tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersProud To Be A Sissy Ch. 10

Proud To Be A Sissy Ch. 10


The next morning I woke alone in the middle of the bed I could feel the weight of the fake breasts on my chest and the tenderness between my legs. I still felt as if my anus was gaped wide open from the fucking I received the night before. I shivered hugging myself tightly barely believing that Mr Lester actually managed to put his monster sized cock up my ass.

I got up to see where daddy was but only found a note under another thinner bright red butt plug beside his chair. The note simply said he'd be back soon and he'd see me later and to use the plug if I could. I went my room and feeling my chest itching I reluctantly used the solvent that came with the breast forms to remove them for awhile. I read the cleaning instructions for my wig because some of daddy's semen from last night landed on it and had dried in little clumps. After washing it out I spread it out across the table on towel to dry. I felt a tremor run through my body remembering what happened last night at this very table.

I took a long hot shower and shaved where ever I could find any stubble and then sucked on the red plug to get it wet with my saliva before pushing it easily up into my still tender ass. It didn't make me feel as full as the black one did last night but I could tell as I walked to my room to get dressed my bum seemed to wiggle allot more with a plug inserted into my anus.

The skin on my chest was still a little red and tender from the glue that had held my breast forms in place so I picked out a pink strapless training bra and thong panty set. I could feel the thong pressing the plug deeper when I pulled them up over my hips and I could feel it move inside me even more with every step or movement I took. I chose a little white cotton mini skirt that had ruffles sewn in all the way around about in the middle and pulled a pink tube top on my chest that just barely covered my bra.

I made toast and honey for my breakfast and ate sitting in daddy's favourite chair while I waited for him to come home. I was still alone when I finished so I decided I should go clean up from the night before which remind me again of all that had happened. I could feel myself getting excited as I cleaned, the plug seeming to move inside of me all on its own and my little penis grew hard inside my panties.

I had just finished the dishes when the door opened and daddy called out to me. I went quickly to him and hugged him tightly as he closed the door. Daddy rubbed my bum feeling for the plug and patted it gentle before he dropped into his chair with sigh and placed a couple of bags beside his chair. They had the same logo on them as the boxes from the adult store had and I was very curious as to what he had bought now.

"What's in those bags daddy?" I asked.

"You'll find out soon enough," he replied, "but right now I need to relax a bit so get me a beer and turn on the tube please sissy."

I quickly did as he asked and he was watching the news when I returned with his beer and knelt between his legs and immediately went for the fastenings on his slacks. Daddy chuckled and smiled down at me patting me on the top of my head.

"Thought you'd have had enough last night for awhile?" he asked.

"That was last night daddy," I giggled reaching in to his boxers, "and now I want to thank you for letting everyone treat me like the sissy slut I am."

Daddy laughed and asked, "What happened to your chest, I thought you like them?"

"I really do, thank you for giving me them," I quickly replied and added, " but my chest was all red and itchy this morning so I thought I better not glue them back on for a bit."

"You only need the glue when you go braless dear," he smiled, "any other time your bra should hold them in place. I just wanted you to get the whole effect of having your own breasts for the first time, I guess I forgot to tell you not to leave them glued on all night."

"That's okay daddy," I said leaning towards him, "I really enjoyed the way they felt when I woke up this morning."

Pulling daddy's warm cock out I drew it into my mouth and heard him groan as I began to suck on his quickly growing member. I loved having a cock in my mouth feeling it grow harder and harder as my lips slide up and down the shaft. The only thing I love more is feeling semen erupting from a hard penis splashing into my mouth knowing I did well to satisfy its owner. I laughed at myself thinking about how much of a sissy slut I have become.

Daddy let out a deep groan when his hips jerked and his cock throbbed against my tongue release a torrent of cum to fill my hungry lust. I swallowed all he offered me and continued to suck gently while his erection faded. Then l felt daddy's whole body tremble and he pushed me away from his crotch. I sat back on my heels and watched while his breathing slowed and the redness in his face faded. Finally with a sigh he looked down and smiled at me.

"So where did you go so early today daddy," I asked breaking the silence.

