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Private Jet


I had to get there in a hurry, driving just wasn't an option, although I enjoyed driving my sport car that purred along the highways at top cruising speed. This time, with no time to spare I ordered a private jet to take me to my destination. I arrived at the landing field, parking my silver Porsche in the Executive Managers garage and moments later I was sitting on board my flight. I was on my way, yes, I was going to make it. This was going to be a sweet deal when I got the contract was signed. But I was expecting that not everything would go smoothly, but there were always small obstacles and details that needed to be cleared before any contract was signed. It was business, so it was nothing unusual. At least I would have time to eat something before meeting with the representatives, and I found that it was always easier to deal with business issues with a full stomach.

The flight would take a while, so why not use that time wisely and sleep for a while. I lowered the back support and leaned against it in a nice relaxed position, closed my eyes and tried not to think of anything at all. I wasn't sure, but I thought I heard footsteps, and suddenly felt a weight in my lap, so I opened up my eyes and gazed at a gorgeous woman dressed in a tight blue uniform with white cuffs. Her face was elegantly but very noticeably applied with make up, her hair so black it was shimmering in blue, and she said with a low voice that promised more than what she was saying.

"Good day, my name is Nectar and I'll be serving you on today's flight. Would you like to have something to drink?"

"Yes, Diet Coke would be nice."

She giggled while she looked at me with her deep dark eyes, squinting her eyes a bit as she leaned closer. She sat still in my lap, very close with almost no space between my nose and hers.

"Could I tempt you..."

She leaned back shaking hair head so it would fall in place behind her shoulders and raised her chest a bit towards me before ending the sentence.

"...with some champagne instead?"

I looked at her as she wiggled her body in my lap, and before I had the chance to answer her question, she asked another question, which caught me of guard.

"Perhaps you prefer me or Carmen instead?"

By the chair was another woman standing. Her bright fiery red hair was short, not even reaching her shoulders, and she was wearing make up just as elegantly as the woman in my lap, and dressed in an equally tight uniform. She leaned forward showing off her deep cleavage and whispered with a Spanish accent.

"Or both."

Her nameplate flashed in the sunlight, and her words combined with the wiggling hips of her colleague was a most tempting offer. I was in a state of very appealing shock, not understanding what kind of airline this was, but I had to admit that the service was nothing to complain about. Some loud pumping music began playing and the two women walked a few steps away from me, and began to kiss before me. First barely touching, while their hands very caressing the other, but they didn't stay on an innocent level for long. Their bodies moved to like snakes to the hypnotic beat of the music, while they kept tongue-kissing, caressing each other through the uniforms, and Carmen sat down next to me while Nectar began to dance before us on her own. Sensually moving to the sound of the beat and slowly uncovering her athletic body. She pulled on the uniform and I heard the sound of breaking Velcro, and as the top layer of clothing fell to the floor, the exquisite choice of lingerie showed, all in black to match her hair and eyes. She continued caressing her body, teasing her crotch with her fingers and pinching her nipples before sitting down next to me, and waited for the second act as Carmen got up. Her movements weren't as gracefully erotic as Nectar had been, but none the less a very good dancer. Just like Nectar, when she found the time was right, the crisp sound appeared and the uniform gathered up like a blue pond on the floor, showing off another set of well crafted lingerie in red with embroidery work in black, white and gold. I could feel Nectar's hands sliding across my covered chest, and with her delicate fingers unbuttoning the shirt until it was wide open. I could see how Carmen was smiling as she walked closer and sat down next to me, and the two leaned forward and kissing each other before they kissed my naked skin. They both found my nipples at the same time, and their wicked tongues sent electric shocks through my body as they lustfully continued to lick in small circles.

"What a strong man you are." Carmen said as her hand was caressing my thigh.

"And handsome too." Nectar added as she leaned forward and kissed me hard.

Nectar's long loosely hanging hair made it impossible to see anything, but I could feel how she climbed into my lap while kissing me, and how she was leaning against my chest. Her hard nipples scraping against me while I could feel Carmen's hands unbuttoning and pulling down my pants with force until they were wrapped around my ankles along with my boxers. Letting out my cock from it's bonds was something that Nectar felt, and she stopped kissing me, rubbed her crotch against me while she pleaded.

