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I've lived in some part of Southern California all my life. They don't kid you when they say "sunny" CA, I mean unless you go deliberately looking for snow, a couple hours drive to Big Bear or one of the mountain resorts. There was maybe one time when I was a kid, late 80's I think, where we got a dusting of snow in our driveways, at recess we tried making snowballs out of the black sludge that was left around the drains, and it was all melted by lunchtime. But that's fine with me, I don't yearn for those white christmases like some people.

My girlfriend, on the other hand, grew up in the northeast. She was used to shoveling the walkways and digging the car out of the piles of slush pushed aside by the plows. She tells me how she and her friends would make snow angels and snowwomen, and her brothers would build forts and write their names in the snow with a certain steamy yellow liquid. The first time we took a vacation to the slopes she practically had to club me over the head and roll me down the hill. But once I got out there I had a blast, and now we try to get to the snow as often as we can.

We live in San Diego where I work as a computer programmer, and my girlfriend is a model/actress commuting all up and down the southern CA coast. Often times her work keeps her away from home, which is also why we vacation as much as possible. Jolyn is tall, about 5'7", maybe 8", and most of her height is due to a pair of firm, slender legs. She has well-defined hips, and even better-defined breasts, each with a quarter sized cap of dark pigment against her creamy skin. Her dark eyes like almonds, and straight jet black hair down to just above the finest ass ever given a woman. We met at a shoot in Newport Beach, yes I admit it, I was a model too, had to pay for college somehow. I'm 5'11", most of my weight used to be extremely chiseled muscle, but the past couple of years since graduation I haven't been getting to the gym nearly as much as I used to, so I've got that nearly buff but not hard look. I'm surrounded by an even CA tan, and the whole package is topped off with blue eyes and sandy brown hair. I apologize to any ladies reading this for not being able to describe myself as sexy as my girl. I can at least give you the specs, my erection is about 8" long and 1 1/4" in width. Feel free to ask her opinion, she's commented on my butt more than once if that helps any.

After nearly a year of conflicting schedules we were finally able to get ourselves away from the cities for a while. We went up to Snow Summit for a week, at least that was the plan. Our second day there we were on the slopes, and she unexpectedly hit a rock that wasn't completely buried under the snow. I was at the bottom of the hill and saw it all, her feet flew up in the air and she landed on her tailbone, and her already forward momentum caused her to flip forward. She put her arms straight out in front of her to break her fall, and ended up breaking both arms. She slid down the rest of the hill face first. Between when I first saw her fall and when the resort medics arrived was only a few minutes, but it felt to me like ten years.

They stabilized her long enough to take her by ambulance to the hospital, where doctors later told me if she hadn't thrown her arms out in front of her she could have landed on her neck and severed her spinal chord. I waited for hours, called her parents in Boston, waited some more, then they finally let me see her. Both arms were casted, and she wore a full body brace (her tailbone was broken, and she had severely sprained most of her back), she had apparently also fractured one leg. The doctors said all the breaks were clean and should heal nicely, and her superficial injuries would leave no lasting scars, thus her modeling work seemed to be secure, just severely on hold. But before she could even think about going back to work there was months of physical therapy ahead, and a couple of months before that could even start.

Though of course she was glad to be alive, Jolyn was not a happy camper. She was uncomfortable and frustrated. And just like her career, our sex life was also on a forced hiatus. She's always had a good rapport with her body, knowing exactly how to use it for both work and pleasure, and now she felt as if she'd been abandoned. After a couple of weeks her mood started to deteriorate, she became cranky and melancholy. I started looking for some solution that would get her through these first couple of months before her therapy would begin, but didn't come up with much, until one day when I went to lunch with a client in Chinatown.

Across from the restaurant was an acupuncturist's office, like any other, but what caught my eye was the decal on the window that said "...and other alternative therapies." Once the lunch meeting was over I crossed the street and went inside. The atmosphere was calm, well lit and airy, there was a three foot bamboo waterfall in the corner (one of those ones that recycles itself), and gentle asian melodies floating in from hidden speakers. The owner, a Mr. Sing, approached me, friendly elderly gentleman, and I told him briefly what I was looking for. "Ah I have just the thing", he said to me, he explained what he had in mind, and it sounded perfect. I made an appointment for the following Saturday, accepted his business card, and headed back to the office feeling more optimistic than I have since the accident.

