tagCelebrities & Fan FictionProfit: Sykes Versus Joanne

Profit: Sykes Versus Joanne


Welcome to Gracen & Gracen, the fourth largest concentration of wealth and power in the United States of America. A ruthless company with global reach lorded over by Chaz Gracen, a multi-billionaire CEO with major personal issues, his drunken and impotent brother Pete Gracen, their disgruntled wives Nora Gracen and Constance Gracen, and their various toadies.

Order is maintained at the company by former Police Detective turned Chief of Corporate Security Joanne Meltzer, the woman who puts out the company's fires. At the heart of it all sits tall, handsome and highly educated, ruthlessly ambitious and deliciously sociopathic company man and budding "Wolf of Wall Street" Jim Profit. The true power behind the throne at the Gracen & Gracen global business empire.

Corporate shark and man-about-town Jim Profit has made a lot of enemies, but he's always been one step ahead of them all. The only person with even a snowball's chance in hell of opposing Jim Profit's schemes is African-American attorney Jeffrey Sykes, the company's newest executive in the legal department, and Jim Profit's main enemy from day one.

After a long day at the office, Jeffrey Sykes finally headed home. Life isn't easy for a black man working in the ruthless world of corporate America, even if he's tall, handsome, well-spoken, and has an Ivy League education. Sykes knew this all too well. Only through machinations did he get himself hired by Gracen & Gracen, and the fact that he managed to keep his job spoke of his fortitude. For Jim Profit, Sykes main enemy, was a man with greater depths of wickedness than Satan himself.

Attorney Jeffrey Sykes opened the door to the plush high-rise condom he once shared with his former girlfriend, Lucinda Lovitts, the gorgeous African-American model and designer he once loved, and a pang of guilt rattled Sykes's six-foot-two, lean and athletic frame. Sorry I wasn't able to protect you from them, Sykes mumbled to himself after inserting the key into the door and letting himself into his home.

Hello stranger, a sexy, husky voice said, startling the hell out of Jeffrey Sykes, who froze on the spot. Turning on the light, Sykes gasped when he saw whom the voice belonged to. A tall, sexy woman with lustrous black hair, alabaster skin and deep, thoughtful brown eyes sat on a chair, clad in a sparkling red bathrobe. Sykes eyes widened in shock when he realized who it was. Joanne Meltzer, the tough and at times abrasive ex-cop, and Gracen & Gracen's eagle-eyed Chief of Corporate Security.

Joanne, Sykes said breathlessly. Joanne Meltzer stretched luxuriously on the chair and crossed her smooth, sexy legs provocatively. Welcome home Jeff, Joanne said sexily, and Sykes slowly let out the breath that he hadn't even realized he'd been holding. Joanne Meltzer had that effect on him, and not just because she was one smoking hot mama.

The Meltzer gal just might be the only potential ally corporate attorney Jeffrey Sykes had at Gracen & Gracen, for they'd both battled Jim Profit, the ruthless vice president of the Acquisitions Division, and barely walked away with their lives and careers roughly intact. Sykes allowed himself a smile, and looked Joanne up and down. Good evening pretty lady, Sykes said evenly.

Joanne Meltzer rose from the chair, her crimson bathrobe falling, and she walked up to Jeffrey Sykes with a sexy strut that a supermodel would envy. Standing mere inches from Sykes, the ravishing brunette looked the sexy African-American attorney up and down, and smiled, hands on her hips. Want a piece of me? Joanne said, a dare in her voice.

Yes ma'am I do, Jeffrey Sykes said, hungrily. And then he pulled Joanne Meltzer into his arms and kissed her. The two of them shared a passionate kiss, and then began making love right then and there. All the frustration, anger and fear that had plagued Jeffrey Sykes simply melted away as Joanne Meltzer drew him into her arms.

Let it all go, Joanne Meltzer said, looking into Jeffrey Sykes soulful brown eyes. The ravishing brunette held the sexy African-American lawyer and chocolate-flavored corporate stud muffin in her arms, and felt the tension he carried in that hot body of his melt away like ice in the sun. More than anyone else in the world, Joanne Meltzer could actually relate to attorney Jeffrey Sykes pain. Duking it out with the Powers That Be at Gracen & Gracen wasn't easy, especially with a ruthless sociopath like Jim Profit having the boss's ear. Even strong people would struggle in such an environment...

Jeffrey Sykes looked into Joanne Meltzer's eyes, and saw a smoldering intensity in them. One that matched his own. Boldly he picked her up in his arms, eliciting a squeal of surprise and a few giggles from Joanne. Let's do it on your oak dining table, Joanne suggested. Jeffrey winked at her. Not a bad idea at all, he thought with a lustful smirk.

