tagIncest/TabooQueen of Heaven Ch. 11

Queen of Heaven Ch. 11


Note: This story takes place over several chapters. Some are faster to the action than others. If speed is your thing, this story isn't really for you. Otherwise, enjoy.


"You can have your own glass of wine, Jan," I said as I approached the refreshment table where she was chatting with Joann and stealing nips from the cup that my boss was holding.

They were clearly having a fine old time, so I hated to interrupt, but mingling is a host's job. And besides, I needed to get a read on how this meet-up was going as my work and home worlds rubbed up against one another, figuratively at least. Especially since my family and dating world was on the way home from their day out, which would complicate the whole thing.

"Oh, I know sweetie, but Joann is generously sharing," she smiled at me before adding, "Besides, if I get a drink in me I might be brazen or forward."

"Shocking to hear such a thing, oh naked-in-my-yard neighbor," I said.

"I know!" she mock-gasped.

Joann interjected, "Don't mock, Gil. There's a flirty, naked woman here that lives just across the street apparently. That means I can liquor her up and not worry about her driving home."

"Jan, you should know that Jo is a merciless corporate sort. She'll take advantage of you if you aren't careful," I stage-whispered.

"Oh dear. And here I thought I was safe. Darn," she leaned over and said, "Re-fill her cup. Safety is overrated."

"If you insist, neighbor," I answered as I filled Jo's cup and filled a second cup for Kate, who didn't seem to have a drink. I popped the cap off of a bottle of beer and brought both over to the side of the pool. Squatting down, I placed them on the pool edge nearest Don and Jo's mom.

"Well, thank you, son. That's awfully nice of you," Don said.

Kate seemed a bit surprised that I was there. She was clearly enjoying Don's conversation. And perhaps the fact that she was naked with a strange man who was awfully chatty with her.

"Gil, you don't have to play waiter," she said. "Why don't you join us?"

"I will, Katie. Just getting everyone settled. The girls will be here shortly and who knows if they'll think to set out refreshments. Michelle will likely just teach everyone Beer Pong."

"True. But, with a smile on her face," Kate said grinning.

"And probably not a stitch on otherwise," I replied.

"That would be our girl," she said nodding.

Don seemed to be looking off to the side a little unfocused. Glancing down through the water I could see that perhaps he was actually focused. Just in imagining Michelle. The man has decent taste, apparently.

"Besides, I think you two might not want the company," I winked.

Don chuckled, "Son, I've always said there's room for one more. Er, I- really shouldn't have started this second beer."

"Now, Don, I am definitely keeping the beer flowing for you. And making sure that Jan gets an extra glass of wine. I'll ply you with booze and get all your secrets."

He laughed a bit and said, "Well, I suppose I just get talkative with booze and naked people. I guess it's a curse."

"Or a gift," I added.

"Yeah, the Johnsons always had us wobbly when we had to walk back after a swim party. I guess it's a tradition. Though, since the kids have moved away you'll have to be the one to cut us off when we get silly," Don replied.

"I don't know if I can be trusted with that my friend. I tend to say, 'Want another?' rather than 'Think you've had enough?'" I lightly slapped him on the back. Which was a little unusual given that he was naked. I mean, not super unusual, but my Dad and I never had a lot of naked back slapping in our lives. "You'll have to invite your kids over if you want a booze cop. And if they don't mind the shameless dress code, of course."

"Oh they're used to it. Their parents can't shock them anymore. Hopefully, they'll be by at the holidays and I'm sure they'd like to meet you."

"Well, that's something to look forward to. You two have fun," I winked at Kate, who true to form blushed a bit more.

I stood up and walked towards the patio door. As I stepped inside, I heard giggling coming from further in the house. I saw Joann being half dragged further into my house. I admit, I was a little confused. Then I saw that Jan had her by the hand. They were headed towards the downstairs guest bathroom. I must have made enough noise to intrude because Jo turned and looked at me, grinning.

She said, "Uh, Jan was going to show me where the bathroom was. Bit too hydrated."

"Well, that's nice of her. It hasn't moved since the Johnsons lived here, so you are in good hands," I said.

I heard a sputter laugh from Jan who, I guessed had had more of the wine in Joann's cup than Joann had.

"Are you sure, Gil?" Jan tittered. "You could help us out, you know."

Hmm. "Sure, it's the first door on the right."

"The right?" she asked, almost convincingly sincerely.

"Okay, I imagine you're messing with me, but let me show you. Right this way ladies."

