tagNonConsent/ReluctancePunishing the Maid

Punishing the Maid


This series is based off of one of the fantasy sessions my partner and I have engaged in with each other. This is her favorite one.


The maid, startled by the sudden outburst, quickly drops the items in her hand and stands upright. Patting herself down, she turns to face you and blushes. "Sorry. I...I go now," she stutters out, the Hispanic accent bleeding through her attempt at English.

"NO!" You shut the door behind you. "First you will tell me what you were doing. Then you will finish my room like you SHOULD have been doing." You take a step forward as you say this.

With the look of someone caught off guard, she stammers her way into an answer. "I...I...," her head goes down, "I clean room for you."

"It didn't look like you were cleaning to me." Stepping forward a few steps, you find yourself about ten feet from her. "What were you doing?"

"I will clean room." She turns around and walks towards the items she dropped. Grabbing the bed cover, she straightens it out, tossing a pillow towards the head of the bed. Walking around, she quickly does her best to make the bed look perfect.

As she does this, you glance at what she dropped. It looks like a pair of your silk panties, one of your stockings, and your best dildo. Shit, you must have left it out this morning. You look over at the maid. She looks a bit younger than the others. Maybe in her early 30's? Her features suggest a girl-next-door attractiveness to her, but her uniform prevents you from seeing what her body looks like. Heck, it covers everything except her lower arms and legs. As she is turned away from you, you move over to the items on the floor and grab them. The dildo seems to be inserted into the stocking, which wasn't how you used it last. It isn't wet, so you don't suspect it had been inserted yet.

The maid suddenly comes around the bed again, coming up to you. You grab her arm, stopping her before she walks past. You can almost feel the worry in her mind as she lowers her head. With her arm in one hand, you reach over with the dildo and rub it against her cheek. "You missed something," you add as she pulls her cheek away. You just pull her closer. Leaning in, you lower your voice to almost a whisper as your lips come close to her ears. "It's not nice to play with other people's stuff without asking." With a smile, you add, "Did you have something you'd like to ask?"

"I...I...I..." she hesitantly responds.

You pull her close to your body, leaning against her back. Still holding her arm, you reach around and rub the dildo against her cheek again, moving downwards to her neck. Her body shivers as you reach the top of her chest and move it back up her neck again.

"No stop," she manages to quietly gasp out as her breathing gets heavy. Her hands rest against her stomach. She tries to pull away again.

You run the dildo back up her cheek. Her head tries to pull away again, but only meets resistance as you let go of her arms and grab her chin. Pushing her face close to the dildo, you stick it against her lips. "Does that taste good?"

Her head shakes no. You can feel her jaw clenching shut. Moving your hand down from her chin to her neck, you pull her body close against yours, your breasts pushing against her back. Maneuvering yourself a bit, you push your legs between hers. Spreading her legs apart a few inches, she struggles again. Letting go of her neck, you quickly grab her shoulder before she can move away and bend her forward against the bed. Holding her down, you take the stocking covered dildo and lightly spank her. "You weren't doing your job." Spanking her with it again, you continue, "You aren't supposed to play with customer's things." You spank her a third time. "What were YOU doing?"

She finally manages to answer you, "I play with...with...thing." The fear is evident in her voice as she tries to answer you. Her body still struggles, but not as much.

"Do you like playing with toys?" you ask.

About a minute passes before she responds. "Yes," is all she is able to say. You are about to say something else when she speaks again, "I leave now?" Her whisper is barely loud enough to hear.

"Maids who play with customer's toys are bad girls. Bad girls should be punished." You spank her with the dildo again. With one hand holding her down, you reach forward with the dildo and press it against her face. Leaving it there, you reach for the zipper on the back of her uniform. Leaning forward, you lower your voice, "Bad girls should be punished." You grab the zipper and pull it down towards her lower back, exposing the back of her white bra. The zipper stops just above her ass. Grabbing the dildo, you run it down from her shoulders to her lower back, feeling her body shake as you do this.

Your legs are still between hers, spreading them wide apart. One hand still holds her down by the shoulder while you rub the dildo against her back. After a few strokes, you set the dildo aside again and bend forward, your own body almost pressed against hers. Her breathing picks up a bit as your body fully touches her. The years of yoga are paying off as you press your lips close to her neck. "Bad girls should be punished," is all you say as you grip the shoulders of her dress and pull them down around her upper arms. Her arms go tight as you cut off her movement. Her shoulders feel smooth as your rub your hands against them. "Have you been a bad girl?"

