tagTransgender & CrossdressersPunished Asian Shoplifter Ch. 10

Punished Asian Shoplifter Ch. 10


Time flies and by now it's mid-autumn, 2 months after the initial fateful day when I first foolishly (but luckily :) dared to shoplift from your store. You've decided to postpone my 8th spanking session a couple of weeks until the end of October. While I welcome the relief to my regularly spanked asscheeks, strangely I start to miss my weekly session at your office. It's almost become a familiar, comforting (albeit painful) routine that I've grown used to. I no longer look forward to the end of the entire 10-session series as I did at the beginning...

As it turns out you want to conduct my punishment after the Halloween costume party at your house! While I dread the resumption of my sessions a little, I'm also very excited to be able to visit your home finally (little do I know what the future will have in store for me... :)

I'm invited to dress up at Mrs. Chong's place as she told me that they've decided what I should wear for that night and they promised it'd be fun. When I get there Jing and Mei are already dressed up in their costumes. Jing is dressed as a sexy hooker with strappy 5" high-heels, fishnet stockings and a skimpy little dress showing cleavage -- kinda looks like a modern day Miss Saigon. Mei is dressed as a high-school cheerleader wearing a cute little mini-skirt. I'm surprised to find Tammy in their apartment as well. She is dressed as some sort of dominatrix, in a leather/PVC type of S&M outfit. She wears heavy makeup and has her blonde hair up, making her appear older than her age... and quite scary looking.

When I get there the 3 of them tell me they're going to dress me up as a chinese girl! I can't believe my ears at first, but they are not joking. In fact, they had already gotten a "cheongsam" for me -- in my size! Obviously they had this event well-planned. A cheongsam is a traditional Chinese dress, usually short-sleeved, colorful, with a long slit on each side of the dress to reveal glimpses of the wearer's sexy long legs. (I've attached a photo of a typical cheongsam dress to give you a better idea of what it looks like.)

So without having a say in this matter I'm sent to the bathroom to take a bubble bath to "soften my skin" and "make me look more feminine". What I finish and get out of the bathtub I realize all my clothes are gone. They're taken them from the floor sometime while I had my eyes closed enjoying the warm soothing bubbles. When I yell that I need some underwear Tammy replied, "Just come out nekkid, MISS Ling! It's not like we haven't seen you buck-bare-naked before! Shhhheeeeesh!"

Shame-faced, I come out of the bathroom without a stitch of clothes to cover an inch of my exposed skin. I feel horribly embarrassed to be standing completely nude in front of three women... and it doesn't get any better when Mei comes around and starts to slide a pair of FEMALE thong panties up my silken legs! But at least it manages to cover my shriveled-up little "clitty" in the front. At the same time Jing glues on some breast form to my chest and then help me put on a lacy frilly bra over it. When that's done the effect is quite remarkable, giving me a fairly realistic-looking "girlie figure"!

Then they have me sit down in front of the vanity mirror -- with my eyes closed -- while the three of them attend to various tasks getting me ready for my "masquerade". With practiced ease Jing applies different makeup to my face such as blush, mascara, lipstick, and god knows what else women wear to make themselves look pretty. She also fits me with a beautiful wig of long, straight, jet-black hair. At the same time, Tammy puts on a set of red Lee's Press-On Nails to my delicate fingers while Mei paints a coat of red nail-polish to my toe nails. With rehearsed precision and efficient division of labor it does not take them long to finish my preparation. Then they have me stand up while they pull the dress over my head. A pair of pointy 3-inch pumps -- in PINK -- were also slipped onto my feet. The smell of a sweet perfume still lingers in the air. And as a finishing touch, they even slip a thin golden armband on my right upper-arm.

After it's all done, they finally allow me to open my eyes in front of a full-length mirror. I couldn't believe my eyes -- I look very convincing as a pretty teenage chinese girl in a traditional dress! I almost fall over from the shock. They ask me to twirl around a couple of times in front of the mirror to get a good look at myself from different angles. Then Jing also helps me practice walking on those unsteady heels for a while. I must walk like a girl by putting my foot in front of each other in a straight line for each step... and I also have to sway my hips from side to side! I look so "tarty" when I do that, I can't believe myself.

When I am busy practicing "girly behavior", Mei starts to clean up things in the room. As she bends down to pick up some items on the floor, her cute little yellow cheerleader skirt riding up, I suddenly notice that the back of her upper thighs are reddish in color. I must have gasped at that because I thought her weekly spanking series at your store was over. Tammy sees my bewildered expression and giggles, "Oh that, yep she got spanked alright! Hehehehe!"

