Queen for a Day


David looked at his brother and shook his head. "No. I'm not doing it. There is no way I'm doing it."

Mike pouted and dropped his eyes to a sagging droop, that made him look like a Basset Hound. "Come on Davy! Its just one time. Its not like I'm asking you to do this forever." He pushed the dress into David's hand. "I can't do it. I'm sick and the show has to go on."

"No dammit," David growled. He flung the Queen Elizabeth the II gown to the other side of the room and started to walk off, stopped by his Mother's cold stare.

"You're brother is sick and can't perform tonight. You know his lines, because he's been practicing with you, now you will do this for him," she said. The determined look in her eyes told both boys that yes, David would be Queen Elizabeth in the High School Play, or there'd be hell to pay.

David's shoulders fell and he sighed. "Yes, Ma'am." He walked over and picked up the dress and the suitcase that held all of his twin brother's stage makeup and accessories. Again he was stopped when something smacked him in the back of the head. "Ow!" he shouted. He rubbed at the sore spot, turned around and looked down and then up to his brother. "No fuckin' way!" he said.

Mike looked to his mom, who looked to David and David picked up the corset. "This bites mom," he muttered as he walked out of the room and down the hall. The "to bad" was all he heard when he shut his bedroom door.

Once inside the privacy of his room, David flung the articles for the play on his bed and dropped into the seat under his east corner window. His mother soon entered the room and stared at him.

"Look I know you don't like this, but he's supposed to perform in front of some administrators from the college and we'll need all the help we can get him in. He's not the brightest light bulb in the pack." She walked over and sat beside him, cupped his face and pulled him to her lips. She kissed him softly, patted his cheek and stood up. "Look honey, its one performance that's it. This looks like a twenty-four hour flu bug. I'd send him on stage if I could, but the way he's been running in and out of the bathroom... well you understand."

Mary Zeller left her eighteen year-old son alone and headed back to his twin's room to make sure he didn't need anything and to let him know that the show would go on.

David watched her leave and groaned. He picked up the phone by his bed; his intentions were to call Scott his best friend, but he didn't. Instead he called Becky and asked her to come over. He trusted her and besides, he was going to need her help getting all this shit on, because he wasn't about to ask his mother. He headed to the shower after hanging up the phone.

Forty minutes later Mary was answering the front door and smiling over at Becky Walters. "Hey there lovely," she told the young girl, two years older than her son. They embraced and the two ladies took tea together until Mary heard the shower upstairs shut off. "You go on up and help him out," she told her. She waved goodbye with a knowing lift to her eyes and watched Becky ascend the stairs.

Becky came first to Mike's room and peeked in on him. "Hey stranger," she said. She leaned against the door frame, her freckled face beaming as her bright green eyes sparkled with mischief. "I hear your brother is dressing up like a chic tonight because you can't keep things from coming out both ends." She winked and rolled her eyes when his face paled greener then it already was. "I'm going!" she laughed and headed toward David's room. She tapped lightly on the door and heard the muffled "come in" before she entered.

"Hey stud," she said. The door closed behind her and she locked it. "That's a sight I could get used to." She walked over to the young man in the center of the room and pulled on the thick maroon towel.

David grinned down on her and laughed. "I'm sure I could arrange that. Once I'm done with school and have you at the alter, you can see me in a towel all you want." He tilted her chin and dropped a kiss on her lips. Their tongues met and glided along each others teeth until both wanted more and deepened the kiss, drinking from one to the other.

Becky's hands slid down David's chest, still damp from the shower and over his nipples. She teased each one, before leaving his mouth hungry for more. Her lips followed the path her right hand had taken and stopped on his nipple where she feasted on the swelling bud. She licked away the water, replacing it with her saliva and grinned when he growled deep. Her hands moved to his hips and she slowly removed the towel he'd wrapped around his trim waist. It hung suspended from his swollen cock and she stepped back. "Nice, I always wanted a pole to hang my towel on."

"Yeah, I can help you hang on this pole," he said. He grabbed the towel and pulled it off his thick cock. His hands gripped her arms and he lifted her up into the air, spun around and dropped her on the bed.