"Had to pay a few bills," he replied, "and I wanted to pick up a few special treats for my pretty little sissy."

Daddy smiled and handed me the largest bag first and quickly reached in to feel smooth satin. There was one white, one black and two different styles of pink bras with matching panties in shiny satin with trimmed in thin strips of lace. The panties were all the same style cut high on the hips and crotch less. I quickly jumped up and hugged him before rushing to my room in excitement to try them all on.

I stripped down and slid into a pair of white heels and modeled the white set first for daddy after carefully fitting the breast forms into the cups. I noticed the other bag was now in the chair beside him. When I asked him what was in that one he just replied I'd find out in good time. Daddy's camera flashed as I posed for him. He then set it down and motioned for me to face away instructing me to bend over.

I watched from between my legs as daddy reached into the bag and pulled out another plug. This one was a little thicker and longer than the red one. While I waited bent at the hips daddy first slowly removed one then inserted the new one even slower. My legs were shaking as the base finally settled against my flesh. With a quick slap on my bum I stood and walked a few steps away before turning back to go try on the next set.

I felt so nasty and slutly as my bum wiggled around the plug while I walked back to my room feeling the cool air against my little excited penis sticking out from my panties. It felt like a sexy game as with each set I modeled daddy would exchange the butt plug with a wider and longer one. On the third set I modeled the plug he slowly fitted past my sphincter was as thick as his own erection that I noticed was almost hard again.

I saved the pink strapless set for last so I could wear it for the rest of the day and sauntered out show daddy. He was grinning and slowly stroking his cock as I passed by him pretending to be on a cat walk, turning and walking back and forth several times in front of him. Being in an extreme state of arousal I walked up to his chair and reached down to replace his hand on his hot hard cock and seeing a shiny coating of precum on the glands I squeezed it as hard as I could making another drop appear.

Looking into his grinning face I bent over keeping my legs straight until I was close enough to lick the tip of his penis and moaned savouring the sweet flavour of daddy's precum. I began then to lick around the glans noisily slobbering all over his cock getting it wet enough to sit on it. The sissy slut in me really wanted to be fucked and I didn't think daddy would mind.

Daddy chuckled as I crawled onto his chair knowing what I wanted as my knees rested beside his hips straddling his lap. He reached back behind me and slowly twisted and pulled the plug from my bum. Both of us sighed as I guided his cock and it slid slowly through my now stretched sphincter. I felt my anus contract around his shaft as I impaled myself feeling his hot cock invade my insides until my bum rested on his thighs. My whole body convulsed several times and leaning into daddy I wrapped my arms around his neck and laid my chin on his shoulder.

While he held me tightly daddy stood up and walked to the dining room table while my legs encircled his waist. I felt the coolness of the wood against my skin as he lowered me onto my back. I felt his strong hands grip my thighs as daddy slowly started moving in and out. In only a few minutes he was grunting loudly and slamming his erection into me harder than I felt him do it before.

I reached down and touched my little throbbing penis and it exploded instantly shooting semen all over my fingers and belly. Daddy kept on pounding into my ass with long hard strokes as I laid there quivering in total bliss. It seemed to go on forever and I loved every moment until daddy's hips began jerking spastically and he buried his hard cock as deep as he could. I felt it throb inside of me and then sensed the heat of his sperm expelling deeply inside of me.

Daddy collapsed over me while both of us gasped for breath for a few minutes and his softening penis slowly slipped from my ass. I could feel his seed trickle out of my anus and down the cleft of my ass. My trembling legs hung limp from the edge of the table as daddy slowly straightened groaning deeply. He turned and left the room only to come back a moment later and easily slid the pink plug back into my gaping used ass.

"Come on sissy,' he said pulling me up to sit on the edge of the table, "go get cleaned up and get dressed, Nancy is coming to take you to lunch and she'll be here soon."

"Why is she taking me to lunch?" I asked.

"When I saw her at her store this morning she seemed very enthusiastic about my suggestion that you two spend some time together." Daddy explained, "I've known Nancy since before she opened up her store and I thought that you could benefit from an association with an excepting female role model. After all it's unlikely that your own mother will help with any worthwhile advice for you would she?"

