tagErotic CouplingsProf Davis Gets There Early

Prof Davis Gets There Early


I pulled my truck around behind the Junior College where I teach and parked next to the cheer/dance room.

I teach Sophomore History at High County Junior College in Texas. I enjoy being a part of the life of the school. During football season, I meet up with a couple of the young men and we transport our Cougar mascot statue to the football games. The guys met me earlier and we put the mascot into the box trailer. The guys would meet me at the stadium later.

At last week's game, the cheer coach had asked me to help her by hauling equipment for the squad. We would both be going to the same location, so I agreed. I had no idea of all of the fringe benefits that would arise from this cooperation.

I took a last sip of my Dr Pepper and stepped out into the humidity that we face in coastal Texas during the early part of football season. I knocked on the cheer room door and waited for someone to open it.

"Who is it?" I heard a female voice ask from behind the door.

"It's Mr. Davis," I responded.

"Man coming in!" I heard the voice scream out.

I shook my head as the door opened and I walked in. The adjustment from the bright sunlight to the dark and air-conditioned room took a few seconds. As my eyes adjusted, I couldn't believe the sight I saw.

Spankies, sports bras, and ponytails. Cleavage, from both breasts and butts were on display for all to see. Well, for all of the girls it was no big deal. I was a man in the room though. However, I'm learning that cheerleaders have no shame. Wait, let me correct that. Cheerleaders, gymnasts, dancers, volleyball players, etc, have no shame. The uniforms just don't allow for it.

Grab a young woman in a short tight skirt from the crowd in a football stadium and have her pull her foot above her head and it would be both sexy and obscene. Put the same girl in a cheer uniform and she'll hold that pose for minutes without a problem.

Had I walked into a dressing room at a clothing store, I would have been met by screams from women wearing the exact same items, but in this case I was met by smiles and warm greetings.

Coach Kacey walked up to me and said, "Oh great! You made it. Thanks for coming early." She was wearing her usual outfit, which just barely separated her from her squad. Soffee shorts with "Coach" across the rear and her cheer coach t-shirt.

"Sure. No prob," I replied. "What's up?"

"You've got the trailer, right?" she asked.

"Yep," I replied. "Bob's all loaded and ready to go." Bob is the Cougar mascot's name. I don't know why.

"Kyla should have told you," she said with a smile. "I need something big slid in. Follow me."

In that outfit, I'd follow her anywhere. She headed toward the hall door but turned to the girls and said, "You've got fifteen minutes. Be ready to load up and go."

I followed her out the door into the hall. She turned left and walked about fifteen feet to a storage room door. She took her keys and opened the door and walked in. I followed her into the dark room.

"Get the lights," she said as she walked inside. The door was already closing as I fumbled for the light switch on the wall. I turned it on and appraised the situation. It was a typical storage room for a school. A few broken desks and old filing cabinets stacked against and on top of each other. There were some folding tables, and office furniture which included a desk chair and a small sofa that had seen better days.

Kacey pointed to one of the 8 foot folding tables. "We need one of these loaded on the trailer, please." She said.

"No problem, " I replied. I walked over to it. It had some weight, but I slid it on the floor toward the door.

"Wait," Kacey said quickly before I could open the door. "We have about ten minutes."

There was more to that statement than just a warning about how much time we had.

She walked up to me and put her hands on my chest and looked up at me. "I've been thinking about last week all week long," she whispered. "I don't think I can wait until after the game."

"Can't wait, huh?" I teased her.

Her hands slid down my chest until they reached my shorts and my thickening cock. "I need this," she whispered huskily. "Can I have it?"

"I don't know," I teased her again. "Have you been a good girl?"

She fumbled with my belt and zipper until she could pull my cock from my shorts. She wrapped her soft warm hand around it and looked up to me. "I'm never a good girl." She then took my cock deep into her mouth. No teasing tongue. No kisses. She took it deep.

"Damnnnn," I mumbled as I stumbled a bit. I caught my balance and enjoyed the sensations of Kacey sucking my cock. She knew exactly what she was doing. As I watched my cock going in and out of her soft pink lips, she would occasionally look up to me. I can think of few things more erotic than that.

I could have stood there forever. I could have cared less about the football game. I was in bliss.

Kacey, needed more however. She slid my cock from her mouth, and milked it a few times with her hands, then she stood up.

"Fuck me." She said in a demanding voice. "I need that big thing inside of me." She looked around quickly and her eyes settled on the small sofa. "There." She pointed.

She took the few steps to the side of the sofa. She slid her shorts and panties down in one swift move. She stepped out of one leg of her clothes and bent over the sofa arm. I was staring at her delicious bare ass as she looked over her shoulder at me.

"Come on," she urged. " We don't have a lot of time."

I walked up behind her and she wiggled her backside to me. She assumed the position. She was staring forward and her butt was arched up to allow me better access to her pussy.

Whack! She wasn't expecting that. My hand stung and her ass cheeks rippled with the force of the spanking I had just delivered.

