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Public Panty Change


It had been a couple of months since I'd met and dressed up for my sugar daddy. He'd had a lot of money and was willing to buy me any outfit I wanted, along with panties and makeup for the complete girly look. In exchange, of course, I dressed up and provided him with an afternoon of hot sex that had left my little girly hole stretched and aching. So, when he contacted me once more and suggested another day of shopping, I jumped at the opportunity. I made the usual preparations: shaved my girly hole smooth and rinsed myself out completely so my sugar daddy could enjoy the inevitable fuck that would result from my dressing up for him. I then got dressed in my usual male clothing and left the house.

We met in the busy downtown area as before, where there are plenty of adult shops and gag stores that sell panties and costumes. Being nervous as always, I was anxious to get the shopping over with and return to the safety of a hotel room where I could dress. This is how it had went last time. We'd picked out a cute outfit, bought some panties in the same store and grabbed some makeup at a drug store on the way back. But this time daddy had different plans for me. We first headed into a kind of novelty shop, a huge place where they sold everything from electronics to books and magazines. And of course, there was an "adult corner" where dvds, costumes and lingerie were sold.

Seeing the long rack with countless pairs of girly panties immediately made me wet, and to slide my fingers through them made me want to try them all on at once. Daddy and I fingered through them together until I stopped at a perfectly girly pair: shiny pink satin with string sides and a keyhole at the back. He saw that I liked them, and took them from the rack along with a matching satin bra, and bought them.

We left the store, and I'd been expecting to head to another place where we could find a suitable costume, schoolgirl or maid perhaps, then head home. But as we passed a convenience store, he stopped.

"Go in there to the washroom and put these on," he handed me the bag containing the panties and bra, "and leave your male underwear in there. Throw it away." On top of that, he handed me a small tube of lube, which I knew I was meant to smear on my girly hole so that I would be wet and ready for sex any time. I was shocked, as I wasn't prepared to dress in public, even if under my clothes. And the thought of changing into panties in a public restroom seemed dangerous. But I complied, only because I knew if I didn't my shopping trip was over and there would be no hot sex that day. I entered the store restroom and slid the panties on over my shaved hole. The tight pink satin immediately got my juices flowing, and the lube on my hole felt amazing. I even slid the tube inside myself a little and squeezed some into my warm girly insides. I strapped on the satin bra, put my male clothes back on, threw away my underwear and left the store. I felt so girly but was trying my best to hide it. But upon seeing me, my sugar daddy remarked,

"That's better. You're walking different already." I was embarrassed and redoubled my efforts to cover up the fact that I was decked out in lingerie under my clothes. We walked around for a few more minutes and I could feel the lube on my shaved hole warming up. The lube inside me was slowly dripping out as well, and my entire crack was becoming wet. There was no doubt that the satiny crotch of my panties would also soon be wet. Daddy seemed to sense this, and enjoyed seeing me occasionally squirm as we walked around, unable to control the wetness that was coming over me. We finally entered another novelty shop and picked out a sexy satin maid costume, black with white lace frills. As we looked at the costume, my sugar daddy suddenly stuck his hand down the back of my jeans and squeezed my pantied ass. His hand remained there for some time, and he began pulling on my jeans to get a better grip. I realized that the pink satin of my panties must have been exposed, and anyone who was watching could see. I turned my head around and saw the store manager gazing at my ass, and glancing at my sugar daddy. Their eyes met and they exchanged a nod. It was then that I knew what was about to happen.

The manager quickly locked the shop door as daddy escorted me to the back room. He roughly pulled my jeans off, as well as my shirt, and pushed me to the floor. As I lay there in my pretty pink satin outfit, the store manager came in, his cock already hanging semi-hard. Daddy rolled me over onto my hands and knees and I instinctively raised my pantied ass into the air. The store manager gazed at my pantied ass, and noticed the wet spot which had by this time spread from the crotch of my panties to the ass.

"This little bitch is already wet!" He yanked my panties aside and i could hear him take out a condom.

"You don't need that shit," daddy said, "she's only had my cock before."

Before I was prepared, I felt the store manager's cock press roughly inside me, stretching my tight hole. I involuntarily screamed in pain and both daddy and the store manager jeered and teased me. The store manager wasted no time and began pumping my tight ass hard and fast, giving me no time to adjust. I moaned with every thrust, and daddy slid his cock into my mouth. Daddy and the store manager fell into rhythm, as one cock slid inside my ass, the other slid into my mouth. The lube dripped out of my hole and down my legs as the saliva dripped down my chin, my body becoming a slippery mess. I looked up and saw daddy exchange a glace with the store manager and they both began to breathe heavily. I knew these men were going to cum soon.

"Fuck me..." the manager moaned.

"Yeah, cum inside her man!" Daddy answered. As they both continued fucking me, their thrusts became deeper and harder. I then heard the store manager moan from behind me as he grabbed my ass tight and his cock began draining its load into my puckered hole. At the same time daddy's cock exploded inside my mouth, filling me with so much cum that it dripped out and down my chin. With two loads inside me, the pair of men pulled their cocks out.

"Get this bitch a new pair of panties. White," daddy commanded, and the manager soon returned with a fresh pair of white satin string side panties. The men ripped off my lube-soaked pink panties and slid me into the new pair.

"Now, stand up," daddy told me, "Turn around and let us see your ass." I turned my ass towards the two men, hot cum still dripping down my face onto my pink satiny bra.

"Push that hot cum out of your ass, bitch. I wanna see it soak into those panties," daddy commanded. I stood embarrassed and pushed as hard as I could. I soon felt the store manager's hot load come dripping out of me, soaking the crotch of the new white satin panties. I'd had no idea he'd filled me with so much cum, and the two men jeered as the hot seed began to soak through the crotch of the panties and drip slowly onto the floor. I was then ordered to put my jeans back on. The two men remained in the store while I headed home, my shaved hole dripping with cum and my panties soaked through.

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