Pushing My Luck


With that, she and I both turned our attention downwards again, both wanting to watch as our bodies were united.

There was no foreplay that morning - it simply wasn't needed. The wild and forbidden nature of what we were doing had evidently worked her into just as much of a lather as it had me and I fail to understand how it was that we didn't just spontaneously combust.

Mom pressed my length in between her swollen cunt lips and rode it up and down a couple of times, bathing me in her juices to make sure the entrance was an easy one. With a shuddering sigh, I reached out with both hands to take hold of her hips, urging her on and begging for more.

And then it happened.

Catching and holding her breath, she carefully aimed my cock into her hole and then moved her hips, causing me to slide right in. Though we were both well aware of the need to keep quiet, I clearly heard us both cry out loudly as I was sheathed inside her, sinking all the way in with only a handful of strokes.

Everything stopped then, both of us pausing to take stock of the situation and savor the wicked feelings that we coursing through us so wildly. An added benefit for me was that it gave me the chance to grit my teeth and once again make sure I didn't come too quickly. It was really only the briefest of pauses, but I recorded every sight, scent and sensation in my mind so that it could be replayed endlessly later.

Now she started moving again, slowly working her hips back and forth so that I sluiced in and out of her swampy, velvet fist that was her pussy. She would not go slow for long, however. Her more experienced eye must have told her that her son was not going to last very long this morning, but it was also plain that cheating on her husband with her own son was sending her spiraling towards a quick orgasm as well.

As she worked faster and faster, driving me in and out of her, I squeezed her hips tight enough to leave bruises as I urged her to fuck me even harder.

Looking up, I found the sight of her bobbing and bouncing breasts mesmerizing and I started to raise one hand to grab a tit, but then withdrew it quickly. I could not help but recall how I had been just about to touch this very same bosom when the excitement came to such a sudden end yesterday, so I was stricken with the irrational fear that she would jump off me and flee if I tried to touch her there.

My loving mother saw my hand rise and then hastily retreat and guessed my dilemma. Without permitting even a momentary hesitation in our fucking, she nevertheless managed to grab that hand out of the air and not only press it to one of her breasts, but also to hold it there. I cupped her tit happily, my excitement level increasing tenfold.

With things becoming more frantic and feverish, my other hand also gave up its perch. I sent it prowling around behind her to get reacquainted with her plump, but perfect bottom. It was a bit harder to do now than it had been when I was getting my hair cut, but I somehow succeeded in finding her back entrance.

Feeling a probing finger pressing into her sphincter cost my mother the last vestiges of her self control and she screwed me savagely, hard and deep. The very instant that my fingertip popped inside her butt, she let out a choked groan and convulsed, losing herself in what must have been a spectacular orgasm.

Indeed, her climax only seemed to grow more powerful the farther I worked my finger into her!

I didn't last any longer, however, and pushed myself all the way in, flooding her insides with a gallon of pearly, white hot cum.

Believe it or not, the feeling of her own son's seed filling her up so completely that a lot came spurting back out - making quite the mess, let me tell you - provoked a second orgasm in my mother before the first one had finished running its course.

It was a moment of the purest ecstacy, the most intense pleasure, and I knew that I would have to have more soon.

Limp and weak as newborn babies, we just collapsed into each other as we tried desperately to catch our breath. We held on to each other as if to life itself, murmuring heartfelt endearments into each other's ears. Tender kisses and happy snuggles were now the order of the day.

She wearily levered herself up and off me though long before I was ready to give her up.

"I should be getting back. I left Darla downstairs eating breakfast and she's probably wondering where I am." She gave me a kiss, then picked herself up off the bed and staggered over to where her housecoat still lay. "Thanks, honey. That was incredible!"

Well, that accounted for where my other sister was, I supposed. I didn't need to be told where dad was now as this was a Monday morning and he was surely at work.

I watched as she covered up her nudity, suddenly feeling a little uncertain as the mask of normalcy was put back into place. "Mom?"

"Yes, honey?"

"We are going to . . . do this again . . . aren't we?"

Her smile was huge, lighting up the room and my heart. "You bet we will, babe!"

And then she was gone, slipping out of my bedroom unnoticed.

* * *

About an hour or so later found me freshly bathed and dressed, making my way through the house in search of the woman who had just rocked my world. While I was certainly hoping to have a little more quality time with her, make no mistake, I also had some questions I needed to ask.

