Prison Woman


And within a few weeks I was all tatted up, just like Baby. I had SISSY tatted across my upper right arm, and PUTA across my left upper arm. Well, that's it, I was marked for life. So I became a feminine little whore. At first I was a slow starter, but I soon learned what makes a man happy, and after a few ass whippings from Batuco for not bringing home enough money, I soon became his best earner.

One thing Baby kept telling me about was not to get Batuco pissed, because if he really got pissed he would take a bitch to the laundry room for an ass whipping, and that the ass whipping administered in there was severe. She pointed to Chrissa. She could hardly walk. There were big black and blue bruises all over her arms and legs. "She got taken to the laundry room," Baby whispered. "Daddy caught her giving money to another man".

If I wasn't scared of Batuco before, I was terrified of him now. All the girls told me that sooner or later Daddy would take me to the laundry room, that no girl had escaped it, even Baby.

One night, after chow, I was talking to a guy and I happened to see Batuco staring at me. He looked really pissed. "Get over here, girl," he said. I was really scared, but I smiled. "Hi, Daddy, I said loudly. "I gots some money for you ,Daddy." Batuco stared hard at me. "You givin money to that foo over there?" he said.

"No way, Daddy," I said. Batuco grabbed me firmly by my upper arm. "You know, you been getting really sassy lately," he said. "I think you need a lesson." Still holding me by the upper arm he began pimp walking me down the cellblock. I was babbling, begging him for another chance. Everyone was looking at me, some looked pitying, others were laughing.

We were heading toward the laundry room. Because Batuco was so tall and I was so short, I had to sort of run to keep up with him. When we got to the door of the laundry room a C.O. was there. If I thought he was gonna help me I was mistaken. He looked at me and laughed.

"Uh-oh..looks like someone fucked up," he said. Batuco laughed. "We just goin in to fold sheets, boss," he told the guard. The guard laughed. "Yeah, ok, whatever you say," he said, unlocking the door. Batuco dragged me inside. "How long you gonna be?" the guard asked. "Bout an hour, boss," Batuco said. The guard closed the door and I heard the lock turn. My heart sank.

"Get you shit off," Batuco said. I began undressing, all the while babbling and begging him not to hurt me. "I'll be good, Daddy," I whimpered. "I'll do anything you say, Daddy..PLEEEEESE!"

Batuco didn't answer. When I was nude, except for my work boots and bandanna, Batuco told me to reach under the desk and get what was there. I got down on my knees, eager to obey, feeling around. My hand hit an object. I grabbed it and pulled it out and brought it to him. He was sitting on a stack of mattresses, reading a porno magazine.

While I waited I looked at the object in my hand. It was a bunch of wire coat hangers wrapped in black electrical tape.

After a while Batuco looked up. "You know what that is?" he asked me. I shook my head. "What is it, Daddy?" I asked obsequiously.

"That a pimpstick," he said. He reached under the mattress stack, and pulled out a bunch of rags. He shook them loose and I could see that it was a bunch of rags tied together to form a crude rope.

He pointed to a foot stool. "Get up on that," he said. I obeyed him. He tied one end of the rope around my left wrist.. "Raise your arms," he said. I was crying and shaking in fear. He threw the loose end of the rope over the water pipes just above my head. He pulled my left arm up and tied my right wrist, so that now both my arms were tied above my head. If you've never had that done to you, you can't even imagine how painful that alone can be.

Batuco reached into a laundry bin and pulled out a dirty sock and stuffed it into my mouth. Then he taped my mouth up with duct tape, and kicked out the footstool and I was hanging, my feet just off the floor. It was around 7 p.m. Right about now Mari & Deandre would be on the sofa, watching TV. I could have been with them, safe and secure in my own home, instead here I was, hanging naked from a pipe in a dirty cold prison, about to get a brutal beating from the man who now owned me.

Then he hit me, across the backs of my thighs. If my mouth hadn't been taped my screams would have been heard out on the street. I don't think I have ever felt that much pain. I was screaming through my gag, and writhing in naked agony as Jose administered the brutal beating. My entire body was beaten, everything but my face and genitals. I don't know how long the beating lasted, probably no more than a few minutes, but it felt like hours. Finally it was over. Batuco was breathing hard and sweating. He took off his shirt and put the foot stool under my feet, and untied the rope. I was damn near in shock from the pain and I would have fallen if Batuco hadn't picked me up and carried me to the mattresses.

I notced that his cock was hard. He pulled his pants off and told me to get down between his legs and suck him off. I was in so much pain that the last thing I felt like doing was sucking cock, but fear made me give him a really good blow job until he ejaculated into my mouth.

When we were done we got dressed and Batuco knocked on the door to be let out. I was wearing just an xx large tank top, cut and sewn to fit like a minidress. The guard saw the bruises all over my arms and legs, but when he saw me looking at him he quickly shifted his gaze.

After a couple of days the pain of the ass whipping gradually faded, and the bruises got darker, black, blue, and purple, and I actually began to feel proud because in a preverse way, I guess I felt that the beating showed that my man loved me. I had 8 years to go.

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by 4yourpleasureiam08/30/17

I have often wondered if it would be nice n prison

Could a girl just go in and pick out a big man and walk up to him and ask him to be her man. Or does every sissy have to go through the rape sessions? I would like being one or two or even a gangsmore...

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