I stepped around them and walked over to the guest bathroom. It was a walkthrough sort of space with doors on either end. I opened the door on one side, turned on the lights and walked through to the other side. I turned around and with something of a sarcastic flourish said, "As you can see, one guest ba-" Only to be interrupted by the image of Jan sitting on the toilet while still holding Joann by one hand. "-throom. Uh, Ladies. I imagine you'd like some time to take care of whatever business you need to."

Jan looked up and said, "Oh, don't rush away on my account. Joann, dear, I know you need to take care of business."

Joann was blushing about six shades deeper red than I expected. I was surprised. Very little in my experience of Joann showed that she could even be embarrassed. She was always glad to put me on the back foot. Clothed or Naked. But, to see her a bit put out was surprising. And, I have to admit, a little arousing.

"Oh, really. Boss lady, it seems you have business with my neighbor. You minx you."

"Uh, shut it, new guy. I-"

Jan said, "Now, Joann. That's no way to speak to our host. Come here, dear. Have a seat. Take care of your business."

"Oh," I said. "I see." I reached out and grabbed Joann at the shoulders. She wasn't resistant, but I could tell that she was torn between terror and arousal. She could deal with me connected to Michelle. That was dangerous because Michelle might tell me all of her college secrets, but she could manage that. And she could skinny dip in my pool because while that was unusual, there were boundaries around it. I would only know what she looked like naked and that she was comfortable swimming that way. But, now, she was a bit scared. She knew that I'd found a part of her sexuality that she wasn't sure she could explain in a corporate interview.

I said, "It's okay, Jo. You're safe here. I love Michelle and she loves you. And, you know..." I gently nudged her to center her body over Jan. "I'm pretty enamored of you too." I nipped in from behind her and kissed her on the cheek.

"So, have a seat, entertain my neighbor who is much naughtier than I would have guessed, and don't worry about me. I just want you to-" I nudged her down onto Jan's lap and whispered into her ear, "relax."

The two of them wrapped one another in a surprisingly sweet kiss given the circumstances. I mean, they'd just met. They'd been chatting, flirting, and within an hour were together in a way that made me slightly uncomfortable and quite aroused. All this while I still had my clothes on.

I turned and walked out of the bathroom to give them, I guess, some privacy. There was giggling and smooching. Beyond that, I could only speculate.

As I rounded the corner and headed towards the kitchen, I saw that Kate and Don were in a kiss that kicked up waves in the pool. What was happening below the surface was anyone's guess, but I had to assume at this point that work and home had definitely bonded in some way. Maybe there would be less hubbub with Mom and Michelle. I mean, that was going to come out. I didn't doubt that. But, on the other hand it was also true that my neighbors were kinky horndogs and my boss was probably peeing on a woman she just met. So, you know, different strokes.

I kicked the music over to my Sade playlist. It's not exactly Bom-chicka-bom-bom or anything, but it is a goto place for sexytime music. And, it works for folks of all ages. I figured I should be a generous host.

I poured myself a glass of wine and leaned against the kitchen island. It's odd, but I was strangely contented in a moment where people were meeting and making out in my home. And not with me. I mean, yeah, there was plenty of that for me the rest of the week, but this was nice. Good music. Drinks. Neighbors and co-workers coming by my place for an oddly impromptu sex party. Why not?

I sort of wanted to blame Michelle for the degree to which my life had become sexually complicated. Then I realized that I certainly love that life. And that it wasn't actually Michelle that caused all this. She was definitely there, but until Anna made the first significant moves we were still a fairly conventional couple. Maybe we would have even remained an ordinary couple with interesting histories. But, it was Anna making that first significant shift that opened up things in a new way. Gotta love having the "cool mom."

I raised my glass to an unvoiced conversation. Sade sang coast to coast LA to Chicago, and I said "Cheers, Mom."

The door from the garage closed and Anna said, "Well, thanks. But, you know, it's better if you give me a glass first."

The garage door was sliding closed and Michelle seemed to be gathering a few items from the car. Anna held a couple of bags and sat them on the counter next to me. She leaned in and kissed me passionately on the lips.

"Uh, Anna-" I managed to mumble. "We've got guests."

Michelle shut the kitchen door and asked, "Are they fucking in our house at the moment?"

"Well, I ... yeah, probably," I admitted.

"Then give that girl a smooch and try not to worry too much. I think when you get four strangers naked in our house on an afternoon, there's a good chance no one will be shocked that you kiss the two women who always seem to be around here."

