tagMaturePut in Her Place Ch. 3

Put in Her Place Ch. 3


Eleanor awoke the next day around noon, still curled up on the corner of the couch. The blanket Thomas had covered her with had fallen to the floor. She was completely naked.

She stretched and looked around the room. Her nightgown and panties were on the floor where she’d tossed them before. The tripod from Thomas’ video camera was still set up next to the television. Thomas and his camera were nowhere to be found.

She smiled at the thought of him and the memories of what they’d done not more than a few hours before. The idea of him touching her in the way that he had made her tingle. She’d never been this aroused by anyone in her entire life. She liked the sensation. After 40-something years of holding back, she was more than willing to now give in to her lusts and desires.

She wrapped herself in the blanket and went to find her young lover.

Thomas was still asleep in his room. He’d spent a few hours after his encounter with Eleanor editing some of the tape on his computer. He was very pleased with what he was able to get and had already started coming up with schemes to get more. What he hadn’t realized or anticipated was that none of his plotting and planning would be necessary: she was now more than willing to do anything he wanted her to.

“Thomas…?” she sang as she slowly opened the door to his bedroom, “are you in her, baby?”

She stepped into the room to find him still fast asleep and still naked. The sheet he slept with only covered him from the waist down. His cock was semi-hard and made a small tent at his crotch.

Eleanor stood by his bed for a few minutes, admiring him from head to foot: lusting after the firm, tight muscles of his arms, chest and stomach. She actually craved the taste of his cock; the salty-blandness that she had “somehow” tasted before.

She needed to have that cock inside of her.

Slowly pulling the sheet back to reveal his member, she gently took it into her hand and began to stroke it, careful not to go too fast and awaken him. She was fascinated at the way it came to life and grew in her hand.

He moaned and shifted slightly in his sleep. She paused only long enough to ensure that he didn’t wake, and then continued, leaning forward to kiss and lick the head.

Once she was sure he reached his full length, Eleanor slowly climbed onto the bed, carefully and quietly mounting him, placing the head of his man-tool against the swollen, soaked lips of her cunt.

Thomas began to stir just as the first inch began to enter her.

“Morning.” He smirked as she lowered herself on to him. Taking a moment to stretch, he folded his arms behind his head. He was very pleasantly surprised and more than happy to let her do all the work.

“Mmmmm-morning…” she moaned, as she allowed more of his long, thick monster to pass into her. This was definitely more than she’d ever had before, and she decided to go as slowly and cautiously as possible. Thomas was content to lay back and enjoy the ride.

“My god!” she gasped laying into his chest. “Your t’ing gonna split me in two…!” She had almost five inches inside her now. The thickness was more than she’d bargained on. Her ex-husbands’ cock had been almost as long, but nowhere near as wide as Thomas’.

“Take your time.” He whispered as he nuzzled her neck. “Go nice and slow.”

With teeth clenched Eleanor pushed a little more of him into her. Catching her breath, she stopped where she was. Looking down into his eyes, she couldn’t believe how beautiful he was. His brown skin was just a shade darker than her own, and almost seemed to glow. His eyes were deep and intense, and when he looked at her, the way he was now, she felt as if she might melt.

She would soon be his: completely.

Eleanor softly began to kiss him all over his arms and chest, licking and sucking at each nipple until it became stiff. She kissed and nibbled at his neck, finally kissing and sucking at his lips, forcing her tongue into his mouth to probe for his. The intensity of their kiss made her already wet cunt even wetter, and slowly she felt her clit begin to throb.

Thomas felt it too. Taking that as his cue, he shifted his hips and positioned himself to slide a few more inches of cock into her.

“Ooooooohh, yes!” She hissed. She soon began to ride and grind him, bouncing her ass against his thighs. She sat up on his lap now, eyes rolled back into her head, beads of sweat forming on her forehead and neck, slowly increasing the pace as she went.

It took her not more than two minutes after that to cum.

“Omigod!” she shrieked. “I gonna cum!”

Arms still folded and still smiling, Thomas gave her a few hard, deliberate thrusts to send her over the edge. He had to suppress a fit of laughter as she once again made unintelligible sounds as she submitted to her orgasm.

Eleanor fell off of him, curling into the fetal position at his feet, as she tried to control the tremors that rolled through her body.

Thomas was delighted. She was completely at his mercy.

“You ok, baby?” he smiled, curling up behind her. He kissed her on the back of her neck and cupped her ass, causing more spasms to race up and down her spine.

“Nnnghh…” was all she could utter.

“Ooops! I’m so sorry, baby.” He grinned as he spooned her.

He held her until she drifted off to sleep, softly stroking her breast and thigh. He was definitely enjoying this!

Eleanor woke again around six that evening. She was still lying across Thomas’ bed; the sheet was pulled up over her. Thomas wasn’t in the room.

She stood on slightly wobbly legs, still feeling the effects of his cock on her cunt. She could still feel the craving between her thighs. Pulling the blanket from the chair, she wrapped herself in it and went back to her room to shower and dress.

