tagGroup SexProfessor Explores The Limits Ch. 02

Professor Explores The Limits Ch. 02


Lettie awoke after about 20 minutes as Gus and Suzie began to move around her, preparing the room with more hand towels, lubricant and so on. She felt tired still, but immediately excited at the prospect of what was to happen next. She put a hand down between her legs and felt the gentle ache and the tenderness on her skin, from the men she'd accepted into her body during the night. Also, her left breast felt tender and she wondered briefly why her visitors had concentrated on one breast more than the other.

"Right hand; left tit," she chuckled to herself and even pondered if her men actually had been predominantly right-handed. "I am such a bloody academic. I can't let anything just happen; I always have to know how and why," she chuckled again.

Gus came across to her and asked quietly, "Are you right to go again?"

"Yes, thanks," she replied and quickly went over in her head the theme of this session. Toys and objects.

Lettie had little experience of toys or object-play in sex. Bertrand had no interest and even objected when she occasionally used a small vibrator on herself, as if it diminished his manhood to have his woman please herself. She's often wondered how it would feel to have objects invade her body, so long as she could be in control. She'd heard some horror stories of perforated organs and prolapsed vagina or rectum. In fact, her experience was so slight, and Bertrand so unadventurous, that she wondered if men really knew what to do.

Gus looked over at her from the doorway and nodded. She nodded back and reached across to the clock as a stranger came into her room. Gus and Suzie quickly and quietly retreated behind their screen-wall.

The young man still wore his briefs and she noticed the bulge, and the strain on the stretch fabric as he walked. He came to her and leaned over to give her sweet little kiss on her lips. Not lingering, not deep; just a quick brush of his lips, as if to test out the ground. With no delay, he put his right hand on her stomach and moved it down to her mound. She moved her hips upwards slightly to meet his touch and with excitement. He pressed his hand between her thighs and she opened them enough for him to place his palm over her lips and clitoris. He pressed the flat of his hand against her opening and let his middle finger move up between the labia. She was wet already and he felt it.

"Close your eyes and spread out your arms," he said, not as an instruction but a suggestion with which she agreed, so she did. He bent down over her mound and kissed her pubic hair, and then ran his tongue down into the crack and brushed it against her clitoris. From nowhere, as if by a magic trick, he brought something soft and cool against her lips. He pressed it into her and she opened before it.

"It's a vibrator," she thought, "No it's not, it's softer than that."

He pressed it further and it settled inside her vagina, with no sensation of stretching or fullness. He lay down next to her on the bed and reached over her with his other arm to play gently with her breasts. He kissed her breasts and her shoulder and into her throat, and slowly over her face and eyelids and her forehead. She was revelling in the attentions and the sweetness of his approach, and she forgot the thing inside her.

But only for a moment; she became aware of it swelling inside her and wondered what it was. He pumped with one hand whilst he carried on kissing her face and so to her lips, and then a full kiss between her lips and onto her tongue. He knew how to kiss her as she enjoyed: his tongue played around her back teeth and stroked the roof of her mouth. She wanted to raise her arms to grasp him but sensed that he didn't want it, so she resisted the temptation. He continued with his probing of her mouth and throat whilst, all the time, the thing inside her swelled and filled her.

He continued pumping and she began to feel totally filled and slightly stretched, so that her bladder felt full and her rectum began to pulse, as if to empty. She squirmed a little and made a soft sound in her throat, hoping he'd know what she meant. He seemed to and moved his body down the bed until he face was against her mound. He licked around her labia and pressed his tongue into the crease where the object was bulging. He pressed on the outer end of the object, and forced it slightly into her with just the force of his tongue. Even so, it felt as though he were thrusting an arm into her; so tight did she feel. She murmured again and shifted her body a little, as if to say, "I'm not comfortable."

He made no gesture of understanding and certainly no relaxation of the pressure he was forcing into her. He kept licking and urging on her clitoris until she felt the beginnings of an orgasm. She was being burst and excited at the same time. She'd heard of this double sensation and now she let it happen to her, as the orgasm started to move around her torso and eventually settled in her groin, with her breasts tingling at the same time. She brought her hands to her breasts and held herself, squeezing herself as the climax washed over her. Her breath came in short bursts as she felt unable to make a full inhalation because of the pressure in her abdomen from the inflated thing in her. She subsided into her usual quiet semi-slumber and spread out her arms again, as he moved up the bed towards her face and kissed her again.