"Oh baby, do you want me?"

She hugged me close and I felt a hand around my shaft which was Carmen teasing my top against Nectar's slit. I felt fingers against my balls, scratching the skin with long red fingernails and I couldn't help moaning into the cleavage I had pressed against my face.

"Yeah baby, it feels so good. You're so naughty with your cock against my pussy, the tip kissing my juicy lips. I just love when your naughty. It makes me want to fuck you over and over again. You'd like that, wouldn't you? To feel me fucking your hard pole and embracing it with my delicious pussy, but you need to make me wet."

Just as soon as she had said it, she climbed up, grabbing a handle in the ceiling and wrapped her legs around my head. Her pussy was truly delicious, just like she had said, and I worked my strong tongue over her clit and into her tight passage, licking and sucking up the juices while I felt Carmen stroking my cock, lubricated with Nectar's juices. It was a fantastic feeling. I felt the back support been lowered even more until I was in a straight horizontal position, and exposed to the talents of the two sex-craving cabin crew members.

I licked the pussy before me as if it was my last meal, and hoped that by eating it all I would be pardoned for whatever crime I had committed, all while I could feel Carmen's warm hands playing with my cock, lightly touching the shaft, balls and thighs with what appeared to be open palms. I could feel her breasts resting against my thighs, and her hot breath against my naked erect member. The juices were flowing in a rich stream from Nectar, her flower producing so much nectar for me to collect. Her hips were slowly moving from side to side, making it appear even more like a flower swaying on a meadow in the morning breeze, and I lifted up my hands to feel her moving hips and to caress her back and butt. All while Carmen continued warming my pole. I could feel her breath being so close, the difference between when she was inhaling or exhaling, and the soft touch of her full lips against the base of my shaft. She was simply smelling my cock and balls, and I felt so aroused by all that this flight was exposing me to.

"That's good, lick me with your nice tongue and make me all wet. I just love your tongue against my clit, it makes me so wet, so ready for your hard cock. Come on baby, stick your tongue inside my tight box. Yeah, that's it. You're so naughty, I just want to fuck your tongue. Stick it out all you can and let me fuck your face."

I stretched out my tongue as far as I could, fascinated by her suggestion, and she began to ride my tongue as if it was a cock. She was riding a wild stallion, while Carmen took her time to enjoy the scent of my skin. The contrast between the two ladies was enormous, but they were like two compounds in a perfect blend where they matched each other perfectly by complementing the others movements.

"You're so good to me, your tongue feels like it's sliding deep inside my pussy. You're making me so wet, baby, I just can't get enough of your face.

Her vulgar speech made me lift my mouth and chin up higher against her, and she felt it. Sitting down hard she began to gyrate her hips. That's when I felt Carmen poking the hole at the top of my erection with her tongue, slowly moving back and forth with the tip of her tongue fixated in the hole as if she was trying to slide deeper into it. Her fingers poking at the base of the shaft enhanced the feeling, and she started to lick slowly as if my cock was an ice-cream. She kept licking the shaft with her wet tongue, covering it with her hot saliva. Nectar was panting uncontrollably over my face before pulling my head harder against her crotch.

"DRINK ME!" she screamed.

Her thighs were shaking against my cheeks, and I opened up my mouth widely and felt how she was spraying my tongue and palate as she came. I swallowed her juices and received more at the same time, and I felt proud and honored to be allowed to receive her nectar. Her fingers wrapped up in my hair was still pulling me hard against her as if she didn't want me to spill a drop, and I couldn't, I wouldn't. When I felt the spraying stop, I reached out with my tongue to find the smooth wet clit that was standing straight out in full attention, and at the same time I wrapped my arms around her thighs holding her still as I began to gently poke her to lengthen her climax. She was already very sensitive, her body twitching each time the tip of my tongue found her knob, and when I felt her fingers in my hair tighten I started to lick and suck from her passage instead, and let her come down from the heights of pleasure. On unsteady legs she stepped forward and sat down in the chair which was standing right behind the one I was laying in. I lifted up her long legs, and picked out a small napkin before wiping my face clean.

