Pulled Over


She saw the flashing lights behind her a few minutes after running the stop sign. Her stomach lurched; this was a really bad time for a ticket. She pulled her car over and turned it off, then hastily pinched her cheeks and unbuttoned the top few buttons of her blue chenille blouse. Maybe if she batted her eyes a bit he'd give her a break, she was willing to try anything to avoid the stiff penalty that would likely come from her blatant lawbreaking.

She heard the crunch of the officer's boots approaching her car and she rolled down the window. A few seconds later he was peering into the car with one hand on the holster of his gun. He was young and surprisingly handsome, and her hopes rose a little. She hoped he was susceptible to flirtation.

"License and registration, ma'am," he said in a stern voice. Her hands shook a little as she flashed him what she hoped was a sexy smile and reached for her purse.

"What seems to be the problem, officer?" she asked as she fished for her driver's license.

"That was a stop sign you passed back there, did you know that?"

She found her license and pulled it out. As she stretched to hand it to him, she allowed her cleavage to push through the thin fabric of her blouse. She widened her eyes.

"Oh, no, really? I didn't see a stop sign at all." She carefully brushed his hand with her fingers as she passed him the license. At the contact, he looked up sharply but didn't say anything.

He took her license and clipped it to a board and started writing notes. Uh oh, time to turn on the charm, she thought.

She leaned through the window and crossed her slim legs so that her skirt tightened over her thighs and rode up. She reached out one hand and put it on his. With her sexiest voice, she said, "I'm so sorry, officer. I really didn't see a stop sign. Surely you can let me off just this once?"

He paused in his writing and looked at her, and his gaze slid from her pouting face down to her blouse, where her breasts were straining against the fabric and her nipples clearly outlined underneath, and then down to her skirt which was riding up her thighs as she leaned. He swallowed, then narrowed his eyes.

"Ma'am, get out of the car."

Her heart skipped. Now she was really in for it. Was it illegal in this state to flirt with an officer of the law? Morosely she unclipped her seat belt and climbed out of the car.

"All right, put your hands in the air and go stand in front of the car."

Frightened, she did as she was told. He put his clipboard on top of the car and followed her. When she was facing the hood of the car, he grabbed one of her arms and twisted it behind her, and then leaned into her back, forcing her against the hood.

"What exactly are you trying to pull?" he hissed into her ear. She was close to tears. She shook her head. "I'm sorry, I just really can't pay a ticket right now. Please don't arrest me!"

He released her arm and she stood up, rubbing where his fingers had dug into the soft flesh of her wrist.

"Ok missy. You don't want to get into trouble, maybe we can work something out."

She stared at him for a moment, then looked down at his groin where a large bulge had formed in his pants. Comprehension dawned. She gulped, then steeled herself. She had to do this, there was just no money to pay a ticket. Carefully she stepped forward and reached to stroke his enlarged penis through his pants. "Maybe something like this?"

He closed his eyes for a moment, then leaned into her hand.

"What can I do for you, officer?" she whispered as her fingers teased him. He was quite large, and she was surprised to feel a spurt of wetness between her legs.

"Put your hands on the car and spread your legs" he commanded, suddenly pushing her roughly away. She did as she was told, tremblingly thinking he was going to arrest her after all. Her skirt was tight against her ass as she draped her body across the hood.

Suddenly she felt hands on her waist and the officer began to caress her trembling body as he pressed his hot groin against her thighs. She couldn't believe this was happening; was he going to take advantage of her right here on the side of the road? She felt like running, but inexplicably she also felt like staying. He was sexy in a stern sort of way and his manhood was rock hard and hot against her rear. She leaned back and ground her buttocks into his hips.

He groaned and grabbed her waist. One hand snaked its way under her skirt and pushed aside her panties. A long finger parted her folds and gently stroked her innermost skin from vagina to clit. She shuddered at the intimate contact, her knees felt weak. The hand disappeared and she heard the sound of a zipper opening. She turned her head and saw with a shock that he had pulled out a huge soft pink cock from his pants. She gasped but didn't pull away; she wanted it to fill her wetness with its hard length. He pulled her skirt up to her waist and her panties down to her knees. Placing one hand on the small of her back to hold her down, he leaned against her thighs and placed his hot tip on her butt cheek. She shuddered at the feel of the velvety shaft, hot and twitching, on her cooled skin. He rubbed his penis in wide circles from ass to thigh and around again, spiraling closer to her naked opening.

With a moan she braced her hands against the hood and raised her butt a little higher, inviting him. With a sudden rough thrust he penetrated her fully, shoving her body against the hood of the car. She could feel his thigh muscles shudder as he filled her body with his girth and he pushed her body against the car with one hand. The other hand he gripped her waist as he pulled fully out, then with a groan he slammed his length into her again. She could feel his balls swinging against her clit as he pounded her again and again, each massive thrust filling her to capacity and rocking her against the car. He reached around from her waist and fingered her clit as he filled her, feeling himself entering her and rubbing her tingling pussy until she began to pant with little helpless mews. With each thrust he pushed harder and harder, until she was enveloping him in her pink wetness from tip to base and he could grind his balls against her curly pubic hair. His breath came in staccato gasps as his pace quickened, his body quivering and heaving over hers. With a final growl he slammed his full length into her and pushed as hard as he could, emptying his balls into her with quivering release. At the release of the hot semen inside of her she crested her orgasm with arched back and a shuddering scream, her inner muscles spasming around his pumping cock, milking it, pulling every drop deep inside her. His balls contracted again at her orgasm and he pulled out and shoved himself deep inside again, again, as he shot another load inside her belly. When he finally stopped, he collapsed against her sweaty back and his hips twitched against her ass involuntarily.

They leaned like that for a few minutes, catching their breath. Then the officer pulled his shrinking cock from her dripping vagina and zipped himself back up. She stood shakily from the car and pulled up her panties, smoothing her skirt over her bruised thighs with trembling hands. She looked up at him and he handed her a ticket.

Shocked, she watched him get back in his squad car and drive away. She looked at the ticket in dismay. Scribbled where the citation should have been was a note:

"Crime: Resisting arrest. Penalty: 100 hours community service. Be here once a week to serve your sentence. PS: you can leave the panties at home next time."

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