I suddenly felt so grateful to my new daddy for trying to help me in any way he could that I felt speechless and tears of joy filled my eyes. I walked up to him and wrapped my arms around his neck and held him tightly as my body shivered with happiness until he pushed me away with his lopsided grin aimed at me.

I quickly ran to the bathroom disrobing on the way in my excitement and jumped into the tub for a quick shower before the water even became hot. I soaped myself completely before removing my plug and bending over as far as I could letting the water spray into my anus washing away all of daddy's seed. I replaced my pink butt plug before getting out of the shower, I've seemed to have begun enjoying the feeling of fullness it gave me and the extra bit of wiggle it made me produce when I walked. I grinned to myself thinking about how it felt like I was being fucked continuously when wearing it.

As usual I did my makeup with lots of pink highlights and dressed in one of my new bra and crotch less panty sets. Placing the breast forms into the cups of the bra I was glad daddy told me about not always needing glue I jumped up a few times watching the mirror and was amazed at the way they moved with me and felt like they were part of me. I dressed in a white mini skirt and a pink spaghetti strap T before slipping bare foot into pink sneakers just as I heard a knock on the front door.

I raced to the living room and got there just as daddy opened the door seeing Nancy's approving smile as she quickly looked me up and down and said, "Kary you look better every time I see you."

"Thanks Nancy." I replied blushing, "But we've only met once before."

"I know," she laughed, "So come on lets go have some girl fun."

Daddy handed me my little purse after I gave him a hug good bye. The way Nancy's eyes seem to rake up down my body sent a tremor through me as I passed by her on my way to the car parked in the drive way. I was still nervous about going out in public especial now not having daddy with me. We rode in silence for while until my curiosity finally began to assert it's self.

"So Nancy," I asked timidly, "where are you taking me?"

"I thought you'd enjoy a trip to mall." Nancy started, "We can have some lunch at the food court before we do some shopping."

"I don't have too much money." I sadly replied.

"Have a look in your purse darling," she chuckled, "I'm sure I saw ole' man Clarky slip something in it before he gave it to you."

I quickly opened my hand bag and several neatly folded twenty dollar bills and shaking with excitement counted out two hundred dollars. I felt so overwhelmed with daddy's generosity that I almost asked Nancy to take me right home so I could thank him. But decided it might be better to wait when we would be alone to thank him properly.

The mall parking lot was filled with cars and I suddenly felt very scared of being around so many people in broad daylight. Nancy seemed to sense my hesitation and took my hand with a gentle squeeze until I looked up at her.

"Don't worry," She winked, "I'll be with you the whole time and the way you look so cute and sexy the only thoughts other people will be having is envy and jealousy."

"But what if someone recognises me?" I asked shyly.

"Well I've only seen you as you are now," she answered smiling then leaning towards me whispered, "and even before you got those perky little breasts I wasn't sure until I saw your ID in my store."

I could feel myself blushing and smiled feeling a little more secure as we entered the crowded mall. No one seemed to take much notice as we walked together towards the food court. I even saw some people from school. The girls didn't give me a second look but some of the guys stared out right at both of us.

"You go find us a quite place to sit Kary," Nancy said releasing my hand, "I'll get us something to eat."

I was suddenly scared again as Nancy walked away leaving me totally alone and feeling abandoned with all those people milling around the corroder. I never have been in public before without someone right by my side. My knees felt weak as I looked around for a place to sit feeling my palms start to moisten with fear. Then I saw Jeff sitting at the other end of the court with a few guys from school and felt like running away. I found a table in the middle of a few empty tables and sat with my back to him shaking like a leaf while waiting for Nancy to return.

"What's wrong with you," Nancy asked sitting down, "you look like you've seen a ghost?"

"I saw Jeff," I whispered, "I sure he'll recognize me and cause problems."

"Yes that one," Nancy snarled, "I've been told about him, point him out dear."

"He's at the other end in a red shirt with some friends."

"Two white and one with a blue shirt on sitting with him?" She asked me

"Yes," I replied turning quickly to make sure, "I just hope he doesn't see me."

