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Keith O'Brien sat back in the easy chair in his luxury apartment and sent his mind out into the city to search for his next bed mate. He was able to see and hear anybody he wanted to, no matter where she might be in the world, but he was practical enough to just search in the radius of a few blocks. There were plenty of women available, and some of them were real beauties. He could just as easily have ensnared the mind of a sexy woman thousands of miles away, but the logistics involved in getting her to his apartment would have been much too complicated. In addition, it would have taken days or weeks, and required unusually lengthy control, and he wanted to fuck a hot woman that afternoon.

In a few minutes, as Keith always did, he found a partner who was eminently suitable. This time she was an African-American woman, a few days past her eighteenth birthday, almost six feet tall, with large, completely natural breasts and a curvaceous ass encased in tight blue jeans. Keith always preferred women of that body type, especially those as young as this prospect. Her flesh would be firm, yet warm and vibrant under his hands and mouth and body, and her skin would be soft and smooth. The color of that skin was of no consequence, nor were the details of her facial features or hair, as long as she was a genuine beauty.

He probed her mind and found nothing that he would consider to be a negative. She was not a virgin, which would have meant a messy deflowering, something he always avoided. The young woman, whose name was Cassandra and whose friends called her Cassie, was not particularly expected anywhere for the next few hours, so her absence for that time would not be noteworthy. Probing more deeply, Keith found her to be free from AIDS or any kind of sexually transmitted disease, and that she was on the pill. Those last facts were of importance to him, because his idea of safe sex was choosing partners who would neither get pregnant nor infect him with AIDS or some kind of STD. Since he had his choice of an almost infinite number of hotties, he could afford to select one who met his criteria.

The young African-American was perfect in every respect, so Keith exercised his unique mental powers, beginning with blocking her sexual inhibitions. This would induce her to give in to her carnal desires, with no consideration as to commitments or possible consequences. With that done, he implanted in her mind an urgent desire to walk to his apartment and surrender herself to him, to do with as he pleased. For that afternoon, she would know his name was Keith, but her memories of the time spent with him would be erased after she left. Once he had established his control and placed in her mind the desire, which was so intense as to actually be a necessity, along with the necessary information, Cassandra turned around and started walking toward his building. He was eager to get her there, but not so eager as to have her attract undue attention by running or walking too rapidly down the street. A nice, brisk pace was good enough.

Keith continued controlling her mind with his. The sexy young woman would already come directly to his apartment and ring his buzzer, and there was no need for any further guidance of her, but he wanted to be able to take precautions in case she encountered anybody along the way. Some acquaintances of hers might want to stop and chat, and he wanted to be able to prevent that and cause those people to forget about seeing her. Such precautions would just require a small part of the mind control he was able to use, and would make things easier for him to have his way with the sex partner he had selected. Keith believed in always having fun and being careful to prevent any kind of problem from arising.

A few minutes later, looking through her eyes, he saw her reaching out to ring his doorbell, and went to the buzzer to let her in. The elevator to be used, an express to his floor, was already implanted in her brain, and Keith was waiting at the door when Cassandra exited the cab and walked over to meet him. After securing the door, he embraced her, and they shared a long kiss, with their tongues mingling.

"Hi, Cassie," he greeted her more conventionally after they had disengaged their mouths.

"Hi, Keith," she responded, and sat down to remove her shoes and bobby socks.

On that occasion, he was not interested in some kind of master-slave scenario with her, although sometimes that was his preference. At other times he would capture the minds of a couple, either straight or lesbian, and bring them in to put on a show for him, joining in on the fun when he felt the urge to do so. On that day, though, he and Cassie would spend their time together doing things in his bed that any boy friend and girl friend might do, although he would be the one to decide what they would be.

After strolling into his bedroom, the first of those things was running his hands over Cassandra's luscious form, and letting them cup the globes of her ass while she was still clad in her blouse and blue jeans. The second thing he did was to unfasten her pants and bend over to push them down around her ankles. After straightening back up, he caressed her sumptuous, brown body in those same places, but this time he reached his hands inside her cotton panties while doing it, before kneeling in front of her and pulling the undergarment down to the floor. He held it there while she pulled her feet clear of her clothing.

