tagMaturePut in Her Place Ch. 1

Put in Her Place Ch. 1


Eleanor had always thought very highly of herself. Too highly.

Despite her meager background, she imagined and attempted to carry herself like royalty, a proper lady; better than everyone she came in contact with. Someone that others should bow and cater to. She was indeed full of herself.

At age 48, the Jamaican born and raised divorcee had only been living and working in the US for a few years. After her daughter left home and married a British man, her husband of almost thirty years realized that he could no longer stomach her arrogance and pettiness. He left her to work with his brother on a fishing boat like he'd always intended.

Unable to endure the comments and gazes of her neighbors and false friends, Eleanor decided it was time to go for a "visit" with her younger sister, Patricia, who worked as a nurse in New Jersey.

But after a year of her moaning and complaining about everything from the food to the weather, Pat was suddenly reminded of why she'd left her older sister behind in Jamaica. She subtly recommended that Eleanor look for a job find a place of her own.

But for a middle-aged immigrant with very little actual work experience, employment prospects were limited. Patricia assisted by introducing her to a young black doctor at the hospital where she worked. Dr. Williams was interested in finding someone to replace his former housekeeper who had recently left to marry. The position required modest work, paid well and provided a place to stay. Since both he and his wife worked very long hours, they need someone to watch and care for their spacious home and look after their teenage son, Thomas.

Initially, Eleanor turned her nose at the thought of becoming anyone's "maid", but especially one who worked for "those black Americans", whom she naturally thought were beneath her. But when her sister suggested she go back to her "friends" in Jamaica, she reconsidered.

After several months all parties involved grew accustomed to one another. Since both Dr. Williams and his wife held Patricia in such high regard, they allowed themselves to tolerate Eleanor's arrogance and vanity. Thomas had the most difficult time with her, especially when she made a point of correcting or putting down almost everything he did and said. But out of respect to his parents, he tried to be respectful to her as well.

Around August of the following year, Dr. Williams and his wife announced that they would be taking a month long Alaskan cruise to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary. As much as Thomas was happy for them, he was also pissed, because that meant he would be left at home with Eleanor.

Eleanor, of course, was delighted. She had already begun to regard herself as the true "lady of the house". Thomas merely did his best to avoid her at all costs.

On the day they left, Dr. Williams and his wife gave a few last minute instructions to Eleanor, asking her to use her "better judgment" if immediate decisions needed to be made. Then they both pulled their son aside and apologized for leaving him behind, and promised to make it up to him. Then they also made him promise to continue to "mind his manners", (despite his true feelings) and be respectful of Eleanor's authority.

The first few days weren't so bad for Thomas. Eleanor kept to herself and tended to her duties, allowing him some space. Very little was said between them, beyond a few pleasantries, and all seemed well.

But then Eleanor got bored...

The following weekend, having nothing else to do, Eleanor decided to plan a small dinner party. The Williams' had allowed her to have friends over on several occasions so it wasn't a problem.

But Eleanor didn't want to just have a few people over for sandwiches and chips. What she had in mind was a much grander affair; something where she imagined invited guests "basking in her presence". That was the start of problems for Thomas.

Once the planning started, it was hard to tell who actually worked for whom. "Thomas... Come boy! I need ya ta go fetch a few t'ing's...!"

This went on several times a day for the entire week! By Friday, the day of the "event", Thomas saw red whenever he looked at the woman. Once guests arrived things got even worse. Thomas became butler, bartender, coat-checker, parking attendant.

Only Eleanor's sister showed any concern for the liberties that she was taking.

"Are you sure the folks don't min' ya havin' guest in dere house while they're trav'lin'?" Patricia inquired.

"Don't worry none, chil'", Eleanor boasted to her sister. "Me do this kinda t'ing all the time. Them folks and their boy jus' love me!"

Thomas overheard their exchange as he passed to serve her obnoxious friends more drinks. Already he was thinking of ways to get back at her. Promise or no promise, he would have his revenge!

A little after 2:00 AM, the final guest left. Eleanor was more than just a little "tipsy", having finished off a least three bottles of the Williams' best champagne. Thomas was exhausted. But despite his fatigue he was still determined to get her back for being such a "bitch".

"Start straightnin' some of dis mess for me boy", Eleanor slurred as she stumbled towards her room, "me goin' to bed now."

Thomas waited until he saw the light under her bedroom door go out until he went into action. He went to the garage and gathered a few items. Then he climbed the stairs to his room for the rest of the items he'd need and to change into a pair of sweats.

Donning a ski mask, he listened at the door to Eleanor's room for her snoring. When he heard it he was sure that she was in a deep sleep. He entered her room slowly, using a small flashlight to find his way.

Her shoes, dress and stockings were scattered about the floor. Eleanor, clothed only in a black bra and panties, lay flopped across her bed, face down, drooling into her pillow and snoring like a chainsaw.

He allowed his flashlight to trace over her ass and thighs, wondering to himself why he hadn't realized she had such a nice package before. Looking at her ample ass aroused him, and he thought that maybe what he had in mind for her might be "fun" after all.

