tagLesbian SexPrison Bitch Ch. 03

Prison Bitch Ch. 03


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Sophie followed Sherri out of the cell and held her gaze to the floor. Sherri walked ahead of her even with the guards.

“Well, what do you think Sher? Is she gonna be a good one or one that is hard to train?” asked Lucas.

“Oh, I think that she is going to be a very good slave. I may not give her up after three months. We’ll have to talk to the warden at that time. She is one hot little whore, isn’t she?”

“Oh yeah, she took both of us, no problem. Sherri, if you let our shift be the first shift when you let her fuck a man again, there’ll be something special in it for you. We really want that cunt after a month of no cock. She will love having our cocks after having none.”

“I think that could probably be arranged, gentlemen. How’s that sound to you whore?”

“Whatever pleases you Mistress.”

“What’d I tell ya fellas? She is going to be a gem. By the way, if your little friend Tiffany gives me or my slave any shit at chow, we will have words. You better tell her to mind her business. I don’t want to subject this little bitch to any of that too soon. You’ll have a talk with her, correct?”

“Yes, ma’am, whatever you say. Please try to remember that we are the guards and you are the prisoner. I wouldn’t want your little whore to see you get punished. It has been a long time, Sherri, maybe you need some cock to help you out of this role that you have put yourself into.”

“No thanks, Lucas. I’ll be better off after dinner when I can fuck this little whore’s tight little cunt. I’ll mind my P’s and Q’s as long as you keep Tiffany away from us.”

We finally arrived at the chow hall. It was loud with the clanking of the trays on the table. The silverware was scraping against the hard cafeteria type trays. There was a lot of chatter when we walked in but as soon as people started noticing Sherri with her new slave, there was a hush that came over the crowd. In a room with 800 women in it, that was almost a miracle in itself. All eyes were trained on us. My gaze never left the floor. Once the initial awe had worn off, the chatter slowly started up. We entered the line, me following behind Sherri watching her heels. This was not a choice making line of nourishment. Everyone got the same amount of the same slop in the same spots on their trays.

One of the servers began some idle chit chat with Sherri. “So, Sherri, you got a new one do you?”

“Yeah, Tracey, isn’t she cute?”

“Oh yeah, you need any help with her, you let me know and I’ll take some night shifts to help you out with anything that you might need.”

“Why don’t you just plan on it next week? I like to have a full week with them before I introduce other women to them. See if you can’t work nights all week. She’s gonna be a fun one.” She winked at the lady and the lady winked at me. She was cute and my cunt got wet with anticipation of next week. I was enjoying one woman. What would it be like with two or more? Wow, what a rush.

We continued through the line and had a choice of coffee, tea, milk or water to drink. I chose iced tea after Sherry had chosen the same. I followed her to the table and she sat her tray down on the table with the head bitches of the prison. All of them had slaves sitting behind them, not touching their food. Sherri sat down and then told me that I could sit. I set my things down on the table and waited. I heard a couple different women say “EAT” and then some of the slaves picked up their utensils to eat. They would not look up and neither would I. I did not want to get punished. I listened to the chatter at the table behind us. Someone asked, in a very snotty tone, “So, you get a new bitch again, huh Sherri?”

“You know it was my turn to get a hot one. The last two skanks I trained never even got off of their pad on the floor, the whole three months I had them. It was definitely my turn to get a hottie. And I may just keep this one a while. You may never get your hands on her, bitch.”

“Oh, I’ll have my time with her; you know I’ll get her sooner or later. You can’t be with her 24/7, there are things she has to do being a newbie. And when I do, you will be the first one to taste her on my lips.”

“You better watch what you say, little Miss Tiffany. I do have a little bit more pull at this place then you will ever imagine having. I’ll make your life miserable for the next three weeks. Just leave my bitch alone.” She did not say another word to the girl that was sitting across from her.

The girl eating next to me whispered while she was chewing. “You are a very lucky girl to have Sherri as a Mistress. She is the most wanted among us slaves. She did not want any one of us as soon as she got wind of you coming in. She gets her choice. If I was hot enough, I would be in your leash and you in mine. I have been with my mistress for a month and she is a bitch and a half. Welcome to prison, bitch.”