She wondered if that were the end of his visit, "Nice but not so good for him and a bit limited, really. Is that the end?" she thought.

Again, he had a surprise for her. The thing inside her was shrinking and he was pulling on it, so that it slipped slowly out of her. She opened her eyes to see what it was but looked straight into his and he wagged his head.

"Eyes closed," he said and she did so. He withdrew the thing from her completely, and bent his head to kiss her labia and the inside of her thighs. She felt very relaxed and satisfied, and he put both arms under her left side and rolled her onto her stomach. She brought her arms together and rested her head on her wrists.

He kissed around her waist and down her buttocks, and opened her legs again with one hand, which she did and helped him. It occurred to her that he may be going for the anal treatment on her.

"Thought he'd finished. Is he starting again?" she wondered to herself, "Well, anal's never been that good but let's see what he can do for me."

Her companion reached over to the bowl of lubricant and brought some to her anus, as she was expecting. Then she heard the small sound of a rush of air and realised he was inflating the object that had been inside her. After just two puffs, the presented it to her sphincter and said, "Push out slightly against it."

This was new to her and she did as he said. The object began to open her up and to slip slowly inside, but then she lost her nerve and clamped down her bottom.

"No, Not like that. Open up, take deep breaths and push out slightly. You'll see. It's not big; only like your finger."

It seemed bigger than that to her but she did as he said, nonetheless. Slowly the object began to move into her and just as she was beginning to feel too stretched it popped in and she relaxed her anus around it. She took a deeper breath and her whole body relaxed onto the bed as her companion lay beside her and caressed her buttocks, waist and up to her shoulders and the nape of her neck. He kissed her on her neck as he pumped more air into the object inside her. She felt full and it was a good feeling. She could feel the expanded object pressing on the root of her clitoris, way up inside her, and on her uterus at its lower end. This was a new set of sensations and she was enjoying them.

He put an arm under her shoulder and levered her over until she was lying again on her back. He parted her legs and she helped him by raising her knees, ready for his entrance. He manoeuvred himself on his elbows so that he could penetrate her smoothly without either of them needing to use their hands. He was stiff and excited, and he filled her so that she could feel him pressing also on the object in her bottom. He began to move in her and she responded by shifting her hips and bucking to meet his thrusts, and she held his shoulders. The double sensations were very good and she murmured her pleasure, "Mmm; that's good." She closed her eyes again and spread out her arms either side. She just let it happen.

She wasn't aware of anything but the pressures and his movement, and so didn't feel him reach to one side to make a change to the object in her bottom. The first she knew was an increase in the pressure inside, and a greater force between his penis and her vagina wall as it was pushed against him by the inflated object. She opened her eyes, "Ooh," she said, "it's getting bigger."

"Yes. It's going to be very good. Just wait. Close your eyes again." he instructed softly, and she did so.

He must have pumped the inflation bulb again because she felt the increase in pressure in her rectum. He seemed to know what he was doing so she thought to herself, "That's OK, so long as he doesn't make it uncomfortable."

Now he was plunging into her to his full length and she could feel him bumping against her cervix, which was also pressed forward by the inflation in her rectum. He pressed the bulb again and then again. She was getting very full and she felt a familiar sensation in her bowel.

"I've got to go to the loo," she said, "I'm full."

"Not now," he replied, "you can't go, anyway," and he chuckled, which worried her.

He pumped the bulb again and she began to feel as she had sometimes with a sudden attack of diarrhoea. She knew that any moment her bowel would empty outside her control. Her rectum was beginning to cramp and she grunted and lifted her shoulders off the bed with her elbows.

"Huh, it's coming. I've go to go NOW," she shouted as another cramp washed over her abdomen, and all the muscles of her groin ceased up with the intention of closing her anus.

"Don't worry," he chuckled again and gave the bulb two more pumps, "Nothing can push this out. It's in you until I let it out. Just relax and enjoy what I'm doing."

"No. I'm going to shit NOW. DO YOU HEAR – NOW."

"No you're not," he said simply and pushed her back down to the bed.

Then things began to move to a climax. He pumped on the bulb again, more than two or three times, and she began to feel that her whole body was filled with the inflated object. It was pushing on her bladder and stomach, as well as her uterus and rectum. He was plunging harder and harder into her and she could feel every ripple on his penis through the tightened membranes separating her two passages. Her anus was bulging and her rectum was in a state of constant spasm. He pumped the bulb again and again and she began to panic.