Keith unbuttoned Cassie's light linen blouse and stepped behind her to remove it and toss it onto the bed and to unhook her bra. He stayed behind her and pulled that last article of clothing away and deposited it on top of the blouse. With her voluptuous body completely bare, he reached around to fondle Cassie's succulent breasts. They were large, as he already knew, and firm and, when he reached his index fingers up to fondle her nipples, they were starting to become erect. He was elated at this evidence of her growing arousal. Keith is well aware that sex is better for everybody involved when they all have fun, so the ideas he had implanted in her mind were to enjoy the sexual activities they would share that day.

Standing naked in front of him, Cassie unbuttoned Keith's shirt and added it to the pile of her clothing on the bed. He sat down, and she knelt on the floor in front of him and started to unfasten his pants. He doesn't usually know exactly what course his sexual activities will follow until after the woman is in his apartment, and that day was no exception. After the first kiss he shared with her, Keith decided to start with having Cassie suck him off. Her tongue in his mouth had been aggressively active, and he believed it would feel even better when it was caressing his cock. His mind took over hers again, to give her an irresistible desire to give him the best blow job she could.

After removing his shoes and socks and pulling Keith's pants all the way down and off, Cassie did the same for his underwear, leaving him as naked as herself. She leaned forward and started trying to lick his balls. Liking her idea, he scooted forward on the bed so his ass was right at the edge, and leaned back, allowing her to lick any of his private parts she wanted. What Cassie wanted was to start right in front of his asshole, and to lick his crotch up to the base of his balls. Her tongue was muscular and agile and, as she avidly used it to pleasure him, Keith was happy about his decision to have their sexual activities begin by her sucking him off.

He got even happier when she canted her head and started to lick along the base of his balls, while one hand pressed his erection against her soft face. After licking around and up to the base of his cock, Cassie started back the other way. This time, she held his cock in her other hand, and pressed it against her other smooth, light brown cheek, while her tongue was caressing him. All the time, while her tongue and hands were busy, she was looking up adoringly at Keith with her big, liquid brown eyes. From using her tongue all around his scrotum, Cassie progressed to licking the underside, taking one testicle at a time, holding it between her lips and caressing it with her tongue. His entire ball sack was wet with her saliva by the time the beautiful young woman got to the point of licking his cock.

Slowly, the way she correctly believed Keith would like, Cassie stroked the underside of his shaft with her tongue. She had an overpowering need to give him the best blow job she could and, from the way he was sighing and encouraging her, she knew she was succeeding. Once her avid tongue reached the ridge, she licked all around it, including probing the tip of her tongue into the slit. At that point, the naked young woman leaned back against her heels, her luscious breasts jutting.

"Keith, you have a wonderful cock, and I'm going to give you the best blow job you've ever had," Cassie told him, a happy smile on her face.

"I know you are, and I'm really going to enjoy it. So are you." Keith had no doubt at all that he was correct on both counts.

Supporting herself with her forearms on his thighs, she leaned forward and lowered her face until it was inches from the head of Keith's cock. Delicately holding the shaft in the fingers of one hand, she started licking in concentric circles, covering the velvety skin many times over. Cassie reveled in the velvety texture that her tongue was caressing, and continued going lower, until she had once again licked all around the underside of the ridge of Keith's cock. Opening her mouth wide and slowly lowering her head, she enveloped most of the hard cylinder. While it surged between her lips and in deeper, her tongue caressed the hard shaft. Thanks to the control Keith had over her mind, Cassie really loved the way the skin felt, smooth and stretched tightly over the hard roundness. He loved the things her lips and tongue were doing for him, and the way the beautiful young woman continued to gaze lovingly up at him.