"You've been good to me, now let's look at Carmen for a while."

She smiled, showing off her white teeth, and thin red lips. I lifted up my head to see Carmen still smelling and licking the shaft, and Nectar placed a pillow under my head so I could rest. She had the most incredible dark-brown eyes. Deep, sensual, with thick eyelashes and eyebrows that looked like two sperms swimming. Her skin was lightly tanned, and her make up was showing off her high cheekbones which made her look very beautiful and sensual. Her nose was small above the full red lips, which had an outline in a darker shade of red. Her pink tongue sliding up and down the shaft was making me all wet and ready, while her intensely red fingernails almost gave the impression of bloody teeth ready to eat me. The image had been perfect if her hair had been darker, just like her eyelashes and eyebrows, but it was colored in a brownish red that made her loose some of her Spanish heat in my eyes.

"Carmen loves to suck cock. She doesn't just love to suck it, but to smell it, lick it, touch it, caress it. I can see in her eyes that she's already in love with your cock. Just watch her and you're in for a real treat. I've seen her in action before, and I must honestly say that I wished I had a cock sometimes. I would have her suck mine all the time."

I was watching Carmen, listening to Nectar, and it was a dream come true to hear someone talk dirty while being treated to a good hand and blowjob. The wet pink tongue sliding back and forth the skin, changing side to lubricate the entire shaft. At first sticking to the skin but sliding more easily as the amount of saliva increased, and I could see how it was running down towards the base.

"Just watch that wicked tongue, feel it licking you. Those full demanding lips, and just think what it will feel like to slide into her mouth and feel her tongue trap you like a snake."

Carmen was smiling as she showed her affection to my cock and balls, caressing them with her hands and tongue until she suddenly took my cock inside her mouth, sucked it quickly only to let it out with a loud popping sound. She continued to look me in the eyes, while her hand pushed my cock towards my stomach. Her pink tongue immediately licked my revealed balls, coating them with her saliva. I could see her index finger and thumb make a circle around my head, and she began to stroke my cock head while she was enjoying the taste of my balls.

"Doesn't it feel great to have her masturbate you like that, only the head. You couldn't take any more than that right now or you would cum straight into her pretty face. Is that what you want? To mess up her beautiful face?"

I was panting from the delightful treatment that I was receiving, and unable to articulate any longer sentences, so I managed to blow out "Yes".

"Perhaps you will get to shoot all of that nasty cum straight in her face, while she licks you. You're so naughty for wanting to cum like that."

Carmen's hand was amazing, such a teasing way to stroke, but so incredibly intense. She smiled as she saw me panting before her and let go. She stood up and climbed on top of me at the same time as Nectar climbed on top of my face, and I could see the juicy wet cunt being lowered to my cock. Nectar took a hold of my shaft, and I felt Carmen surrounding the top, slowly riding the part that Nectar would allow.

"I'm doing this for you baby, you couldn't possibly hold back if I would let Carmen slide all the way down your huge cock. You'd start firing your semen straight into her tight pussy long before you could feel her round ass against your thighs, and you want this to last much longer than that, don't you baby?"

Once again, all I was able to form was "Yes".

"That's good baby, take your time and enjoy my pussy. Lick my clit and let me ride that strong tongue again. Perhaps you will be more tolerant if you do that."

I could feel her grip sliding down a bit, allowing more of me to come inside. I couldn't hold back my surprise and moaned in hope that more would be allowed. Carmen kept sliding up and down the top of my cock, and I felt her muscles squeezing around me, gently pulling me in. My tongue was working like a whisk in her bowl purely on instinct.

"See what happens when I allow more. I'm doing this only for you, because it's more than you can handle. It's a much to demanding pussy for your cock, but you want to come inside it don't you baby?"

Once again, she lowered her grip, and I felt her wrist at the base, and I moaned into her delightful pussy.

"Yes that's it, feel it. Such sweetness tight around your cock. Must be so difficult not to shoot your loads into that tight pussy already, but that's why I'm not allowing you to come entirely inside. You couldn't stand the full exposure, just feel how totally lost you are already."

