tagGay MalePursuit



Rule number 1: Know your prey.

I eye him as he enters the bar. He looks good tonight; like any other night. Tight white jeans, black leather belt, two chains hanging down his thigh, pink top with the face of a roaring tiger, a vest in some sort of golden and red brocade, several necklaces decorating his chest, snakebite, eyes heavily lined with thick, black eyeliner and hot pink eyelids, shiny black hair to down past his shoulders, with streaks of green. Beautiful. He is so sure of himself that the arrogance he exudes is almost palpable. My favourite kind. They are so much fun to break.

He's chatting with his friends as they head for the bar, passing me on the way. He knows I want him, I haven't tried to hide it and he winks at me as he walks past. Tease. I nod and smirk in reply, no words necessary.

I have wanted him from the first moment I saw him and I have wasted no time beating around the bush. He didn't fall for it though, just laughed at me and told me to forget it. Forget it? No way. I am a hunter and I always fell my prey, sooner or later.

I have been working on him for almost five months now and I know that the time has finally come; he's gonna give in very soon, all the sign are there. Oh the thrill, it will be sweeter than any of my previous victories; I can feel it. While I have been waiting for this day to come around I have seen him here almost every week and I have watched as he has seduced several of the other guests. There is no doubt that he considers himself a hunter as well, and a pretty successful one at that, but he doesn't know what a real hunter is like. He will learn though, he will learn.

Rule number 2: Always attack when they are alone.

I give him one hour before I make my first move of the evening. I see him get up from the table he's sharing with his friends and go towards the men's room. I move to follow him.

He sees me enter but says nothing, just continues with his business. I wait until the only other man has left before I speak.

"So.... You're not even gonna say hi tonight?" I cross my arms and lean against the door; effectively making sure no one else enters before I am done. He smirks at me.


"Good boy, so well behaved. Tell me, what are your plans for the evening?"

"Having fun with my friends, as always" he smiles as he zips his jeans and goes to wash his hands. "And sadly, that doesn't involve you," he adds with a cheeky smile in the mirror.

"Uh baby, such harsh words!" I mock him. "You have no idea what fun I could show you!"

He laughs and waves his hands in front of him to dry them. "I'm sure it would be interesting alright but my answer is still no. Now, are you gonna let me out?"

He's standing right in front of me, mimicking my pose and the side of his mouth just slightly curled into a smile, staring me right in the eye. He thinks he's in control, he's feeling powerful because I'm the one pursuing him like a lovesick puppy but he doesn't know the first thing. He doesn't know that I read him like an open book, that I know exactly when he is gonna break and surrender. He will learn though, he will learn.

"Not yet." I let my eyes wander over his body. "You look very good tonight kid, the green a new thing?"

"Thank you, and yes."

"You're welcome." I lock his eyes in a stare. He doesn't avert his gaze and he doesn't wipe off that semi-smile; he thinks it some game we're playing. It is, I suppose, but he doesn't know that he's the prize. And that I will win no matter what.

Rule number 3: Run them tired.

"So are you having fun? With your friends?"

"Very much so."

"What kind of fun are you having?

"The relaxed kind."

"I see," I nod, "not really my kind of fun."

"How sad."

"Yes, isn't it?"

"So what's your kind of fun then?"

"My kind of fun?" I pretend to think about the question. "It's the... sweaty kind... the shivering kind... the lustful kind..." I lick my lips, imagining for the hmpth time having that kind of fun with him.

"Seems like you won't be having much fun tonight then."

"Don't be so sure of it, kid."

"Whatever you say," he giggles and shakes his head.

"Can I buy you a drink?"

"You know you have asked me that question every time we have been here for the last five months?"


"And have I at any point said yes?"


"So what makes you think my answer is gonna be any different tonight?"

"Two reasons: You are flattered that I have not yet relented, plus you are secretly wondering what will happen WHEN you allow me to buy you a drink and your curiosity commands you to find out soon."

He laughs me right in my face, cocky bastard. "You think you've got me all figured out, huh?"

"Are you telling me I'm wrong?" I challenge him.

"I'm telling you that your little assumptions are somewhat far-fetched." He smugly replies.