She didn't know the technique for giving deep throat, and Keith didn't know how to induce her to do it, so he let her stop engulfing his cock when the tip was against the back of her throat. She stayed in that position for a few seconds, laving his shaft with her tongue, until she started to raise her head again. Cassie stopped with the head of Keith's cock held gently between her lips and licked all the way around and back to the slit. After a few seconds of pleasing him that way, she lowered her head again, her tongue busy on his shaft, until the end was once again pressing against the back of her mouth.

Still leaning on his thighs and not touching him with her hands, Cassie continued slowly sucking the rigid cock in and out of her mouth. Keith could feel his pleasure mounting from her skillful ministrations, and he was squirming on the bed from its intensity. Everything about what was happening to him was good, from watching his cock sliding in and out of her pretty brown face, to hearing her murmurs of pleasure from the fun she was having, to the way she continued to worship him with her eyes. The best part, of course, was what Cassie's lips and tongue were doing for his cock, and that was what finally had him on the verge of climaxing.

"I'm going to cum, Cassie," he told her. "I'm going to cum into your mouth. Be sure you swallow it."

She didn't respond, her mouth being otherwise occupied, but Cassie did tighten her lips around the cock that was giving her mouth so much pleasure, and started sucking it faster. It wasn't necessary for the man to tell her to swallow his cum, because she considered that, or squirting it onto her face if he preferred, to be part of "the best blow job" that she had promised him.

As he watched and felt his cock going faster in and out of the lovely young woman's mouth, Keith writhed in pleasure. Wanting to let her finish without impulsively grabbing her head, he slipped his hands under his back, and let Cassie continue with what she was doing so well. With every stroke of her lips, he felt a volcano of pleasure bubbling up inside his body, concentrating in his groin, and he knew the eruption was seconds away.

Cassie knew it too, because she could feel his cock jerking in her mouth, and she bobbed her head even faster, keeping her tongue in position to catch his cum. When Keith gave a great sigh of pure bliss, she felt it gush into her mouth, covering her tongue, and she savored its taste. Cassie kept sucking, because she expected at least one more spurt of semen, and she was right. Keith rewarded her efforts by ejaculating into her mouth twice more. Cassie continued sucking his cock for another minute but, when no more cum was forthcoming, she took it out of her mouth to fully relish all the semen he had served to her. She continued swirling the viscous fluid around in mouth to fully enjoy the taste and texture, before letting it slide down her throat.

There was still more left on his cock, so Cassie took it back into her mouth, and let her tongue sluice it off, once again relishing the flavor. When she had cleaned off most of the cum, she took the cock out of her mouth and licked its side and top with long strokes of her tongue, being careful to get everything from around the ridge. A drop oozed out onto her tongue, and she knew there were more just like it still inside. Cassie placed a thumb at the underside of the base, right in front of Keith's scrotum, and put her fingers on the opposite side. Slowly, she moved her hand forward, squeezing everything out onto her tongue, until her hand had reached the end. She drew her pleasantly covered tongue back into her mouth to let her taste buds get the full benefit of the cum she had collected, before enjoying the way it slid down her throat.

Cassie leaned back on her heels again, smiling up at the man who had just allowed her to suck him off. "That was wonderful, Keith. I really loved sucking you off, and your cum is delicious."

"I'm glad you liked it, Cassie. I liked it too. I liked it so much that I'm going to do the same thing for you. Just get up here on the bed and lie on your back." He moved over to the side and out of her way to let her get comfortable.

She eagerly did as he requested. Cassie had a sudden great need to have her pussy eaten by the man she had just sucked off, just as giving him oral sex had been something she had to do. The voluptuous young woman was really enjoying the fun she was having with him that day. Following his directions, she put one pillow under her head and another under her ass, although she wasn't sure what the second one was for. When Keith came over to kneel beside her, she smiled at him, hoping he would enjoy himself. She was certain she would, and his pleasure would make it much better for her.

He expected to have a great time with her, because Cassandra had a wonderfully lush, young body, and he intended for her to have fun too, and reach at least one orgasm. The first times he used his mental control power for carnal purposes, he took over the woman's mind and ordered her to do what he wanted. It had been the okay, but she just lay there, almost without moving, and seemed to receive no more pleasure than a rubber sex doll would have. Since that beginning, Keith had perfected his technique, and he only controlled her emotions and took away her inhibitions, at least for the time they were together. It worked much better that way, because the women he brought up to his apartment had fun too, and the result was that everything they did together so much better for him.