Thomas slowly slipped a white-cotton bandana around her eyes and firmly blindfolded her. Then just as slowly he removed her panites, taking great delight in allowing his fingers to trace along the curves of her ass. Once the panties were off he gently raised her arms above her head and used them to bind her wrists. Finally, he unhooked her bra so it would fall away easily when he turned her over.

He cautiously turned on the bedside lamp. Eleanor continued to snore.

Thomas took a digital camera from his pocket and took several snap-shots of her ass from various angles, even spreading her legs to include the thick, dark bush growing between her thighs. He then gently rolled her over, allowing the bra to fall, and continued to snap away until the roll was almost filled.

Thomas dropped his sweats to his knees and stroked his 10" cock to full erection. Slowly kneeling near her head, he positioned his throbbing manhood across her slightly parted lips, continuing to jerk himself off until he shot his load across her face. She stirred only slightly, licking some of his jism from her lips and tip of his cock. He took more pictures until the film was finished.

Composing himself, he left her just as she was, and went up to his room to develop the shots on his computer.

* * * * *

Eleanor woke finally awoke at about 3:00 that afternoon. She'd never been much of a drinker and the 3 bottles of champagne from the night before had taken their toll. She couldn't remember much.

Slowly and painfully she sat up. Everything was a little fuzzy and a few things didn't seem "just right".

She didn't remember getting completely undressed, didn't know why there was a bandana around her forehead, or why her panties were wrapped around her wrists. And she had no idea what the salty stuff was that had dried on her lips and cheeks.

She lay down again and thought about it for a while, but just couldn't remember. She soon fell asleep again. Eleanor was too hungover to try and remember anything just yet.

A few hours later she awoke again. The extra sleep had helped a little, and she was able to stumble to the bathroom. She felt and looked terrible. The image in the mirror caught her off guard.

As she slowly got her bearings, Eleanor became very aware of the white, crusty substance on her face. She scratched some of it from her cheek and licked what was on her lips. The memory of the taste snapped her back to her senses almost instantly.

She recalled it from the few times her former-husband had talked into putting "his nasty t'ing" into her mouth. She just couldn't believe that she had been drunk enough to give someone a blowjob!

She immediately got into the shower.

A few hours later Eleanor went into the family room where she found Thomas flopped on the couch watching television.

"Well, well!" Thomas grinned at her, "she has arisen from the dead!"

"Don't be fresh!" she replied, rolling her eyes at him. Not quite sure why, Eleanor felt very uneasy around him, almost embarrassed.

"Oh No!" she thought to herself. "Maybe him see me las' night!"

She needed another drink. Without saying a word she slowly backed out of the room, heading to the kitchen to find more champagne. Thomas struggled to contain his laughter.

Eleanor went back to her room with 2 bottles of champagne. She changed into her nightgown and slippers before passing out in the chair in front of her television.

Thomas crept in just after 1:00 AM. This time he carried a video camera as well as the items from the night before. After blindfolding her and donning his ski mask, he placed the camera on top of the television and pressed the record button.

Using the light from the TV to guide him, he slowly unbuttoned her nightgown as she continued to snore. Once her small breasts were exposed, Thomas played with the nipples until they were rock-hard.

"Mmmmmmm....!" Eleanor gently moaned in her sleep between snores.

Parting her thighs, Thomas revealed the coarse, thick black hair covering her snatch. Then slowly tilting her head to one side, he positioned himself so that her mouth met his crotch. Removing his cock from his sweats, he slowly pressed it to her slightly parted lips, allowing it to grow into her mouth as he continued to rubbed and squeezed he smallish tits.

Slowly Eleanor began to lick and suck at his engourged cock-head, as her left hand drifted towards her crotch. Thomas watched with delight as she started to finger herself. This was turning out better than he'd planned.

Throwing one leg over the arm of the chair, Eleanor worked feverishly at her now swollen clit. In her dream, she was back on the beaches in Jamaica, being pampered, massaged and made love to by a young, dark, tall, virile Jamaican man. Nearby all of her friends enviously whispered about how beautiful and lucky she was...

Thomas was very near to shooting his load, and slowly pulled out of her mouth for fear of waking her. Eleanor continued to masturbate, with both legs tossed over the chair arms, her right hand pinching her dark, throbbing nipples.

Thomas stood nearby, stroking himself to climax. When he was done he wiped himself clean with her nightgown, slipped back into his sweats and continued to videotape Eleanor.

"Ooooohh! Yeah...fuck me, baby!" she moaned in her sleep. Her "island man" now had her bent over a beach chair, ferociously pounding her from behind. Her friends continued to envy and admire her...

Minutes later Eleanor reached one of the best orgasms she'd ever had: a teeth-clenching, thigh-quaking, toe-curler! Seconds later, she was snoring louder than before.

Thomas gently removed the blindfold, before collecting the other items he'd brought with him as he slipped out as quietly as he'd come in. Once back in his room, he spent the rest of the night developing and editing the tape he'd just made...

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