tagNonConsent/ReluctancePublic Bathroom

Public Bathroom


I am in a public bathroom stall. I am so very horny and cannot help myself. I reach between my legs and start to masturbate. I try my best to be as quiet and unobtrusive as I can be. But as I cum a low moan escapes my lips and I accidentally kick the stall door open a little bit for just a sec. A woman accidentally opens the door thinking the stall is empty and embarrassed immediately closes it. I too am embarrassed, not sure what she saw. I finally pull myself together and get up to leave. As I'm making a final check in the mirror someone comes up behind me, quickly places something over my nose and mouth, and I lose consciousness.

I wake up to find my self bound and gagged and not alone. My head is somehow immobilized. There is a cock shaped dildo gag in my mouth. My arms are tightly tied behind my back, forcing my tits to stick out more than usual. My legs are bound up and back at knees and ankles, opening me as wide as I can be. I finally notice a small, petite, flat-chested woman -you know a woman that might be all of a size 3 – standing before me. She has dark hair to her shoulders and big black eyes. She says, "Ah I see you're awake. I hope you don't mind too much... I saw and heard you... Sometimes the need to get off is so great that you just can't deny yourself no matter where you are. I know the feeling. I thought maybe I could help you with that little problem." She laughs softly.

She unbuttons my shirtdress, revealing my ample 38C breasts wrapped in a purple satin, front hook bra. As she continues to unbutton my dress she uncovers a matching purple satin thong. She moans appreciatively. Her attention immediately goes back to my breasts. She cups them and squeezes and massages them thru the bra. Saying "Mmm such big titties. As you see that's something I don't have. But I do love yours."

She pinches and twists the nipples thru the satin fabric, making them hard. She laughingly says as she unhooks the bra, "And you came prepared. Easy access front hook." My big, heavy breasts spill out of the bra and she continues her teasing and playing with them. Immediately leaning down to lick and suck on one as her hand plays with the other. She flicks her tongue all around one nipple and over it, gently sucking on it, then catching it between her teeth pulling it out, pulling the whole breast out. I moan, pulling against my restraints. She laughs as she lets go with her teeth and my tit flops back.

She then soothes the nipple with a thorough lick, sucking as much of the big tit into her mouth as she can. As I moan and squirm she flicks and swirls her tongue over the nipple deep in her mouth. She suckles my tit like a baby, rapidly flicking her tongue over the hard nipple. All the while she is using her hand on the other tit – pinching, twisting, pulling on the nipple. As she moves her mouth to the other tit, noticing my moans and squirms, she murmurs "See I told you only another woman knows how to please a woman. This is only the beginning." She gives my other tit the same expert treatment.

As she sucks on one tit and her hand plays with the other, her hand softly, gently caresses down to my purple satin clad pussy. Her hand presses on top of the thong, pressing against the whole pubic mound, moaning softly as she feels my heat and dampness. She runs her finger back and forth from clit to asshole, pressing the cloth deeper and deeper between my pussy lips. All this time she is lavishing my tits with her attention. Sensing my growing excitement she grasps the purple thong into a narrow strip and starts to rub it up and down between my pussy lips, over my clit, wedging it between my ass cheeks.

This starts to really turn me on. I moan and groan, pulling against my restraints, trying to move away from her erotic onslaught. She slowly pulls away from my tits, smiling at the rock hard nipples. She never stops or slows the rubbing of the thong. It slips harder and faster over my clit and pussy lips, slipping easily because I am so wet by now. She smiles, watching my face, asking "Going to cum for me, my voluptuous little cunt? Think I can make you cum this way?" She then starts using both hands to fuck me with my panties, rubbing them harder and faster over my clit and pussy. Rubbing the cloth up and down and sideways all around and over my clit. Watching my dampness grow, my clit enlarge, hearing me moan, breathing hard. As she watches her handiwork she says "Cum. Cum for me my little piece of pussy. Gratify some of that extreme need. Cum!!!!" She rubs those panties so hard over my swollen, ultra sensitive clit, watching my pussy closely as I cum. She hears me groan loudly as my body starts to shudder, soaking the panties with my cum. She murmurs, "Ooh a squirter." as she slowly looks up my body to my face. Watching me cum.

Suddenly she turns and reaches into a large bag I didn't see before. She brings out something with clamps and chains on it. As my orgasm slowly subsides she leans over, quickly licks my rock hard nipples and attaches a clamp to each of them, draping the chains under and between my breasts. She places a rectangular shaped battery pack between my breasts and turns the nipple clamps to a very low buzz. She grins, now turning her attention to the wet, bunched up thong at my pussy. She licks her lips hungrily.

To be continued...

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