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Private Dancer


So my sister Missy was a stripper. So what. I had some problems with a few of my friends when they found out; endless questions and defense of her character. It was even worse if friends actually saw her perform. I had a real falling out with a friend who, drunk, asked me if I ever wanted to fuck her. That stuff was tough to deal with, but, hey, I was her brother and it was my job to defend her. She was an adult and could do what she wanted.

And being a stripper doesn't automatically make you a slut. I grew up with my sister and knew the real her. She was a great person. Definitely not a tramp, whore, slut; take your pick. I'd heard them all. It was the money! She made a ton of dough. She certainly was a beautiful girl, absolutely centerfold material, and figured that using this asset would be a great way to pay for school. She worked way out of town so our parents wouldn't find out, we both still lived at home with our parents while we went to school. After finishing college, Missy'd have her degree and move on to a new career.

That all made perfect sense to me, once.

I had been to plenty of strip clubs before, but never the one Melissa worked at. Of course, I purposely avoided it, but it was so far out of town that nobody I know had ever been there. Well...I was invited to a work-friend's bachelor party last week. I barely knew this guy and didn't know any of his friends, but a night of local strip club hopping is something I'm always up for. 3 car-loads of guys; hundreds of beers; and 3 or 4 clubs later, guess where we ended up. I didn't know this was Missy's place; I hadn't ever seen it before. We all stumbled in and checked things out. You know what these kinds of nights are like; lots of hooting and hollering, somebody gets sick, somebody else gets into a fight. This night was no different. I had a major buzz and needed to find a place to sit and chill out for a bit. There was a bar tucked into a corner near the rear of the place with a much smaller stage and less customers. I headed for there. Halfway there, I took a look at the girl working the corner stage: very tall, perfect small, rounded ass, really big tits, long black hair...I had almost taken a seat about 3 feet in front of the small stage before I recognized her face...you guessed it, it was Missy.

She had not noticed me; I almost fell over a chair backing up and out of the area. Holy shit, I was just saying to myself how hot this babe was; just my type, look at the size of those tits, this oughtta be good; and it's my damn sister! At this particular point in her act, she was wearing only a sky blue micro-mini, white knee-high boots, and a smile. Whatever she had worn for a top was lying crumpled on the stage in the corner and her skirt was pulled up to reveal both ass cheeks from behind and a small tuft of neatly trimmed black pubic hair. I had taken in (and approved) all the details on my way over before I realized who I was ogling. As I found a place to sit far out of the way and in the dark, I saw from the corner of my eye that Missy was bouncing quickly up and down, making her big boobies shake for the 10 or so guys cheering at the front lip of the stage. What the hell do I do? I can't stay here, she's getting naked! And if she saw I was here, she'd freak! Pretend I was sick and I had to leave? I didn't have my car. I guess I could pretend to be sick and go out to the car to 'sleep it off'...and sit in the car for a couple of hours while these guys partied without me. No...I could do this. I would just stay back, in the shadows, away from the stage all night and avoid whichever stage Missy was working on. She'd never see me if I played it right...

But I could see her. I was drawn to wherever she was in the huge room; I would find myself taking a quick look every now and again...I did need to keep up with where she was so I could avoid her, I kept telling myself...What I couldn't explain was the growing bulge in my jeans. Well, you're in a strip club, I thought, but no. 10 other girls had danced in front of my face, trying their hardest to turn me on, striking every lewd pose in the book; and none had even gotten a semi going in my pants. But every time I looked around to keep tabs on Missy... When I'd find her, for those few seconds that I'd see her dancing nude, bent over to expose her perfect pussy from behind; lying spread-eagle on the stage, her cunt lips opening slightly along with her legs; squeezing her massive titties together; spanking her ass...my cock would start to buzz. Maybe I should have left after all. What I'm feeling isn't right and I shouldn't have kept myself in this situation, I thought to myself. The more I watched Missy, The harder my cock became. The harder my cock became, the more I wanted to watch. I felt evil.

I decided to go with the 'sick' ploy. As I worked my way over to where the guy who drove the car I was in, I was interrupted by someone who grabbed me by the arm and pulled me towards the dressing room entrance. 'Tony! My god it is you!!' Missy planted a smooch on my cheek. I was in shock. 'I thought I saw you here about an hour ago, but I thought, Noooo....not Tony...I forgot you just turned old enough to get in! So what brings you out here!?' She was wearing a big white silk robe and god knew what else underneath.