"Hey!" She said in a stage whisper. "We don't have time for..."

Whack! Her ass jiggled again as I pulled my hand back.

"Mmph!" she moaned. "Seriously, we don't have time for that. Just fuck...."





Whack! One last spanking and I quickly stepped behind her and slid my throbbing cock deep inside of her hot wet pussy. I mean I really slammed it home deep.

"Unhhhh!" she moaned as the breath rushed out of her.

I didn't move. I stood there on my toes, pressed against her bare ass, my cock deep inside of her. Hot. Throbbing. I tensed my muscles, making my cock swell inside her.

"Oh, yesssss!" she whimpered. "That's what I need. Do it. Slam into me."

I slid back, nearly out of her, and then slammed it in hard again. The breath rushed out of her as my cock pushed in deep. I leaned against her body, pressing her hard against the sofa.

"You need this?" I asked as I thrust into her. "You want this?"

"You know I do," she whimpered. "Please do it more. Fuck me."

I leaned over her back and whispered, "I was going to be mean to you and make you wait, but now I can't. Hold on."

I began rapidly humping into her, sliding my cock in and out, slamming it deep with each thrust. I didn't know it at the time, but her position against the sofa was pressing hard against her abdomen. Each thrust I slammed into her only served to press the arm of the sofa against her clit.

I don't know how I held out as long as I did, but as soon as I felt her pussy clench on me and knew she was coming, I stopped. I held my cock deep inside her as her orgasm took her. She shook and trembled and pushed back against me. She tensed up hard and then relaxed. That was my clue.

I quickly thrust in and out of her a few more times and then slid out and pushed hard against the cheeks of her ass as I came. I grabbed her bare hips and pulled her to me as I slammed against her. My cock spurted my cum onto her lower back. Luckily her shirt had risen upward or it would have been covered with my cum.

I actually stumbled back a few steps as I stood up. It was an awesome sight before me. She was helpless, bare assed with her shorts and panties still around one ankle. She was bent over the sofa with my hot cum cooling on her lower back and ass.

"A little help?" she said softly, wiggling her butt.

I looked around for something to clean her up with. Finding nothing, I pulled her shorts and panties from her foot and used the panties to wipe up my cum from her back. She finally stood and turned to me.

I held up the panties. They were covered with my cum. There was no way she could wear them tonight.

"You'll just have to go without," I told her with a smirk. I folded them tight into a ball and put them in the cargo pocket of my shorts.

"I'll want those back, ya know." She told me as she held the door open for me and the folding table I was dragging.

There was no denying the "freshly fucked" look on our faces as we came back into the cheer room. The girls all smiled at each other, but Kacey left them no time for questions.

"Let's go! Load up! We've got a game in two hours!" she yelled at them and they rushed to gather up their gear.

She called Kyla to her and whispered in her ear. Kyla smiled and went to get her cheer bag, letting the other girls go on ahead of her.

I shuffled out to the trailer with the folding table. It wouldn't fit. I tried several different angles, but it just wasn't going to work.

"Doesn't fit? Oh well," I heard Kacey say as she and Kyla came out the door. "We didn't really need it anyway."

Kyla held the door for me as I pulled the table out of the trailer and carried it back into the cheer room. Kyla closed the door as I stepped out. Kacey was already across the parking lot, heading for the cheer bus.

"Drive me to the bus?" Kyla asked.

"Hop in," I told her as I unlocked the truck. She opened the door and threw her cheer back inside and then climbed into my truck.

As I started the truck, Kyla looked over at me and said, "I told you she needed you." She had put a lot of emphasis on "needed."

"Kyla..." I began until she cut me off.

"No worries, Mr Davis." She said with a cute smirk. "What happens in the cheer storage room also stays in the cheer storage room."

Then she said quickly, "Drive slow!" I put my foot on the brakes and turned to her to ask why.

Kyla had braced her feet on the floor, raised her hips up and slid her spanks and panties down.

"Hey!" I whispered even though no one could hear. "What are you doing?"

She pulled them off from her ankles and separated the panties from the spankies, then slid the spankies back on.

Damn it was a sight to see! That sweet bare pussy just a foot or two away from me. She did the hip arch thing again and tugged the spankies back on just as I was pulling up to the bus.

"Here!" she said as she tossed me her panties. They were warm and moist in my hand.

I gave her a quizzing look, "What am I supposed to do with these?" I asked her.

She opened the truck door and slid down. She turned to me as she grabbed her cheer bag and said, "Well, you're a naughty man, so I can only imagine what you'd do with them. Kacey told me what you did with hers. I had to give her my extra spankies to wear tonight underneath her shorts."

"You, "she said with a smile, "need my panties to wrap around Kacey's that are in your shorts pocket. Your cum is starting to leak through."

She gave me a wink and smile as she closed the door. I looked down, and sure enough, as my shorts had tightened against my thigh, there was a slight damp spot.


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