At the same time, he grabbed both her wrists and held out her hands at full stretch either side, and opened his legs so that she must do the same. He pinioned her ankles to the bed by laying his calves over them and she was spread-eagled with the massive inflation in her bowels.

Now, she didn't care what happened to the bed; she simply needed to push that thing out from her insides, and she began to push instead of trying to keep everything in. She pushed and pushed but nothing was coming from her. He pumped the bulb again, and she raised herself on her elbows and pushed at his shoulder with one hand. She thought she should call for Gus to come and stop this man from bursting her wide open, but she didn't want to rely on him and, anyway, it would probably mean an end to the weekend's adventure.

The man pumped the bulb again, more than once, as she struggled to get up from the bed and strained her bowel muscles to expel the object. It wouldn't budge and she knew he was right; it was wedged inside her by the inflation. Nothing she could do would make it come out, but the cramps in her rectal and pelvic floor muscles were overwhelming. She now had no control over them and they were pushing on the object all the time, with the desire to force it out.

She lay back in the bed and her back began to arch so that she was lying on her shoulder blades and her buttocks, but nothing in between. She stared at the ceiling and wagging her head from side to side in an attempt to ease the stomach cramps whilst, all the time, her companion kept moving into her and out again. She could feel him more than any man she'd ever felt before in her, large or small, and she could sense also the resistance her felt as he plunged and bucked.

Then he lay down on her and wrapped his arms all the way round her, holding the back of each of her shoulders in the opposite hand. He pressed himself down onto her as she arched her body upwards, and now he was shagging her like a man possessed by an athletic demon. He breathed into her ear and she could feel his orgasm building, a she stiffed his legs and thrust into her bulging vagina and again the resistance of her inflated rectum. She knew he was about to come and she prepared herself for whatever he would do in the last few seconds.

In those moments, he reached to one side and started to pump the bulb repeatedly as his orgasm started and his penis became rigid, as his breath came in short gasps. He pumped and pumped and she began writhing again until, all in a moment, he called out, "Haaa! Wonderful. Amazing," and he grunted as he emptied himself into her.

The additional fluid inside her was too much and she felt that now she must burst wide open but, even as she was thinking the thought, he left her and reduced that part of the pressure. Almost at the same time, he released the valve on the bulb, slowly at first, so that she could feel the inflation diminishing. The thing in her was still too big for her to push it out, which was a good thing, she thought, "At least it won't pop out with a load of shit at the same time."

Whilst it was still big inside her, she began to relax. Her arched back relaxed onto the bed and her breathing became more measured as the cramps went away. She thought that would be the end but she was wrong. Her companion shifted himself between her legs and put his face to her labia again, and began to lick and suck on her clitoris. Among his own juices, and with his chin pressing against her bottom and its contents, he started to work her towards another orgasm.

She came quickly and gently, not with the fire of the first orgasm. But with a deep sense of warmth and completion. She reached down and held his head gently as she came, squirting a mixture of their fluids into his face; maybe into his mouth for all she knew. He held his head on her mound and her stomach for a few moments; perhaps a minute, and then he was gone.

He climbed off the bed, kissed her on one breast, let the air out of the device. Holding a towel under it, he pulled it gently from her bottom and she felt it leave her with a plop. She worried again about faeces but really didn't care, so long as the bed was clean.

"That was so good. You're amazing, Professor. Thank you."

He gathered his things and left, with just a quick look and a wink at the door.

"Suzie," she called out, "loo time I think." And she chuckled. Suzie came with a big box of tissues and helped her off the bed and to the bathroom. Sure enough, the stretching in her rectum had brought on an evacuation.

"That's another lesson for me," she said out loud and Suzie replied from the bedroom, "Yes, I wondered about it. We almost came out to help you, you know?"

"I almost called you," admitted Lettie, "But I'm glad I didn't. How's the bed?"

"Fine. No signs," replied Suzie.

Lettie stood in the shower, took down the spray, washed from her waist downwards, and Suzie came with a big warm fluffy towel. As they dried her together, Lettie asked, "I wonder what'll happen next. Phew."

"Do you want a rest, dear?" asked Suzie, "that was so physical and tiring for you."

"I'd like a rest but No; let's move on," she decided.

She went to the bed which was nicely straightened and warmed again with the over-blanket. Suzie took it off and Lettie settled back to receive her next man.

Continued in Chapter 3.

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