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Purple Rain

byDG Hear©

Note from Jake Rivers:

This is my seventh semi-annual "invitational." The initial one was based on the Statler Brother's song, "This Bed of Rose's." The most recent invitational included songs written or performed by Willie Nelson. The current effort consists of stories based on song titles that have a weather term in them, such as "Stormy Weather, "Foggy Mountain Top," "Dusty Skies", "Heat Wave", "Summertime Blues," and "Ballad of Thunder Road."

Regards, Jake

This is a combination invitational and holiday contest submission, based on 'Purple Rain' by Prince.

It's true that rain can take many forms (drizzle, downpour, even acid rain), but it has never been purple. Maybe this impossible phenomenon relates to the lyrics in this song, where a man acknowledges the mistakes he made in his marriage and his life.

I hope you enjoy my story and the others in both the invitational and the holiday contest. A big thank you to my editor, Mistress Lynn, for making it a much better read.

DG Hear


Marci was a bridesmaid at my sister Jane's wedding. Soon after she graduated from college, Jane met Jim. As one of the groomsmen, I found myself paired up with Marci, and we hit it off right from the start. She was a year older than me, but at nineteen, I didn't think it was a big thing.

Though she wasn't what you call beautiful or sexy, Marcy was nice looking. Her parents kept her on a pretty tight rope since she still lived at home. She was the oldest in the family. Her three siblings were all boys. Because she spent a lot of her time helping with the household chores, she never dated in high school, only going out in groups of friends to dances and sports events. While attending the local college, she met my sister.

I didn't realize it the first couple of dates, but she told her parents she was going over my sister's house. I thought it odd meeting her there, but when I finally asked her about it, she told me she didn't want the hassle with her parents about going out with me.

On the third date I picked her up at her house. She had a talk with her parents about being old enough to make her own choices. We went to the movies and did some heavy petting on the way home.

It wasn't till two dates later that we had sex. It all happened on a Saturday afternoon. We went to the movies again, and I spilled nacho cheese on my pants. Since we were going out to eat after the movie, we stopped by my house so I could change clothes.

My parents were gone for the day, so we had the house to ourselves. We started necking, and things began to get very hot. Taking her by the hand, we walked into my room. She was very nervous but willing. Then I saw her breasts; they were beautiful.

After unfastening her bra, I began to rub and squeeze them. We were sitting on the bed at the time, and she had her hands wrapped around my head pulling it against her. I was sucking on them like a newborn baby. Her nipples became very hard, so I could tell she was getting as turned on as I was. I slid my hand down over her shorts onto her mound.

Soon I unbuttoned her shorts so I could slide my hand inside her panties. She was already wet when I started fingering her. Damn, she was hot. With her panties and my own shorts off, I placed my cock at the entrance of her pussy. It was so pink and glistening with her juices.

"Barry, I'm not on any kind of birth control. Do you have a condom?"

"No, but I promise to pull out. Please, I want you so bad."

I didn't wait for an answer as I started to push into her pussy. She screamed out, and that's when I realized I had taken her virginity.

"Just stop for a second Barry. Give me a chance to adjust to this. I've never done it before."

I held back for a few seconds and then started pushing in slowly. God, she felt so good. I wanted to pump hard and fast but I didn't want to hurt her in any way so I kept going in and out very slowly.

"Marci, it's my first time too. I didn't realize how good it would be."

Pumping faster, I lifted her legs up to my shoulders. I had never felt anything so damn good. I wanted it to last forever but knew it would just be for a few short minutes. But it sure beat the hell out of masturbating.

I heard Marci scream out as her pussy squeezed my cock. Feeling her orgasm, I knew I was going to come also. When I felt the first cum shoot out of my cock, I remembered I was suppose to pull out. I finished coming on Marci's mound and tummy.

"Did you pull out in time?" she asked.

"Yes, it was close but I'm sure I did." I lied; I knew the first shot went inside her. "Marci, it felt so good. Could you go on the pill?"

"I don't want my parents to know I'm making love. Can you use a condom from now on?"

"Marci! You're almost twenty-one; you should be able to do what you want."