With her arms propped up the way they were, and the back brace not allowing her to bend, traveling had become a challenge. We figured out quickly that our mid-sized sedans had become useless to us. It was a bit of an adventure for us both, learning how to ride the city buses and the Metrorails. We took the bus to Chinatown that morning, and on the way I told her more about the process the old man had told me about. It was way more holistic than we were used to, but since western medicine had told her she was basically a frozen statue for the next couple of months before they could do anything more, she was willing to give anything a try.

We got to the shop, and Mr. Sing's assistant Amie helped me guide Jolyn to a secluded back room, where we managed to lay her down on her back on a large padded massage table. Mr. Sing wheeled in an identical table and set it beside Jolyn's, just a few feet away. Amie disappeared into a back room as Mr. Sing prepared a small table, like the kind doctors use in operating rooms, basically a tray on wheels, between the two tables at the head, on which he places several different gemstones, some herbs and incense. He went to the front reception room and returned shortly with a small teapot and couple of cups. He offered us some tea but we both declined. He set one of the cups and the teapot on the tray. Amie returned, but she had changed into a short, red-satin robe with eastern dragons embroidered on it.

"If there are no objections," Mr. Sing said, "the connection will be stronger if Amie is not clothed during this process."

I was a little surprised but had no objections, if it would help Jolyn I was all for it, not to mention the fact that Amie was quite attractive herself. Start with a typical Asian beauty, young and petite with exotic features, then add about two cup sizes to her tits and a natural fullness to her rosy lips. I looked to Jolyn and she shook her head slightly and shrugged (as much as she could in that brace of hers). Amie bowed her head slightly and swept the robe from her shoulders, then lay on the other table in the same direction as Jolyn. Amie's breasts swayed briefly as she lay down, and my member gave a slight twitch. Only a few weeks since the accident, and he was already feeling seriously neglected, and the sight of a beautiful nude woman didn't help him behave any.

Mr. Sing stood between the tables with the tray in front of him, and began the ritualistic part of the process, to which I wasn't paying much attention. I pulled a chair next to the head of Jolyn's table and we talked quietly as the old man did his thing.

"Do you feel anything yet?" I asked her.

"I'm not sure. I think the pain's less, but this table's pretty comfortable..."

Mr. Sing put the incense back on the tray. "Now just relax, Jolyn," he said, "you should start feeling in a moment." He started massaging Amie's left leg, right where Jolyn's cast was, like any other masseuse. He worked the muscles like he was kneading dough. He started on her thigh (where the break was), and worked down to the calf. Once he reached Amie's ankle he lifted her leg and bent it at the knee, giving the leg's rear muscles a good stretch, then he continued the massage back up her leg.

Jolyn gave a content sigh, almost a moan. "This is amazing, it's actually working!" She flashed one of those dazzling smiles of hers, first one I'd seen in weeks. The old man continued in the same manner on the leg for a while, and then started the same process on Amie's arms, one after another. "Amazing," Jolyn exclaimed, "it really feels like my arms are moving...I can't believe how much I missed that!" I laughed.

Amie rolled over onto her stomach so that Mr. Sing could work on her back. Even though Jolyn remained facing up, she felt like she was getting a back rub. I watched as Mr. Sing moved his hands up and down his assistant's back, always stopping and reversing direction just before reaching her ass. I thought to myself, it's too bad he's being so professional, because Jolyn particularly enjoyed having her ass massaged as part of our foreplay.

And then the full possibilities of this connection hit me like a freight train, and my cock was instantly erect.

Jolyn must've recognized the lustful gleam in my eye. "What is it baby?" she asked me. I shook my head and said I'd tell her later. The session lasted another 45 minutes, and I could tell Jolyn's mind was racing trying to figure out what I was thinking, and I felt a little bad for leaving her in the dark. We'd often discussed having a threesome, and though this wasn't quite what we had in mind, in a lot of ways it was even better! They finished it up, we paid the bill and made another appointment for the following weekend, then got on the bus home. Once we were settled in the back seat of the bus, Jolyn said, "okay, spill it."

"Well, you know how we'd tossed around the idea of bringing someone else in on our action..."


