tagGay MalePutting Myself Through College Ch. 11

Putting Myself Through College Ch. 11


With the spring semester complete, school was out for the summer, I now had three months with no papers, tests or required reading. I was happy that I had been able to maintain such good grades over the past semester, considering all of the turmoil in my life that took place prior and during the semester. I had signed up for my fall classes on the first day of registration and was able to obtain a seat in each one, it was exciting as I was going to be a sophomore, I had finished my first year of college of time (something that many others had failed to do). Paying for the entire semester up front with my own money was something else that brought me great satisfaction too.

I took a few days to really gather my thoughts together and formulate a plan for then next phase of my life, which at that time was very short sighted (only the summer and the fall semester). I had been having problems with my landlords, not that I made any noise or had people over, just that they had started to become nosy and were asking too many personal questions. The problem that I had was that with no reportable income, I could not easily rent an apartment, especially at my age. I deflected my landlord's inquiries the best that I could, but I could tell that this couple was going to find fault with any tenants that they had. It had started out with their own concern being the money, but then as many older couples do, they had a need to interfere with every aspect that they could. Why do you stay out so late? What do you do for a living? We never see you leaving at normal times? Etc... I had finally reached my boiling point with them, and had to really control myself the last time we spoke, to keep from screaming at them, which of course would only result in them kicking me out into the street.

I looked around in a number of local papers and on the Internet, but did not find any initial success in my search for a new place to live. It was a quiet period, I had spoken to Kevin two days prior, but he told me that he would be on a family vacation and that unfortunately he was not able to line up assignments for all of his models for that period. I found myself in the middle of a forced week off, not that I minded too much. I was out for a walk one day during the middle of the week, and decided at the spur of the moment, to just get on the train and go in the opposite direction from the city. I took the train to the end of it run, not that the line was very long to begin with. I started to walk around the area of the last train stop, it was suburban, but did have a small business section with sidewalks and I had nothing to do that day.

Walking for a while, I came upon a strip mall that had a unique mix of stores. A convenient store, a pizza place, a glass store, two empty units and an adult bookstore. What immediately grabbed my attention was that the sign on the bookstore said all entrants must be 18. I was very surprised as all other adult bookstores that I had ever driven by said must by 21. I looked around, as there was a steady stream of people going in and out of the pizza place and the convenient store. I walked a little ways beyond the strip mall as my stomach suddenly became all knotted up due to nervousness. Eventually I was able to overcome my nervousness and walked back to the store.

Just as I was going to walk in, a woman who was coming out of the convenient store with her children shouted over to me to "have a good time you pervert". Wow, that took me my surprise, and I was in a daze as I walked into the store. I went to look around, when a voice behind the counter, immediately asked me for ID. I showed the gentleman my college ID, and he looked at it for a moment, and then asked "what is a healthy young man like you doing in here"? I was taken back by the question, and stuttered for an answer. Before I could speak, he told me that if I was going back into the video section to tell his co-worker so that he would look out for me. I could hear by the noise that there were a number of people back there, even during the late morning on a weekday.

I stumbled around the store, looking at the videos, magazines and books, but what really caught my attention was the distinct smell. It was like a combination of cigarette smoke and musky old books. I could tell by the shrink wrap that something's within the store were used. I next moved over to the toy section, which was stocked with many dildos, butt plugs and plastic love dolls. After spending about 20 minutes inside, I was getting nervous that I had not purchased anything and left, and for some reason I felt intimidated by my surroundings.

I made up my mind to get grab something a leave, when I found myself looking at the videos on a rack in the back of the store, just before the doorway that led to the video booths. What I saw next, changed my entire plan for the future. There was a bulletin board there, most filled with sex offers and singles listings, yet my eyes found the one unique advertisement, as room for rent by a couple looking for a houseboy. I ripped off the tab, and immediately walked out of the store. I headed right for the train station, trying not to make eye contact with any who would have seen me leave the adult bookstore.