Becky smiled wide and scrambled backwards, her giggles filled up the air. David laughed too and gripped her ankles, stalling her escape. He then tickled the tiny toes that were in his grasp, holding both feet in a vise-like clamp with one hand. She squealed and bucked against the bed, her hand slapping at his arms and back until he relented and released her. He watched her lay there on his bed, breathing hard from the tickling fetish he'd given into.

David climbed onto the bed with her, straddling her hips and gazed at her. "I love you, Becky." He bent his head down and covered her lips with his. They kissed again, this time slowly and romantically. His cock jerked against her stomach. Becky reached between them and stroked the heated flesh.

"I love you Davy," she whispered. His right hand ran up and down her thigh until it reached the hem of her skirt. He pushed the fabric up and skated his nails over her warm flesh. His mouth moved to her neck and earlobe, which he tugged and suckled while her foot traveled up and down his calf muscle.

"Please Davy," she whispered in his ear as she lifted her hips, hoping to entice him further. It was rare for her to get him to make love to her in his home, rarer still with his mom about, but she desperately wanted him and when she felt the invasion of his finger sliding into her pantiless hole she purred in please. "Ohhh..."

David ran his finger in and out of her, before sliding the tip of his head into her slick pussy. He closed his eyes as the feeling of pushing deep into her enveloped him. He smelled her arousal as well as his and when she clamped down on him, he grunted. "Fuck Beck."

He pushed deeper, scrapping the sides of her heavenly home with the tip of his shaft and then pulled it from her, only to return and claim her again. To soon they were both bucking wildly against the other and coming. He planted his seed deep, content in the fact she was on the pill and he could fuck her at leisure. They'd been each other's first and that made their loving all the more sweeter every time they came together, at least it did for David and he thought it did for Becky too.

When he pulled free of her, he reached down and wiped off the juices of their joining and then wiped her pussy dry. "Now," he said clearing his throat. "I don't know how long you were here before you came up here and molested me, but. . ." he was stopped by the whoosh of a pillow hitting his face. He laughed and tossed it back at her.

"I had tea with your mom and she told me everything. So you called me so I could help you go gay huh?" she asked.

"I'm not going gay," he told her. "I'm helping out my gay brother so he can go to college cheap."

"I know, silly. I was joking." Becky sat up and kissed her lover on the lips and then walked over to the outfit that lay crumpled up on the pillows of the bed. "Here let me take this down to your mom and have her iron out the wrinkles and then you and I will work on your..." she eyed him up and down, "your other assets."

David laughed and watched her walk away, carrying the thick Victorian gown with her along with its mountain of petticoats. When she returned he was looking at the suitcase of accessories he'd opened up and had started to empty. Becky walked up behind him and encircled his waist with her arms. "What do you want to start with first?" she asked.

There was a long drawn out sigh and he flicked a pair of white panties at her. "What are these?" she asked, then double over laughing. "Queen Lizzie didn't wear panties from Victoria Secrets."

David chuckled. "No but she didn't have balls and a cock that would dangle in the breeze either. Mike told me once that he wore them on stage to keep his package in check. I can't be me tonight, I have to be Mike, which means I have to dress like him."

"And act like him," she said. "Well, don't worry. You'll make it through this play and then everything will go back to normal. Any one else gonna know besides, Mike, Mary and myself?"

"No. It's better if no one else knows. Let's get started," he said, his voice not showing any hint of enthusiasm.

Becky tilted her head and sighed. "Come on love, perk up." She tossed the panties back at him and sat down on the edge of the bed.

David fingered the silky material and closed his eyes. He took a deep breath, opened them and bent down. As he pulled the fabric over his balls and cock, he arranged the family jewels so they were pressed tight against him and not over flowing the white panties. He looked over at Becky and blushed.

Her sparkling eyes were staring at the outline of his cock and balls. She licked her lips and held a lopsided grin in place. "Wow," she whispered. "That's hot."

He cocked a brow and looked at his crotch. He didn't know if it was hot or not, but it sure was on display. The more he felt her stare at him, the more it grew. "Fuck," he muttered. His hand shifted the swelling member and he glanced at Becky who was moving from the bed to him.

"Damn, baby. I can see every precious inch of you." She ran her tongue over the second skin that was molded to his body and left a trail of her saliva on the fabric. "We may need to discuss you wearing panties. This is nice." She licked the head of his dick that was now poking out of the top of the sheer material.