I heard my mistress say the word that I had been waiting to hear. “EAT”. I picked up my spoon and began eating the slop in front of me. I saw the guards patrolling the aisles and when they got behind Tiffany, I heard whispering in her ear. I couldn’t hear what was being whispered, but I imagined it to be a discussion about leaving me alone. Lucas and Jones had our area of the chow hall. Lucas was walking in my view in the aisle across the table from me. It must have been Jones that was whispering in her ear. I made eye contact with Lucas and he stared at me with lust in his eyes. He looked like he wanted to be deep in my ass again. My cunt was soaked sitting there thinking about this afternoon’s initiation.

“You shouldn’t make eye contact with the guards. Sherri will not like it if she finds out,” my neighbor offered through chewing her food. “Sherri has little spies all over this prison. She has trained all of the mistresses at that table with the exception of Tiffany. She will know that you gave that guard a good look before you get back to your cell. Just be careful.”

“Thanks, I appreciate it.” I continued looking at my plate and ate what I could. All of a sudden I felt someone behind me, with their hard cock sticking in my back. He leaned over me and turned my head to look at him. He turned my head back and whispered into my ear, “I cannot wait a month for that ass. I will have that tight ass again, before the week is out. You be a good slave for Sherri and I’ll be able to get you away for a couple of hours. Don’t fuck that up, do you understand me?”

I nodded my head. Sherri had turned around and saw him whispering into my ear. She got up out of her seat and came up behind us both. She spoke loud enough for us to hear, but no one else. “You better stop fucking with my whore or I am going to give you heartache like you have yet to see from me, you little cock head. I don’t like anyone fucking with my property, do you understand me? Now, get the fuck away from her, please!”

He leaned back up and looked at Sherri and said, “You better mind your business Miss Sherri, you are still a prisoner here and I am the guard. I will make sure your life is a living hell if you don’t get off my back for your slave.”

“Oh Lucas, you are so naïve. Don’t you understand that the warden loves me and will give me anything and everything that I want. I hold a special place in her heart and there is nothing you could do or say to stop that from happening. There is a bond between us that cannot be broken. You haven’t been employed here long enough to know the details but you will learn the story eventually. Now walk away from my slave and keep doing your job away from me and her. Okay?”

He was pissed but walked away. Sherri turned to look at Jones who was smirking. Jones had been here longer than Sherri, but he was the only guard with that much longevity. Sherri had seniority over all of the other guards. He walked away from Tiffany and mistress sat down to finish her iced tea. As soon as she was finished, she yanked on the leash and I arose and grabbed my empty tray and hers. She walked me over to the conveyer to send the dishes back to the kitchen. As she was leading me out of the chow hall, I was tripped and landed flat on my face. I was dizzy and didn’t get right up. Sherri squatted next to me and asked, “Are you okay, bitch?”

“I am a little dizzy, mistress, I am so sorry. Let me lie here for just a couple of minutes.”

She stood back up and I was watching her feet get in front of someone else with stiletto heels on. As soon as she spoke, I knew it was Tiffany. “You should control your bitch a little better. What a fucking klutz.” As she kept talking to Sherri, I was dragged away from the scene. I was dragged a couple of feet back and picked up by Lucas. He ran me out of the scene before it got out of control. A few minutes later, we were in a small dark room alone.

“I am going to apologize now for what I am putting you through, but that little cunt is going to learn a lesson here tonight. Not only will I not go a month without having you, she will be inviting me in very soon. I have some goods on her and I will have some goods on you before long. Now, I want you on your knees and sucking my cock. I want to feel the back of your throat with the head of my cock. I’ll give you some good fucking and then take you back to Sherri. She is going to punish you for having a cock inside you, you know that right, cunt?”

I nodded my head as I lowered myself to the ground as he took his hard cock out of his pants. I opened my mouth and he shoved his cock deep down my throat. He was hard and he was huge. He tasted like me still and that turned me on so bad that I started sucking him like he was my last meal. I grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled him harder to me as he grabbed the back of my head and began fucking my face. He was hitting the back of my throat with every stroke. He was getting harder and I could feel the veins in his shaft sticking out. His balls were getting harder and I could taste the pre-cum oozing out of the little slit on his head. I reached under his balls and began massaging them with one hand and fingering his ass with the middle finger of my other hand.