That day's beautiful sex partner lay expectantly on his bed, and she didn't have to wait very long. Keith was at her side and leaned over to begin licking one of her dark brown nipples. Cassie cupped her luscious breasts in her hands to better present them to him, and his tongue began slowly caressing the nearest one. She took great pleasure in his actions, and started cooing happily and squirming under his face from Keith's ministrations. When he switched to the other nipple, that one felt just as good to his tongue, and it felt just as good to Cassie too.

Back and forth between her lovely breasts he switched his attentions. The nipples became fully erect, and Keith could even feel the individual hard ridges on them. Her cooing was louder, and she was writhing on the bed under his face when he drew one of the luscious, light chocolate globes into his mouth. His lips formed a seal on the soft skin of Cassie's breast, and Keith sucked, while his tongue continued to lick her nipple and areola. When he switched his attentions to its delightful twin, her movements on the bed thrust it up into his mouth, and he sucked and licked the same way. For almost half an hour, he switched his mouth back and forth between the succulent orbs, until she wanted him to go lower

"Ooooo, Keith, I really love what you're doing, but my pussy really, really needs it more."

Keith hadn't made her say that, but he had removed any inhibitions that Cassie might have had against saying what she felt, so he knew she truly wanted him to eat her pussy. He wanted it too, at least as much as she did, so he got off the bed and got back on to creep up between her legs. Eagerly, she spread them wider and, when he ducked his head, she draped them over his shoulders. Keith wrapped his hands around her thighs and leaned forward, placing his face inches from her delectable pussy.

When eating a pussy, Keith always likes to enjoy every aspect of it, and that day was no exception. First, he gazed raptly on its beauty. Evidently, Cassie had shaved herself there within the last day or two, because the surrounding tan skin was smooth and hairless, making her even more alluring. Her inner lips, resembling a pair of dusky rose petals, had pushed their way through her slit and, when he used his fingers to gently spread her outer lips apart, he gazed on her wet, pink hole.

That hole, he knew, was the source of the juices that made it shiny, and had such a delightful aroma. When he spread Cassie's lips, a great cloud of her fragrance arose to immensely please his nostrils. Avidly, he leaned forward and started to lick up the juices that were running down her crotch. As delightful as the scent of Cassie's juices had been, they were even more delicious. His tongue harvested everything from the insides of her thighs and her belly, and Keith prepared to enjoy the very best part of eating a delectable pussy such as the one before him.

As marvelous as she had been to his senses of sight, smell and taste, he knew that her pussy would be even more of a treat to his sense of touch. Keith started licking one of her soft outer lips, reveling in the feel of her smooth skin against his tongue, like a warm satin pillow. Slowly, covering the whole area, his tongue meandered all the way to Cassie's mons, before returning to devour all the fresh nectar that had just been produced. It was no less delicious than the first juices her pussy had secreted.

After licking her other outer lip the same way, and devouring another fresh pool of ambrosia, Keith's tongue started caressing between a pair of inner and outer labia. Starting below where they met and relishing that ultra-smooth and soft area, he stroked upward until he reached the point where they became close together. Keith bent his head slightly, to be able to thrust the flat of his tongue into the seam between the lips, getting the full benefit of both at the same time. From the caressing of this very sensitive part of her pussy, Cassie was cooing happily, pleasing Keith's ears. Eating a pussy, especially one as delectable as the one under his face, was a delight to all his senses.

But, most of all, the silky texture brought intense pleasure to his sense of touch. While his mouth nuzzled against the soft surface, his tongue probed between the slick, wet skin of her outer lip and her spongy inner lip. Having her pussy eaten was a delight to Cassie too and, from her mounting arousal, she was starting to hump up into his face, bringing even more joy to Keith. His avid tongue continued slowly stroking upward until he reached the end of her inner lip.

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