"Please Barry, not yet. I love my parents and don't want them thinking I'm having sex. I know it's stupid to most people, but that's the way I feel. I want to finish school and be out on my own before taking the pill."

"Okay, anything to be with you. I'll buy a few dozen packages of condoms just to be with you. I've never felt anything so good."

For the next couple of months, we used condoms every time.


My dad was a truck driver. He used to go all over the United States, but now he just drove locally so he could be home most evenings. When I graduated from high school, he got me a job at the same company. I was mostly a loader but I also learned to drive and back-up the trucks to the dock.

I studied for a CDL license so when I was old enough I could take the test and drive the big rigs. Though I made pretty good money on the docks, I could do better driving the rigs.

Things were going pretty good for me till one day I got that 'Oh Shit' call from Marci.

"Barry, I just went to the doctor and she told me I'm pregnant. What are we going to do?" She was crying as she spoke.

It was like someone hit me over the head with a mallet. Marci was going to have a baby. To the best of my knowledge it was mine. I had taken her virginity just two months earlier. We used condoms all but the first time. I was so confused right then. I wouldn't be twenty for a couple of months. I was just too damn young to get married and raise kids.

I wanted time to enjoy my life and fuck a lot of women. What was I going to do? Later I got a call from my sister Jane.

"Barry, I just talked to Marci. What's going on?"

"She's pregnant."

"I know she's pregnant. Are you going to ask her to marry you? You know she has always loved you and you're the only guy she's ever been with."

"My god, does she tell you everything?"

"Take it easy, Barry. I told you we're best friends. There aren't a lot of people she can talk to right now about her situation. She knows she has to tell her parents soon, and that's why I was wondering what you were thinking. Mom and dad aren't going to be the happiest couple either."

She was silent for a few seconds before speaking again. "Do you love her Barry?"

"I think so. It's just that I never thought I'd be getting married and having a kid so soon in my life. I guess I had planned on playing the field for a while."

"You know it's not going to be easy for Marci either. I'm sure she wasn't planning to have a kid so soon either. I just hope you make the right decision, for both you and Marci. She's a great catch."

"I know Sis, but it would sure change my life."

I called Marci back and she cried when I mentioned we would get married. She really was a wonderful person; I was just not mature enough at the time.

Her parents were not really happy with me, but were at least glad I took the responsibility for the pregnancy. I don't think I was ever on their good side. They treated me nice but there was never any closeness between us. Marci always said they would get to love me as much as she did in time.

We were married the following month in a small church wedding, and had a reception in the community hall. It was nice though only our families attended. We didn't have time for a honeymoon but spent a nice night in the motel. I had to be back to work on Monday and Marci had classes.

Working in the trucking yard, I made enough to support us but not much more. Marci's parents helped up by paying for the rest of her education. She was in her last semester and would graduate with a degree in social work.

We lived in an apartment for a few months. It was good enough for us but we knew it wasn't big enough for a family. We were happy and made love all the time we were together. I guess it was our young hormones kicking in.

I came home from work one evening and found Marci sitting at the table drinking a glass of tea. She went to the fridge and opened a beer for me. I wasn't old enough but I worked hard and promised Marci I wouldn't drink more than two a night.

"Sit down Barry. I have something to tell you."

"Are you all right? Is the baby okay? What is it Marci?" I was concerned, because I knew she had a doctor's appointment that morning.

"I'm pregnant..."

"Like I can't see that," I said as I smiled at her.

"We are having twins."

"What! Are you sure?" I wanted to put on a happy face for Marci's sake but I was scared shitless.

"Yes, the doctor confirmed two heartbeats today. It's a bit scary; I wasn't sure how I would do with one baby and now we're having two."

"Everything will be all right."

We went over and told her folks. Her dad gave me a dirty look, but her mom said she would do what she could to help us out. We then went to my parent's house. Dad was a pretty straight shooter, and I felt better talking to him.

"Well son. Everything will work out; it always does. Your mother and I are here for you and will help whenever you need it."