Jolyn and I have always had an incredible sex life. Our first time was behind a backdrop at a swimsuit shoot, mere feet away from the photographer, agents, and other models. My face buried between her tits, I held her up by that beautiful ass of hers as she slid up and down my shaft, biting her lip to stifle her cries as the shutter click-click-clicked on the other side of the flimsy wall. Later that same day she took me to her bed and we made sweet, gentle love long into the night.

Given her injuries, sex was absolutely out of the question. We couldn't even masturbate each other, it was either too awkward or too painful. Now from what I saw from that session, all of Amie's sensations were being transferred to Jolyn. I had planned out my argument, I was going to say if my intentions were to give Jolyn pleasure, then I wouldn't really be fucking Amie at all. But even before I got that far Jolyn, licking her lips, said she couldn't wait to watch from a third party perspective while feeling it as if I were really inside her. I just laughed and kissed her, my kinky girl. I told her I'd make the arrangements.

I called the shop and talked to Amie first. I had a feeling she'd be willing to do it. I knew she was very comfortable with her body, I suspected part of that comfort stemmed from a hidden naughty side. I'd also seen the same sensual expression on her face as I'd seen on Jolyn's during the massage. I asked Amie how we should go about proposing it to the old man. She said not to worry about it, he'd take requests if we offered him a bit more money.

The next Saturday we were back in the shop, set up like before, Mr. Sing establishing the connection between the two women. We let him begin the massage process like before. Amie turned over on her stomach and the old man began to rub her back. I wandered casually over to Amie's table.

"Mr. Sing, you do an excellent job no doubt about it. But I've given Jolyn many a backrub in our day, and I know those certain little things that she especially likes. I wonder if I might give them a try?"

Mr. Sing glanced down at his assistant for her approval, and she nodded. "Of course, of course, go right ahead," he said, and he stepped aside. I began rubbing Amie's back, but unlike Mr. Sing, I progressively moved my hands lower and lower, manipulating Amie's milky white asscheeks, and she and Jolyn gave a quiet moan.

"Mr. Sing, there are other touches Jolyn likes..." Before I could say more, Amie interrupted and said something to her boss in Chinese. He chuckled, responded briefly in Chinese, then said to me, "if you will excuse me, I just remembered I have some errands to run. I may be a while, but the connection should hold nicely." He slipped his shoes on and headed for the door.

"What did you say to him?" Jolyn asked Amie.

"I told him there was a bonus in it for him if he took a walk and didn't ask questions."

"And what'd he say to you?" I asked.

"That he always suspected I was secretly a slut," Amie laughed. "I've known the man for years, he knows full well what goes on when he's not around. He doesn't care as long as he gets his."

I decided not to ask what kind of "bonus" she'd meant.

I continued to rub Amie's back and ass. "I hope you know what this means to us, both of us. You can well imagine the past few weeks have been torturous. Not to mention that you are one sexy lady..."

"Am I?" she stated more than asked.

"Hell yeah you are," Jolyn said. "I wish I could help with this, but that'll have to wait a few months. In the mean time though, I want you to enjoy Austin for me. He has a thick meaty cock that feels like absolute heaven when it's slamming into you."

Amie reached her hand out and grasped my hard-on through my slacks. "Mmm, promising."

"Austin baby, use your mouth instead of your hands. Kiss her ass." I did as my woman instructed, I started with gentle kisses placed on Amie's skin, but soon I was licking and sucking Amie's flesh into my mouth. Amie had her legs together so I couldn't really play with her, but I pressed a finger between her cheeks and teased her anus a bit.

"How's that feel?" I asked. The girls answered in unison and laughed.

Amie pushed herself up and turned to face me. She started unbuttoning my shirt and sucking on my neck. I ran my hands lightly over her back, feeling the contours of her naked flesh. She pushed my shirt off my shoulders and it fluttered to the floor as she moved her lips down my body. My skin was tingling. You really don't realize how much you miss physical intimacy until you don't have it anymore. Amie seemed to know exactly what I liked, either due to her connection with my well-versed woman, or she was just incredibly perceptive. Her tiny pink tongue darted over my nipples as her hands worked my belt buckle open. I looked over at Jolyn and saw her breathing deeply, her beautiful eyes locked on the action before her. Those eyes lit up and she licked her lips, and I soon knew why as my dick fell out of my pants and into Amie's waiting mouth.