On the train ride home and for the first hour that I was home, I could not bring myself to call the number on the tab. I had second, third and forth thoughts about it. Why would I do something so spur of the moment? What if what they wanted interfered with school and my job? Would they understand? It was a quick trip out to the garbage cans that made up my mind, as I crossed paths with my landlord again, he wanted to know if I was going to be working a steady job over the summer. I just told him that I was considering a few opportunities. That did not sit too well with him, I could tell by the glare he gave me. I went back into my rented room and called the number of the tab. To my surprise a woman answered the phone, I did not know what to say, other than I saw an advertisement that you were renting a room.

The woman's response blew my mind; she immediately went into detail about what they were looking for. I then asked her if she would mind just renting the room. We talked for a couple of minutes more, then to my surprise she asked me to come by so that she could show me the room and we could discuss things further. For some reason, I just agreed without much thought.

Soon I found myself back on the train, heading towards this couples house. Not too surprisingly I had to take the train to the final stop, and their home was only a few blocks away from the adult bookstore. Her name was Nina, and she told me that her husbands name was Greg. Nina was very nice and we talked for a while about my future plans, I told her about school and that my current landlords had turned into a pain in the ass. It was after this that she showed me the room, it was very nice and large. Next up was a tour of the house. The house was a large home, four bedrooms, 3 full bathrooms, kitchen, dining room, living room and a full basement. Our tour ended in the basement were she showed me their dungeon of sorts. Nina explained to me that her husband kept her very well off financially, and that all he expected in return was her obedience.

As Nina described her relationship with Greg, I had the picture of his large monster, ruling with an iron fist. Nina told me how they hosted parties with other couples, enjoyed threesomes, and that both of them were very bi-sexual. What she said next surprised me, as I never expected to hear this out of a woman's mouth. She told me that she loved to get off watching some young man suck her husband's cock, or watch her husband bury his cock in a man's ass.

I had been there for about an hour, when I finally confessed to Nina what I was doing to support myself. Amazingly, she seemed to be alright with it, and immediately asked me to tell her some stories about some of my assignments. It was then that I told her, that while the thought of being a servant houseboy to them sounded fun, I did not want to do something to interfere with school or my modeling as I liked the money too much. Nina made me a late lunch, and we continued to talk, mostly I kept telling her about my assignments. I finally left after being there over 2 hours, and she told me on the way out that she would speak with her husband, and that maybe we could work things out.

I half expected not to hear from them, or if I did, for them to try and convince me to change my mind about my priorities, but at least I had enjoyed a pleasant afternoon. When I made it home I took the rest of the day to just think about my life in general and unconsciously I also began to pack up my belongings.

My parents had contacted me to see if I was coming home for the summer. I lied and told them that I was working two jobs, one through the school which made my tuition lower, and that I did not think I would get a break. The real reason was that with my life change, I was just not ready to be around my parents. I had not seen them since January, and if I could have avoided them forever at that point, I would have. I do not know why I was thinking that way, but I had changed a lot over the last semester, I was now making my own decisions and in charge of my life.

That evening Nina called and told me that she had talked everything over with Greg, and that they would both love to meet me to discuss the room, if I was interested. I told her that I could not allow anything to interfere with school and my job, and she told me that was fine with them. Suddenly I found myself on the train for the third time that day, heading back towards their house. I arrived just after 9 that evening, and was welcomed into the house by both of them. Much to my surprise, Greg was a very friendly and warm person. I could tell by their attentiveness to one another, that they really did love one another, and that my first impressions of what Greg would be like were dead wrong. I really felt comfortable with both of them, and we talked for a while, Greg was really interested in my modeling.

Greg finally broke off our conversation and made me an offer. They would rent me the room for the same amount was I was paying currently, only $ 500, and that all they wanted was someone willing to be a playmate from time to time. I quickly agreed, as it seemed to be the best of all worlds for me. I thanked them, and we agreed that I would move in a quickly as possible, which happened to be the very next day.