Yeah, that's our Michelle. Wise in the ways of relationships. I suppose. Even unconventional relationships.

I bowed to the obvious and leaned into the welcome home kiss. It was sweet, warm and wonderful.

I felt Michelle wrap her arm around my side and lean in for her welcome back. I tilted my head towards her and returned the kiss. Anna hummed quietly and ran her fingers through my hair.

She said, "So, you wait til we're gone and then host an orgy with near strangers?"

"It wasn't like-" I tried to reply when Michelle poked me in the ribs.

She continued, "It wasn't like you invited over people that you knew would get naked?"

I reluctantly nodded and said, "Well, yeah, I mean-"

"And then served them alcohol?"

Okay, she did have a point. I replied, "Yeah. I guess, but-"

"And then teased them a little. I'm guessing flirting with Jan and teasing Jo. Definitely teasing Momma. Possibly even Don," Michelle followed up with an eyebrow raise.

"Now wait just a second, I'm the most restrained one of us by a long chalk," I countered. "I was just being a good host. And Don was just-"

"A manly, quiet figure that you probably talked about lawns and such with but who you also encouraged to get naked, have a drink and chat up one or more of the naked women in your seraglio," Anna stage whispered.

"Yeah, okay, so that sounds bad," I acknowledged.

"Actually," Anna offered with an ear bent towards the pool. "It sounds splashy. Which is often nice."

"And," Michelle continued. "Someone seems to be using the guest shower. So, that sounds interesting. We do have bath gel in there right?"

"Er, yeah. Glad you're focused on the important things," I said.

"Hospitality is always important, young man," said my suddenly maternal mom.

"Of course," I replied. "And while we have a minute, I think we should think about how these folks figure into our... unusual... relationship. They're going to figure it out. They aren't dumb," I pointed out.

Anna nodded and said, "No, they aren't. Now, Don and Jan are naked and I'm guessing fucking our friends within a week of knowing us and maybe an hour of knowing them, right?"

"Huh. Yeah, that is awfully fast," I agreed.

"And indicates that they are pretty open folks on the sexuality spectrum. If I were guessing."

"Okay," I said. "Granted."

"They have kids, right?"

"Yeah, Don said they'd visit over the holidays so yeah," I answered a little confused.

"Okay, and presumably the kids would swim here with the Johnsons as well?"

"I guess. I can't imagine knowing my neighbors had a pool and not getting to swim in it."

"Right," Mom added for the slow kid in the class. "And we know that Don and Jan are full on naked folks in the pool."

"Since the 70s," Michelle added.

"So, they are fine with their kids seeing them and presumably the Johnsons naked a lot," said the voice of maternal but kinky logic.

"Yeah, Don mentioned that the kids would curtail the drunkenness when they were over here," I answered. Hey, I like to pass exams as much as the next guy.

"So, you've got grown folks who are completely comfortable being naked around their families. You've got horndog folks who jumped at the chance to get naked with you in the pool. And I'm going to bet that Jan was flirting with you like mad, right?"

"Well, a bit."

"So, maybe they aren't schtupping their kids, but I bet they have a wide range of responses to differently characterized relationships," Anna concluded.

"I guess that's possible," I slowly accepted.

Michelle laid her head on my shoulder and quietly added, "And Jo fucked her cousin Audrey for about 4 years on and off. So, I think she's going to be okay."

"What? Is everyone doing this shit?" I said a little too loudly.

"Shit? Well, baby boy if you think this is shit-" Anna snapped.

"No, you know what I mean, I mean-"

"It means he really liked the anal Anna, and could he please have some more," Michelle answered with a very stern look.

They started to giggle and I breathed again.

"Okay, you two. I get it. These folks are clearly not too judgey and might not mind that we have an unusual- Or I guess not so much in your experience- Relationship."

"Right," Michelle said. "So, who's fucking whom around here?"

"Oh shit!" I heard from inside the house. I was guessing it was Jan.

Looking up, she and Jo were rounding the corner and had just figured out that they didn't have the place to themselves.

Jan said, "Gil, I thought you might have rejoined Don and Kate since you didn't stick around with ... uh... Hi, girls!" She attempted to waltz past the oddness of the situation.

The two of them were holding hands and seemed to be slightly moist. Jo had a towel over one shoulder and they were quietly tittering. I guess nothing makes you feel so young as fooling around with kinky strangers.