David chuckled.

"Are they uncomfortable?" she asked. Becky sat back on her legs and waited to hear what he had to say.

He thought for a moment, taking stock of his body. "Well the hard on is a bit straining on the nerves, but no, they aren't uncomfortable. I could consider wearing these if I was guaranteed to get that kind of a reaction out of you."

Becky grinned. "Deal!" she said and jumped back onto the bed. She pulled out a pair of garters and thigh-high stockings. "I don't know if Queenie wore these or not either, but damn, your brother has excellent taste."

She walked over to David and attached the garter belt and the snaps dangled across his thighs. Her fingers rummaged through the stockings and she found a pair of white ones. She turned back and chuckled. "You'll need to shave babe," she told him.

"Shave? What the fuck for?" he asked. He then looked at the stockings. "No fucking way," he said, but he would. Already he was making his way to his bathroom and shutting the door behind him.

Becky listened to his grumbling and his bitching while she picked out the necklaces that were numbered in the script. Mike had corresponded them with jewels that were in the case as well as what other things David would be expected to wear. When he emerged she whistled at him and grinned. "Nice."

He rolled his eyes. "I'm sorry you women have to go through that for us men. We're asses."

She laughed and kissed his cheek. Her fingers ran over his bare thighs and down his calf muscles. "Baby, we are going to really have to think about a lot of changes in your appearance. Tell me," she whispered as she stood up and leaned against his ear, "did you take all the hair off?"

David chuckled. "You know what Becky, I did." He laughed and pulled the white panties down. "I figured I'd go all out, because what the fuck, I'll never do this again."

"Oh? Not even for me?" She dropped to her knees and opened her mouth, taking in his balls with one gulp. She suckled the marbles, rolled them tenderly back and forth with her tongue until he was moaning for her to suck harder. Becky reached up with one hand and rubbed his thigh, loving the new sensation that was running through her fingers. Her mouth held tight the now hairless sac and she massaged both pieces of flesh with parts of her body. Her other hand grabbed his cock and she started to stroke it hard and fast.

"Beck... oh fuck baby, come up here and suck this dick," he moaned.

She listened.

Soon he was pulling her head up and down on his thick member, letting her take every inch of his shaft and welcome it to the back of her sweet throat. He was in heaven and her fucking was just more pleasurable now without her hesitation over his pubic hairs. "Yes, baby," he growled out. "Hairless, it is." He shot his seed into her mouth and watched her milk him dry. Her jaw flexing and draining as his balls tightened and released.

After he'd come she pulled her mouth off of him and snaked her tongue over his cock, making him come free. She then stood up and smiled. "I'm glad you asked me come over and help you get dressed."

He chuckled. "Me too." He pulled the panties back up, arranged his wet balls and cock and grabbed the first stocking. Once both were on he looked over to Becky. "Well?" he asked.

She rose a brow and shrugged. "Those don't do anything for me. But we are soooooo keeping you in panties and shaved."

They laughed together as she handed him skirt after skirt of petticoats, eventually he had those on and then remembered the corset. "Fuck," he grumbled, pulling the petticoat skirts down to his thighs. Becky laughed and helped him with the corset. "Hmm..." he said when they were done squeezing him into it. "I don't want to ask what Mike has in that bag for these..." he said as he cupped the breasts of the corset.

"Oh I can tell you," she laughed.

David looked down and saw she held two globs of peach toned flesh. On the bottom of each one was a strip of material and when she showed them to David he realized how the artificial breasts stayed in place. He rolled his eyes as his girlfriend pressed in the velcro stripped boobs and prodded them with her fingers until they sat snugly in the upper cavities of the corset. She giggled. "We can do without those too. Now if they were physically a part of you. . ." The pillow he slung at her stopped her thoughts.

He pulled the petticoats back in place and then looked over to the Victorian skirt, she'd gotten back from his mother, while he'd been shaving. He donned that too and then sighed. "Make up time right?" he asked.

"Afraid so my lovely Queen," she answered back adding a wink to her mischievous smile. Becky led him to the side of the bed and she pulled up a chair. After an hour she sat back and stared at the most beautiful boyfriend she'd ever dated.

