tagRomancePromising Danielle Ch. 11

Promising Danielle Ch. 11


Mountains of gratitude to honeywldcat for her editing of this entire series.



That was the only explanation. The outfit she was wearing was an affront to physics, leaving magic as the only possible explanation.

The long skirt came down to mid shin, and flowed around her like water. It was the waistline that was staggering. It started high on her hips and plunged down to a point that stopped what I gauged to be an inch and a half from the top of her pussy. The back wasn't much better, matching the front in that it came down to a point stopping just above the crack of her ass.

The shirt she must have found as part of a slutty schoolgirl outfit. It was a wispy white thing she tied under her breasts and refused to wear a bra. This was Danielle's new summer attire for lounging around the house.

And it was driving me absolutely crazy. When I needed to concentrate, out of the corner of my eye, I would see her lounging and half the blood used for thinking would flow from one head to the other, serving only to tighten my shorts. It was absolute torture. "But Toby! Your hot girlfriend is walking around the house in revealing clothing, it can't be that bad!" That's what I thought, especially when she first put it on one morning after her shower.

I was sitting in bed, doing god knows what when she plopped her head down into my lap, lying lengthwise on her back in front of me.

"Hi!" She smiled upside-down at me.

"Hi." I said back down to her, returning the smile. I ran my hands into her wet hair and gently massaged her scalp.

"Mmmm." She mewled. "Like my new outfit?" I studied the previously described Cock-Stiffener-o-matic of an outfit she had on.

"Yeah, where did you even find it?"

"At a thrift store," she closed her eyes at my scalp massaging. "It's so cool and comfy."

"Even the top?"

"Especially the top," she said with a small smile. "Here." She took my hands and slid them over her shoulders and down the front of the shirt to freely fondle those amazing mounds of flesh. "See? There's plenty of room."

Without further ado, I began to shamelessly feel her up. Her breasts were still warm and slightly damp from the shower. Each nipple stiffened into my palm as she let out an appreciative sigh.

"I don't know whether I like your hands more where they were or where they are." She practically hummed in pleasure.

"I like them where they are." I said honestly, matching her teasing tone. I took each nipple between my fingers and began to gently twist and tug, feeling each one plump even more with her arousal.

She was right about there being plenty of room in the top though. I could massage each and every inch of her gorgeous breasts from my current position as if she had been wearing nothing at all. At the same time, however, when she stood up, I could feel that the fabric would offer enough support not to need a bra.

"If you keep that up, I can't be responsible for my actions." She breathed deeply, squirming before me.

"Oh you can't, can you?" I teased, twisting each nipple and then grabbing a handful of sensitive girl-flesh. "What might you do?"

"I might throw you down and sit on your face." She squirmed. "I might climb on top of you and ride you. OR I just might come right here." She threatened.

"Those all sound like pretty good options to me." I smiled. I had her boobs in my hands; little else mattered to me. Sure, she was getting aroused by my fondling, but that wasn't as important to my conscious as much as the fondling itself.

Her squirming increased, thrusting her chest out in an effort to press her boobs harder into my hands. Her head twisted from side to side, her mouth opening and closing in pleasure. She was on the brink of an orgasm and I just couldn't quite do it for her with just the fondling.

"Fuck! Enough!" She grabbed my wrists, yanked them out of her top and stood up, all rather suddenly. She spun around on the bed and kicked me in the chest, causing me to fall on my back, rather confused. It had been apparent to me that she had been enjoying what we were doing, but apparently, I was wrong.

As if to contradict my thoughts, she yanked my shorts down and veritably threw them to the other side of the room with the force of her pull. She straddled my now naked hips and sank down on my stiff member.

"That's what I needed." She sighed. Her skirt pooled around her waist, covering our late morning joining. She began to gyrate her hips, fucking me.

"I never told you to stop." She mused, her voice teasing. She undid her top and threw it with my discarded shorts. Again she took my wrists, instead this time she placed them on her now bare breasts. I was all too happy to feel her up while we fucked lazily.

I could see the flush of her arousal spread across her chest. I could feel it, too, in the warmth of her breasts. She closed her eyes and began to really fuck herself on me now, placing her hand on my chest for stability.

"I really, really wanted to sit on your face in this dress." She panted, running her hands up and down my arms. "But your cock feels too fucking good!"

"You feel so fucking good!" I moaned as she continued to roll her hips in just the right way.

"You're going to make me come." She wheezed, her hands pressing mine harder into her breasts. I was acutely aware of the hard nubbins of her nipples pressing into my palms. Or at least, I would have, if she had been working her magic on my Johnson.

