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She pushed me hard against the bed, hands on either shoulder, propping herself up above me. She smiled wickedly, eyes roving my naked body.

"Damn, girl," she said. "You're so hot." In a swift motion she lowered her face to my breasts, biting and sucking hard on my left nipple.

I clenched my thighs. God, she was gonna give me an orgasm just by sucking my tits.

"Mmm, you like that?" she said, words humming against my soft, sensitive flesh. She moved to my right breast, massaging and kneading the other with her hand. Her other hand snaked its way to my thong and peeled it off.

"Baby, you're wet for me already?"

I didn't respond, my vision was clouded with lust and sex. This girl was gonna drive me crazy.

To keep from orgasming there and then, I tried to give her some attention, roving my hands along her still clothed-body. When I got close to her groin she stopped me, pinning my hands above my head and kissing me hard.

"Tsk, tsk. Not yet, baby."

She ran a finger along my slit, spreading my juices, teasing my entrance. She tugged on my clit, running it between her fingers.

I sucked hard on her mouth. I needed her body. "Please?" I begged.

She kissed her way down my neck, passed my chest, down to my flat stomach. She licked at the downy train that lead to my pussy.


She chuckled against my skin, sending vibrations to my cunt. She was clearly enjoying this.

"You want by body bad, baby?"

"Yes," I whimpered.

She raised herself above me so we were face to face again, our mouths hovering inches apart. "You want to touch me?"


"You want to lick me?"

"Yes, please, baby?" I whined.

She raised herself, straddling my legs on her knees. Slowly she removed that tight white T, revealing medium-sized breast clad in a leopard print bra. Front clasp. I almost came.

Pressing her milky breasts together with her hands she unclasped the bra. Revealing soft, soft skin and large peachy areolas. Her nipples were hard as erasers.

Her tight black jeans were the only barrier between us—I wanted to rip them off.

Guiding my hands slowly, she brought them to her face, slipping my index finger into her mouth. Then my middle. She rolled her tongue over them.

Slowly she brought my hands down her neck, to her collar bone, to her breasts. I cupped each in my hand, feeling their weight, grazing her nipples with my thumb. She arched her back and sighed in pleasure. I traced my fingers down her belly, closer and closer to the pussy I'd had yet to explore.

She pressed my hands against her groin and I felt it. A huge bulge. She smiled wickedly.

That did it.

I flipped her and yanked open the buttons to her jeans. I pulled them off her legs in a swift motion, lacy black panties with them.

A 10", fat black strap-on hovered between us.

"You came prepared," I smiled.

"Hmm...the one constant in my life." She smiled and I thought I might actually make love to her later.

Holding her gaze, I took her large, hard black cock in my mouth, my soft, pink lips puckering around the tip. I traced the length with my tongue, coating it in my shiny saliva. And then I took it deeper, and deeper. Relaxing my throat and letting her fill me, I took the whole length of her cock in my throat. I took pleasure at her shocked face, the way her hips twitched for me. I may have been a lesbian, but man, was I good with cock.

I lubed up her dick with my spit and then raised myself to her level, straddling her lap. I licked her ear, taking the lobe in my mouth, biting it slightly. I breathed hotly against her now-wet skin. "I'm gonna fuck you know," I said, positioning my opening above her.

"No," she said. "I'm gonna fuck you."

She flipped my and entered hard into my pussy in the same motion. I screamed. She pushed deep fast until our skin pressed together.

She took my tit in her mouth and sucked hard as she began pumping my pussy. I threw my head back and grabbed blindly for her tits. "God, baby, fuck. Harder," I gasped.

She lifted my hips, driving herself deeper inside of me. She pulled out almost all the way, so just her tip rested against my lips.

"No, please," I whined. "Give it to me, baby."

With a hard, fast motion she slammed inside of me again.

"You like that, baby?" she asked. "You like my big black cock."

"Oh yeah I do. Fuck me harder. Harder."

"You like it rough, baby?"

She reached beneath me, lifted my hips, and stuck her unlubed finger inside my asshole. I gasped with pleasure. As she drilled my pussy she drilled my ass, deeper and deeper. She entered another finger.


With her free hand she slapped my ass.

"Harder, you fucking—"

She was getting hot, too, I could tell. Her thrusts increased to a frantic pace. I knew it was my turn.

"You like fucking my pussy? You like taking my sweet, tight hole? Fucking me like a man?"

"Yes!" she gasped, voice going higher. I clenched my legs, trying to hold off the tide of pleasure approaching fast, trying not to cum until I made her cum, too.

I ground my hips against her, pushing her strap-on against her clit.

"You like fucking my like a man, you dyke? You like drilling my sweet little pussy? Look at it, baby, look at your big fat cock in my pink pussy. You like taking me—"

My orgasm was to strong, it shot through me—

"--Taking--take me! Ah! Take me!"

She screamed as her orgasm came, releasing pussy juices unto my bedsheets. Hips pounding into my pussy, forcing her cock into me harder and harder. I bucked against her, my pussy exploding, cum rushing to coat her big, fat, black cock. As my orgasm burst through my head, blinding me with pleasure, I managed one thought.

How hot would it be when she fucked my ass?

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