His blue eyes were accented by the dark mascara and eyeliner she'd used. His lashes were already long and thick and she found herself entranced by his appearance. They'd used a lot of make up to make his skin paler than normal and his lips were a contrast to his complexion now that it was colored with red lipstick. They added his wig and that had completed his facial appearance. "Holy shit, David," she whispered. "If I was going to fuck a chic, it'd be you."

David saw that she was serious. He stood up and walked over to the mirror that rested above his dresser. He didn't recognize himself, but instead saw his brother. Yes, he often saw his twin staring back at him, but he knew the subtle differences in them. Now however, as he looked at the "Queen" and couldn't see himself. He saw a beautiful woman that he knew his twin had played a dozen times before in community plays as well as school ones. He shivered at the eeriness of it and walked back to Becky. "I'd do me, too," he said quietly.

She stood up and helped him into the dress bodice and then the jacket that went with it, next came his jewelry and then his shoes. She paraded him around the room and then up and down the hall until he indicated he was ready to walk on his own. The shoes were only a mere two inches higher off the ground, but it still took him some time to get used to it. When he gave the okay, Becky smiled and opened Mike's bedroom door. "Hey you got enough energy for a Royal visitor?" she asked.

Mike sat up and sighed. "Yes, show her in." He winked at Becky's grin and then watched in awe as his twin walked into the room. "Holy fuckin' Queen Mother."

"That's Queen Brother, to you," David said. He walked back and forth across the room and then did a flourishing spin for the invalid in bed. "I take it I'll pass?" he asked, adding a curtsy.

Mike shook his head yes and smirked. "Tell me you don't like the underwear."

The group laughed and David relented. "Yeah, it feels good as did the perks that come with shaving." He winked and looked back at Becky who was blushing.

"Thanks David," Mike whispered and then lay back down. "I can't thank you enough. If there is anything. . .anything ever I can do."

David chuckled. "I can't think of anything you can do to make up for this one. Unless I find out I'm shooting blanks into my girl there and we need a kid someday," he said. He winked at Becky and then at the expression of disgust on Mike's face. Becky caught it and placed her hands on her fists.

"I'm not that icky, Mike!" she spouted off adding a pout for good measure.

Mike laughed. "I'm sure you're not, but you don't have the right equipment for me," he said.

She grinned and hugged David's waist then looked at Mike. "We'll tonight, David doesn't have the right equipment."

The group chuckled and in time David and Becky left Mike alone to rest. They made it downstairs, carefully avoiding the long skirt and its train, in order to keep David from falling. "Why didn't we do all this at the school?" she asked.

Mary came around the corner fishing in her purse. "Because Adam would have insisted on helping and then he'd known. . ." she stopped and looked up. Her eyes blinked rapidly and a smile spread across her cheeks. "Adam would have insisted on helping Mike get ready for the play and would have known it was Mike. Now with him ready, he'll not even expect it. Marvelous job Becky," she told her future daughter-in-law. She placed a kiss on the corner of Becky's lips and then a similar one, but softer, so as not to disturb his make-up on her son's.

"Let's go," she said, with a giant grin on her face.

As they maneuvered "Her Majesty" into the back of the mini-van, Becky took a moment slip her hand up David's skirt and pinch his ass. He squealed and she laughed. "Now you know how I feel." She closed the van door and climbed in beside her mother-in-law - to be.

They headed to the school and David insisted they park at the back where the gym would be unlocked for the highschool basketball team's practice. One of the players slipped out, David slipped in. The kid's eyes grew wide, but he grinned at the ample bosom on display. "Hey doll," he said with a lecherous grin.

David sneered and tipped his nose in the air and then listened to Becky giggle. "Come on Lizzie. . .your people await." They took to the halls and eventually made it to the auditorium and dropped Mary off at the front doors, where she went to procure a seat for her and Becky. Becky helped lead David back to the dressing rooms and when they got there Adam was rushing up to greet them.

"Mike! What are you doing already dressed?" he whined. He looked to Becky and screwed up his face. "What? Did you help him? Ohh... I like doing his make-up. Where's that hunk of a brother or your's?" Adam asked, forgetting about Becky and looking at David, who he thought was his lover Mike.

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