That was all he could take. He emptied his entire load down my throat, I swallowed every drop. I sucked his head only for a few minutes and got every ounce of cum from that huge cock. It was beginning to soften in my hand. He picked me up off of my knees and pulled me into a kiss. He could taste his cum in my throat and he about choked me with his tongue as he was trying to scoop every drop he could from my mouth. He moved to my throat and then up to my ear and whispered, “You are such a hot little cunt, I could never go without you for a month. I could barely go the last couple of hours. I want to taste your hot little cunt. I want to finger that snatch with my whole hand. Would you like to be fisted right here in this broom closet? I am going to make you cum so hard that you squirt all over my face and arm.”

He let go of the embrace that he had me in and spread out a blanket. He laid me down on this blanket and unbuttoned my jumpsuit. As he lifted me up to get my arms out of the prison garb, he leaned over and sucked my nipple into his mouth. He continued to pull off the rest of the jumpsuit while he bit on my nipples. When he had the legs off of me, he moved down to my pussy in a heart beat. He spread my legs open and lay down and went to town on my clit. He was licking and flicking his tongue fast over my hard clit. He sucked my clit into his mouth and started giving me head. It was very erotic and I was on top of an orgasmic ridge in no time. When he slid two of his huge fingers into my dripping wet cunt, I gasped in surprise and ecstasy.

He began finger fucking my cunt like I was a whore. I was. I was his whore at the moment. I would be Sherri’s whore in a little while, where I was going to be punished. I could try to say no and see what it would do and I thought, fuck it’s too late already, I had already swallowed a huge load of his cum. If I was going to be punished for being with a man, then I was going to make it worth it. I started meeting his every thrust with my hips. He added a third finger and began wiggling his fingers against my g-spot and making me crazy. Mid thrust, he added his pinky finger and was pounding my cunt and sucking my clit. I was not going to be able to take much more. His fingers inside my cunt were incredible feeling. He knew exactly what spot to hit and how to hit it. I raised my hips and met his thrusts and came all over his face and arm. “Oh that’s it, you fucking whore. Cum all over me. Your pussy is so hot! I am going to get my fist in there right now!”

He twisted his fingers and slammed his thumb and heel of his hand deep inside me. He was in up to his wrist. He was slamming my cunt with every ounce of force that he had. His fingers curved up inside me and hit that spot on every stroke in there. I felt so full, I could hardly stand it. The pressure on my special spot was incredible and I came harder than I had all day in this prison. My cunt grabbed onto his hand and was not going to let go. I squeezed and bucked and squirted all over the place. My cunt was a constant flow of ejaculation for two solid minutes. The blanket that I was lying on was soaked, as was my captor. He should have taken off his uniform because now it was soaked with my cum. How hot was that?

When he finally was able to move his hand, he withdrew it from a very sloppy cunt. He moved down a couple of inches and slipped three fingers into my tight ass. He was getting it ready to fuck with that hard cock of his. The juices on his fingers were lube enough to get me going pretty hot and heavy. I loved having my ass fucked and was anticipating when he entered my tight hole with that big cock of his. He added a fourth finger for a few minutes and then he pulled his fingers out and in one smooth move, had his cock deep inside my ass. My ass was almost as wet as my cunt. He fucked me hard and deep for quite a while. It felt so good to have him inside me like this. I couldn’t go a whole month without cock. I had never done it since the day my cherry was popped. I could always find someone who wanted to fuck me.

Anyway, Lucas kept pounding my ass and then he started spanking my ass cheeks. That was going to leave a mark that Sherri would see. I started getting nervous and turned on at the same time. This was so taboo for Sherri so demeaning to me that my cunt was flowing rapidly. I started meeting every thrust into my ass. He slapped me hard and in time with his fucking. It was hot as hell. I loved having cock fuck my ass. I couldn’t wait to see what Sherri was going to do with a man’s cum inside my ass and his hand prints all over my ass. She was going to punish me severely, I had a feeling. He slapped my ass the same time he emptied his balls into my ass. The hot liquid hitting the back of my anal cavity made me go over the edge into orgasmic bliss. He grunted as he emptied the last of his cum deep inside me. I was squirting all over his legs. Again, he was soaked. He slowed down and we caught our breath before he withdrew his softening cock from my asshole.

