tagGroup SexPushing My Boundaries Ch. 08

Pushing My Boundaries Ch. 08


Hunger Games

Friday night out clubbing is kinda of a tradition, we always start out the night at the same club. On Friday nights I go with my roomie Ricky, we start with a few drinks then we go our own way.

"Hey Carla, aren't you ready yet!" Ricky said as he was breathing down my neck, in the bathroom.

"Don't fucking start Ricky, I don't want to get into this fucking argument with you again. Let's go dancing and have some fun."

I was dressed in a black tube top, silky black stockings, lace suspender belt that showed below my short skirt. Matching black 5-inch heels, no bra or panties. I was here because I was hungry, not for food, hungry for sex. I was showing off my moves on the dance floor while scanning faces, keeping a mental list of possibilities, to fulfill my hunger for sex.

The loud music the DJ was playing, raised my heartbeat. blood was raging through my body, my inhibitions, my soul was lost in the music. I needed to feed my hunger for sex. The provocation that happens on the dance floor is always a sexual turn on for me. The guys bodies brush against me, Their hands seem to touch only the sensitive parts of my body, breasts, hips, neck and my ass. It feels so lustful, so dirty. I am loving every minute of this sex on the dance floor. After about fifteen minutes, my body had taken all it could, of sexual excitement, I had an orgasm among ten horny guys. I made my way through the crowd and went back to the bar. Ricky was still there drinking.

"Do you want another drink, Carla?" Ricky asked.

"Sure I'll have my usual, A double!!" My usual drink of choice is vodka straight.

"Hey Ricky, I need one of your Cocktails!" Ricky's Cocktails are cigarettes laced with cocaine.

"Yeah, sure, So who's the guys Carla?"

"Excuse me?"

"The guys who you been dance fucking with, I saw you while I was trying to work my magic, on them two chicks dancing together?"

"Nobody fucking special, why."

"I have been in the game a long time Carla, I recognize it when you're lusting after someone. Who's the lucky guys?"

"Not someone we see in this club, Do I get my coke fix or what Ricky." Ricky handed me one of his cigarettes, along with a lighter and I headed outside. It was dark and cold outside a few people hanging around as I lit my Cocktail cigarette. I inhaled deeply and let the smoke linger in my lungs a while. I tipped my head back, letting it exhale slowly, on the second inhale I could feel it taking effect. I was about halfway through my Cocktail cigarette when a guy dressed in all leather walked over to me.

"Are you a hooker darling?"

"Naw, I am just a girl out for some fun," I said after I finished exhaling.

"Looks like you're having fun, I could see your nipples out on storks from 50 feet away darling."

"That's from the cold, but I see someone got you excited, your cock's gonna stab me if you get any closer."

Get closer he did, close enough for me to feel his erection between my legs. He waited for me to inhale before he slipped his hand down my top. He squeezed my nipple very hard, forcing me to exhale.

"I thought your nipples might need warming up, darling."

"Quit calling me darling."

"What would you like me to call you then?"

"Tino, Carla, Slut, whatever I am not your darling, It makes me sound like I am your wife or something."

"OK, slut it is then," he said, has he continued fondling my breasts.

He waited till I was about to exhale, then he pressed his mouth on mine. I exhaled the smoke into his mouth, he pulled back and licked his lips. "I knew you was smoking more than a cigarette, what have you got in that cigarette?"

"Just a bit of weed and coke to get me warmed up."

For the rest of the cocktail cigarette, he inhaled my second-hand smoke, while his hands continued to twist on my nipples. My breast was no longer in my top, so he had easy access to the whole upper part of my body. I finished the Cocktail cigarette. I was so excited by what his hands was doing to my nipples. I hadn't noticed he had his cock out of his pants.

"Mmmmm," I thought looking down at his cock. I didn't measure it, but his cock looked a full 8 inches, from the short view I had of it, before he lifted me off my feet and thrust his cock into my love hole.

"Arrr, It was nice of you to fucking ask!"

"You said you was cold, what better way to warm you up than a good fucking, for my slut."

"Oh, Arrrr, I'm your slut! Am I!" I said as he was pounding me with his shaft.

"Good ahrrr, job ah Errr, I was wet enough," I said trying to cling to the wall, behind me.

"I figured you would be well on your way to an orgasm, the way your nipples and breasts, had got warm and hard in my hands."

My hair wasn't overly long. I guess it was long enough for him to grab a hold of. He wrapped my hair tight around a pipe, that was attached to the wall behind me. It tipped my head back against the wall, holding my legs off the ground. It freed up his hands, with the fingers of one hand, he forced his finger into my vagina, along with his cock. He then started to finger fuck my clit while his cock pounded me. I must say, I was enjoying it enough for it to bring me to a mini orgasm.

