tagGay MalePushing My Limits

Pushing My Limits


So I got there at 7:00.

We made small talk, then he told me to get upstairs, strip and wait for him on my knees.

When he arrived, his jockstrap was full. He pulled his stiff cock out and I took it all in my mouth. He pulled a belt over my head and used it to jam my head onto his rod until I choked. I sucked and choked for several minutes, until he got bored. His cock was covered in spit and mucous from my throat. He told me to get on all 4's on the bed. I did. I spread my ass cheeks (I love showing off my asshole) then rested my head on my hands, waiting for his slimy prick.

Smack! burning pain on my ass as he used the belt on me. After about a dozen really hard strokes, he hit my asshole with the belt; I yelled and tried to cover my ass with my hands. It didn't even slow him down, and he spanked my hands. I asked him to please fuck me, but he told me to lie on my back. He walked around and pulled me over to the edge of the bed and jammed his wet prick down my throat, then took out the clamps. I begged him not to, but he told me that I wouldn't get fucked unless I was clamped. They were so tight I yelled and squirmed, but he wouldn't loosen them. My right nipple felt as though it was being damaged it was so tight. He said I was making too much fuss, and put the handcuffs on me. He fucked my throat for a long time, and my face was covered with spit. He made me lick his sweaty balls, and take them both into my mouth. Then his dick again. He pulled out of my mouth, got between my legs and pulled me against him. I lifted my legs. He spit on my asshole and lined his prick up.

He told me that he wanted to enter me slowly, and his head gently poked in. Nice...then searing pain as he rapidly slid his entire cock into me! I yelled at him to take it out, but he left it in there, telling me it would be OK. It wasn't. After a minute or so, he took it out. I lay there whimpering until the burning ache in my tender asshole subsided. Soon, his wet prick was poking around again, and slowly slid inside me. He fucked me slowly, pinching the nipple clamps often. They were too tight, and I yelled and begged him to loosen them, over and over, but he kept on fucking me. My hands were useless, and I couldn't protect myself. And he knew it. He picked up the belt, and whipped my ass from both sides. It felt better to be hit with the belt than have the clamps pinched tighter, so I wiggled and moaned, and took it. He whipped his prick out of me, and my asshole was soaked in my juices. I tried to relax and keep my hole open for him to look at, but don't know if it worked. He took the belt and gave several mighty whacks on my ass that made me cry out, then he slapped my balls with the belt.

I screamed and he knew he'd gone too far.

He gently cupped my balls in his warm hand and re-inserted his prick inside me.

It was the best peace offering he could have made.

He lay on top of me, and looked into my eyes and told me that he thought I was hot, and that he wanted to take me to a bathhouse. He told me that he wanted to rent a sling room, and attach me to a sling so I was helpless, then bring in strangers to fuck me bareback. All the while, his prick was sliding in and out of my swollen asshole. He told me that he would take care of me, and make sure I was dripping cum from strangers when I left. I told him I wanted to do it, and wrapped my legs around him, and his dick got harder inside me.

He looked into my eyes and told me that he knew I wanted to be used.

He asked me if I liked the belt, and I said yes; I don't know why. He said that he knows I want to be controlled, and helpless, and that I am a pig. It was true, and I admitted it. I asked him to inseminate me.

He stood up and pulled those fucking clamps again, then he wiped my asshole. It was soaked. He told me he wanted to fuck me dry, and after several pushes, he did.

I wrapped my legs around him again, and let him know I wanted it deep. He obliged, and I could feel his cock twitching inside me. He stood there moaning for a couple of minutes and I held him with my legs. Then, he opened his eyes, and slowly withdrew. He removed the nipple clamps, and undid the handcuffs..

He told me that he is going to make me totally helpless and strap me and fuck me, and clamp my nipples and use me. He asked me if he could do that to me next time.

For some reason, I said yes.

I still have his load inside me.

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