tagSci-Fi & FantasyQueen of Darkness Ch. 01

Queen of Darkness Ch. 01


A woman stood atop a roof, gazing at the world below.

Her name was Lilith. She was not what she seemed. Anyone looking at her would have seen a slender young woman with black hair and dark eyes. Her skin was almost bone-white. She was a lot more than she appeared.

Lilith was immortal. She was the First Woman. Created by the Almighty Himself to be Adam's wife. Lilith rebelled against God. She defied the will of the Divine. She was cast out of Paradise long before the creation of Eve, which led to Man's downfall. Adam and Eve were the first Man and the first Woman. The Heirs of the Almighty. Since the original sin, they became mortal and when their time came, they died. So it has been for all humans since the beginning of time.

Not Lilith.

Since she was cast out of Paradise before humanity became mortal, she remained immortal. She was not human, though. Lilith had dealings with the enemies of God. Her lover was none other than Lucifer himself. Lucifer was the leader of the Fallen Angels. The dark angel who led an army of rebel angels against the forces of Light. Lucifer and Lilith had children. These children were half human and half demon. They became collectively known as the Demons.

One day, God decreed that the Earth would no longer be home to the demons. He sent a Deluge and wiped out the monsters, along with many elements of Creation. Still, Lilith and her children survived. They continued to breed for thousands of years. Lilith was the Mother of the Race of Demons. All demons are in one way or another descended from her. She had many children by many lovers. She had sexual relationships with humans as well as demons and fallen angels. The offspring that came from her were born immortal and sworn to darkness.

The Deluge came and wiped out most of life upon the earthly plane.

Lilith slept for thousands of years. She was immortal. The world of Man would come to pass and she would go on existing. God did not decree for her to die and as such she would live in the universe until the end of time and possibly beyond. Lilith was the original Queen of Darkness. The First Woman, more intelligent and beautiful than all that came after her. She was physically perfect. Also, she had powers the likes of which humanity had never seen.

One day, she awakened from her deep sleep and saw the world of Man. It had changed a lot. Still, there was a lot of evil in this world. Men and women were fighting each other for power and control over the resources of a world doomed to destruction long before their species became aware of its own existence.

Lilith saw the Sons of Adam and Daughters of Eve at war with each other. She saw the breakdown of the most fundamental of all structures in society. She saw the evil that the men and women of this world did. She could not have accomplished such feats in her wildest dreams. So, she ascended from the Pit where she slept for eons and rose to the earthly plane, the world that God created for Man.

She would go there....to rule.

She could sense that the humans of the world were weak. Her powers would make her a god among them. There were no limits to what she would be able to do. She had already stirred up wars between Heaven and Hell. The vastly inferior realm of Man would be a piece of cake, as mortals say. Lilith had always hated humanity. She would take the battle of darkness to them, destroy them or cause them to destroy each other and in doing so, cause their Creator and His All-Powerful Servants grief.

This was the purpose for which she existed. She hated the race of Man and the All-Powerful God who made them. Their destruction and ultimate fall was what she lived for. Seeing these people every single day in the perfect little world that the Creator made just for them made her sick to her stomach. The humans would be destroyed. She swore it.

Lilith was what a lot of women were. She had a great talent for deception and manipulation. She instinctively knew how to use her charms to her advantage. She also knew that other females could not be trusted. There was no true friendship between females, only competition. Competition for men. They had no love for the men but women knew that they needed a man to provide for them since the old days. They hadn't lost that instinct. Having men around made them feel safe. Decades of feminism couldn't erase many thousands of years of atavism. Lilith was coming after the whole human race. The men and women of the Earth would be her pawns. That was the plan.

To be continued...

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