Mom went over and hugged Marci. She treated her like she was her own daughter. "Marci, I'll help you all I can. I don't work so if you need me to help watch the babies, just let me know."

About a month before the babies were born, Marci's parents came to the apartment to see us. They said they found a nice home not far from where we lived. Since Marci was now twenty-one, they would co-sign for us and even give us enough for a small down payment.

To me it was like accepting charity from her parents, but Marci was happy. We would need a bigger place after the kids were born. The house payment wasn't much more than our rent, but we knew there would be extra costs.

I thanked Mr. and Mrs. Billings and told them I would do my best to pay them back after I got a better job. He told me not to worry about it, because there wasn't anything he wouldn't do for his little girl. Somehow, I figured that was a dig thrown at me.

We got the home in near move-in condition before Marci delivered the kids. Our parents and my sister and Marci's brothers all chipped in and helped get it ready.

It might not have been much, but Marci and I were proud of our new home. We had to be careful, but we wanted to christen our house by making love in each room.

We only made it through three rooms before I got a call at work saying Marci was on her way to the hospital. My mom took her, and I made it there as soon as I could. I was a nervous wreck.

Our parents and my sister were all there waiting. The doctor said it would be a while. Six hours later our twin boys arrived. First was Larry, followed twenty minutes later by his brother Jerry.

Everyone said how cute they were. To be honest, I didn't think babies were very cute at birth. Granted it was a miracle, but pretty or handsome they weren't. They looked a little better after the nurses cleaned them up. Both had a reddish color, bald, and no teeth. I think their eyes were hazel but it was hard to tell.

I sat in a big chair and realized I had no idea what was going to happen next in my life. You think you're prepared but you're not.

I was now the father of twin boys. After kissing Marci and taking another look at my sons, I headed home. I didn't sleep a wink the whole night. Good thing I took the next day off work so that I could bring Marci and the boys home from the hospital.

My life and dreams had changed forever. I tried to be a good husband and father, but I sure didn't plan a life with children so early. And I'm sure Marci felt the same way.

I worked hard to be a good dad, helping with the babies as best I could. It was eat, shit and cry for them. Marci was such a good mother. Every time she picked up one of the boys, she would smile. Me, I still had trouble telling them apart.

It was better as they got a few months older. At least I could play with them a little. I worked a lot of overtime to help with the expenses, so it was a life of work and sleep. That isn't part of adults tell kids while they are growing up though.

I no longer went out with my friends. I was trying to do the right thing, I really was. When I turned twenty-one, I got my CDL license. With only long haul over-the-road positions open, taking one would mean that I would be gone for weeks at a time. Marci didn't like the idea of me being gone for such long periods of time, so I didn't take it.

Instead, I found a job delivering food products, usually to homes. I had a route where I would stop every two weeks and fill orders. Sometimes my customers would order stuff ahead of time and I would have it for them on my next delivery.

I had a very good route with mostly middle to high income customers. Though I was making good money, I was putting in long hours. I started first thing in the morning and some days didn't get home till after dark.

Marci and I argued about me never being there, but I told her I was doing it for our family. After rearranging my schedule so I only spent three evenings a week working late, Marci was much happier.

When the kids were about six months old she got a job as administrative assistant at the grade school. My mom offered to baby-sit. We tried to pay her a little but she refused and told us she could never charge us for watching her grandkids.

With both of us working late our love life sure took a back seat. We were lucky if we did it twice a week. When we did make love I could tell Marci was tired and just doing it for my benefit. Damn! That was never the way I dreamt it would be.

Then it happened. I stopped at Mrs. Johnson's house with her order. She was in a two piece swimsuit and looked great for a woman in her forties.

"Would you like a glass of lemonade, Barry? It's so hot out I thought I'd take a dip in the pool."

I couldn't help staring at her. I put her order on the counter and accepted the drink, just so I could be there a little longer.

"Come on out to the patio and we can drink our lemonade there."

I followed her out to the patio by the pool and watched her shake her bootie all the way out. What I wouldn't give to get a piece of her, I thought the entire time.