I couldn't stand it, the wild taste of pussy in my face, and the talents of the two ladies were simply driving me insane. Carmen's tight milking of the upper half of my cock and Nectar's voice, an experience that was beyond any words I could find to describe it. It was simply breathtaking. Suddenly for no apparent reason they both got off and Carmen sat down in a chair, spreading her legs widely over the armrests and with a pleading look willed me to come closer.

"Look at it. That dark bush and those juicy lips. Don't you feel an urge to kiss it, lick it, tongue it, finger it? Give it all you got stud, please that pussy, please that wet slit and make her cum in your face. Make her juices cover your face.

I stood up and kneeled before Carmen, and let no time be wasted before I started to lick her pussy, aiming my darting tongue at her clit. At the same time I felt Nectar's hands sliding down my back, and a gentle pull which made me stand on my hands and knees with my face buried in pussy. Nectar grabbed my huge cock in her warm hand and began to slowly stroke me as if she was a maid milking a cow. I felt like a beast, eating pussy and being stroked at the same time, and it all made me want more and more, the sense of greed increasing my horny state of sanity.

"That's good baby, eat that horny pussy."

I could hear how Carmen was getting closer, her beautiful Spanish breath as she began to moan. I looked up and saw in the corner of my eye her large breasts freed from the bonds of her bra, and kneaded by her hands. She raised her hips from the chair which made her open up even more, and I felt her hands in my hair pushing me closer before she began panting, to let those last breaths of oxygen in order to survive the orgasm that hit her like a hammer. She screamed straight out for a second before sinking down into the chair like a wet rag. I could feel Nectar squeezing me harder as she heard the scream, and for some reason she had nothing to say. She let go of my cock, and sat down hugging Carmen. She pointed towards a chair, as if she wanted me to sit down, and I did. I looked at the two as they continued to hug, Carmen hiding her face in Nectar's shoulder as if she was ashamed of something. Nectar seemed to whisper something, and then stood up on her knees in the chair next to the one Carmen was sitting in.

"Come on baby, fuck me like the wild beast that you are. Fuck my cunt like the little slut that I am. Come on baby, what are you waiting for?"

In the blink of an eye, I stood holding Nectar's hips, deeply impaled into her tight pussy, hearing her moan out loud as I began to move my hips thrusting my pole until it reached bottom over and over again with rapid movements. I was so hard and horny, only caring about my upcoming release. Each time our hips met I could hear her voice getting higher, but I didn't feel the usual feelings in my lower back, just the sweetness of her climaxing walls trembling around my cock. She placed her hand on my stomach and pleaded for me to stop so she could turn around and see me. I did, and as soon she was sitting down I sank into her again. I could feel her squeezing me with her muscles as to make sure that she was tight enough, and I fucked her again with harder and faster thrusts each passing moment.

"You're so hard, it feels so good, don't stop. Don't you love my round ass. Slap my butt, oh that's good. Feels so good with your cock deep inside me. I'm so horny, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me harder."

Carmen suddenly appeared behind my back, leaning against me raking her nipples against me, and her hands caressed my chest, pinching my nipples and I felt how that made me come much closer towards release. Nectar understood what was happening, and said with a panting voice.

"I want to see you cum all over me. Pull out and show us how you cum."

A little disappointed I pulled out only to feel Carmen taking my cock in her hand, while Nectar's long legs wrapped around my waist. I could feel my balls being teased by her pubic hair, and I wanted so very much to shoot out a load all over Nectar's flat stomach, but I went nuts seeing how Carmen made a ring with her thumb and index finger and began to masturbate my cock head and nothing more. I was on the verge of orgasm, moving endlessly against falling into a pit, teased beyond belief by Carmen's top treatment. I tried to increase the stimulation by moving my hips, but Nectar held me close with her legs while her fingers were rubbing her own clit.

"You must be going out of your mind by now, but isn't it a good feeling to be absolutely filled with an orgasm before you have even ejaculated? Cum for me baby, I'm waiting for you, let's cum together. You and me baby. I want to taste your cum, give it all to me."

I watched her licking her lips and then raised her head with a wide open mouth, her tongue stretching out towards the tip that was aimed against her. Carmen's fingers around my top and nipple made me crazy, and I screamed.

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