tagErotic CouplingsQueen of the Castle?

Queen of the Castle?


The stone spiral staircase was narrow and uneven and you walked up it slowly. I was behind you taking just as much care, until I saw the was you pushed your bottom out as you climbed. I caught you up and from below and behind you ran my hand up the inside of your thigh and then over your cheeks as you took another step upwards, before halting and looking back over your shoulder at me. I grinned and ran my hand slowly all the way up your thigh, cupping your pussy in my hand before you squeezed my hand between your legs and grinned back at me. I could feel your warmth in my hand, such a contrast to the cool stone of the castle wall I was touching with my other hand. With a final squeeze of your legs around me, you gave a little moan and then moved further up the staircase.

We'd finally dragged ourselves out of bed in the early afternoon after a night and lazy morning exploring every contour of each other's bodies, to find a glorious autumn day. We felt like going out and had hopped in the car and after an hour or so's drive had decided to visit this castle. We'd got out of the car, paid our money to go in and had behaved like normal people for a while, just to show that we could, but the sight of your gorgeous, wonderful bottom as we climbed the spiral stairs had got my mind firmly back on your delicious body and our night and morning of languorous passion. I wanted you again...hadn't stopped wanting you, in truth, just been distracted by our surroundings. But it was late in the afternoon, and though there'd been quite a few people about when we arrived they were beginning to leave. You stepped into an alcove just off the stairs, looking through the slit window at the countryside, and I stepped in behind you, wrapped my arms around your body, and we shared a slow deep kiss. Then another as you turned towards me, your arms around my neck. You could feel my arousal against you and you wriggled against me, against it, before slowly running a hand over the bulge in my pants as we had a third, long kiss. I didn't need to ask if you were feeling the same way I was, I could see it in the shine in your eyes, hear it in your breathing as our kiss finally ended.

A few steps up the staircase was a room in a small tower, the roof still intact, another small slit window with a wide ledge. We needed no words as we stepped inside, another kiss became a slow exploration of each other, my hands running through your hair, down your back, over your cheeks as yours went down my sides, inside my shirt, then slipped inside my pants. I groaned as your cool hand grasped my warm stiff cock and started to run up and down my shaft, then felt your other hand loosen my belt, unbutton my trousers and then I looked into your hungry eyes as you slid down my body and slowly released and then kissed my cock. You kept looking at me as you ran your tongue round my helmet, only breaking the eye contact as you lowered your mouth over my throbbing swollen erection, taking me deep in your mouth, one hand at the base of my cock as the other massaged my balls. I groaned, shut my eyes to focus on the intense and wonderful feeling of your mouth around me, your hands on me, then a noise from the bottom of the staircase distracted us both. Was someone coming up? We stayed still for a moment before hearing footsteps moving away...

That was enough reason for us to kiss again with renewed passion and ferocious urgency. I could taste my cock on your mouth as my hands pulled your clothing away from the sexy curves of your body, my hand reaching between your legs, your pussy so wet. I pulled you to me as kissed you again as my fingers found your clit and started to circle it, then stroke it, then rub it firmly, looking in your eyes all the while as I did, pulling you against me, kissing you...then your breathing changed. I couldn't, wouldn't, mustn't stop...then with a high moan then an animal grunt you came, came hard, your body convulsing against me. It was as much as I could do to hold you up as my fingers continued to rub until finally you pushed them away, grabbed my cock, bent over in front of the window and guided me into you from behind. I held your hips and pushed deep inside your hot pussy, then held your shoulders and pulled you back on to me, before starting to fuck you slowly, slapping against you, before you started to slap back against me as you leant against the window, your need to be fucked, the passion with which you were taking me despite me being behind you surprising me, delighting me. In the end I stopped moving and held your hips as you fucked me, slapping back hard against me, squeezing me with your pussy , until I could hold on no longer, I grabbed your shoulders and thrust up deep inside you, taking you so deep and hard that I was almost lifting you off your feet until finally I came, came hard and deep within you, our breath coming in great gulps and gasps as the waves of orgasm washed over us.

I don't know how long we stayed there, not moving, not speaking. Eventually, we parted and I took you in my arms again for slow, sensual kisses, before we slowly got dressed. Darkness had fallen and it took us some time to get down the spiral staircase again. The castle was deserted, though there was still a light by the entrance. We made our way over, hoping to slip away unnoticed, but at that moment the remaining security guard popped his head out of the office we'd paid our entrance fee at earlier in the day.

"Ah, there you are," he said. "Don't worry, no need to explain. Was it the small room on the second floor of the far tower?". He pointed to where we'd come from, and we nodded, confused as to what was going on.

"Thought so. That was the lady's room, and she had quite a reputation, the lady of the castle. I suppose a woman's got to do something when her husband's away on the crusades and that room's got quite a reputation over the years. To some it people on their own it feels odd, to some couples it's...well, look at the pair of you. Never felt anything myself, but I thought that was what it would be so I put the kettle on and left you to it. Now you've done I'll lock up".

We wandered back to the car, giggling a little as we went. It wasn't until you told someone at work the next day that we'd been to the castle, without mentioning what we'd been doing, that the final piece of that curious, wonderful day was added. "Oh you went there?" she said to you, "that's odd, that place always makes me think of you. There's a picture in the local art gallery of the first mistress of the castle, apparently she had lots of affairs while her husband was off at the crusades, she was a very notorious woman. And then her husband got himself killed while he was crusading and she took a local lad for her husband, and the picture in the gallery, that's who it's of, her and him. And I've always thought you look a bit like her but this new bloke of yours, that's what's made me think of it. He looks an awful lot like him..."

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