I sat in a chair and she laid on her chaise lounge. We talked a bit and then she asked me if I would rub some suntan oil on her back. I knew I shouldn't have even been there but I couldn't resist. I slowly rubbed it into the small of her back.

"Rub a little harder Barry, I'm not going to break," she said as she unclasped her top.

My god, I could see her tit from the side as I rubbed her skin. I couldn't help but slip my fingers over the sides of her breasts.

"Oh, that feels so good. Will you do my legs too?"

I started with her ankles and worked my way up. When I got to her thighs she spread her legs, offering a view that gave me a hard-on. When I got to the top of her thighs, she spread them even more. I pushed my hands all the way up her thighs and acted like it was an accident when I touched the outside of her behind area. She gave out a slight moan that kind of scared me.

She turned over and asked me to do her front. When her bra top fell away, I was staring at her breasts. My mind was deep in lust as I shaped my palms around the curve of her breasts.

"That feels wonderful, Barry."

My hands slid down her belly.

"Lower," she murmured. "Keep going. Take them off." Following her command, the first thing I saw was her shaved pussy except for a slight dark muff of hair down the center. I put my hand on her wet pussy, finger fucking her when she opened wider.

This was crazy. I was finger fucking one of my customers, and I wanted to fuck her but I was on a limited time schedule. She reached up and rubbed my hard-on through my shorts then undoing them so they fell to the ground. After pulling my cock out of my underwear, she started sucking me.

It didn't take long before I knew I was going to explode. She pulled my cock out of her mouth and I came all over her breasts. I had never felt anything like it.

"I know you have to go, but maybe next time we can forget the lemonade and you can fuck me."

"There is nothing I would like more," I said to the naked woman.

She grabbed a towel and wiped my spunk off her body and slipped on a light robe. "I still have to pay you for my goodies."

I was dressed and ready to leave. She gave me a check and an order for next time but told me to make sure I left a little time for some fun. I left her house wondering what I had done. I felt great but now I also felt some guilt.

I tried to tell myself that all guys did it and it was just a one-time thing. When I got home that evening, Marci was in a bitchy mood—one of those times when she yelled at me for everything. Then I didn't feel so bad about what happened earlier that day.

In the days that followed, I felt pretty good. The older women on my route flirted with me quite a lot, and I always complimented them and returned their smiles.

When the day came for me to return to the Johnson's house, I began to wonder if she still wanted to play around. My answer came when she answered my knock only in her robe left wide open.

"I've been waiting for you. I hope you left a little time in your schedule."

I walked in and set her order on the table. She began undoing my belt as soon as I turned around. It wasn't thirty seconds before I was receiving a blow job. Within five minutes from entering her door, she had me stripped, sitting on the couch and was riding me.

I watched her boobs bounce as she rode my cock like a human dildo. Damn! She felt so good. I couldn't believe that this older married woman would turn me on so much. I grabbed her hips and thrust deep as I came. I shot my spunk in her and watched as my slippery cum and her juices ran down my shaft.

When we were done, she climbed off me, put a towel between her legs, and went to the bathroom.

"I'll be right back with a damp washcloth for you," she said as she smiled at me.

When she came back out, I used the pale yellow cloth to clean myself up.

"Barry, just so you know; this is only sex. My husband is always busy and I have needs. I don't want this to turn into an affair, so it will only happen a few times. I'm just letting you know up front."

"Thank you, Mrs. Johnson. I'm glad we're on the same page here. I'd hate to mess up my marriage also. You are one sexy woman and I loved being with you."

We ended up having sex twice after that. We joked when I made my deliveries after that, but nothing else. Her husband was even there a couple of times when I delivered her order, her way of telling me that our sexual romps were over.

After that, I began to have sex with different customers. I never initiated the sexual activity, and set rules for myself. The woman had to be married. Even though some of the young single daughters looked great, I kept my hands off. What if we would have fallen for each other? I wasn't out to ruin my marriage, just have sex. As I mentioned, I was really immature at the time.

Most of the women seemed to have a rule of no more than three times. I figured I wasn't the only young guy they were bonking. It was surprising how sexual these older women were. The age range was probably from late thirties through mid fifties.

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