She didn’t see or hear Thomas anywhere in the house.

Sometime later, after putting on shorts and a blouse, Eleanor thought she heard voices and laughter coming from the patio. She went there, and found Thomas with one of his white friends, Jason, and two young ladies, one black and one Asian, whom she’d never seen before.

They all smiled and greeted her as she closed the patio door behind her.

“So,” Eleanor smiled back at them, “what are you young folk up to dis ev’nin’?”

“Just hangin’ out,” Thomas replied, “just chillin’.”

“We were thinkin’ about going out for pizza…” Jason chimed in.

“But I don’t want pizza!” the young Asian girl wined.

“Yeah, let’s go out to a club!” the black girl added, “I wanna dance an’ get my drink on!”

“Ain’tcha all a bit young for drinkin’, missy?” Eleanor asked.

“We-we’re all nineteen.” The black girl replied sheepishly, looking to her friends for assistance. (the legal drinking age in their town was 21).

They all fell silent for a few seconds, before Thomas finally burst out in laughter. The whole group soon followed.

Eleanor wished that it were only she and Thomas “hangin and chillin” for the evening, but figured that if she were to help him entertain his friends it might earn brownie points for her.

“Tellya what…” she told them, “if ya all promise not to make too much of a mess, me gonna fix ya food and drink ta have yerselves a little party right here.”

The four youngsters looked at each other and smiled.

“Wow, thanks Eleanor.” Thomas replied, “That would be cool!”

Eleanor fixed a pitcher of her special Jamaican rum punch, and left them in the den to laugh and play their music while she went back to the kitchen to prepare the food.

Thomas soon followed her.

“This is really nice of you.” He said coming up behind her and wrapping his arms around her waist.

She had to pause her chopping the plantains, when he started to nuzzle her neck. She could feel his semi-hard cock pressing against her ass through his jeans.

“Thank you, again,” he continued. “I’ll definitely make this all worth it for you.”

As he said this he slipped his left hand into her shorts and his fingers skillfully found her slowly swelling lips. She parted her legs slightly to allow him easier access. They stood there for another three minutes, as he masturbated and dry humped her.

“Hurry up with that food and come join us.” He said as he suddenly pulled away.

Thomas left Eleanor standing there, frustrated and horny, trying to regain her bearings, minutes away from another orgasm.

“Oooh! Dat damn boy!” she cursed.

After preparing the plantains, ox-tails and rice and peas (beans), Eleanor carried the food and more punch to the den. She found them all laughing and all a little tipsy. The girls were dancing suggestively while the two young men admired and cheered them on.

They all had food (and lots more punch) as they all continued to laugh and dance. Eleanor sat next to Thomas and drank and watched the girls.

“C’mon Miss Eleanor!” Thomas said, “Get up there and show them young gals how to dance!”

They all cheered and chanted her name, and Eleanor was soon between the young ladies showing them the “proper way” for a woman to thrust and gyrate her hips. Before long, Thomas and Jason had joined in.

They all formed a circle around Eleanor as they danced; each of them taking their turn humping and grinding against her. By this time she’d had more than enough rum in her system to notice or care.

At some point, Jason removed his shirt and began twirling it over his head. They all laughed as Thomas soon followed. It didn’t take long before Mikki (the Asian girl) joined in and removed her shirt as well. Tameka soon lost her blouse, showing everyone her pink lace bra.

Eleanor did a slow strip tease as the youngsters cheered her on, tossing her blouse onto the floor; and doing them one better, slowly pealing off her shorts and kicking them away as well. They all continued to laugh and cheer as she danced around in her matching white-silk bra and panties.

The girls upped the ante, removing their shorts and skirts to reveal that they were both wearing thongs: Tameka in pink and Mikki in red. Thomas and Jason whooped and hollered.

With a little encouragement from the ladies, the two young men soon shed their pants as well. Thomas proudly stripped down to his black boxer-briefs. Everyone broke out into even louder hoots when Jason revealed his silk, leopard print boxers!

They all continued dancing around in their underwear, bumping and grinding and touching, Thomas and Jason showing very visible signs of arousal.

Mikki was the first to take it to the next level, reaching behind her with both hands to unclasp her bra. It was soon being twirled over her head as she danced, her small A cup breasts and nipples bouncing in time to the music.

The rest of the group looked at each other to see who would be brave enough to go next. Thomas quickly removed his t-shirt to display his well-muscled chest and abs. Jason wasn’t wearing a t-shirt, but pulled off his socks to show his support!

Eleanor and Tameka smiled at each other, while the others egged them on. Tameka made the first move, stripping off her bra to let her 38-C tits swing free. Realizing that the young girl had her beat on breast size, Eleanor removed both her bra and panties.

No one else waited long after that, as the remaining thongs, socks and shorts were tossed to the floor.