I made it back home pretty late that night, and stayed up until 3 in the morning, packing, cleaning and straightening up. The next morning I awoke just after 10, grabbed my four large duffle bags, and walked to the front door of my landlords. When they answered, I handed them the key, and told them that I was leaving. I waited as the wife run to the room to check it out. When she returned and said that everything was in order, I just said goodbye and walked away. They tired to get me to talk to them, but I ignored them and kept on walking. Carrying four bags became quite heavy, so I stopped a few blocks away and called a cab. I took the cab to Nina & Greg's house, it ended up costing me over $ 80 with tip, but I felt it well worth the expense.

Nina met me with a kiss on the cheek and showed me to my room. In no time I had everything unpacked and we were eating lunch, I could easily get used to having her cook for me that was for sure. After lunch, Nina asked me if I wanted to have some fun, I said why not, not knowing what she actually meant. She led me downstairs into their basement, and that is when I realized what she meant. I asked her about Greg, and she said not to worry, that we could all play together and separately.

Nina asked me to get undressed, and while I did, she had retrieved a toy of hers. Nina undressed, then asked me to tell her once again about the only assignment I had ever had (and for the record my only sexual experience with) a woman. As I told her, she started to rub her pussy, then she asked me to turn around and bend over a wooden horse like device that they had. I knew what was coming, but decided to just go with it, I was horny for god sake. She put on a large strap-on and lubed it up. She gently worked three lubed fingers into me, then pushed the plastic cock into my waiting ass. She grabbed a hold of my hips and pounded the plastic toy into me with all her might. What I did not know was that it was doubled headed one, and each time she pushed into me, a smaller dildo was pushing into her.

Nina kept up her movement, fucking me good and hard, until she climaxed with a load scream. She fell forward onto me, then just hugged my body for a while, as she came down. Nina, then removed the dildo from my ass, but replaced it with a butt plug. She then reached around and started to stroke my cock. Nina gave me a nice hand job, until it came squirting out of me. As I started to stand up, Nina stopped me and told me that one of the rules of the house, was to always clean up after yourself. She made me kneel forward and lick up my own cum. I did so, as she played herself, watching my every move.

I was told to put my clothes back on, but to leave the plug inside of me, that I would need it for later that night. We sat and watched TV that entire afternoon, it was slightly uncomfortable being filled up all day. I was happy to stand as I helped her prepare dinner, Greg would be home at 6pm sharp. Like clockwork, he arrived when he said he would. Nina kissed him, then he walked over to me, and kissed me as well, while feeling me up. As she put dinner on the table, she told him what we had done that afternoon, and that I had a 4 inch plug in me at the moment. This made Greg smile, and he reached over and patted me on the shoulder, telling me that we would all enjoy this arrangement very much.

I helped Nina clean up after dinner and put everything away. While we were doing the dishes and putting everything back in order, I lost track of what Greg was up to. As we finished Greg reappeared and asked me to follow him downstairs. He told me that Nina would be down soon, and then he reached out and started to undress me. Greg had me nude in no time at all, then bent me over and removed the butt plug. Greg was large than I was, he had about 6 inches and a hundred pounds on me, so he easily lifted me up off of my feet, and asked me if I liked to be tied down. I was hard as a rock, so I would have agreed to anything.

Greg carried me over to a table which had a strategically placed hole in it, and laid me across. My cock was sticking through the hole, and I was bound face down. Greg went over to a chest that he and Nina had in the corner of their basement, and retrieved a ball gage. Greg told me that the police interrogation story sounded like I enjoyed having one of these on. The ball gage was inserted into my mouth, and then Greg climbed on top of me and shoved his cock right inside of me. Thanks to the butt plug, I was already open, so he shoved it in, it did not hurt. I could tell that his cock was large, but the way it filled me up. Greg pounded me for a while, then I heard Nina join us. Nina almost yelled out, I turned my head to see her wearing nothing at all, and her fingers rubbing her pussy all over.