"Ah, but see, you are not dismissing them completely then." My turn to be smug.

He chuckles and rolls his eyes. "Man, you don't give up, do you?"


"Well, maybe one day I will change my mind. Now, will you let me out?"

"Of course" I answer politely and step aside. One day, he says? No kid, TOday.

As he slips out, he pauses for a second with a "enjoy the night" and a wink before the door shuts closed behind him. I snort; it won't be long until he loses some of that self-assuredness.

Rule number 4: Let them think there is no real danger.

Back outside I take a seat by the bar so that I can see him clearly and if he wishes he will be able to look at me as well. And he does. I feel him looking at me several times but for the longest time I ignore it; I let him take in the sight of me. My burgundy leather pants are worn to fit perfectly and together with my black top and heavy jewellery I know that I look good.

For a while I let him think that he can get away with looking at me that blatantly, let him feel safe that I don't notice his eyes. Then I turn my head and catch him by surprise. At least now he has the decency to look away but I don't care; I keep staring at him and it doesn't take long until he looks up to meet my eyes again. Of course he does, he can't help it. He's getting weaker by the second.

Without taking my eyes from his, I motion for the bartender to bring him a drink of whatever it is he's drinking.

When the waitress walks over and puts the poisonous red liquid in front of him he looks confused at first but then he tilts his head back and laughs before once again looking at me and shaking his head. He eyes the glass for a moment before raising it to a toast and I raise my glass in response. He drinks. Hook, line, sinker. I've got him.

I am almost trembling; I am so close to finally catching him, I can practically taste him on my lips. I take a deep breath and compose myself. Patience, I mustn't blow it now... in my head I go over what is about to happen and the mere thought is enough to excite me. Feeling him give in, his body move with mine, touching his warm skin, making him shiver from lust...

I see him go to the dance floor along with a group of his friends. This time I don't follow him but never for a second do I take my eyes from him; I know exactly where he is all the time and who he is dancing with.

First it's the cute blonde -- he's pretty but he is trying too hard to be like the others and that turns me off. The two of them together do look quite enticing though, I must admit. Maybe I'll go for him when he's grown up a little. Or if I just feel lazily horny one night.

Then it's the tall blonde. He is quite interesting too but he's taller than me and that disqualifies him automatically.

After him my beautiful boy dances with the Goth kid -- I have never been into Goths, they require too much attention for my liking and even though he sure knows how to move, and move my prey with him, I don't find him interesting.

I catch him looking at me as he's dancing; he wants me to see him as he's swaying to the music but I nonchalantly look away the times he tries too hard.

After a few songs I see him move towards the edge of the dance floor, alone. It's time.

I make sure he doesn't see me as I move closer until I am standing right behind him and breathe into his ear: "Now that you have let me buy you a drink I bet you are wondering what will happen next, right?"

He slowly turns around with a coke in his hand and looks at me.


"Maybe?" I chuckle. "Will I need to get you another drink to make you admit it or are you gonna just follow me and stop playing so hard to get?"

He doesn't say anything, just screws up his eyes a little, looking as if he's considering what I just said.

"What makes you so sure I didn't accept the drink just so you would leave me alone?" he finally asks.

"Because someone who wants to be left alone doesn't keep staring the way you have all night. And because someone who wants to be left alone would have gone back out to dance with his friends the second I approached him. So just come on" I say as I put down his coke and grab his hand, dragging him to the dance floor -- to a place as far away from the rest of his group as possible.

I turn him towards me and put my arms around him. He doesn't speak, just looks at me with a pondering look. Poor kid, he still doesn't know that he's lost.

I slowly start moving my hips to the rhythm of the music and shortly after I feel him do the same, tentatively. He's still not sure if he should fight me or give in; hasn't he heard that resistance is futile?

Little by little I feel him relax more and more and eventually he allows himself to even push against me just the slightest. I tighten my grip around his back and pull him in a little further. He immediately stiffens so I stop and give him time to relax once more.

