tagGroup SexQueen of the Nile

Queen of the Nile


The jasmine scented breeze presses my dress against my curves. My mocha-tinted nipples darken the thin linen. It's hot today, and my caramel skin glistens with a sheen of perspiration.

Nude men and women decorate the deck of my barge. They move languidly, arranging themselves attractively on benches and pillows. You're the newest addition to this entourage and it's your first trip down the river with me. I can see that you are doing your best to blend in, to seem as uninterested and ornamental as my other companions. Your eyes betray you. They dart to me, then back to the scenery. Normally, such an indiscretion would displease me. I'm feeling lenient, though, and decide your nervousness is cute. Perhaps I will reward your cuteness.

I slide my gaze to one of the two women. She's well trained and needs no other instruction. I take the time to admire the sway of her slim hips and the swing of her dusky red hair as she approaches. She kneels at the foot of my canopied platform. "Join me Amunet," I say. "I wish you beside me."

I pat the silk cushions to my left. "Lie on your back, beautiful one, and make yourself comfortable." Amunet's gold jewelry tinkles delicately as she lifts her tan body to the platform. She does as I order, sliding one of the pillows under her knees. Her pert breasts barely shift with the change in posture. I indulge myself in a soft caress of the closest mound before turning my attention to one of the men.

"Panhsj, prepare yourself. I'm giving you Amunet today." The tall Nubian unfolds himself from his seat. His obsidian skin glistens in the bright sun, and his well defined muscles move smoothly under the gleam. As he approaches, his impressive member begins to rise. He reaches my presence and kneels, his erection building with each second. This is the reason Panhsj is among my entourage; I can always count on him to be ready at my word.

Before addressing him further, I shift my focus to you. You've shifted your position to better observe the platform. Despite your training, I can still see signs of your arousal. A flush works its way up your throat. Your cock twitches a bit as your forcibly maintain its limp state.

At my attention, you move forward. The lift of my eyebrow stops you before your second step. Eventually you will learn to interpret my wishes. But for now, I give you a look of disapproval to let you know that you're mistaken. Your swallow of fear and retreat please me, and I decide to proceed with my plan to reward you.

I return my gaze to the patient Nubian. "Rise and join us, Panhsj. Spread Aument's legs and seat yourself on the pillow beneath her knees." Amunet is already wet, and her musky scent is intoxicating. Panhsj seats himself, grasps her hips, and pulls her to him. Her rump settles into the depression created by his crossed legs. They both look to me, eager for permission to proceed. I smile indulgently and nod, also eager for them to begin.

Amunet cradles the head of Panhsj's member in her hand. She runs her thumb over it, milking a drop of precum from the sensitive opening. Panhsj slowly stokes his shaft as she lowers the tip to her waiting clit. Amunet guides it in lazy circles around the little nub. She lets out a sigh of arousal and her free hand gathers a fold in the silk cloth beneath her. Panhsj's breath quickens and his strokes increase in tempo.

I feel my body react to Amunet and Panhsj's activities. My nipples tingle as they harden under my shift and I enjoy the slide of wetness between my legs when I shift my position. I rise to my knees and turn my back to you, being careful to lift the hem of my dress so that it doesn't tangle with the movement.

Standing on my knees, I straddle Amunet's face. Another female companion is now within my field of vision. The woman is reclining near the railing, lazily trailing her fingers in the water. She doesn't seem concerned with what's happening on the platform.

I huff with annoyance. Not only should she have her focus on me at all times, but she should know better than to dangle anything over the edge of the barge. The risk of attracting the attention of Sobek's children is too great. Their great jaws would make quick work of dragging her down for a violent death beneath the water.


Her head whips up, and she yanks her hand out of the river. She blushes and lowers her eyes, knowing that she's displeased me. I sigh and shake my head, causing the beads at the tips of my braids to clink together. "I shall speak with you about this later, but for now I desire your services." Kebi approaches sheepishly, embarrassment mingling with relief in her every movement.

I drop the hem of my dress and spread my arms at shoulder length. "Will you help me? I seem to still be confined within this linen." Kebi's skin shines as golden as the sweet, sticky liquid she's named for. It contrasts beautifully with the cream fabric as she disrobes my body. Her fingers, still cool from the river water, leave trails of goose bumps as they brush me.

Kebi finishes and I perch completely naked above Amunet's face. I look down and smile into the amber eyes hazily gazing up at me. I can tell by her expression that Pahnsj's attentions are escalating. I whisper, "Is he inside of you yet?" Her hair tickles my inner thighs as she nods.

"Good." I slide my knees out, lowering myself to her. I hum with pleasure as her tongue flits up to tease me. I rock my hips forward, bringing my hot opening into position. Her talented tongue circles the offered opening, then pushes its way inside. I feel my inner muscles contract around it, and I sigh with contentment.

A sad sniff brings my attention back to Kebi. I indicate that she should drape the fabric across a bench then come back to me. As her feet pad across the deck, I let out a surprised gasp. Amunet's found a place that sends a wave of pleasure over my body.

When Kebi returns I tenderly reach out to her. I arch my back invitingly and guide her face to my proffered breasts. The height of the platform lifts me to the perfect height for this. Kebi wraps her lithe arms around my waist as she gratefully takes one of my nipples into her warm mouth. The tug of her teeth on the sensitive skin is a stimulating counterpoint to Amunet's efforts below.

Finally, I am ready for you. I look over my shoulder and give you a come-hither look. Freed from your need for restraint, your erection grows as you approach. You kneel beside Kebi awaiting your orders.