Greg had very good stamina, as he continued to fuck my ass, soon I could feel a sit of lips kissing my cock. It had to be Nina, and soon she had my entire cock in her mouth. She was a pro, and between her sucking and her husbands fucking, I exploded in no time at all. Nina came out from under the table and took the gage off, then kissed me pushing my own cum into my mouth. I had no choice but to swallow my own. Greg then pulled out of my ass, and jumped off the table, and almost knocked Nina over moving her out of the way. He shoved his cock (just out of my ass) into my mouth, and almost drowned me with gallons of his semen. I swallowed as much as I could, but some ran out and dripped to the floor. Greg & Nina untied me, then put me on the floor, and she commanded that I clean up. I licked up what had fallen, and then was made to clean Greg's cock off as well.

What happened next, took me to the next level of depravity, something I had never end done for money. Nina informed us all that she had to piss, so Greg opened my mouth and held me down. Nina squatted over me and let out a stream into my mouth. I had to swallow and did. I was not used to the taste, and almost threw up, but was able to hold it down. She waited a moment, then let another stream shoot into my mouth, this time I did a better job of swallowing it. She finished going into my mouth, taking her time, allowing me to adjust. My stomach was full when she finished, from dinner, Greg & my cum, and her golden juice. I had to leave and use the bathroom. I sat on the toilet and let nature take its course over the next 20 minutes. When I was finished, my stomach was still a little unsettled, but I went back to see what they were up to.

Greg was fucking Nina when I walked back in and for the first time I saw his incredible body. He was chiseled, with a six pack and a cock that was almost a foot long, Nina told me later that he was just over 10 inches. I watched them and jerked off to the show, we all climaxed together. I helped Nina clean up at this point as Greg kissed us both on his way to bed. Once he had left, Nina moved around behind me and shoved a finger up my ass and swirled it around. "How did it feel", she asked, I told her it felt great. She said to get used to it, Greg was horny everyday, and we then retired for the evening.

Over the next few days we all settled into a nice routine, and had become good friends right away. Kevin finally called me out of the blue, it had been over a week since my last assignment. I filled him in on the move, but did not mention the new living arrangement, Kevin did not need to know plus he had turned into more of a pimp than a friend over the last few months. Kevin had me booked for three one hour businessman specials over the next two days, nothing special about any of the assignments, just my ass and mouth being used to make us both some money.

Saturday morning Kevin called and told me that he had another special assignment for me. The man's name was Jake and it was his 50th birthday, and a few friends of his wanted to throw him a special party. I took the assignment, and as soon as I hung up the phone, Nina was right behind me asking what I was going to do next. She seemed excited about the idea of me being the birthday present.

I arrived at the house of a man named Collin. Collin was an older gentleman too, and a long time friend of Jake's. I was led into his house, told to remove all of my clothes, then I was tied to a chair after having a sash that read "Happy Birthday Jake" put around me. I was left in a back room for like an hour, I could hear people arriving during this time. Finally a man's head poked into the room, he introduced himself as John and said that I would be presented soon. I then heard everyone sing happy birthday.

Collin, John and two other men came into the room and all lifted the chair that I was one, and led me outside to the back yard. The yard was surrounded by a high fence, and I could see an ingrown pool back there as well. I was put down in the middle of the yard, and then saw Jake being led out blindfolded. They all said surprise, and took off the blind, Jake looked at me and I could tell that he was really happy with his surprise. I played along and said happy birthday Jake, he then came up to me and started to inspect me, walking around in circles touching me ever so often.

Jake then told everyone thank you, and they all cheered for him to enjoy his present. Jake took no time at all in taking off his clothes. Jake stood next to me and I took his cock into my mouth the best I could under the circumstances. I grabbed me around the head and fucked my mouth for a while. It took him some time to get rock hard, but once he was, he untied me and he & his friends threw me into the pool. Jake jumped in after me, and tried to sick it in me underwater. It was not working too well, so we got out of the pool and onto the diving board. A friend threw him some lube and before I knew it, Jake was enjoying his birthday present, my young ass. Jake did his best to put on a show for his friends, finally before he had a heart attack, he came inside of me. I then was fucked by his four friends, one after the other, all shooting inside of my ass.

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