tagGay MalePrison School Ch. 11

Prison School Ch. 11


It's about 9:00 AM on Sunday morning. Although most of the trainees usually eat with their respective groups on weekdays, they tend to intermingle with others on weekends. Brunch is served on Saturday and Sunday for a 3 hour period, from 9:00 AM to Noon, so some will eat early and a few will trail in late.

James tries to keep tabs on whom all has been in to eat, and if all have already eaten by 11 or so, they may shut down early and take a break before starting the evening meal. The kitchen crew, aka, the Culinary Arts guys, try to make the Sunday meals relatively light and simple, the evening meal often is no more than soup, salad, and sandwiches, or maybe cheeseburgers and fries, or even pizza, and something sweet.

This Sunday morning they have prepared Mexican cuisine, with all the makings for burritos, fajitas or tacos. There are refried beans, scrambled eggs, beef taco meat, chorizo, mild & hot salsa, cheese, onions, tomatoes, cilantro, guacamole, sour cream, and lettuce with mixed fruit for dessert consisting of Pineapple, Guava, Mango and Papaya.

Some of the Dorm 2 guys were the first in line today. Bobby, Jose', and Zach from GM and Juan, Jake and Rick from the EG, (Electrical Group). The two Hispanics, Jose' and Juan were delighted to see the Mexican cuisine.

Jake complained, "I don't know how this all makes for breakfast! I don't know what half this shit even is."

"So," Rick commented, "Just have Juan put you together a plate. He knows what goes together! Man, I love Mexican food, anytime. I think I could eat it 3 or 4 times a week. On second thought, maybe I better put it together for you, Juan will make it so hot you probably can't eat it!" Rick continued, "Didn't you ever eat at Taco Bell?"

"Actually, no," Jake answered, "I don't like hot stuff."

"Not everything is hot, just because it's Mexican. The tortillas, refried beans, taco meat, eggs, cheese, sour cream and lettuce, and the mild salsa are not hot. Neither is the fruit. You just gotta get used to eating something different, Jake. I'll help you, take this large tortilla, spread some refried beans like this, now add some taco meat, eggs, tomatoes, cheese, and top it with some lettuce, sour cream and some mild salsa. Now roll it up like this, fold this end in, and voila, one mild breakfast burrito!"

"Thanks, Rick. I hope I like it."

"I'm gonna build one just about like it, but using the chorizo, some guacamole and the hot salsa. Did I ever mention I like hot stuff!"

Jake, grinning, "Does that include guys?"

A slightly pink-faced Rick replied, "I was referring to food, dummy! But now that you mentioned it, I probably wouldn't turn a hot guy away." Winks, "I always considered myself somewhat Bi anyway."

Rick has seen Jake naked several times, while both were showering together, and a few times while getting dressed. He knows Jake is about 5'9, with brown hair and eyes, with almost a body builder's figure, and a respectable 5" cut dick when flaccid. He, himself is about 6', slender, with dark brown hair and blue eyes, and sports about a 6" cut cock that expands to about 8" when hard.

"You have any plans for after brunch? This burrito is really good!"

"No, why? I'm glad you like it, I'm going back for seconds. Would you maybe want to take a hike in the woods?"

"That sounds really cool." Jake answered. "I accept your offer."

* * * * * * * *

Adam and Nate had woken up fairly early for a Sunday, about 9:00 AM, both guys instinctively feeling the others morning wood and grinning at each other. They both arose, headed to the bathroom, and watched each other pee and laughed.

"I can't help it Baby, I just love to watch you pee!" Adam exclaimed. "What would you like to do today?"

"Well, right now, my stomach thinks my throat has been cut!" Nate replied, "So I would guess that breakfast is number 1 on my agenda. Number 2 would be to grab my lover and head out into the woods and have some awesome sex!"

"And which lover would that be?" Adam asked, as the two headed back to their sleeping area to get dressed.

"Silly boy!" Nate uttered. "You've taken all my love, and I don't think I have any extra to share with anyone else, Babe."

"Seems like a fair trade, you gave me all your love, and I've given you all my heart! I love you so much, Baby!" Adam added, "Don't forget to grab the lube."

"So I guess you like my agenda?" Nate questioned. "When we get brunch, grab some extra napkins."

The two men fell into another not so quick embrace, tongues tangling, and, as usual, both of their cock's hardening and pressing into each other. These two just can't touch each other without turning each other on! They finally broke apart, got dressed and headed to the cafeteria.

Seeing the Mexican layout, Nate exclaimed, "I love Mexican, cool!"

"Mike, great spread!" Adam complemented.

