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How many of you have heard the joke about blonds and the Green Bay Packers?

Q: What do Blondes say after sex?
A1: Thanks Guys.
A2: Are you boys all in the same band?
A3: Do you guys all play for the Green Bay Packers?

While most people just laugh, I get horny. No, I am a red head, not a blond...

I have always dreamed of being taken by the entire football team. Slipping off my clothes in the locker room, laying down on the bench, and having all the sweaty, hot football players walk in to find me laying there, naked and wet, ripping off their clothes, and having their way with me in every way imaginable.

One day, I and one of my occasional older lovers were talking about this, and we started cooking up a plan.

Everything when according to plan, but you will have to read on to understand exactly what we came up with.

We went to a nice hotel downtown and he reserved the penthouse suite. We went up, and I proceeded to strip completely naked.

Once I was naked, he took and handcuffed my hands behind me. I purposely had him use the fuzzy ones, because the normal ones hurt my wrists.

Next, he put some ankle cuffs on me with a bar in the middle. This hobbled my movements. I could get around, but it was very awkward, causing me to waddle instead of walk, swinging it from side to side. It also made it difficult to keep my balance if I tried to move fast.

Then, he slipped on a ballgag, so I couldn't speak.

Next came the eye cover. I have enjoyed them, but honestly, I would always peek. These, however, let almost no light in. They were similar to swimming goggles, but the lenses were completely black. I could see a little light around the outside, where they didn't seal around my eyes exactly perfectly, but I could see absolutely nothing. I was effectively blind.

Last, he slipped over some noise canceling headphones. I am not sure if they actually worked as headphones, all I knew is I could hear almost nothing.

So, here I was, standing naked in the middle of the room, unable to use my hands, to move around effectively, to see, to hear, or even to speak. It is a very frightening experience, to have almost total sense deprivation.

Beforehand, we had agreed on certain touches to signify intent. They are common sense, but, a slight push on the back to move forward, right shoulder blade push to move left, a left shoulder blade push to turn right. Push down on left or right shoulder to kneel. A push down on both shoulders to lay down on my back. Touch on right or left side to flip over. Pull my hair slightly to stop. We figured anything else, and he could physically move me in the position needed.

He took me to the restroom and proceeded to give me an enema. Now, I had never before had an enema, so this was a very new experience, and did not feel a bit like anal. It was a bit disturbing, to be honest.

He put the tube in my anus and squeezed the warm water up and into me. I felt odd, my rectum full of water, which is the point of an enema...

He moved me over and sat me down on the toilet. In a few minutes, I suddenly knew why. I suddenly has an assplosion, as if I had ate a bad Taco Bell meal. I felt like I was spraying all over the the place. I hated thinking of myself, covered is gooey brown, watery poo as I felt it splash off the toilet bowl and back onto me. I stayed there, alternating between needing to go and feeling like I was done. I will admit though, it felt good, it felt like I had been emptied.

He then stood me back up. I could have cried. I had hoped he left, but he was there. Maybe he had just waited outside in the hotel room while I exploded all over the toilet, but the thought of him seeing me, my ass all covered in the remains of my enema and bowl material embarrassed me to no end. I thought I would die then and there from embarrassment.

He took me into the shower and washed me down, having me bend over so he could scrub my ass and pussy. Eww, did I really get some in there?

He took a fluffy towel and dried me off, although I think he spent a little too much time drying off my pussy. Maybe it was innocent, or maybe he enjoyed rubbing the towel against my pussy and watching me squirm.

He played with me for a little bit. I was standing there, nothing, then all the sudden his hand reached out and grabbed my breast. Not hard, he knew the rules. Sorry, I am just not into pain. No spanking, pinching, poking with anything more than a finger, hitting, or any other kind of pain inducing treatment.

He then signaled for me to lie down, and then left me there. Suddenly, something cold, wet, oily was being rubbed on my pussy.

He then started thrusting into me, out of me, back into me. He was really ramming my pussy, and in no time, I could feel him cumming inside me.

He stood me back up, removed one side of the headphones, and asked me if I really wanted to do this, was I really sure? I shook my head yes, and he reminded me that if I wanted to stop at any point, just to shake my head no and he would stop it.