Joanne Meltzer lay on Jeffrey Sykes expensive oaken dining room table, stark naked, her creamy white skin sharply contrasting against his. Kiss me, Joanne whispered, and Sykes kissed her full and deep as she wrapped her arms around him. He kissed a path from her lips to her neck, and finally, made his way to her spectacular chest.

Suck on them, Joanne Meltzer said, giggling as Jeffrey began sucking on her tits. Yummy, Jeffrey thought as he sucked Joanne's tits. Her body was burning hot under his, and he couldn't get enough of her. Sykes kissed his way from Joanne's tits to her belly, and finally spread her creamy white thighs wide open, and inhaled her womanly scent.

I'm hungry, Sykes said, looking up at Joanne with a wolfish grin on his handsome face. Eat me, Joanne whispered, spreading her legs even wider. Sykes did as requested, and buried his face between Joanne's legs. Sykes hadn't been with a woman since his former girlfriend Lucinda the designer left him shortly after he got himself hired by Gracen & Gracen, took down Mob boss Ivan Karpov and almost got corporate shark Jim Profit killed in the process.

Attorney Jeffrey Sykes definitely wanted to make up for lost time, and corporate security chief Joanne Meltzer was the right woman for the job. The ravishing brunette sighed happily as Sykes began licking her pussy with gusto, teasing her clitoris with his tongue while sliding his fingers into her cunt. Soon Joanne was crying out as Sykes pleasured her, a frisson coursing throughout her body as he worked his magic on her.

Fuck me now, Joanne Meltzer said, a few minutes later. All of Sykes tongue action on her cunt just made her hornier, and she wanted to get fucked. Jeffrey Sykes smiled and took both of Joanne's sleek hands, which could deftly handle a pistol as well as a makeup brush, and placed them on his dick. Joanne Meltzer gasped when she finally saw Jeffrey Sykes long and thick, dark dick.

I want to taste you, Joanne Meltzer said, and Sykes smiled as the gorgeous brunette got on her knees and took his black dick in her mouth. Sykes sighed happily as Joanne sucked his dick and massaged his balls. Damn this chick was good, he thought. Joanne inhaled the masculine fragrance of Sykes balls, and licked the underside of his shaft while playing with his nuts.

Frigging hot, Joanne Meltzer paused to say, and then began sucking on Jeffrey Sykes balls even harder than before. Soon Sykes was hard as a piston, and warned Joanne that he was about to cum. Ignoring Sykes warnings, Joanne sucked him hard, and when he finally came, she drank his masculine spunk. Yummy, Joanne said, a little while later, after wiping her mouth with the back of her hand.

Give some of that, Jeffrey Sykes said, pulling Joanne Meltzer to her feet and kissing her, before shoving her back on the table. Spreading Joanne's thighs roughly, Jeffrey pressed his hard dick against her pussy. Come inside, Joanne whispered, and Jeffrey penetrated her without further ado. Joanne gasped as Sykes entered her, and wrapped her arms around him.

At long last, they were one. Joanne Meltzer, the chief of corporate security and resident ice queen at Gracen & Gracen had wanted Jeffrey Sykes, the brilliant, roughly handsome and charismatic young African-American attorney from the moment he walked into her place of employment. And now, finally, she got to have him.

Raising Joanne's legs in the air, Jeffrey Sykes stabbed her cunt with his thick ebony sword, and the corporate security chief howled in pleasure. Give it to me hard, Joanne hissed, her arms wrapped around Jeffrey Sykes torso, her fingers digging into the tender flesh of his back. Joanne Meltzer hadn't gotten laid in a while. Not since her crazy psychiatrist Dr. Grant went to jail after Profit exposed his wickedness to the press and the police, at any rate. With a do-gooder like Sykes, Joanne could finally cut loose.

Hell yeah, Jeffrey Sykes roared as Joanne Meltzer went buck wild under him, urging him to fuck her harder. Joanne's hot, tight pussy gripped Jeffrey Sykes thick dark dick hard, and he pumped his mighty rod of power into her. Jeffrey tore that pussy up, pounding away at Joanne and filling her cunt with his thick black dick, and Joanne squealed in delight, for she loved every minute of it.

Much later, Jeffrey Sykes and Joanne Meltzer lay side by side on his bed, spent and exhausted in the most pleasurable way possible. At some point they moved from the oak table in the dining room to Sykes master bedroom. That was fun, Joanne Meltzer said, resting her lovely head against Jeffrey's chest while stroking his semi-hard dick. Jeffrey Sykes smiled and nodded, then pulled the covers over their nubile bodies. You're something else Joanne, Sykes said, laughing, as he finally turned out the lights.

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