that she had taken me over the edge. In fact, she almost looked smug. She turned around and took a pillow off of the bunk and threw it on the floor right in front of me. I was still recovering from that orgasm that she had put me through and I knew that my body was real sensitive at the moment. It would not take much to get me off again. Sherri must have known that and used it to her advantage. She knelt down in front of me and looked up into my eyes. "Now, you are going to learn what you will need to do for me in a little bit when I let you down from those shackles." My breathing was still a little labored and my legs were quivering, standing on my tip toes. "Has my little sex slave ever eaten pussy?"

I shook my head no and tried to look concerned. "Well, you are going to have to learn and I am about to give you your first lesson." Being very careful, she took one of my legs and swung it up over her shoulder and did the same to the other leg. At least there was some relief to my toes and calves. She then took her arms and put them around my legs and spread my pussy lips apart so that I was wide open. "I like your shaved little pussy and I hope you taste as good as you look. I am going to eat your pussy like no man has ever done and I want you to cum all over my face. Do you understand?"

I nodded my head yes with anticipation. As I said before, I had never been with a woman but was very curious about it. I have heard that they eat pussy better than men because it is natural to know what a woman wants. With my pussy lips spread wide open, she leaned into my pussy and began to lick. With the first lick, I kind of jumped and then realized that this was the most awesome thing that I had ever felt between my legs. She licked circles around my clit and moved down toward my awaiting cunt. When she stuck her tongue in, I lost all rational thought. She fucked my cunt with that tongue for a good five minutes and I loved every minute of it. Then she moved from my cunt to my asshole and began to lick that too. When she stuck her tongue into my asshole, my whole body shivered. She licked all the way back up to my clit and began to concentrate on my hard as a rock clit. First, flicking it with her tongue and then taking my entire hard clit into her lips and sucked. She began to give me head just like I would have sucked on a cock. Moving her head back and forth over my clit just like she was giving a blow job, she could sense that I was close once again.

While she was sucking on my clit and the orgasm inside of me was building, she began to flick her tongue across it faster than any man has ever licked my clit. The orgasm was building and I was about to cum when she sucked my clit into her mouth and it felt like a vacuum cleaner had attached itself to my clit. Her suction was so strong that I was cumming in a matter of seconds. I filled her mouth with my juices and could feel the wetness spray all over her cheeks as well. I came hard and she still had not taken her mouth off of my clit. In fact, I think she started sucking harder. I was going to black out from an orgasm for the first time in my life. I didn't think I could handle one more and here she was not letting go of my clit. Then she took her right arm from around my leg and shoved three fingers deep in my cunt. She fucked me hard with her fingers and that was it, I couldn't hold back anymore. My pussy muscles tightened around her fingers as she kept fucking me for all she was worth. I sprayed my juices, once again, all over her cheeks and into her mouth. She was latched onto my clit with a vengeance and still fingering my cunt. Within seconds, a third rush came to the surface and I came harder than the first two combined. Not only did it fill her mouth, but my juices were sprayed all over her nice round tits, also.

That was the last thing I remember for about twenty minutes. I did black out from ecstasy and when I came to; she had unshackled me and laid me on my bed roll. I opened my eyes and she was kneeling beside me and pulling my hair from my face, tenderly. "I am glad you are back with me. I was getting ready to call the guards right before you opened your eyes. You are one hot little slut and I find it amazing that you can squirt your cum like you do. I have had a lot of female lovers and have never had one do that to me. You filled my mouth with a lot of your juice and boy do you have one tasty pussy. I will have more of that later tonight, after lights out. Dinner is in about an hour and you have performed well, my little sex slave. I will give you this time to rest and get dressed for dinner. You may be in a bunk sooner than any other slave that I have been given in the last ten years. I like that about you."

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