He then left me, standing there, naked, for the next stage of play.

He went downstairs to meet up with some friends, and then brought them up. He then left again a few more times to pick up more friends. Now, I do not know who his "friends" were, they could have been guys, girls, young, old, attractive, ugly. It didn't matter. That was part of the play, that I had no idea who the people using me were.

As per the rules, no one touched me. I can bet they were saying many wickedly naughty things about me, looking me over, eyes probing every part of my naked body, but they did not touch. Eventually, my friend came up to me and removed the headphones.

"One last time before we start. Are you sure you want to do this? Are you absolutely sure?"

I shook my head yes.

"Ok, we are starting. Please remember to shake your head no if you want to stop for any reason. I will watch to make sure all the rules are followed."

So, you can probably guess what we arranged. He contacted some of his friends, I did not want to know the exact number, and their job was to do anything they wanted to me outside of harming or hurting me. I don't mean the "He is a little ruff" type of hurt, but the "slap, smack, spank, pinch, poke, hit, kick" type of hurt. Since we had all night, they could do whatever multiple times, at least until I stopped them, or they decided to stop themselves.

I stood there, the minutes dragging out, wondering what was going on, why wasn't anyone doing anything.

Suddenly a hand caressed my left ass cheek. It was so unexpected I almost jumped. I would have squeaked, or screamed, or something, if not for the gag in my mouth. My heart was racing as if I had run a hundred miles.

Then, another hand grabbed my right breast. Jump, but this time less, since I had some connection to the world again through the hand playing with my ass.

I suddenly felt hot breath on my neck from the left side, followed my kisses on my cheek, a tongue occasionally licking my cheek. Then the person moved down, kissing my neck, and then nipping slightly. It was not painful, more ticklish, and it drove me both wild with lust and with the sudden urge to laugh.

My left nipple was grabbed, and I felt hands moving down my belly towards my fur. Suddenly, the hand caressing my ass cheek disappeared, and another hand showed up between my thighs.

The hand between my thighs moved up and the owner started probing my pussy, moving my outer lips aside so his fingers could move further within me. By now I was getting very wet, as his hand played with me.

I could feel his fingers pushing into me, out of me, back into me, trying to push deeper, go further, as if he was trying to map my entire pussy with his touch. It was intoxicating, it was violating, it was dirty and exciting. I started shaking like a leaf blowing in the wind.

All the hands left me suddenly, and I was left suddenly without this limited, outside world connection. It felt like being abandoned suddenly, with no one in the world.

The headphone again came off my left ear a couple minutes later and my friend whispered, "Are you ok?"

I shook my head up and down violently, wanting to make sure he knew I was fine, I was ready, I wanted to continue.

"You are shaking though. Are you sure you are ok?"

I was shaking because it was overwhelming. Not being able to see, to hear, to do anything but smell and feel helped enhance the smell and made me notice the sensations of touch even more. In some ways, it almost felt like too much, but in other ways, it was intoxicating, enthralling. Every touch felt like a violation, every touch felt like the most exquisite caress.

Again I shook my head up and down frantically. He placed the headphones back over my ears.

It took a couple more minutes until I was touched again, but this time it was not a caress, a kiss, a fondle. This time it was a slight push to the back.

Obeying the command, I started moving forward, slowly, since I was afraid I would fall down since my balance was already so tenuous.

Suddenly, I was embraced by someone from behind, his hands wrapped around my torso, like he was about to give me a hug, his hands just below the breasts.

I was suddenly lifted into the air. I am not sure if I was moving too slowly for his taste, or if he was worried I would fall over, but he decided to carry me over to a couch in the room.

I was set back down and the hands left me. Now someone was pushing me forward by both shoulders. Not a light push, but one that made me move forward until suddenly I ran into something. It was slightly lower than waist high, and I guessed it was the couch. He kept pushing, forcing me to bend over it, so my ass was above my head and my face was lying against the cool leather. While it was slightly awkward, and made it a little harder to breath, it was not a horrible position.