The music changes to a more upbeat song and before he has a chance to say anything or excuse himself, I grab both of his hands and spin him around so that he now has his back against my front, his arms crossed before his chest and I have him locked to me when I gently start grinding my crotch against his ass. I'm being careful; I want to push him but not so much that he freaks out.

He's softening up; it only takes him a few moments before he starts moving as well. After half a song I pull away just an inkling and he instantly pushes his ass backwards, making me grin to myself; now I'm definitely sure.

I release my grip on his wrists so that I can finally get to touch that smooth stomach. I run my hands up and down his torso, sometimes feather light, sometimes with more pressure. When I finally touch his nipples I am rewarded with a moan and I feel him reach behind me and grab my ass, pulling me even closer to him.

With such sweet reactions I can't help but continue my assault on his body and I sneak my hand up under his pretty pink top. He shivers when he feels my fingers directly on his warm skin and that makes me shiver in return; this is even better than I dared hope for.

Rule number 5: Once you have initiated the attack, you don't let go.

I take my time caressing his chest, all the while grinding against him and I feel myself getting harder by the minute. I'm sure he can feel it too, the way I'm moving up and down his ass crack.

When I am ready to explore more of his beautiful body, I slowly slide my hand down and trace the outline of his cock through his jeans. He tenses and starts babbling.

"I really don't think that-"

"Oh, but I do" I cut him short.

"But the other people-"

"You are in a gay club; do you think we are doing anything they haven't seen before?"

"N... no...ah!" he yelps when I bite the side of his neck. Enough with all this hesitancy, it's getting dreary.

"Oh, do that again!" he moans. Why did he even try and object? Stupid kid.

I am happy to oblige and continue biting and licking his neck. He grinds against me with more force and he no longer seems to mind my public fondling of his cock.

I knew that he would give in eventually, of course I did, they all do, but that he would be this eager surprises me and confirms to me that I picked the right guy.

His small moans and sighs turn me on far more than I anticipated and when he lets his hands actually move on my ass and back legs rather than just grab my ass checks, I feel myself getting closer to cuming.

"Come here." I grunt and drag him with me, off of the dance floor and into the disabled toilet which luckily isn't occupied. Why in the world they have a disabled toilet in a gay club like this is beyond me but I'm not complaining; it's oh so handy.

Rule number 6: Slowly let them know they have lost.

Once inside, I quickly lock the door and shove him up against it before I crush my lips against his. I'm not being gentle or tender, I am claiming my prize and I feel and hear our teeth clashing together. It's not pretty but it's sexy and I moan in content when I feel that he doesn't try and resist. He willingly opens his mouth and when my tongue enters, he plays along with the same force but he doesn't try and gain control. Good boy. I suspect it's just because he's still not sure what is happening.

Without breaking off my attack on his mouth, I pull off his vest and push his top up to over his nipples so I can have free access to the areas I am interested in. Only all those damn necklaces are in the way and I pull away in annoyance.

"Get rid of those things!" I order as I flick my hand across all the beads and stones.

He doesn't hesitate and pulls them over his head in a swift move, tossing them aside.

Now that I am no longer touching him, I step back and take in the sight before me. He looks sexy as hell, the way he's standing there, his shoulders leaning against the door, pelvis thrust slightly forward, arms and hands pressed against the door along his sides, his top pushed up and revealing his stomach and nipples. He doesn't take his eyes off of me but gives me a lustful look as he bites his lower lip. He looks like a whore. That sight alone makes it worth the five months wait.

"Unbuckle your belt." It sounds like a simple command but really, it's more of a test.

He immediately obeys and I wait to see what he will do next. I am extremely pleased when he has opened the belt buckle and brings his hands back against the door, where they were before. He did exactly as I told him and nothing more; I have found myself the perfect prey and I silently congratulate myself on my selection once more.


He brings his hands to his abdomen again and slowly unzips. He is still trying to tease me; his naivety makes me chuckle. Was that a vague flash of uncertainty I saw in his eyes? I do believe it was.

"Take off your pants."

I watch him kick off his shoes before he hooks his thumbs in the sides of his tight jeans and wiggle out of them, kicking them to a side before he resumes his position against the door.

"Commando, huh?"

"Always," he answers.