'I...uh...I'm here for a bachelor party...Jeez, I didn't know this is where you worked...I mean..ah...I mean I didn't know I'd be....that you were here tonight...' I knew I wasn't making any sense.

'Oh, Tony, you're so friggin' cute! Don't worry about it! I don't mind! You're my little brother, for god's sake!! Relax and have fun! I'll talk to you tomorrow!' Another kiss on the cheek and she was gone, leaving me standing there alone, heart pounding. Well, she's OK with it; I won't have to worry about getting noticed anymore...

15 minutes later, as I sat alone near the back again, still hoping to avoid being visible to Missy, the groom came over and asked what was wrong. I told him nothing, just chilling. Truth is, I was rattled by having been spotted by my sister; and maybe a little shaken about how unconcerned she was that I was there...But I didn't want her to think that I was watching her. He must have thought I was just uncomfortable being there with a bunch of guys I didn't know because he invited me over to the middle stage where a bunch of the guys had front row seats. 'You can't see a thing from over here!' he protested; but I was stubborn and stayed put. 'Suit yourself...' he said as he walked away. I would have been better off at the front of the stage....A few moments later, Missy was walking straight for me, trying not to smile. She was wearing the same white robe. I must have looked terrified, because when she reached the table, she said, 'Jesus, Tony, relax! You're white as a sheet!' She bent over towards my ear and said, 'Listen: Your friends over there said you looked lonely and bought you a table dance. Now: I now this is going to be weird for you, but help me out. I make a lot of money from this; plus my boss is here; and since your friends already paid for me it's a done deal.'

'Table dance? Missy...you can't...'

She cut me off, whispering loudly. 'Tony. It's just me! C'mon! Your sister! Just calm down. Please! It'll be fun!' She stood up quick and her robe slipped down off her shoulders. She was wearing a fluorescent pink and green super-skimpy bikini that glowed brightly in the black lights scattered around the club. After removing her robe completely, I saw my sister as I had never seen her before; as all of the other men in the club saw her. Truth is, in the dim light, and dressed this way, Missy was barely recognizable to me. The guys who bought me the dance were watching us, giving me the thumbs up sign; I gave them a wave and forced a smile. I was about to see my sister totally nude, inches in front of me, and dancing the dance that has only one purpose: to make a man's cock hard.

She moved very slowly and sensually. Her skin was absolutely flawless; perfectly tanned and smooth. At first I tried to just 'look' like I was watching her; I tried to focus on her knee or elbow or some other innocuous body part. That worked for a while...Then she slowly slipped the straps of the bikini top down to her shoulders. I could not make eye contact with her but I could tell she was looking at mine; it was part of the dance, I guess. When she was held her top up against her massive chest with both hands, slowly slipping it down, my 'pals' at the bar started hooting and yelling; when she the tossed it onto the floor, revealing her 38-D's, my heart froze in my chest. Since childhood I had fantasized about seeing my sister Missy's tits; they developed quickly and I went through a couple of adolescent summers completely obsessed with them. And now, in the noise and the flashing lights, I was staring right at them, fully exposed, inches away from me. The big, almost perfectly round globes of tanned flesh hung slightly from her chest, each topped with an over-sized nipple. With her every move, they bounced and jiggled uncontrollably. She squeezed them together, unknowingly taunting me with my own childhood fantasy, pinching the tips and shaking them in her hands. My cock was screaming from inside my jeans. Guilt and excitement were battling fiercely inside me.

Missy whirled around and bent over. The bikini bottoms were thonged, the thin strip of material was barely concealing her privates. No, please, no...I thought, I can't take that...Her ass was a masterpiece. One leg was crossed slightly in front of the other as she bent over and held her ankles, slowly bringing her face down against her shins. I tried to focus on her boots, but, god, her legs were fantastic...and that ass...she straightened up some and slipped her fingers under the waistband of her bottoms and started slipping them down, down,...She peeled that thin strip at the bottom of the thong out from the crack of her ass as she slipped them off...My god I could see her pussy mound from between her legs. I looked up at the small of her back, trying to find something in vain to focus on. She tossed the bottoms onto my lap and turned to face me, now nude from the boots up. I was certain I was shaking and hoped no one noticed in the chaos of flashing lights.