Again, the hands disappeared, and I was left there, feeling the leather against my breasts and face, my ass and pussy exposed to everyone in the room, propped up on the back of the couch.

Suddenly, I could feel a hand, covered in slick, oily lubricant, working its way between my ass cheeks and then down to my pussy.

A penis started pushing between my ass cheeks, while hands grabbed each cheek and spread my ass wide.

The head hit my rectum and pushed. This was the first thing to be done? I wasn't ready! I wanted to be played with more, to have my pussy filled. I panicked a bit, sucking air through my nose.

Even with the lube it was a bit painful, and the penis was being pushed forcefully, as if he wanted to be in me right now, no matter what. I would have cried out, but was unable. I wanted to shriek "Slow down asshole!", or maybe it was "Get the fuck away from me", but could only scream it in my mind. I almost started shaking my head to signal I was done when his penis slid all the way in.

My mind reeled in semi-agony, semi-lust, and I wanted nothing more than to shit that penis back out. Then he started pumping me, and the longer he went, the less it hurt. The pain, receding back, was replaced by a sense of utter intimacy, utter violation. I could really "feel" him. I could feel every single thrust, could tell you exactly how deep inside me he was. It was wild and o so dirty.

After a few minutes, he came. I could feel his cum spurting inside me, warm and wet. He stayed there until his penis started getting soft, until it popped out, no longer able to resist my anus squeezing it out.

Then, I started feeling the goo leak from my anus. Utterly humiliated, I kept repeating in my mind "Get it off, get it off, wash me off! I don't want people to see me like this!". Fortunately someone, my friend or one of the other people in the room, came over and wiped me down with a wet cloth. I wanted to kiss them, right then and there. Well, if I could have used my mouth.

Meanwhile, while someone was shoving his penis into my anus, someone else had sat down next to me. I could feel the couch move slightly, pulling me towards the person who sat down just a little bit. He reached under me and started fondling the side of my left breast. He didn't even need to move his hand, with me being bounced back and forth by the guy thrusting into my ass. Leaning over, he started kissing my back. Hot, wet kisses. What made it even more exciting was that these weren't the lust filled, licking, rough kisses, but more like the soft kisses that an intimate lover uses. Between the violation of my ass and the soft lover's kisses on my back, I almost felt like I was with a kinky lover, not some stranger.

It helped calm me, stop me from panicking. It felt wonderful. Maybe that was the intent, or maybe my friend had picked someone who wants to honestly make love, rather than just get off.

He pushed his hand under my breast and moved it so he had access to my nipple, then started to alternate between pinching it and pushing it in. With a penis in my ass and my nipple being stimulated, I started absolutely gushing. I wanted nothing more than for the penis to get out of my ass and into my pussy.

Once I was cleaned up, a finger started pushing against my pussy lips. This time it wasn't rough, just a gentle push until it sunk into me. The finger came out, and something cold was put in its place. It started vibrating, tickling me, then was pushed inside me to replace the removed finger. The vibrator was turned up, and I could feel the tingling pleasure building in me again. Two fingers slid my lips apart at the clit and started to slowly work it. Rubbing up and down, then back and forth, in small motions, exhilaration shot threw me. It felt so good, god I wanted to cry out. My eyes rolled up and I could only sit there, shuddering, basking in the pleasure. I climaxed again.

Two down, and we just started. This night was so wonderful already.

There was a long night ahead of me.

The vibrator was removed and something was again pushing against my anus. This time I felt a plastic ball being pushed into it. Once past the entrance, a finger pushed it in deeper, then another ball was being pushed in. This was repeated until all the anal beads were inside me, filling my rectum. Since there was no pumping, thrusting, pushing, pulling, the pain went away much quicker, and I was left feeling like I needed to go poo. After a while, even this sensation subsided to a general awareness that something foreign was up my anus, but it started to feel like it belonged.

Warm, sticky fluid landed on my back. It seemed someone had decided they were excited enough just watching me.