"Don't worry yourself sweetie," Nancy reassured in calm soft voice, "Paul or Felix or maybe even both are here somewhere to shadow your cute little sissy ass. Did you really think Clarky would take a chance on someone doing mischief to his precious little princess?"

I glanced around quickly a spotted Paul about thirty feet away and he winked at me I suddenly I began to feel a little calmer and asked, "Why doesn't Paul just come and sit with us?"

"He's not allowed," Nancy told me sternly and softened her voice and continued, "This is a girls shopping trip only, no men aloud."

"But it's nice to have good looking men around," I giggled, "They can be allot fun."

"Clarky warned me about how much of cock slut you can be." She laughed, "But let me tell you sissy, girls can have allot of fun together too. Just you wait and see."

We chatted while we shared a big plate of different Chinese foods and after awhile I began to feel really comfortable in Nancy's company. I felt her leg wrap around mine as she stared into my eyes with a grin and in moments both of our legs where tangled beneath the table. She told me about how she met my new daddy after starting to work Mr. Davis's diner and how they had helped her to open up her shop. I wondered if she had ever been intimate with any of them.

I told her about how I met my new daddy and laughed while replying that she could just believe that that was something he would do. I even told her everything about Jeff and she seemed very sympathetic about how he had treated and hurt me. We sat for quite awhile even after the plate was empty talking away and I felt I could really trust Nancy and be able to talk to her about almost anything.

Suddenly she pulled her legs away from mine and stood taking my hand to help me up from the chair and said, "Come on sissy, time to shop."

Our first stop was a shoe store where we each tried on several different pairs and flirted with the salesman. I noticed him making glances at both of our legs while he sat on his stool in front of us. I couldn't stop myself from giggling when his face turned beet red when Nancy parted her legs just enough for him to get a quick peak up her short skirt.

"I can't believe you just did that." I whispered in her ear while he went to the store room for a different size.

"You're not the only one in town that can act the slut." She laughed, "It's your turn to flash him next, and I dare you too."

"I can't," I replied gasping, "I've got those new panties on and he'll see my thingy and the plug."

"Listen carefully dear," Nancy started in an ominous voice, "I'm the boss here and you'll do what I tell you to do. So it's either flash him or I'll march you down to the busiest part of the mall and rip that little mini right off your cute little sexy body for everyone to see what you really are."

There was no one around us and after a quick look around Nancy slid her hand between my legs and up my skirt. She used her thumb and index finger to squeeze my little penis smiling at me to find it totally erect. She smiled evilly at me and removed her hand and stroked my inner thigh.

"Here he comes," she whispered, "Do it or else and count slowly to five before closing up the shop."

I smiled nervously at him as he took his stool directly in front of me and my heart was racing in my chest. I started to feel hot and began sweating as I waited for the right moment. He was looking down adjusting the ankle strap of the sandal he had placed on my right foot. As his head began to rise and his eyes started traveled up my legs I let them part as far as my short tight skirt allowed. His eyes seemed to bulge and almost pop out of their sockets while his jaw dropped. The salesman's eyes met mine and he swallowed before smiling at me I could feel the heat of my own embarrassment reddening my face.

"They look great on you Kary." She chuckled then asked the clerk, "Can she wear them home?"

He nodded and agreed leaving us alone after fastening the other sandal to get a bag to carry my sneakers home in. I felt so embarrassed but also quite excited as my little penis throbbed between my legs and my anus was clenching repeatedly around the butt plug. Nancy placed a hand on my knee and giggled while pushing it towards the other. I didn't even think about counting and couldn't believe that I had left him an unobstructed view the whole time.

"That was so hot," she throatily growled in my ear just outside the shop, you really are a sissy slut aren't you? Come on there's something that needs to be taken care of right now."

Taking my hand Nancy pulled me along behind her and I had to almost run to keep up with her pace. Pushing through the two doors that led into a washroom she dragged me into the last stall and forced my back to the wall. Her eyes looked wild as she leaned towards me letting her lips brush gently over mine. I felt her hands slide up my legs pulling my skirt with it until I felt the cold steel against my ass cheeks. I gasped out when she twisted the plug inside of me and she used that opportunity to force her tongue to the back of my throat.

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