"Thanks, guys." Mike responded. "What are you two planning to do today?"

"Not much," Nate answered, "Probably just go out into the woods and fuck around!"

"Literally," Adam added, grinning.

The two lovers filled their trays, and selected a table to sit at, where they could be alone.

"Do you play horseshoes?" Nate asked.

"I have, years ago. Why?"

"We just installed 2 sets of horseshoe pits a couple days ago over near the gym."

"I think I could enjoy that," Adam replied, "But I don't remember how to keep score."

"A leaner, or shoe that either touches or is within 6" of the post is 1 point, and a ringer, one that goes around the post, is 3 points." Then, grinning, "It would give us something to do between having sex! A game is usually 40 points."

"Got to have four to play, right?" Adam queried.

"You can play with two, like you against me. But it's more fun with four, then it would be us against them! We just need to find another couple guys to play against us."

"Sounds like fun, but I have something hard I want to take care of first!" Adam said, smiling mischievously.

"I'm beginning to think I've created a sex maniac!" Nate exclaimed, grinning. "I can't wait until next weekend, when I can introduce my parents to their future son-in-law!"

"Son-in-law?" Adam questioned. "You're really serious about a future with me, aren't you?"

Nate, choking up, "Were you not serious, when you committed your love to me? Adam, if you're not serious, tell me now, before I get even deeper into you. If you are not in love with me, as I am with you, we need to end this relationship now!"

Adam, tearing up, "I'm sorry Baby, I didn't mean to scare you! For the first time in my life, I am in love with someone who loves me back. I don't want this relationship to end, ever!" Then, smiling a little, "I sure hope my in-laws like me."

Nate smiled. "Baby, I know my parents. All they want is to see me happy, and having you to love, and love me, has made me very happy." Then, more seriously, "I'm more concerned about your parents. Have you told them yet? Have you even come out to them?"

"Baby, before you and I got close, I didn't even know I was gay. I am planning to try and get a visit from them soon." Takes a deep breath, "I'm planning to lay all my cards on the table, and let the chips fall. I don't know how they will react, but I think I will definitely need you standing by my side!"

"My folks had 2 children, my sister is 3 years older than me, and she and her husband don't want to have any children." Adam continued, "So the only possibility for Mom & Dad to have any grandchildren is for me to father them. And if I'm gay, gay guys don't make babies!"

"Maybe not biologically," Nate argued, "But gay guys can marry, and adopt babies, or children. And with all the love we've got, I'm sure we would make awesome Dads. What concerns me more, is, what if your parents give you an ultimatum, like, it's them or me."

"I hope it doesn't come to that, Baby. My parents may have given me life, but without you, my life is worthless! I guess, worst case, I would lose my family!"

"Oh, by the way, I talked with Eric last night," Adam stated, "He said he would fill out the paperwork Monday, to get you into the Plumbing Group." Nate smiled. "He knows why we want to train together, and said it would likely be Tuesday when you start. He has to let Mr. Styles know, in the morning, that plumbing is now full."

The two lovers picked up their trays, turning them in, and headed out the door, holding hands and bouncing along like children, on their way to the playground in the woods."

* * * * * * * *

Mike asked James, "Since this is all pretty much self service, would it be alright, when Luke gets here, if I fix my plate and go out into the cafeteria and eat with him? We never get to eat together."

"Sure, Mike, and I might have some good news." James answered. "I had a chance to talk to Reuben last Friday. There are some new recruits arriving tomorrow, and Reuben said he would really push for a couple of them to sign up for CA. We all could use a little break from this hectic7 day schedule!"

A few minutes later, Luke came in. "Wow, I love Mexican! Good Morning, Mike!"

"Morning Baby!" Mike returned, smiling. "Go ahead and fix your plate, and find us a table for two, I'm joining you for brunch!" Mike started to fix his own plate.

Once seated, Luke asked, "How did you arrange this?"

Mike, reached over to Luke's crotch, giving Luke's cock a loving squeeze, and grinning. "I just asked James for it. I've already washed all the pots and pans, and the dishes from the earlier eaters."

Mike continued, "Baby, we may be getting a couple new guys in CA this week, and that will mean we can share a few more meals together, and I might even get a couple evenings off each week. Hang around for a few, and I should be able to spend at least an hour with you, before we start prep for supper."

* * * * *

Having finished eating, Jake and Rick decided to just relax for a few, enjoying a second cup of after breakfast coffee. They finally got up, stretched, took their dirty dishes over and returned them, then walked outside together.

"You ready for a little hike, Jake?"

"Yep! Lead the way, Rick."