Upon hearing that, Mei instantly straightens up and turns around facing up, cheeks blushing a deep red hue. Tammy continues to tease her, saying, "Mei's been a very very naughty girl, and she's got a bare-bottom spanky from her boyfriend!"

"Boyfriend...?" Now I am curious.

"Oh yeah, she started dating Rick a couple of weeks ago," explains her mom. Now that makes sense... I mean, since she's already gotten her naked buttocks spanked and fondled so intimately by him during that earlier session... it wouldn't be much of a stretch if she's now become Rick's girlfriend, and regular spankee. But that's not all, as it turns out. In a sing-song voice Tammy announces that, "I know another secret, nanny nanny boo-boo..."

Eyes widen in alarm Mei pleads with her, "Noooooo! Please don't tell pleeease!"

Non-plussed, Tammy turns to me and says in a mischievous voice, "Well, let's just say... this morning Mei was walking funny like you did -- after you came out of Brian's bathroom!" With that she bursts out into an uncontrolled fit of giggles, much to Mei's undying shame. In the chinese culture it is still quite forbidden for females to be taken anally by men, but of course it's much better than for boys -- like me. On the other hand, I am secretly thrilled to hear about this latest development. Oddly it makes me feel better that I'm no longer the only asian here being on the receiving end of regular sodomy sessions.

At that moment we hear some honks downstairs. Already dressed as a pirate, Rick has come by to give us a ride to your party. He is quite shocked by my appearance as well but I can tell he likes what he sees... On the way there Tammy sits in the front with Rick while the three of us asians sit in the back. Actually, I am the only one sitting, while both the Chongs elect to knee on the backseat facing the rear window. I can certainly understand why Mei would rather not sit down now, seeing as she's been soundly spanked by Rick earlier today. But why does her mother also...

Noticing my puzzled look, Tammy turns back and asks me, "Didn't you know that Jing has requested me to be her 'disciplinarian' from now on? Seems like she has realized that she's a naughty, NAUGHTY chinese woman who needs to have her mature bare bottom soundly spanked on a regular basis, like this morning!" Then to make a point she reaches back and give Jing's out-sticking bum a loud smack. "Isn't that right, Mrs. Chong?!"

Poor Jing almost jumps out of her skin at this sudden, unexpected sting to her already tenderized posterior. She quickly reaches back to rub the burning spot and with an muffled voice choke-full of shame, whispers, "Yes, Ma'am..."

Pretty soon we arrive at your house. Peng and Mrs. Jones are already there, dressed as the Karate Kid and the Devil, respectively. I thought it's kinda unfitting for Mrs. Jones as she seems to be a very kind lady usually, not at all "devilish". Little do I know...

The party is already underway, and there are many other people around in various costumes drinking, dancing, and having a good time. Most are your friends but you've also invited some regular customers of your store to come as well. Once inside Tammy, Jing, and Mei quickly parades their "handi-work" -- that is, me -- across the living room towards the back where you're entertaining guests. There are some curious glances but I think most people were fooled into believing I'm really a pretty asian girl. As you turn around to greet us you couldn't believe your own eyes. "Is that really you... Ling??" Shyly I nod my head to reaffirm you. "Wow you do look like a girl," you exclaim in excitement, then to my three escorts, "and you guys did a great job pulling this off!" You offer me your arm and take me to the dance floor for a dance and it's fun acting like your female dance partner.

After some fun activities we all sit down around a table having a good chat when an elderly couple stops by and says to you, "Great party, Mr. Brian. Thanks for inviting us. Say... we were wondering though, that recently there have been photos of some spanked asians being posted on your Shoplifters' Warning Board." They look around at me, Jing, Mei and Peng with immense interest and asks, "Could those be your photos?"

While deeply embarrassed, the four of us have no choice but to admit the truth. Then to my chagrin you tell them, "And guess what, this naughty girl is due another spanking right now." You stand up, grab my slim wrist in your strong grip and lead me towards the master bedroom -- right in front of a roomful of bemused guests! I'm absolutely mortified, because now they all know I'll soon end up bare-bottomed over you lap, getting spanked like a naughty girl that I am!