"Oh, my Slut that was an orgasm wasn't it!"

"Yesssss!" I said while I was breathing heavily in his neck.

"Let's go for the biggie shall we!" I presumed he was referring to my full orgasm. I wasn't disappointed, he increased the pace. thrusting his cock into me. The rough wall that was tearing into my back matched how his cock was tearing into me. He had to place a hand over my mouth, to muffle the sound of my loud screams. I can help be vocal, especially while enjoying rough sex. That's exactly what this was. Fucking rough and fucking hard. The harder he fucked me, the harder I screamed through his hands. I guess being in public he wanted to keep the noise down. I was lost in sex. I can never hold back my screams of pleasure, especially when my biggie as he called it was about to erupt.

"Yesss, Yesss, eh-yhaaaaaaahhhhhhh." I screamed as my orgasm erupted around his cock before he was ready to ejaculate. He kept on fucking me. The sound of his balls slapping in my wetness soon brought him to his ejaculation. He shot his cum inside me, with a last short thrust of his cock. When the last of his cum squirted into me. I didn't want him to pull out, I clamped my pussy muscles around his cock and squeezed with all I could muster. I guess he was spent, he let go of me and fell on his back, with me clamped around his cock. He was panting hard, so I released my grip on his cock. He let out a short moan. I slid myself up his body, lifted his head and wrapped my legs around his neck and squeezed. Clamping my wet pussy against his mouth, I could feel his heavy breath on my vagina. It was causing bubbles to form in our mixed juices, it was like another sensation vibrating inside me. His panting was getting into a frantic state. He was having trouble breathing, he was drowning in my juices. His hands were frantically lashing out at me, hitting my thighs and lower torso. I wanted one more feeding of him. My hunger was not fulfilled just yet. My body began to shudder, quiver and shake, another orgasm was building in my body.

"Yeeee-yahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh," I screamed at the top of my voice. My orgasm was letting go. I released him from my death grip to the sound of him choking on my orgasmic juices. he started to hyperventilate, so I bent his head forward and slapped him on the back a few times.

I stood up and rearranged my dress and pulled my top back up covering my breasts. There was now a few people watching what was going on. Someone asked if I was OK.

"I'm just fine now, thank you," I said searching for my heels, which for some reason had fallen from my feet. I walked back into the club running my fingers through my hair. Fuck my hair felt a mess. I need to look for Ricky, he had my bag, and I needed to freshen up. Ricky wasn't at the bar where l left him. I scanned around, then I caught sight of him at the far end of the bar, walking away with his hands full of drinks. My bag was over his shoulder. I thought about shouting his name, but it was too fucking loud for me to hear myself. I had to run in my heels, 'Now that's a sight to see LOL'. I did eventually catch up with Ricky.

"Well, don't you look cute dear, love your handbag it matches your eye colour," I said when I tapped him on his shoulder.

"Very funny Carla, try to be original next time, you're not the first to make that remark tonight. Anyway, what have you being up to? No don't answer your hair tells the truth, was it worth being dragged you through a hedge backwards?"

"Well, I will say it was worth the hairdo. I do need my bag though unless you want to accompany me to the ladies washroom Ricky."

"Tempting offer Carla, love to but I have people waiting for their drinks."

"A waiter now are you Ricky LOL."

"Well, aren't you the comic tonight Carla. When you finished your makeover. Good luck on that BTW. Join us in the private booth, the one at the far end of the bar, I have a surprise for you."

I walked through the crowded club to the washrooms. I was dripping wet, Ricky didn't help with his promise of his surprise. I stripped off my clothes and took out some Sanitary towels from the machine, I began to clean myself up. It was surprising how much cum had run down my legs soaking my stockings. I tried as best I could to remove the traces of cum.

I looked at my naked body in the mirror, after I had cleaned the cum residue off my legs, vagina and ass crack. My hair was a task in its own. I did however managed to get it somewhat presentable. I bent over to smell between my legs, checking on my sexual smell. Well, I didn't smell like a bouquet of flowers. More like Lysol disinfectant. Again my reflection in the mirror was to be my guide. I pulled a little smile, not bad for just being fucked.

I fought my way through the crowded dance floor, to where Ricky had reserved a private booth. It had a highish barrier around it, with a curtain, not completely isolated from the bar, just enough to make it discreet. I pulled back the curtain of the private booth, Ricky had his pants down with a stunning dark-haired girl sucking on his cock.

"Hey Ricky, You started without me have you," I said, announcing myself.

"You were kinda busy with that biker dude," he quipped back.

"Does he taste good?" I asked the dark-haired girl.

