tagErotic CouplingsProfessor's Little Pet Ch. 03

Professor's Little Pet Ch. 03


My instructions were clear: wear something short, preferably a dress, and no underwear. Professor Cormac wanted my hair down, and for me to be in heels. Easy enough, I thought.

I was proud of who I saw in the mirror. I had the capacity to be a sexual force, and for once I kind of looked the part. I imagined what delights the professor would have for me and I shivered.

As I walked I was quite aware of my thigh friction and the moisture building between my legs. He was sitting down when I got there, like he always was. It was mostly dark outside now, and only his lamp provided any light. His sharp features looked good half-lit, but I expected him to arouse me by now.

"Come here." He ordered. I stood next to him and watched him appraise me.

"Pet did a good job." He growled, looking me up and down. "Now, spread your legs slightly, keep them straight, mind you, bend over, and prop yourself on the desk with your hands. Do not move."

I was anxiously aware of the vulnerability of my position. I felt a slight breeze between my legs and knew I was a couple of inches from complete exposure.

He paced around me, increasing the tension and prodding at my nervousness. "You have a very beautiful body, pet. I plan on making the most of it." He said.

"I am yours to use however you wish, master." I responded. He stopped behind me and I held my breath. Suddenly, his thighs were touching mine and his mouth was at my ear.

"I am going to torture the fuck out of you. You need to stay still. Do not let your limbs slacken; they need to remain straight. Understand?"

"Yes, master." I told him.

He sat behind me and started to stroke along my calves, "Hmm," he murmured. "You have perfect legs," he spoke, before depositing a kiss at the back of my knee. His touch jolted me. My blood was flowing rapidly, and an energy force was emitting from the epicenter that was his fingers. It traveled up my spine to my addled brain.

"Very nice indeed," He said, as his hands moved up to my thighs. He was massaging them, almost. His warm hands were waking my body. Fuck, I was already dripping. His hands slowly rounded over my ass, and he groaned as he grabbed at it hard, almost like his hands were pulling me up. Then he leaned over, kissing my right cheek before leaving a sudden, stinging slap on it. I cried out.

"Shh," He said, rubbing the stinging skin. He kept squeezing the skin, and I felt my hips pushing back in a desperate attempt for more contact.

"Pet will learn patience." He said. His hand dipped between my thighs and started to slowly slide up. When it ended up nestled between my folds I moaned and my legs should. He stood up and his mouth went to my ear again.

"I told you not to move. You´ll wanna be careful. Mmm, you're so wet already, pet." He whispered, as his hand started to rub between my legs. His hand felt so good, so right. I wanted to press my legs together and press into it. Then he stood to my left and his hand turned into a finger that went up and down the length of my slit. He stopped at my clit and drew circles that shook my whole body. It was so hard not to move. I moaned as he worked.

He was watching my face with obvious arousal as he stroked me. When he had teased my clit to his satisfaction he moved his hand back and he fondled my opening. Somehow, this was as painfully erotic as him touching my clit. As he slowly pressed into me I closed my eyes and moaned loudly, trying to stop my knees from giving out. I was sweating from my palms and my breathing was erratic.

"Please, please be inside me," I begged. He chuckled and started sliding his finger inside and out, slowly.

"Oh no, my little pet, not yet. Not by a long shot." He said, and his speed increased. My moans were small yells now. My fingers curved over the desk as he continued. Then he dropped to his knees. He took a long lick from my clit to my asshole. It was tantalizing. As he moved I felt myself being made weightless and woozy.

He started sucking at my folds, before his tongue pressed inside me. My arms were shaking uncontrollably and I wasn't sure how much longer I could support my own body. He licked into me, sucking me when he pulled it back out. His hands were grasping my thighs, pulling me hard into him.

"Please, mercy, master," I weakly requested, and I felt him shake his head between my cheeks. Then he licked upward and reached my asshole. He licked at the rim, and the onslaught continued. He kept his left hand around me, so I could not move, as his right hand went to my opening and started to push his finger in and out of me again.

Pleasure on so many fronts was too much. I blacked out. When I regained awareness, I realized my head was on his desk and that he was unzipping his pants.

"Pet moved. I was going to be gentle with you for your first time, but now I am not so sure." He positioned himself at my vaginal opening and pushed in quickly. I squealed. He moved in and out of me slowly, going further and further inside.

"Fuck you're tight pet. It really is your first time, isn't it?"

I nodded, "Yes, master." He groaned at this and increased his speed. Despite the initial pain, he felt good, and it felt right. He filled me so well, and I was collapsed into him. As he pumped faster and faster he grabbed and pulled at my hair. It was starting to build and I was heading towards a direly needed climax.

He bent over me and bit my shoulder blade. "You feel amazing, pet. I am going to come in your sweet, pussy. You can come when I tell you."

He pumped even faster now, and my stomach was pressing into his desk with each thrust. His drawers rattled and my breaths were being pulled out by the small impacts. His other hand reached out to pinch my erect nipples.

He groaned loudly, "I am about to finish. Come for me, pet." He pumped in a few more times and then pulled at my hair as he pressed hard into me. I came too, thunderously. I was spent at the release. It was the most satisfying orgasm of my life. He dropped back in his chair and I felt all his hot cum running down my legs. I wanted to see what else the professor could teach me.

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by adgeon03/16/19

Whew, that was intense!

I liked it a lot. Thanks for writing.

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