I let my eyes wander all over his body, careful not to let my face give away any indication of how pleased I am with what I'm seeing. His flat chest, wonderfully free of hair, the chiselled hip bones, the thin and yet muscular thighs. And his cock. He must keep it tucked in when he wears the tight jeans because I hadn't thought that it would be this size. I feel my own cock stirring in my pants.

"Go sit over there" I indicate with my head towards the stone table with the inlaid sink. He saunters over there and carefully climbs up. I know the stone is cold -- after all, it's not my first time here -- and I'm not surprised when he flinches as his ass hits the surface.

"Fuck! It's cold! My ass!" he exclaims, but what do I care?

"Just get up there, or I'll make sure to warm your backside," I brush him off.

He leers at me: "Ooh, is that a promise?"

"No, kid. It's a threat." I love how the gravity of my voice wipes the smile off his face.

By now I have gotten my hard-on somewhat under control so I decide to give him a little treat. Rather than just lubing him up and getting what I have come for, I bend down and lick his inner thighs, earning myself a hiss. I continue licking, nibbling, and biting the area around his cock for a while until I feel his hand in my hair.

I abruptly stop what I'm doing and raise my body to look down on him. "Do. NOT. Do. That. Again." I emphasise the words and I make sure my eyes help in driving the point home. He shies away just an inch and the look in his eyes tells me that he is beginning to realise that I'm not messing around. Doubt, hesitancy and maybe even a hint of fear. I told you I would get him down from his high horse, didn't I?

"Do you want me to touch your cock?" I ask in a firm voice, completely devoid of humour and sexy undertones.

"Yea..." he gulps, "yes"

"Then ask me."

I see how he's struggling; I bet he has never had to ask for anything before. But he wants this and I know I can make him say it.

"What's it gonna be?" I ask with my face close enough to his that our lips are practically touching and I can feel his ragged breathing on my skin. "Are you gonna ask me? Or do I really need to leave you here, like this? It would be a damned shame..." I whisper.

"No, no, it's.... it's just.... shit...." Yes kid, the words don't come easy. I stay silent and wait, wait until he realises that I mean it. "Touch... touch my cock... please?"

I don't bother with a reply, I simply bend down and continue but this time I am kind. While my tongue is licking his thigh, I use my hand to gently grab a hold of him and his moan fills the room. I slowly stroke him, using his precum for lubrication, and I feel him grow harder.

When he starts bucking his hips forward I finally give him what he wants and take him in my mouth. Oh the sweet joy. I only give head on the rare occasions but I do actually enjoy it. Tonight is no exception. He tastes lovely and the musky smell of his crotch thrill me; I feel my pants getting tighter around my cock once more.

I sense his hands hovering above my head a few times but he doesn't touch me and I feel satisfied that he doesn't dare try again.

For quite some time I work on him with the exciting sounds of his mouth as a musical backdrop; continuously changing between sucking, stroking, licking and kissing all over his cock and balls, until the tightening of his balls lets me know that he's close. Then I stop. He moans loudly in despair but that makes no difference; if anything it just turns me on even more.

I take a step back and start opening my pants -- my turn to get some attention. Seeing how he can't keep his eyes off of my crotch sends shivers down my spine, and the way he licks his lips... divine. I know that no matter what I want, he will give it; he's too far gone in his lust.

I stand with my back against the wall and finally free my cock from the tight confines of my pants, pulling them down just enough to get it out. His eyes dilate at the sight and he quickly looks up into my eyes before looking down again. Yes boy, take a good look.

"Get down and crawl over here" I order and he scoots down from the table, standing before the sink for a moment as if he's not sure what to do; as if my order wasn't clear. I am not in the mood for waiting anymore so I clear my throat to let him know I'm waiting. He glances at me before getting down on his hands and knees.

I watch him crawl the short distance until he is right in front of me before he gets up on his knees and looks up at me. I take a grip of his hair and lead his head to where I want him -- not that there would be any doubt.

He tentatively sticks out his tongue and licks along the slit, causing me to groan deeply. When he slowly takes me further into his mouth and I feel myself being engulfed in his soft, warm mouth, I almost lose it.

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