Thankfully you close the door behind you after leading me into your bedroom. There's already a straight-backed chair placed in the center. I'm soon unceremoniously turned over your knee in the classic skirts-up, panties-down, "bad girl" spanking position. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! CRACK! SLAAPPP!!! In quick succession you land a series of hard spanks to my quivering oriental ass. I reach back with my right hand trying to cover my exposed cheeks from your punishment, knowing full well that my girly arm will be easily pinned against my back by you -- and it is. Now I'm again helpless, my left hand gripping the chairleg to balance myself while my soft body is pinned over your lap as you continue to spank my jiggling ass flesh unfazed.

Even though you're only using your hand this time it feels unusually painful to me for some reason. Each swat is like hornet's sting to my galvanized nether cheeks, leaving large red palmprints on my previously lily-white skin one on top of another non-stop. You must be spanking me harder than usual. In between all that loud slapping noise I hear you say, "Just hand-spanking is quite enough to punish naughty asian girls like you, Ling!" So not only is my spanking more painful to endure this time, but my humiliation is even deeper as well because I'm really treated like a female shoplifter by you this time.

After some more agonizing hand spanking you pause to caress my ultra-feminine form demurely draped across your lap. I feel your eager hands roam freely across my silky skin and up and down my smooth thighs, providing me some much-needed, albeit temporary, relief. I think you like my sexy golden armband too as I feel you stop to play around with it a little while fondling my bare upper arm. I moan in unfettered pleasure from your tender touches. But it's only short-lived, and way too soon I'm once again kicking my long creamy legs up and down uncontrollably and tossing my long black hair back and forth like wild as you resume your rightful duty to teach me my lessons.

SMACK!! SMACK!! SMACK!! "Ouuuuch! Pleeeeese!!" SMACK!! SMACK!! SMACK!! "Eeeeeee!" SMACK!! SMACK!! SMACK!! "Awwwwweeiii! I'll be a good girl I promisssse!" SMACK!! SMACK!! SMACK!!

When this intense spanking is finally over I simply slump over your lap without any strength to get up. You let me lie there for a while to catch my breath. Then you help me get up and with wobbly legs I am led to the private study adjacent to your bedroom. Then comes the dreaded pronouncement, "Since you're dressed as a girl, you'll be fucked like a girl today." You have me lie down on my back over your desk with my butt hanging off the edge and my legs raised straight up resting on your broad shoulders while you stand behind facing me. In this position your now erect cock is at just the right height to penetrate me -- yet again. Since I'm still in my dress, heels, wig, and makeup I look very much like a girl about to be deflowered -- except with a soft little "cockette" sticking out from under my dress.

You spread my asscheeks open and lube my opening with some K-Y jelly. Then I feel your hot meat start to push against my tight sphincter ring. Knowing that resistance is futile I try to relax my hole to accept your entrance. Immediately I feel stuffed to the brink as your cockhead slips in after a hard push. "Ohhhhhh....." I coo. Your now familiar shaft beings to snake in inch-by-inch until eventually the entire length is embedded inside my body. Now your lower torso is pressed tightly against my butt and the back of my legs feel intimately jointed to your broad chest. And since I'm lying on my back you can now see my every facial expression -- the initial pain, the mental anguish, and the raw pleasure -- during each stage of your anal violation.

Having completed my impalement, you stay still for a bit as usual to let me get used to you. It seems no matter how many times you've already penetrated me before, each time you enter me again it still feels like you're too big to fit at the beginning. But my asshole always gets used to you in the end; in fact, my asshole always needs you in the end...

And then you start to fuck me, really fuck me. This time you're fucking me like the girl that I look like now. You pull out and plunge in with full powerful strokes, forcing me into sexual submission underneath you. You pound me mercilessly, driving in-and-out with gusto. I can see the muscles ripple on your body. My little "dickette" is now flopping around limply from all these vibrations. I feel very feminine now, like I'm truly a girl getting fucked as she should by a man.

Then I utter the most degrading things I've ever spoken -- and I can hardly believe they come from my mouth! "Ohhhhh yes fuck me, Brian... I'm your asian bitch now... fuck my tight asspussy...MMMMMMM..... I'll always be your asian ass-slut, yours to ravish anytime you wish.... ohhh yeeeeessssss... it's soooo big......."

I guess all these dirty talk has the effect of arousing me, and my little penis begins to stiffen. It's now swinging back and forth each time you slam into me, over and over. I can't believe now -- I -- look like those "shemales" that I like to watch on porn videos!

"Arrrrgggghhh! Oh Yeah Ling you're soooo tight! You're gonna get what you ask for, oh yeah oh yeah! You're gonna get FUCKED just like you want!" And with that you release a huge stream of load deep in me...

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