Amie was good for having such a small mouth. She couldn't take all of me, but she made up for it with technique. Her tongue raced around my girth, traced the engorged veins. She held the head of my prick lightly between her lips as her tongue slipped and darted as far down my shaft as possible. And she was enjoying it, her moans were muffled by the meat in her mouth...but Jolyn's were not. I heard the long, deep, sensuous groans I'd learned to create in her during foreplay. I knew she must be soaked by now and I badly wished I could touch her. I looked down at the Asian beauty that was sucking me off, and remembering why we were doing this I urged her off her knees and back onto the table.

She sat on the edge facing Jolyn, one foot on the floor and the other propped up on the table, fully exposing herself to both of us. She had short, neat hairs that showed no evidence of cosmetic tampering, and her lips were pouting and shimmering with her juices. I took up a position similar to the one she'd just abandoned, and slowly reached my tongue out. I briefly tagged her clit, but it was enough to send a shudder up her spine. I began to lick her gently with the flat of my tongue, almost like a cat cleaning itself. This is how Jolyn liked it at first, soft and rhythmic, and Amie didn't seem to mind it either. Amie began to moan with each stroke of my tongue, but I only heard Jolyn.

"Oh god, baby, that feels incredible...oooh yess...oh just like that...yeah...keep lickin' me just like that lover...ooohh..."

I could've shot right then. To be tasting a completely foreign pussy and hear my baby's dirty talk at the same time was more than I could stand. Normally I'd have spent longer eating Jolyn, I wanted to do everything, I wanted to push Amie's thighs farther apart and wrap my lips around her tiny cunt, I wanted to plunge my tongue in and scoop around her inner walls. But I just wasn't going to hold out. I stood up and pushed Amie down on her back, a little more roughly than I'd meant to, but I didn't think she minded as she brought her knees up to spread her pussy wide. I could almost hear it speak to me...

"Yes, fuck her, fuck her for me baby...oh, fuck us both..."

Between the lust on Amie's face and the desperation in Jolyn's voice, what man could have resisted a second longer. I crawled up onto the table and sunk straight in. No teasing, no testing the waters, just one swift plunge all the way to the hilt. Both the women gasped and held their breaths.

And then I did as I was told.

Amie held her ass off the table to meet my thrusts, each one burrowing deeper into her tight, wet depths, until my mushroom tip was slamming against her cervix. Her eyes were shut and she was nearly screaming. I buried myself in her over and over, each stroke of her satiny walls pushing me closer to the abyss of pleasure. I felt her pussy begin to contract, like a reversed orgasm, fading in along with one continuous cry from her slender throat, a crescendo ending in a lust-filled scream and an earnest seizing of my cock. Jolyn, too, was screaming, and soon I was gone. About a thousand consequential thoughts ran through my head in the split second before I shot a generous load into Amie's canal.

Amie grabbed my ass and held me inside her as my dick throbbed inside her. I expected out of habit that my erection would dwindle, or at least downgrade to a semi, but then I heard my woman speak breathlessly, "I feel you inside me...I feel every twitch, I feel you filling my pussy with cum, I feel my pussy milking you..."

"...and it's so fucking good!" Amie added.

And thus my cock remained fully erect for these two beauties. Their cries of ecstasy echoed in my thoughts as we all took a small moment to catch our breaths. My dick still pulsing, Jolyn rolled her head to face us and whispered, "more!"

Before I could move a muscle, Amie, still impaled on my pole, crossed her legs over my torso, then in one smooth motion flipped the rest of herself over and made herself comfortable on her hands and knees. Now that was a strange feeling, I mean she did a complete 180 on my penis! "Nice move," I said, truly impressed.

"Thanks," she said, "now shut up and show me more moves of your own." Amie began rocking back and forth on her knees, stroking my entire length. I grabbed onto her hips at first, but soon moved my hands over her creamy asscheeks. She kept rocking, trying her hardest to fuck me good, but I held onto her and forced myself to go slow. Her moans became like little whines trying to get me to speed up the pace. At one point she turned her head and told me to fuck her harder. I didn't do it, I was enjoying the slow pace, and I could tell Jolyn was too, so I smacked Amie's ass hard enough to turn her pale skin bright pink, and told her I'd speed up when I'm good and ready. She gave a pleasurable yelp when I hit her and didn't ask for more again...I'd had a hunch her whining itself was part of her pleasure. She reached around and rubbed her own ass where my handprint was still visible, and gave me an instructing look. I tossed her hand away and smacked her a couple more times.

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