A soft, warm head was pushed against my cheek (face) as someone began rubbing the tip of his penis against it. Someone else opened my pussy lips with their fingers and started pushing their penis into my now spread pussy. He started slowly, and for some reason, started rubbing the cum still sitting on my flesh, spreading it out, running his hands all over my back, then a slight pulling on my hair He thrust at a slow rate, long, even strokes. I panted with longing, wanting him to speed up, to cum inside me.

He continued with his long, even strokes for a few minutes, and then started thrusting harder, faster. Finally, he spasmed once, twice, and was pulling out, having came inside me.

Someone pulled on my shoulders, urging me to stand up again, then brought me back where I started. Pushing my shoulders down, I felt hands reach under my back, supporting me as they laid me gently on the floor, and then pulling my knees up and slightly outward.

Someone pushed something inside me, covered in lube, and kept pushing until it was as far as his fingers could reach. I could feel the cord from it hanging out of my pussy, and instantly knew exactly what it was, since I have done this before with lovers. A bullet vibrator had been pushed inside me as far as it could reach, and the wonderful thing about these is that, if the man is careful, you can leave it inside, vibrating away, with enough room to still have normal sex. It is thrilling, and wonderful, and realizing that I got to do this, I got wet again.

Settling between my legs, I was pulled up slightly with my ass resting on top of someone's legs. He spread my pussy and pushed his penis inside, thrusting back and forth. The head of his penis pushed the vibrator back, against my cervix, and because I was resting on top of him, his movements were limited. With the added vibrator, happily buzzy away, it didn't matter. My brain melted, leaving me unable to say anything, as I became a single, pulsing erogenous spot, with his penis also rubbing against the beads.

Cum rained down on me, landing on my breasts, my stomach, my legs, my face, while the man continued thrusting inside me. It seemed a few people decided to just jerk themselves while watching me being pounded. I wondered how of the other men's cum hit the man penetrating me.

The man move faster, occasionally shoving the vibrator hard against my cervix. Finally he pulled out, and I could feel more cum being deposited on my pubis.

He moved me back on the floor and I could feel him leave the area between my legs.

I was touched on the side, and tried to roll myself over. Unfortunately, I was unable to do it on my own, so three sets of hands lifted me to the side and rolled me over, one at my shoulder, one at my ass, and one at my legs. The one at my ass, when I was halfway up, put his fingers between my ass cheeks and gave the last bead a little push.

After rolling me over, my hips were pulled up, so my face was against the floor, with my breasts hanging down and my ass was angled upward. Three different guys, one by one, took me from behind. The first came in my pussy, with it leaking out and oozing down my leg. The next pulled out before coming on my leg, so I had cum dripping down both legs now. The third, thrusting into me and pushing the vibrator against me with every thrust was greeted with a surprise when I suddenly tightened up on him, shaking, as I climaxed again. I don't even think he would have had a chance to pull out before cumming, so deposited it in my pussy immediately after my climax.

After the three guys finished, I was helped up again, the vibrator was removed, and they started moving me. I could feel the two men's semen leaking out of me, running down my legs. I could feel the cum dried on my breasts, stomach, face, slightly tugging at my skin. They kept moving me, and I began to wonder where we were going.

Cold tile suddenly met my feet, and I realized I was in the bathroom. Now someone picked me up, and when he put me down, I felt cold, slick porcelain under me and against my arms. Why on earth did they lay me in the bathtub?

I found out very quickly, some people are into some very strange things.

Warm liquid was streamed down on me. Some went on my face before it was suddenly stopped, so I could smell the stink of pee, even taste it as some went into my mouth, past the gag. Fortunately, I don't mind pee, it was just a shock that someone was doing this. I am familiar with golden showers, but that was not a fantasy I have ever had. It turned me on slightly, the thought of me being used as a toilet, but I could think of many things I would rather have done to me.

Either the person who likes this drank alot, or another/others decided they liked this idea, because soon the bathtub stopper was put in and soon there were a few more streams, coming about two or three at a time. I could feel them peeing all over me, some aiming at a particular spot. One person seemed like he wanted to pee everywhere on me, moving his stream up and down. One person had even peed in my hair. I could feel it around my back, a slight amount that caressed the skin not touching the bathtub. It seemed they weren't doing a good job of filling the tub, but my back was now laying in pee.

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