"No, hon," Anna answered. "He's been out here surveying the orgy that he seems - and it's sweet to realize this- not to have known he was throwing."

"Awww," Joann said. "That is kind of sweet. I mean, I told him that Kate wanted his schlong. I thought that was pretty straightforward. And straightforward is the only way I'm really comfortable using the word straight."

"Now, Jo you know you will fuck a dude in a pinch," Michelle countered.

"Oh, didn't say I wouldn't fuck one. I like dick just fine. But, I do it in the queerest possible way," she answered.

"Well, in that case," I said. "I guess we can all just admit that I'm a doofus and can't read social cues."

"Not your strong suit, dude-fus," Michelle leaned in and licked my ear.

"Okay, okay," I said. "Everyone's more open, sex-positive, and unworried about repercussions. I'm the old fuddy duddy here. I get it."

"Oh, definitely. But, you're really very cute, babe." Anna answered. "Now, give your old Mom a kiss."

My eyebrows shot up, but she shut me up by pulling me into a kiss. I heard a brief gasp from someone in the room and then light clapping. I don't know what the hell life I'm living in. When Anna pulled away, she grinned. I looked over and realized that Joann was clearly a bit surprised, but Jan was the applause section.

"I knew it!" she said. "Donnie is going to owe me big."

"Whu-, I uh, should, uh... explain," I tried.

Michelle had detached herself and was walking over to Joann to wrap an arm around her.

Jan said, "I mean, it was obvious that the three of you were a thing, but I told him that the age difference wasn't accidental. You look too much alike, but he was convinced I was making it up, the old fart."

"Jan, I think I should explain-"

Michelle whispered something in Jo's ear, and when Joann turned her head towards her she nodded.

Mom said, "Jan, I could be wrong, but I'm guessing you don't mind that I'm sleeping with my boy and his girlfriend?"

"Mind," she chuckled? "Jealous maybe, but I don't mind. He's grown, yes?"

"Grown-ass and all," Anna laughed.

"Does he say that he likes it?"

"I think he wants us all to move in together, actually," Mom, of course, accurately reflected.

"Then I only care that nobody's hurting anyone else. Don and I are basically old hippies. I mean, we've learned to avoid patchouli and such, but we're of a generation that just didn't get hung up on bodies in the same way that younger folks seem to be." She gestured to her very exposed altogether and said, "as is pretty clear."

Michelle and Joann seemed to be snickering and whispering as Jan walked over to us and put her arm around both Anna and me. She said, "Look, I know I look like the old lady next door - when I'm dressed- and you probably had me down for the nosy neighbor."

"Well-" I said.

"Which I am, but I'm also all the other things that people are. And while I will judge the heck out of you if you forget to bring your trash bin in before sunset, who you want to be naked with or play with... well, that's up to you. Like I always told my own kids, as long as you aren't hurting anybody-"

Anna chimed in, "then let your freak flag fly? My folks were on the hippie spectrum too, of course."

Jan leaned over and smootched Anna's shoulder, "So, no worries from me. Love who you love and don't hurt anyone."

I started to say, "I think I can handle-"

When Jan finished, "unless they ask of course. A little spanking is good for the soul. And Don will build you a deck if you bite his nipples like you mean it."

We all gave a bit of a bark, when the back door opened and towel damp Don asked, "What'd I miss?"

That brought on a whole new round. He looked really confused. Especially when Joann walked up, waved to her mother sitting on the side of the pool and leaned in to nibble on Don's right nipple.

He gave a bit of hoot, she slapped his ass lightly and said, "What?" as she looked around the room. "I don't need a deck, but my back stair is starting to get rickety. I figured I should call dibs on the man with the tool... er... tool belt."

Don closed his eyes and said, "Janie... you've been talking again haven't you?"

"Only about how handy you are with your tool... belt, hon. I didn't know if you'd be able to demonstrate for everyone. Kate seems to have worn you out."

"I'll have you know," he said sternly, "that you are absolutely right. And right after I pee, I'll figure out what the hell you ladies have gotten me into."

He walked past us with the dignity that a man of a certain age can when he knows a room full of folks are laughing at him, but will might get frisky with him in a bit, so what the hell, really?

"Well, folks, clearly, I'm not in any form of control here," I said, "but since when is that new? Here's the deal. I love these women. We have a few connections that I'd just as soon not broadcast all over the place given the repercussions, but I'm in for a penny and for a pound. Now, anyone for fruit... or dessert?"

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