The dancing, touching and grinding got progressively more intense. Eleanor pulled up close to Thomas, stroking the 10” monster the swung between his legs as he fondled her breast with one hand and Mikki’s in the other. Jason pressed his slightly curved 8”er against Tameka’s perfectly formed ass while he pulled and fondled her nipples to erection.

The music stopped, but they were all too caught in what they were doing to pay it much attention. Thomas was on the couch, Eleanor on his right and Mikki on his right, both ladies stroking his cock.

Eleanor was a little jealous at first, seeing the young Asian girl touching what she wanted to claim as hers. Thomas shoved his tongue into her mouth, diverting her attention while Mikki went down on him. When they broke from their embrace, Mikki graciously moved away to allow Eleanor a “taste” as well, proving there was more than enough of him to go around.

On the love seat to the left, Jason was in heaven as Tameka went down on his throbbing cock. He had known and lusted after her since they were in junior high school, but she never paid him much attention or the timing was bad. But tonight, things were moving along perfectly. Tameka sucked and slurped on his cock as if it were candy.

Feeling as if he was only seconds from shooting his load, Jason pulled her next to him. He spread her thighs and got down onto the floor between them, placing his skillful tongue against her clit. Tameka lay back, eyes shut and her heals on his shoulders, as she pinched and kneaded her nipples.

“Mmmm yeah! Right there, baby, right there.” She moaned as he found her “sweet-spot”.

Thomas maneuvered Eleanor into what would become their favorite position: her on all fours. He teased her with his cock for several seconds, taking it in his hand and smacking her on each ass-cheek. Mikki pressed herself into his back, sucking on his earlobe and playing with his nipples.

Finally Thomas placed the tip of his cock against Eleanor’s anxious cunt lips. Her heart began to race in anticipation of his first thrust. He didn’t disappoint her, slowly but firmly sliding eight inches of himself into her.

Eleanor made more unintelligible sounds as he slowly stroked her, holding her ass firmly and parting her cheeks. Eleanor was trying her best to handle the sensation of his cock assault on her when a new sensation entered the mix: a female tongue on her clit. Mikki had crawled under them, between their legs, licking Eleanor’s clit and Thomas’ balls.

Eleanor’s first reaction was to pull away, but Thomas had a tight grip on her hips and Mikki was doing such a good job. Before long she didn’t care whose tongue was sucking her pussy.

Tameka and Jason decided to join in. Tameka spread Mikki’s legs and buried her face between her thighs, while leaving her ass conveniently exposed for Jason to fuck her from behind.

Again, Eleanor was the first to cum.

“…Hhhhgnnnnnngodd!” She screamed as her body gave in to convulsions of pleasure. Mikki held her in place and continued to suck the juices that flowed from her trembling snatch.

Thomas rewarded her with a quick slap on the ass as he slowly withdrew from her in order to change positions. He turned back to Jason and motioned for him to take his place. The ladies stayed where they were, slurping and smacking at each other’s cunts.

Jason assumed his position at Eleanor’s wide ass, while Thomas kneeled in front of her, guiding her mouth to his cock. It didn’t take much encouragement to get her to take as much of him down her throat as she could. Jason began pounding her from behind at a slow steady pace.

Eleanor was in a completely different zone now; she was slightly tipsy, a little fatigued and extremely horny. Her mind was racing with all the new sensations and experiences. Here she was, a 40-something Jamaican immigrant, on her hands and knees, sucking the 10” cock of her employer’s son, while his white friend banged her from behind and a young Asian girl licked her clit and played with her tits.

Eleanor never felt so good in her entire life!

Jason and Mikki were the next to cum. Jason shot his load all over Eleanor’s ass and Mikki came on Takema’s face. The two of them retired to the couch to catch their breath and watch the others finish each other off.

Thomas pulled Eleanor up onto him, impaling her on his rod. Tameka straddled him too, pressing into Eleanor from behind, squeezing and pinching the older woman’s nipples.

“Oohh, gawd!” she moaned, “you chil’ren gon’ make me cum ag’in!”

And she did; and nearly passed out aftwerwards.

Thomas lifted her to the love seat. That left he and Tameka with “unfinished business”.

Tameka smiled slyly at him as she lay back on the carpet, spreading her legs wide and pointing to her crotch. Thomas returned the smile, took aim and dove in. The two of them grunted and sweated for almost 15 minutes before bringing it all to a sticky, orgasmic, cum-soaked halt.

Mikki and Jason gave them a standing ovation. Eleanor was still “out of it” on the love seat. It was a little after 2 in the morning.

After a few more drinks, and a brief clean up, Thomas assumed the responsibility of assigning sleeping arrangements. Jason and Tameka slept in the guest bedroom. He carried Eleanor up to his room where Mikki joined them.

They all woke the next day around noon. They showered, dressed and Eleanor made them brunch. There was about an hour or so of more “playful fun”, before Thomas’ guests all left.

Two days later, his parents returned from their trip.

They never did figure out the reason for Eleanor's sudden change in attitude.

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