She didn't answer me except for a mumble. There was a bottle of vodka on the table and a spare glass, I filled the glass and downed it in one. I sat down behind Ricky, beside another girl. Blonde nice figure lots of make-up, she looked like Taylor Swift. She was so drunk the vodka barely passed between her lips, most of the vodka dribbled down her breasts. She licked some vodka off her lips and looked me in my eyes.

"I'm Angela, come sit beside me," she said pulling her dress down, trying to clean the vodka off her breasts.

"I'm Carla, I said sitting beside her, grabbing the bottle of vodka. I poured vodka between her lips. Missed again and it gushed down her body, soaking her through. She leaned over and kissed me on the lips. "That's Jamie my partner, just to put it out there I am a lesbian."

"I kinda figured that Angela."

"It takes one to know one, hey Carla?" She said continuing kissing my neck.

"I consider myself bisexual, I am game for anything if you are Angela!"

"Let's play, then Carla, I am yours to play with, Let's have some fun, I am game to do anything you want to!"

She quickly started to finger me. I immediately opened my legs, resting my heels on the backrest of the bench. With her other hand, she pushed me back so I was lying on the bench. Her touch felt amazing as she ran her tongue up my thigh. My body was shuddering to her every touch of her tongue. The anticipation was killing me. I was wanting her tongue to reach its target, which is now so wet. Finally, her tongue came into contact with my gushing vagina.

"Yah-awrrrrrrr." My body wreathed with instant pleasure. Then her tongue turned from tasting to devouring in an instant. Her tongue lashed away between my labia lips. She started nibbling on its lips, then pushed them apart with her thumbs. Then she forced her tongue deep inside me, she quickly found my waiting clit.

"Yeah-yahhhhhh," I yelled as she nibbled on my clit. She sucked it in between her lips.

My body again began to shudder and shake. My impending orgasm was building, then I let go, a volcanic eruption, lava-like flow of love juices, gushed from my love hole.

I was panting heavily as I come down from my orgasm. When I opened my eyes she had a smile on her face. She slowly ran her tongue over her lips while opening her legs, beckoning me to please her as she had pleased me. I lurched forward running my hands up her thighs while bracing myself, with my hands on her thighs. I lowered myself onto her belly, my hard nipples traced a track up her body till they met her breasts. I started rubbing my hard nipples against her nipples, looking at the reaction in her face. A smile appeared, I lowered my face till our lips met, just as her moans began. After a longing kiss which ended in me sucking her top lip. I lifting her right leg, I tucked my left leg underneath hers, my right leg resting on her torso. I pulled our bodies together till our vagina's met like two suction cups meeting. I started rubbing our love holes together, mixing our love juices. She moaned with pleasure as I started gyrating my labia against hers.

I wanted to taste her, taste her love juices, so I pulled my vagina away from hers, with a suctioning sound as if a cork had been pulled from a champagne bottle. I was excited by the thought of tasting her juices. I quickly buried my face in her wet mound licking every inch with my tongue. I parted her vagina lips with my fingers, so I could get my hungry tongue inside her. Once I did, I wasn't disappointed, she tasted as sweet as her sweet young face. It was like licking honey straight from the jar, It seemed to be constantly refilling itself. Her body began to shudder and shake, her orgasm was building.

Ahrrrr-eeeee." I was momentarily distracted savoring her juices. I felt a cock enter me from behind. I presumed it was Ricky's cock that was pounding me so hard from behind, it was forcing my tongue deeper into Angela's sweet vagina. The combination of Ricky pounding me from behind, me moaning into her wet pussy, brought us both to another fantastic orgasm, very quickly.

Angela was so drunk, she was slow coming down from her orgasmic state. I slid my body up her chest, It was heaving, as was mine. I could feel her nipples, they were still very aroused. I pressed my lips against hers, "That was fun," I said before our tongues entangled. She was young and energetic yet so drunk. I rolled off Angela, Ricky had decorated two mirrors, one had lines of powdered Oxycontin and the other had cocaine.

"You choose ladies!" Ricky said, pointing to the two mirrors.

I don't know why he thought he needed, to involve drugs in this situation. Just trying to keep us ladies happy. Maybe keep us bombed out enough, for us to be his fuck dolls, Who fucking cares. it was free cocaine, I wasn't going to pass up a free coke fix. Hey, who's me to make a judgment of him, if he thinks of them as fuck dolls. I always thought Ricky, cared if he had full participation, from his sex partners. I was already pretty high from my cocktail cigarettes, I also had downed half a bottle of vodka. Still I snorted two lines of cocaine up my nose, rolled over and buried myself between Ricky and Jamie. He slipped he himself closer to me, then I felt his cock pressing on my vagina, just before my eyes closed. I couldn't think of one coherent thought. I must have passed out or fell asleep.

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