Suddenly, her whole body tensed and she came. She came hard. Her pussy clamped down on me and a gush of warm girl-cum bathed the area where our genitals met. I felt her toes curl along the length of my leg and she grasped my hands even as they covered her ample breasts. Her breaths were short and choppy, eyes screwed shut tight.

The wonderful sight of seeing my lover orgasm on me, and the acute tightness of her cunt stretched around me sent me over the edge, spewing spurt after spurt of hot semen into her fleshy depths. I'm not sure if I cried out of not, but my mouth opened as wide as it could go. I only know this because I had to shut it.

And just as suddenly as it had started, it stopped. Dani collapsed forward onto my chest taking great gulps of air.

"Getting this dress was so worth it." She breathed into my neck.

"Totally." I agreed, stroking her naked, sweaty back.



It was after midnight, and I had woken up. Dani was spooned against me, her panty clad ass buried tightly in my crotch. I felt her wiggle it.

"You awake?" I asked.

"Mm Hmm," she breathed softly. "Think Amanda and Charles are asleep?" She reached back and touched my cheek.

"Are you going to be loud enough for them to hear if they aren't?" I leaned in and kissed the back of her neck.

"That depends on how hard you fuck me." She smiled.

"Sounds like a challenge." I nipped at her neck, moving down her shoulder. I slid my hands up under her shirt to cup her warm breasts

"Maybe it is." She teased, grinding her ass against my growing erection.

I tugged at her stiffening nipples, causing her to squirm and moan. Her breathing deepened as I gently fondled her, knowing that her arousal went as deep as her gasps. I kept my lips on her neck, moving up and down, threatening to kiss that special spot right behind her earlobe.

When she was gyrating furiously in frustration, I took the hand not pinned by her and slid it down into the front of her panties.

"I love how wet you get for me."

"Only for you," she whispered, hot and husky.

Just to tease her, I pulled my hand form the front of her underwear to trace up around her hip and slip it down the back. I gently cupped and massaged her soft cheeks before returning my fingers to her dripping snatch.

"These are in the way." She rasped out, running her hand over my boxers.

"So are these." I grabbed the crotch of her panties from the inside and pulled back, tugging them tight against her hardening clit.

"Take them off." I slid her panties down her gorgeous legs and tossed them into the dirty clothes. I felt her slip her shirt off to lay naked in my arms. I pulled the last of my own clothing off and lay with my engorged member pressing into one of her fleshy cheeks.

"I really want that." She rotated her hips in a way that ground her soft ass pleasurably against me.

"It's all yours, baby." I slipped myself between her legs and lined up with the entrance to her fleshy furnace. She rolled herself down on me, moaning as I slid inside her.

"I love the way you feel inside me." She whispered, beginning to fuck herself on my dick. Taking the hint, I started to thrust beck into her. She arched her back as much as she could and still be fucking me, rolling her head.

"How can you be this tight after two kids?" I moaned into her neck, feeling her tighten even more around me.

"Easy. Keagles." she giggled. I gently nibbled on her neck, hearing an excited gasp escape her lips.

"You know all my spots." She whispered with a smile on her face.

"Like this one?" I teased, tracing the underside of her breast. She groaned again and pressed the warm orb into my palm.

"Feel me!" She winced in pleasure. I was all too happy to oblige. When your wife tells you to feel her and shoves her tit into your hand, you don't question it.

"Careful. Or you'll wake the kids." I warned.

"Then stop teasing me, you bastard!" I thought she had been wet before, but she practically had a lube factory wrapped around my cock and if this kept up we were going to have to change the sheets or the room would smell like pussy for days.

"Touch yourself." Her hand flew to her clit and began to go to work furiously. Her arm had captured mine, ensuring that I continued to fondle her.

"Come on my cock, Dani. Come for me." I intoned. That's usually all it took to send her into orbit and this time was no different. She shuddered and twitched around me, orgasming on me, just as I had asked her to do.

"Come in me." She requested weakly, her hand still lazily playing with herself. I grabbed her tit and really went to work on her shuddering form, my own orgasm arriving in short order.

As I came down, she took my hand from her breast and switched it to the other one, allowing me to feel her heartbeat.

"I love you." She whispered sleepily.

"I love you too, Dani."

The End


Here's the happy ending I'm sure you were looking for. If you've stuck with me through this whole story, thank you! If you sent feedback, double thank you! This was my first time sharing my writing with an audience, and it worked out pretty well as far as I'm concerned. Thank you again.

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