tagNonConsent/ReluctancePure Bliss Ch. 08

Pure Bliss Ch. 08


"Damn baby you are a pro. You are a lucky man my friend." He said looking over at Chance with a huge grin as if they were old friends. Chance looked stricken and pale. His bleeding hadn't stopped. "I bet she is dynamite in bed huh?" Sam asked. He glanced at me and then shouted. "Don't you dare throw that up I'll make you swallow more!" I struggled not to puke. He watched me for a few minutes confident that I would do as he said he turned back to Chance.

"Can I fuck her?" He asked. Chance glared at him with as much hatred as he could muster up and shook his head. Sam frowned at him.

"I fucked your baby sister. Several times she loves being smacked around. Did you know that?" Sam asked. Chance looked at Nathan she refused to meet his eyes. "Want to watch me fuck her? She loves an audience. Don't you Nathan? And multiple partners."

"Don't." Chance croaked. "Leave her alone." Sam put a foot on Chance's chest above his bullet wound. Chance winced.

"I'll shove a stick through her and spin her around until she catches fire for your viewing pleasure." He threatened. Nathan looked up sharply.

"Knock it off Sam! He needs a doctor."

"Shut up Nathan. Don't start playing hero just yet." Sam turned to me.

"Did that taste good baby?" He asked softly.

"It was disgusting and vile. Don't call me baby you worm!"

"I'm almost positive I'm bigger than a worm Piper."

"Hardly." I spat. He chuckled.

"You liked it. I saw it in your eyes." He said nodding. I shook my head and spit again.

"Back to business enough 'fucking' around." He looked pointedly at me and flashed me a huge smile. I flipped him the bird. "Maybe later baby girl." He said sweetly. I looked away.

"Nathan you have the tapes?" He asked. Nathan nodded and patted her purse. He held out his hand.

"Give them to me. Now." He said harshly. She looked at me and Chance and then walked across the floor to him she opened her purse and pulled several cassettes out handing them to him one by one. I looked at them in confusion. Tapes? Who even owned a stereo with a tape deck? I wondered. And what would someone put on them? Sam smiled at Nathan and handed the tapes to Shane. He continued to maintain his smile for a minute then his face contorted in rage.

"You stupid bitch those aren't my tapes." He punched her in the face so hard she fell backwards with a crash. She cried out and covered her mouth and nose as blood spurted between her fingertips. She looked up at Sam in shock. He stood over her breathing hard in rage.

"Those are the tapes I took." Nathan mumbled miserably.

"Lying bitch they are not. Give me the fucking tapes or I'll blow your head off." Sam screamed pulling the gun from his waistband he unlocked the safety and pointed it at Nathan's head. She didn't look up. She stared blankly at the floor. Sam cocked the gun and put it against her head glaring down at her. She still refused to look up at him.

"Sam stop it leave her alone." Shane said so softly I barely heard him. Sam spun around and pointed the gun at Shane.

"Shut the fuck up or you can join her." Shane clammed up and sat down so fast I almost wondered if I had imagined it. Sam turned back to Nathan.

"You have five minutes to produce the tapes I want. Where are they?"

"I don't know." Nathan said quickly. Too quickly. I didn't even believe her. Sam raised an eyebrow.

"Nathan. I know when you're lying. You and I both know this. Why are you lying?" Sam asked. Nathan finally raised her head and met his eyes. He rolled his eyes and looked at her hatefully.

"This isn't how you get what you want Sam. You have no power over me." She snapped. He lowered the gun and looked at her curiously.

"No power huh? No power?" He demanded his eyes flashing his rage. He swung the gun at her catching her in the mouth. She didn't cry out this time or look down. He bent down and covered her mouth with his licking the blood off her mouth and raising her to her feet. She kissed him back eagerly despite how cruel he was being. I glared up at her she didn't seem to notice. She kissed his mouth, his cheek and his neck. He bit her hard enough to leave a mark. She moaned. I looked away in disgust. Chance made a protesting sound in his throat. Sam sat down and pulled her into his lap trailing his mouth down her throat to the base of her shirt and then he paused and looked down as if confused. He unbuttoned her shirt all the way and stared at her bra.

"Take it off." He snapped angrily jerking her hair and biting her neck as hard as he could. She cried out and undid her bra. Her breasts spilled out he enveloped one in his mouth and started to suck until she moaned. Then he moved to the next one. She cradled his head and held him closer to her nipple. He bit down on it.

"Hey!" she cried jerking his head back by his hair. He spun her around and shoved her down on all fours ripping off her pants as he did. She sat there on all fours exposed completely. Shane looked up and quickly looked away his face beet red. Sam quickly took his clothes off and dropped down on his knees behind her teasing her with the tip of his cock before shoving it all the way into her ass. She cried out in pain and jerked forward. He held her in place and started thrusting in and out she tried to escape for a few more seconds and then moaned and started thrusting back against him urging him to fuck her harder. I looked down at Chance his face contorted with rage and he struggled to sit up. The sounds of their breathing and moaning filled the small cabin.

"Are you gonna cum baby? All over my cock? Hmm cum for me baby come on." Sam urged breathlessly. Nathan cried out again and again he leaned all the way forward and reached around her with both hands rubbing her tits and clit at the same time until she was practically screaming from pleasure. He bit her neck and rocked harder into her.

"Come on baby Cum. You know you want to." He whispered. He stopped moving in and out of her ass for a second. She moaned in protest.

"Why'd you stop?" She asked softly. He grinned and held her hips pulling himself out of her.

"You want it? Do it yourself. Fuck my dick baby." He commanded. She turned her head slightly and looked at him in disbelief. He let go of her hips and stroked his cock staring down at her with a smirk on his face. She swallowed a few times looking extremely hurt and then pushed his hands from his cock and guided it into her and then she started rocking back and forth up and down the length of his shaft. She gasped and moaned louder than she had before and Sam grinned with satisfaction as liquid pooled out of her onto the floor.

"Oh god! Sam!" She screamed. He continued to smile and then took over fucking her as hard as he could. Baring his teeth he groaned and fell over her. The both collapsed on the floor panting. Nathan closed her eyes. Sam pulled out of her again and looked at me when he guided her mouth to his cock. He watched me the whole time she sucked him off. Staring at me like I was the one doing it. He smiled at me and busted his third load into her mouth. She swallowed it greedily and looked up at him. He looked down at her and stroked her hair.

"Good girl. Go suck off Shane now." He commanded. Nathan nodded and looked at Shane. He dropped his pants and she started sucking him off as well. Swallowing his load just as greedily. Sam looked at me again and gestured for me to come to him. I shook my head. He stood up and grabbed his clothes coming to me instead.

"Dress me." He said. I shakily dressed him and then looked down humiliated by Nathan's actions. Shane pulled his pants back up and sat down grinning. Sam looked down at Chance.

"Your precious sister is a whore my friend." He said matter-of-factly. Chance looked down in utter defeat.

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