Nervously, you feel her breathing quicken further. As her head turns, the ponytail her hair is tied up in shifts from between her shoulders to her right shoulder. Her lips begin to move, but no sound comes out.

"I said, have you been a bad girl?" This time, your voice is a bit sharper.

"Yes," she manages to whisper out, just loud enough to hear.

Moving your legs, you quickly grab her body and roll her onto her back. Standing over her body, you grab the shoulders of her dress again and pull them down further. Her arms come out as the dress reaches her waist. Reaching under her, you grab the dress and pull it out from under her ass. With a final tug, the dress falls down her legs and onto the floor. The maid lays there, her arms quickly folding over her body, covering her simple white bra. The simplicity continues further down with a pair of white panties that, if any bigger, would look like granny panties. Gripping her thighs are a pair of white stockings that end with the sneakers she is wearing.

"What happens to bad girls?" Reaching down, you grab one of her legs and pull it up. She remains silent as you untie and remove her sneaker. Resting the leg on your shoulder, you grip the top of her stocking and begin to pull it off. You repeat yourself, "What happens to bad girls?" This time, her eyes widen just a bit, but she still remains silent. Setting the leg down, you put the stocking on your shoulder and repeat yourself with her other leg. Once again, you look at her and ask, a bit more forcefully, "What happens to bad girls?"

This time, she closes her eyes and remains silent. Once you set down her leg, you push your legs between hers again and reach for her wrists. With one in each hand, you pull her up so she is seated in front of you. "It's okay. We both know the answer. It isn't hard to say. PUN...ISHED." You sound it out for her like she can't speak English at all. Shifting her wrists to one hand, you grab a stocking and begin to tie her wrists together. This opens her eyes. "You're ready to join us again. What happens to bad girls?"

"Bad girl punished," she says, this time a bit quizzingly.

"Good. They are punished. And what did the bad girl do?" Laying her back down, you step back and push her back fully on the bed. Her legs rest in front of you. You grab her legs as she speaks again.

"Play with toy."

"Good. See, that wasn't so hard." With the second stocking, you bind her ankles together. Once tied, you lift them up to your face and lick a big toe. "Now, should I punish this bad girl?"

She looks at you for a bit before answering, watching your face as you proceed to suck on her big toe. Finally, she responds, "Bad girl play with toy. Punish bad girl?" Looking at you for a few seconds, her eyes begin to change. Here eyebrows rise with a look of innocence. "Please?"

Looking back at her, you gently set her legs down. Standing at the end of the bed, you remove your blazer to reveal an opaque blouse underneath. Still staring into the maid's eyes, you watch her eyes widen as her eyes travel below your face. Reaching down, you maintain your gaze as you unbutton and unzip your pants, letting them fall to the floor. Carefully lifting your short heels out of them, your blouse continues down between your legs, revealing itself as lingerie. Connected to the bottom of the now fully visible teddy are garters connecting to your stockings. Still looking at the maid, you see her eyes wander down your body, a barely perceptible grin forming on her lips.

Grabbing the dildo, you climb up onto the bed, moving closer to her. With one leg resting on her legs, you lay down beside her. With the dildo in hand, you hold it to her mouth. She apprehensively opens it and reaches her head up to lick the tip. A few licks around the head and she reaches further and takes it into her mouth, moving her head up and down as she sucks on it. From the look in her eyes, you can't tell if she is doing it because she wants to or because she is scared about what you might do if she doesn't. Either way, she slowly coats the dildo in a layer of saliva.

Within only a few minutes, it has a shine to it from the work she has done. Pulling it out of her mouth, you use your leg to help push her legs open as you slide it down against her body. You can feel the fear induced quivering against your own body as you pull it down to her panties. Rubbing it against the outside of her panties causes her to react with a small spasm. You carefully pull the crotch of her panties aside and run the dildo against her bare skin. It rubs against the folds of skin that form her vagina. After a few strokes, you push the head against the lips and push. Her body clearly reacts to that, but again you are unable to tell if it is from fear or desire, or maybe both.

Leaning your head closer to her, you reach for her earlobe with your lips. Carefully, you use your lips to nibble on her ear before kissing her neck. "What happens to bad girls?" you whisper into her ear.

Her reaction is delayed as you lightly push the dildo against her, then stroke it back and forth, up and down. Finally, just as you are about to ask again, she manages to speak.

"I am bad girl," she slowly whispers. "Punish bad girl."

"You have been a bad girl," is all you say before you slowly push the dildo inside. The head pops inside and her body bucks. Gently pushing it in further, she settles back down and begins to accept the feeling of having it inside. Pulling it back out, she lets out a gasp. "It looks like the toy needs help. The bad girl needs to clean the toy." As you bring the toy back up to her mouth, you clearly see a look of confusion. "Open up," is all you say as you reach her mouth.