The two wandered into the woods for about 20 minutes.

"Let's sit on that log," Rick suggested, "And let some of this food digest."

"Sounds good," Jake said, then, "Rick, do you think I'm 'hot'?"

"Well, you've got that very well toned body, and an irresistible gleam in your eyes, and a beautiful, somewhat devilish smile, and a delicious looking cock." Then, smiling, "If ever you were to come on to me, I'd be completely helpless to resist!"

"Is that why, whenever we showered together, you always seemed to get an erection?"

"Nah," blushing and chuckling, "That was just from the hot water!" Rick continued, "I just never really had the balls to let you know what I really wanted. I was afraid you'd get pissed, or just avoid me completely. If nothing more, I just loved looking at your beautiful body! I can't help it if you turn me on!"

"So, " Jake questioned, trying to adjust a bulge that had formed in his crotch, "If I were to strip naked, right now, in front of you, what would you do?"

"That's easy," Rick responded, "What ever you want me to do. I'm at your command!

I dare you to do it!"

Jake can't resist the dare and starts to remove his clothes, laying them on the log. If for no other reason than comfort, Rick also strips, allowing his erect cock some freedom, and then sits back down on the log, using his clothes as a cushion, his cock pointing straight out, toward his knees and dripping precum.

Jake positioned himself in front of Rick, his 7" hard and leaking cock about 6 inches in front of Rick's face. "Suck it!" Jake commanded.

Rick moved his mouth closer to Jake's dick, flicking his tongue out and tasting the precum that had formed on the head of Jake's dick. With a smile on his face, Rick started to suck the head of Jake's cock into his mouth, gradually taking it in a little deeper. He is really enjoying the feeling of Jake's manhood in his mouth, and the taste of Jake's precum.

Jake commented, "This is a first time for me, and the feeling is indescribable. I never knew what I was missing."

Rick started bobbing, sliding that gorgeous cock in and out of his mouth and letting the tip of the head hit his throat. Rick had his hands on Jake's buns, holding him close while he massaged and nursed that cock. He felt Jake's body start to stiffen, and suddenly Jake jerked backwards, pulling completely out of Rick mouth.

"What's wrong?" Rick exclaimed.

"Nothing," Jake gasped, "Absolutely nothing, except that I was about to shoot. It was feeling so good and I didn't want you to finish me off so soon." Jake reached down, taking Rick's cock in his hand. "Wow, that's a strange feeling, having another man's dick in my hand!"

"Careful, Jake! It wouldn't take very much of your touching to get me off! Have you ever tasted precum?"


"Yours tastes pretty nice. Just bend down a take a taste off the end of my cock."

Jake, thinking, "I don't know about this! Ahhh, what the fuck!" And went down and took a taste. "Not really bad tasting. Does cum taste the same?"

"Not really," Rick responded. "I think how cum tastes depends on what a guy eats and drinks. I don't want cum from a guy that has been drinking a lot of beer even in my mouth. Speaking of cum, I want to finish you off. Whatever you shoot into my mouth, I do plan to swallow!"

Rick went back onto that beautiful cock, nursing and licking and starting to bob again for a few more minutes. He then took his fingers and started to play with Jake's nipples, first on one then the other, still holding Jake's cock in his mouth.

Jake groaned, "I never knew a man's nipples were so sensitive!"

Rick was feeling Jake starting to tremble a little, and locked his fingers behind Jake's butt, preventing Jake from pulling out again.

"Ooooooo Noooooo! Feels too good, Oh, Fuck! Let me loose, need to pull out! Damn, can't stop it! Aaaarrrrrrgggggghhhhhh! Sheeeeet, I'm drained!"

Rick, swallowing the last of the male meal, "Stroke me, Jake, make me cum! I could do it, but it feels better if you do it."

Jake, using Rick's pre as a lube, slid his hand up and down Rick's shaft, pressing in on that vein and squeezing it somewhat, started feeling the pulses and knew Rick was close. He pointed Rick's cock toward the ground, and Rick shot several spurts of cum onto the ground.

"It still feels weird holding another guys junk in my hand!" Jake commented, grinning.

Both men drained, they started to think about getting dressed. When they were both on their feet, Rick started to hug Jake and Jake responded. Then Rick tried to put his lips on Jake's lips, and Jake turned his face away from Rick.

"Sorry dude," Jake stated, I can't go that route! I'm not that gay!" Then, "Rick, the blowjob was awesome. I've never had that strong of an orgasm before in my life. It was superb, and I'd probably let you do it again if you want to."