He rolled me over and kissed my lips with a passion that I could feel all the way down in my cunt. “My shift ends in an hour and half, right after lights out. I will be back tomorrow; in fact I am working the whole weekend. And don’t worry; Miss Sherri will not give me any shit about fucking your ass. I’ll be able to live without your cunt for the month, but not your sweet ass. I want that always. Now, let’s get you back to your mistress. She is going to be pissed, but there’s not a thing she can do to me. I cannot control what she does to you, but be sure that she is not going to hurt you. You are the warden’s new pet and she has strict orders.”

He stood up and pulled his pants on, tucked in his shirt and realized that his collar was all wet with my ejaculation. “You, fucking little whore, you have soaked my shirt with your cunt juices. What the fuck were you thinking?” He slapped my face.

I threw my hand to my face and said, “I can’t fucking control it, you should have taken your shirt off, dumb ass.” That got me another slap. “I am sorry, but I really can’t control it.” I pulled my jumper up and buttoned it.

“I know, I am sorry that I reacted that way. Let’s get you back to your whore before I have to do rounds. Jones was covering for me while I took care of you. He should be back at Sherri’s cell by now. Let’s go, slave!”

He opened the door and led me out by my leash. No one was in the corridor that we were in so there was no way of anyone knowing what we were doing in there or that we were ever in there to begin with. He walked me to the main cell block and there were even more cat calls and whoops and whistles than before. I heard someone say, “Sherri is going to whip your ass Lucas. Be sure of that!” He didn’t react, he just kept walking. We got to Sherri’s corridor and there standing outside her cell were Sherri, Jones and some woman in a business suit and stiletto heels that I didn’t know.

Lucas said under his breath, “Oh shit. We are in for it now.”

“Good evening Warden, how are you this fine evening?”

“Well, Lucas, I am a little pissed off, as a matter of fact. You see, when my star prisoner pages me that there is trouble, I come running. This place runs smoothly under my watch and if you can’t understand that being in my employ, then maybe you should look for another job. Yes, you have more authority than Miss Sherri here, but you are not to abuse that authority as she has a lot of years making peace on this cell block. She takes the natural thing that is going to happen here and makes the transition with these women to a modest prison life. She teaches them how to survive out there and make friends in the ways that will count if and when they ever set foot out of these walls again.

“You have directly disobeyed an order of mine to leave the new girl alone. You know I don’t care who or when you fuck in this place, but when I hand out an order such as that, you are to obey it with the utmost respect. You are hereby put on a three day suspension pending further action up to and including transfer from this facility. I suggest you go home and think about your position here. On Monday morning, you be in my office at 7:00 am sharp. We will discuss your actions and the consequences that will need to be paid. Deputy Jones, please see Officer Lucas out of the facility and collect his badge, gun, and prison identification. I’ll see you Monday morning, Officer Lucas. Good day!”

Jones led Lucas from the corridor and the warden walked up to me and inspected me for the first time. “Oh Sherri, I see what you mean about her. She is gorgeous and would be given all kinds of shit out there. You are right, you may have to keep her a little bit longer than usual.” She walked up to me and opened my jumper to look at my tits. “Yep, you were right again, sweetie. She has some nice tits and you should definitely get them pierced. I’ll make sure to sign the order for her to be taken down first thing tomorrow.”

“Under the circumstances, Warden Tracey, I would like to accompany her to the infirmary for this procedure. Please allow me this concession?”

“Of course, sweetheart, I would not deny that of you. You should be there for everything the first three months. You should not be without her for even one minute. I will get her assignment to the laundry room with you, immediately. We’ll play it by ear on where to move her in a month. Teach her some basic survival techniques to stay safe in this hell hole. She’ll be better off for it in the long run.”

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