Missy put her hands on my shoulders and brought her magnificent boobs about an inch from my face, squeezing them together with her elbows...and left them there for some 5 seconds. An eternity for me. She straightened up again and ran her hands over just about every inch of her perfect body. I caught myself staring at the small black bush over her cunt and closed my eyes...when they re-opened, Missy had turned around and bent over again; this time her naked ass and pussy were at eye level inches from my face. I gave up just then. My eyes were locked on her beautiful vagina; in the view from behind, with her mound and lips squeezing out from between her legs, no hair showed. Just the slender pinkish lips and her tiny puckered ass. She moved the whole package back and forth; I followed it's path as if hypnotized. My dick was fit to explode. She reached over with one hand and grabbed an ass cheek; squeezing it in her hand caused her pussy and asshole to open just a bit. Then it was over. She bent over and collected her stuff, gave me a peck on the cheek and quickly whispered 'thanks.' She walked away to the wild catcalls of the guys at the bar. I was in a daze. I walked over to the bar and ordered a beer while the guys slapped me on the back. I proceeded to get completely plastered.

I dreamed about my big sister Missy's fantastic body all morning. That night I was constantly distracted by thoughts of her pussy lips opening as she squeezed her ass. The following day at work, I could not erase the image of her luscious tits from my mind. I found that the only way to exorcise these thoughts from my mind was to masturbate, focusing on these images. I jerked off sometimes 2 or 3 times a day for a few days. I was worried I was becoming obsessed. Then even that wasn't enough. After about a week, I had put together an entire 'disguise'; dark glasses, leather jacket, cowboy hat, fake moustache; God I hoped it would work. It'd kill me for Missy to catch me watching her dance. I went to her club every chance I got; she wasn't always there but I found out what her regular schedule was soon enough. I had to get my regular dose of Missy's nude body. I always sat one stage away from her and tried to appear as if I were watching the girl on the stage I was nearest.

Every time I watched her dance I got a raging hard-on, right there in my seat. After leaving the club, I sometimes could not make it out of the parking lot without beating my meat. I had seen all the other girls that worked there do their thing, but nothing compared to the sexual charge I got watching my sister dance naked. To me, my sister Melissa was the most beautiful, most desirable girl in the world; the sexiest, most sensual creature on earth. I was clearly obsessed.

Weeks went by. I was sneaking to the club 3 times a week. I knew all Missy's moves, all her outfits; every inch of her gorgeous body. But I needed more than fantasy. How was I to know then that soon, my dreams would come true.

Here's how it happened: One day, as I sat in my disguise at my regular spot at the bar in Missy's club, the bartender handed me a note. It was from Missy:


Not working tonight. Please come over around 8pm. We need to talk.


That was it. I was caught. How did she know? I had a few beers at the bar, a nervous wreck, sweating bullets. Would she tell Mom? Hate my guts? Man, I had let my dick get the better of me and now I had to pay the price. At 8:00, I drove to her new apartment and rang the buzzer to let her know I was there; she let me up. I knocked on her apartment door; she yelled 'it's open!' from the other side. Missy was in the kitchen making coffee. 'Cream? Sugar? I forget.'

'Black, please.' I was in hell, waiting for whatever it was my sister wanted to talk to me about. She had busted me watching her strip; whatever she had to say, it wouldn't be good. She brought two cups of coffee in to the dining room.

'Have a seat. Look, Tony, before I get into this, I want you to know, I'm not mad. So stop worrying. You look terrified!' She gave me a reassuring smile and I looked her in the eye for the first time since I entered.

'You...you're not upset?' I asked, dumbfounded.

Missy sipped her coffee. 'No, Tony. If I'm upset about anything, it's that you were sneaking around. You didn't have to do that, you know. I mean, after that table dance thing a few weeks ago, you should have known I don't mind you seeing me work.'

I was confused. 'Well, yeah, I knew you weren't bothered by me being there that night and all...but...obviously you found out I was going back...to watch you...but I don't know if you know how often.' I looked into my coffee, ashamed of myself.

'Oh, I've known all along; I've seen you there almost every night that I work.' She looked at me plainly. Your disguise was pitiful. Cute, but pitiful.'

Now I was even more embarrassed. 'And you're not mad that your brother has been watching you dance nude for weeks? Not upset?'