I was surprised to find Lesley was already up and wondered if she'd gotten home early from her date last night for some reason. I glimpsed her pacing back and forth in her room as I passed by and saw that she was on the phone with one of her friends, presumably discussing how well the previous evening had or had not gone. I was much less surprised by where I found Darla - sitting in front of the living room TV and playing one of her video games.

Distracted as they were, neither girl really paid much attention to me as I went by, but that was probably just as well.

I was on a mission, after all.

When I finally found my mother, she was back in the kitchen where all of this had started, finishing up the dishes from breakfast. She turned and smiled from ear to ear when she spotted me, the domestic chore instantly forgotten.

I marveled at how just seeing her was giving me a hard on and wondered how long it would be before that stopped happening. I would have to be extra careful about that or people would start to notice how I got an erection every time I saw my mother and start asking questions I didn't want to answer.

Our arms went around each other quite naturally as I greeted her with a long, wet kiss.

Under questioning, mom admitted that she had known right from the start that her son had his own special reasons to enjoy getting a trim. Teenagers are not exactly the souls of discretion and my reactions had made it pretty obvious. I was a little chagrined to realize that I had been a lot more transparent than I'd ever imagined. She said that she had found it very flattering to think that a middle aged woman like her could still get a young man like me worked up and never imagined that anything would come of it, so she had done absolutely nothing to discourage it.

Mom confessed that she too had started to take a weird pleasure in bumping and rubbing up against me during these haircuts, even admitting that she had done it more than she absolutely had to. She'd come to crave the attention I gave her and had deliberately chosen to go without a bra yesterday not because she ever imagined that anything would happen between us, but just to give her admirer a nice little treat.

When I grabbed her butt yesterday, it had been so easy under the circumstances to forget about things like incest taboos and marriages and just let it happen. In fact, to prove that she had been just as overheated and overstimulated as me, she told me that it had ben in her mind to unleash my erection, jump onto my lap, and ride me right then and there. The reason that she instead put an end to our adventure instead was that she'd heard her husband talking to Darla in the next room and it suddenly occurred to her that it was foolish and dangerous for us to be doing this right then and there. A better time and place needed to be found, which is what had brought her to my room this morning.

I brought up one last concern with her, wondering if all of this might actually be a symptom of some kind of trouble in her marriage. She just laughed at that notion, telling me not to worry and reassuring me that everything was fine between her and dad.

I had her gotten her backed up against the counter by now, the full length of my body pressed into hers as the quiet conversation stuttered to an end, both of us devoting more and more of our attention to sharing lingering kisses and letting our hands wander. It was so sweet and perfect to be with her like this and I found it very easy to simply not worry about anything else.

Giving her a mischievous smile, I chose that moment to start pulling up the front of her skirt, revealing more and more of her legs and threatening to expose the treasure that lay between them. She seemed a little startled by the idea that this should go beyond a mere make out session and shot a worried glance towards the living room, but never tried to stop me.

Never looking anywhere but into her eyes, holding her skirt up with one hand, I ever so slowly slid the other down into her panties. She was quick to open up her legs, letting out a strangled gasp and shuddering as my fingers moved over her pussy. She was soaking wet already and I was delighted. Clearly, I wasn't the only one who was getting instantly aroused.

I was mere moments away from sending two fingers up inside her when we were suddenly distracted by an exuberant shout from the next room. Instinctively, we jumped apart and tried our best to pretend that we hadn't just been fooling around, but Darla never came running into the kitchen.

Eventually, we realized that my little sister had not shouted because she'd caught us, but probably because she'd finally figured out how to beat level seven.

Chuckling lightly to herself, mom reached out to take hold of my hand. "How about we go somewhere where it's less likely that someone will catch us red-handed, honey?" With a twinkle in her eye, she said, "Meet me in my bedroom in ten minutes, okay?"

That sounded good to me. "All right."

Coming over, she gave me a quick kiss, leaning in to purr into my ear, "I'm going to show you how great I am at giving blow jobs!"

She vanished then, practically floating away on a wave of happiness.

Make no mistake, I was there right on time.

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by Anonymous

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by Imperator_912/19/17

A Great Read

Very enjoyable. You did a great job of building up the sexual tension between mother and son, and the resulting sex was well described. Great job!

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by Anonymous11/04/17

bringing a fantasy to life

This is a great story and brings back the thoughts I used to harbor when I was a young man. I never fucked my mom nor did I ever touch her sexually but I damn sure beat my meat thinking about her oftenmore...

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by doug_nought05/26/17

Great story!

This had a unique premise and was a fun read. Thanks

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