"If I want to?" Rick retorted, sarcastically, "I'm ready whenever you are! You've got one of the most beautiful bodies I've ever been this close to and touched. You're just a beautiful guy!"

"When did you decide to become gay?" Jake asked.

"I didn't. When I was younger, in my teens, I considered myself bisexual. I dated several girls but also enjoyed having sex with boys. Sexuality isn't something we choose, like whether we want butter or gravy on the mashed potatoes."

"I was a basketball player in High School, and after practice the whole team showered. Some of the guys picked on me, cause I was always getting a boner in the shower from seeing all those nice cocks. Most of the boys didn't know I was easy, however, there were 3 or 4 that would hang around and beg me for a blowjob and I didn't want to disappoint them. Especially, when they threatened to out me if I didn't satisfy them."

"So what do you consider yourself now?"

"I still consider myself to be bisexual, but I lean more toward men, especially in this all male environment. If I am going to have any sex at all, except for jacking off, it has to be with a man." Rick went on, "I hope, one of these days, I meet someone to fall in love with that can return that love. It could be a woman, or maybe a man. I don't really care, as long as we can share an awesome love for each other."

"Do you think," Jake asked, "that two men, or two women, can actually fall in love with each other, as men and women do?"

"No, I don't thinks so, I know they do! We've got at least 2 or 3 couples here on campus that are in love. The new tall guy, in the kitchen right now, sleeps every night with the guy in bed #8 that is in the Carpentry Group. I'm pretty certain they are seriously in love. Watch their eyes, when they are near each other, it's the look of love!"

"Rick, would you consider having a love affair with another guy in here somewhere?"

"That's not a decision I can make. Love just happens. If it happens, that love strikes me, and another special person at the same time, Love will win. And it could be wonderful. But that is nothing I have any control over, unfortunately. Nobody can make love happen!"

"Didn't you make love happen a little while ago when you sucked me off?"

"No, that wasn't love, that was sex. Love is an emotional thing, sex is a physical thing. I have wanted to suck your cock for some time, and it was very enjoyable. But what that was, was sex with no love involved."

"I think I'm starting to understand," said Jake. "Maybe we should get dressed and head back?"

The two men put their clothes back on and headed toward their dorm.

* * * * * * * *

"It's 12:30," Mike said, as he walked up to Luke, still waiting in the cafeteria. "I have to be back to help start the supper meal by 2:00 PM." Grabs Luke's hand and pulls him up off the chair. "I've got an hour and a half to spend with you Luke. What do you want to do?"

Luke, grinning devilishly, "I know what I want to do," reaches down and squeezes Mike's cock, "but we might not have time to finish before you have to be back so let's wait until this evening for that."

Mike suggests, "Let's just go relax, and make out on your bed."

"Works for me," Luke answered.

The two men head into Dorm 2, and right to Luke's bed, both stripping as they walked, piling their clothes on the bed next to Luke's. They both lie down, naked bodies touching, kissing, caressing each other, making each other hard. Luke positioned himself where he could lick the pre from the tip of his lover's cock.

"There is no one here but us, and I want to suck your cock!" said Luke, "I don't know what to do if someone comes in."

"Worst case scenario," Mike replied, "we might have an audience!"

Mike said, "Straddle me so your cock is over my mouth and we can 69."

"The bed's too short!"

"Wait," said Mike. "I'll slide down, putting both my feet on the floor. Now try it!"

"Much better," Luke said. "I am starting to really like the taste of your dick in my mouth!" and pushed his mouth onto Mike's cock!"

Mike used his hands to push Luke's pelvis up, pulling Luke's cock out of his mouth. While Luke was up, Mike used his tongue to lick the pre from the tip and inside the sheath on Luke's cock.

"Luke," Mike stated, "I don't have room to work your cock, like you're doing me. My head's on the pillow. You're going to have to, like, fuck my mouth!"

Luke turned into a fucking machine. When his head went down on Mike's cock, his hips went up, and when he fucked down into Mike's mouth his head bobbed up, almost like a teeter tauter. After about 15 or 20 minutes, Luke slowed way down. Mike could feel Luke's body starting to tremble and stiffen. Luke just stopped moving his hips completely and just continued to suck on Mike's cock, and driving Mike very close to cumming.

Mike used what little bit of movement space he had to work Luke's cock, causing Luke to have his orgasm, pumping spurt after spurt of his manly juice into Mike's mouth and throat. Luke reaching his orgasm, triggered Mike that last needed bit to start him cumming, and cum he did, filling Luke's mouth, and dripping down on Mike pubes. Mike busied himself, milking that last bit of delicious man juice out of Luke's cock, and Luke was also milking Mike.

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