'Flattered. And maybe a little concerned; that's what I wanted to talk with you about today. Look. You don't need to sneak around in disguises, Tony. It looks like you've gotten a little...obsessed with what I do; I think I can make it a lot easier for you.' I was intrigued to say the least. What was she getting at?

'What do you mean, Missy?'

'All you had to do was ask, Tony. That's what I mean.' She finished her coffee off. 'If you want to see me dance, I'd be happy to do it for you. Here, away from that dumpy club. In private.' I took a sip of coffee, trying to appear unfazed by her statement. I was stunned.

'You mean, you'd dance for me? Your brother? I...I don't get it...' It was a dream come true, but somehow, it didn't make sense, what she was offering...

'Yeah! And it's because you're my brother that I've been OK with it! Don't you see...We know each other; love each other...You're not some creep in a club who I wouldn't give the time of day if he weren't a paying customer. That table dance I gave you was a pleasure! I knew you loved it. I felt like I was giving you a gift; not just 'working'. And the truth is, after you started coming to the club regularly, I began feeling safer there, more comfortable, knowing that somebody was there who loved me. It might sound weird, but on the nights that you weren't there, I was bummed...' Well, Missy, it did sound weird. But I wasn't arguing...'You were there so much, I figured you were really enjoying it, so I figured I'd make it easier for you; we'll do it here, alone. Once a week or something regular. Keep you out of that smoky club; I can try out new outfits and stuff on you, it'll be fun!...That is, if you want to.'

I stayed silent for a moment. My mind reeled at what she was proposing. Finally I said. 'Of course I want to, Missy. I haven't been the same ever since that night...To tell you the truth, I've been beating myself up over going to see you. I felt I was doing something wrong, violating your trust, I don't know...If you're telling me this is OK, I guess I feel a hell of a lot better about it...'

'I figured you'd be feeling bad. That's why I called you here, Tony. There's no reason to feel bad. It's all good!' She smiled at me and I suddenly felt like the luckiest man in the world. 'So just let me know when is good.'

A pause.

'How about...now? Tonight?' I asked. My pulse was racing. I couldn't wait...

'Now? Uh...Well, sure, but...You'll have to give me a little time to get ready...How about if you come back at around ten? That OK?'

'Ten! I'll be back.' I finished my coffee and we small talked some, but as I left Missy's apartment, life felt very different, somehow...I felt like a different person. Living a different life...I was going to get a private show with easily the most beautiful stripper on the west coast...and she was my sister! I was walking on air. It was all so surreal...

I drove around town for the next hour and a half, killing time and imagining what I was about to witness. When I finally arrived back at Missy's place, I made it a point to be just a little late, so I wouldn't seem over-anxious. But I was...When I buzzed her, she told me to come up, the door would be open. As I took the elevator ride to her floor, I felt an excitement and anticipation that I could barely contain. My cock had been hard ever since I left earlier this evening and it was actually starting to ache. I hoped she wouldn't notice it, though at my size, it's pretty hard to hide. I opened the door, knocking lightly as I pushed it open. 'C'mon in! Have a seat in the den! Be right out!' she yelled from the bedroom. I was literally shivering with excitement. 'Want a beer?' she called to me.

'Yeah. Thanks!' I walked to the kitchen and grabbed a cold one from the fridge. I cracked it open and almost killed it in the first few seconds. God, I was wound up! I walked back to her den and sat in an easy chair in the corner of the room. Missy had pulled the coffee table out of the middle of the floor and over to the dining room, making room for her to dance. I could barely breathe as I heard Missy call out, 'OK...Push 'play' on the tape deck!' I did. Loud electronic dance music came boomong out of the speakers placed on either side of the room. I took another swig from the longneck and before I could swallow, Missy was strutting out of the hallway and into the den in black, lace-up boots, sheer black thigh-high stockings (no garters), black thong panties and a black spandex half shirt. My god, I felt as if I might pass out. her hair was pinned up on her head. This was an outfit I had never seen at the club. And I had never been this close to her either, except for that first night. She stood 5 feet in front of me, her hands on her hips, legs slightly apart, and looked right at me with a devilish grin. 'Hi, Tony!' she said, loudly to be heard over the music. 'I want you to tell me what you think of this new outfit after, OK?'

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