Without hesitation, you watch as the maid proceeds to lick the dildo clean, even opening her mouth wide so you can insert the head. Her eyes shut as she runs her tongue along the side of the dildo. After a few minutes of this, you quickly move it back down and reinsert it. This time, you begin to slide it in and out, going slowly at first, but speeding up when she begins to let out some moans. Getting into a regular rhythm, you look away from what you are doing and watch her face. Sliding some of her hair out of the way, you smile as you see her eyes are shut, her bottom lip sucked into her mouth. Her nostrils flair as she takes deep breaths. Pushing the dildo in all the way, her head arches back. You jiggle it around a bit inside before pulling it out. "Clean this off," you say, holding it up to her face. As she grabs hold and licks it clean you, you pull her panties off. Tossing them to the floor, you slowly run your fingers up her body. Up her thighs. Across her belly. Between her breasts. Slowly up her neck and chin. As you reach her mouth, you pull the dildo out and carefully pry her mouth open, sliding your fingers inside. They are greeted with a tongue that cleans them off. After a few seconds of this, you pull your finger out. Her eyes open as she turns her head to look at you, a look of confusion on her face.

"Does the bad girl have a question?"

She looks at you and thinks just a bit, then slowly asks, "Punishment done?"

This causes you to laugh. "No, punishment is not done. But we don't want you to forget about your job do we?" You get up and climb off the bed. Watching you closely, she lays there tied up on the bed. Walking over to your suitcase, you grab a pair of pantyhose that matches the stockings she was wearing, then dig around a bit. Finally, you find what you are looking for and walk back over to her. Laying them beside her, you continue, "You need to go back to work, but your punishment will continue." Grabbing her bound ankles, you begin to untie the stocking. When that is done, you reach for her wrists and pull her forward before to the edge of the bed. She holds her wrists up so that you can untie them as well. "Are you trying to be a good girl?"

She gives you an innocent look and responds, "Good girl not punished."

"But you aren't a good girl. You are a bad girl. Bad girls need to be punished." You grab the special panties you dug around for and help her put them on. Once they are up, they have to be repositioned. Finally, you get it set right. "Feel that pressure," you say as you push them up against her body. She nods in affirmation. "Well, you are going to feel a bit more while you get back to work." You find the small dial on the outside, barely the thickness of a dime, and slowly turn it. It clicks as it turns on. Started, the maid reacts as you set it to a low setting. A gently throbbing begins against her clit.

"Sit down." She follows your directions quickly. The pressure gently pushes against the vibrating panties and you can see her squirm just a bit in response. You grab the pantyhose and roll up one of the legs. She lifts a leg up to help you put them on her. You slowly slide them up the length of her leg. Reaching her thigh, you roll up the other side and help her get her other leg inside. Once both legs are up to her thigh, she stands up and rests her hands on your shoulders as you help her get them all the way up. Without prompting, she bends over and begins to fix any loose spots and folds. Once she finishes, she looks at you for instructions. "Get dressed."

Quickly, she begins to get her dress back on, then her shoes. Once done, she begins to walk towards the door.

"Wait just a second bad girl." She stops as you speak. "How much longer before you go home?"

"Go home at nine." That is just under three hours away.

"Bad girl will come back here at seven o'clock for punishment. Then bad girl come back at eight o'clock for punishment. Then bad girl come back at nine o'clock for punishment. Bad girl will go home when punishment is done. If bad girl doesn't come back for punishment when told, punishment will be worse and I will tell the manager what you have done." Her eyes go from a mixed look of concern and lust to downright fear at the mention of her manager. She obviously doesn't want to look her job.

"Bad girl will come," she manages to say, a slightly quiver in her voice.

You smile, "Oh yes, bad girl will cum. Go back to work, and that," you point to the panties she is wearing, "better still be there and working when you come back."

"Yes mam." With that, she opens the door and pushes her cart back out.

A few seconds later, you follow and place a Do Not Disturb sign on the door. Turning back to your room, you go through your suitcase. There isn't much else besides work clothes and lounging clothes in there. The dildo she was playing with is the only other toy you brought with you. It will be slightly uncomfortable for her, but the constant movement will also keep her horny for the next hour. Looking at your watch, you have about fifty-three minutes left before the maid returns. You throw a pair of pants and a t-shirt on over your outfit and grab your purse and keys. It's time to go shopping and you saw an adult store about two blocks away.

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