"Ah, my newest companion. You have been so patient. I am impressed." I stroke Kebi's golden streaked hair, and shift my hips so that Amunet can concentrate her efforts on my throbbing clit. "Your patience is about to be rewarded. Join us."

I see you swallow and lick your lips, and know that you are nervous. You climb onto the platform and I extend a hand to you. "I wish you behind me." I hear the sharp inhale of breath as your hand clasps mine. I am your Queen, and have just bestowed upon you an honor not many are allowed: my touch. You steady yourself on my arm and straddle Amunet behind me, careful not to rest your weight on her chest. I reach back to run a hand up your right thigh, and chuckle at the tap of your fully hard cock against my buttocks.

"Touch me now. Please me. Have your way with me." My words give you the permission your crave. You lean against my back, sliding your cock under me. I sigh as its tip moves over the opening so recently abandoned by Amunet's tongue. Pahnsj growls behinds us. He loves to watch other men fuck me. I fear it won't be long before he spills his cum over Amunet's belly.

I enjoy the feel of your shaft as it slides over my wet, hot lips. It nudges Amunet, and she runs her tongue over the tiny opening on the tip. You let slip a little whimper at her attentions and grasp my hips to better push forward. You slowly pump your member in and out of the slippery heat. Amunet teases the tip of your cock with each thrust, and your shaft becomes slick with my juices.

I close my eyes and give in to the sensations. Kebi's pinching fingers and warm mouth on my breasts feel divine. Amunet's tongue flicks out to tease my clit in between the visits of your hard cock to that little nub. Your breath is hot on my ear, and your fingers dig pleasantly into my hips. Pahnsj must be nearing climax. His thrusts have become so forceful that they push Amunet's head out from under me in a staccato rhythm. Her hair tickles my thighs with each bump.

You press the length of your torso against my back and increase the tempo of your strokes. It feels amazing, but I want more.

"Inside me." My voice sounds husky to my ears. You pull back with your hips and grasp your member, aiming for my dripping pussy. I stop you with a hiss. "No, not there." I rock my hips and the head of your cock slides up between my ass cheeks. "Here."

I push back and the tip of your dick slips into the rosy little hole. Your gasp is matched by a soft moan from between my legs. Amunet lifts a hand to your balls, cupping them and exerting gentle pressure on the space just behind them. I know then that Amunet is on the brink of an orgasm. Nothing gets her there faster than a set of balls in her hands.

You need no other encouragement. You sheathe your hard cock in my ass with one swift thrust. I cry out, pain mixing with pleasure. You're larger than I normally take in my ass, but I like how the way the feel of it takes my breath away.

My cry tips Amunet over the edge. Her own sounds of ecstasy vibrate against the lips of my pussy. Her back arches with her climax, and I feel her breasts press your balls into my buttocks. She bucks once, twice, then falls limp underneath us. Her breath tickles my clit as she lies panting. As I knew would happen, Pahnsj's orgasm swiftly follows Amunet's. His guttural moan sounds behind me. I know without turning around that he's pumping his cock with his fist, decorating Amunet's belly and chest with his cum.

I reach around to your ass, pressing you against me in a plea for you to pause. Normally Pahnsj would now clean Amunet's belly with his tongue. He loves the taste of any man's cum, including his own. But, I have another use for him.

"Kebi has been such a pleasure to me, Pahnsj. Why don't you repay her kindness to your Queen with a kindness of your own?" I feel the cushions shift and hear Pahnsj's steps round the platform to where Kebi is still attending to me. His skin is damp with sweat, and his half-limp cock shiny with Amunet's juices.

Kebi has worked her way up from my breasts and is lightly nipping at the sensitive skin at the base of my neck. Pahnsj presses himself against her back, bringing her ass up against his crotch. Kebi's so wrapped up in her work, that she gasps in surprise at the touch. He's taller than her, and I lean forward to steal a little kiss from his full lips. Satisfied with the way he's dipping his hands between her legs, I return my attention to you.

I let go of your ass cheek and rock forward. You complete the move, slowly withdrawing your cock until just the tip remains inside my hole. You tease me with it; little thrusts pop the junction of head and shaft in and out of the ring of muscle. I growl with frustration and slam back against you.

I see stars, and feel faint. After a moment I can breathe again.

I want more.

I set the rhythm, riding your cock at a steady pace. Kebi can no longer handle my bouncing breasts, and leans back against Pahnsj. Her sighs of pleasure mingle with my whimpers and Amunet's breathy moans. She's no longer pleasing my clit, but that's alright. She has one hand on your balls again, and the other on her own little nub.

Your fingers dig deep into my hips and match my rhythm, stroke for stroke. Our slick thighs slap together with each bump. The world fades away. All I feel, all I know, is the fire you're pumping into me. It builds, fueled by the your soft grunts. My whimpers increase in pitch, melding into one long moan of passion.

The orgasm rips through me. My back springs into an arch, my head lands on your shoulder. I shudder on your cock, deep inside me. The wave of intensity peaks, and I cry out your name.

I come down from the climax, and hear your gasp. Amunet must have done her favorite trick, sliding a finger up the ass of the man she's fondling. Your breath hitches and you yank your cock out of my hole. I hear the rapid pump of your fist and I reach around to run my fingers through the warm cum you're shooting all over my ass.

I sigh with contentment as my other companions climax around me. I know that I am gong to enjoy your services for a long time to come.


Author's note: I started writing this story before I knew of the protests in Egypt. I mean no disrespect by it. Rather, I aim to celebrate the sensual beauty of this ancient and complex culture.

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