byBronco Billy©

A few weeks after the incident with Chloe at the business convention I was asked by Sarah Johnson to accompany her and Gwen Stephens to gymnastics meet at the state university. Her daughter, Angie, was on scholarship there. As usual my husband, Steve, was on a business trip and our two sons were away at a weekend football camp. With nothing else to do, I agreed to go with them.

It was about an hour's drive and we chatted away the time. As usual they expressed boredom in their marriages and that they were both sexually frustrated. They envied me and my situation. Both felt that they would like to experience the freedom of their husbands being away for periods of time. They wanted the very same freedom that I was experiencing.

I really do have the perfect life but I only wish that I could squeeze in a little more sexual activity. I would like to do both of these attractive women, put a little spice in their sex lives, but as I have said before, they live to close to home. I have to seize the moment when it presents itself. I need a sexual interlude that does not threaten my marriage or lifestyle.

We arrived on campus and were met by Angie and one of her friends, a girl named Marilyn. Angie was her usual, cheerful, bouncy self and we exchanged several guilty, if not, lustful glances. Marilyn, on the other hand, was quiet. After the introductions she didn't say much and kind of hung in the background. Marilyn wore very little, if any, make up and her dark hair was pulled back in a bun. Her thick sweater and dress fit loosely and appeared to be too large for her. She also wore rather large, horn rimmed glasses and appeared to be what kids now call, a complete nerd.

As the morning wore on we watched the gymnastic competition. Angie was very good. In fact, she was outstanding and won the two events that we watched. As she worked her fine little body and her muscles rippled I could remember licking her cum filled pussy and I even experienced a small orgasm. Beneath my skirt, I could feel the juices soaking my own panties. Well, they were actually Jill's. The ones with the lime green stripes. I have taken to wearing my love trophies, panties, as often as possible.

When it came time for lunch everyone wanted to go somewhere to eat. I was tired and since I never eat lunch anyway, I said, "If it's alright with the rest of you I'll just find a place to rest?"

"I'd like to rest for a while myself." volunteered Marilyn. Those were the first words she had spoken since the introduction. "You can come with me to my room. It's not far from here."

I looked at the frumpy girl and replied, "Thank you. I'd like that."

"The competition starts again at one o'clock." Sarah injected. "It's eleven thirty now, so we'll see ya'll then." We walked to her room, which was in a co-ed dormitory, and was only about ten minutes away. As we walked I asked, "What is your major? Her response in a low, somewhat monotone voice was, "I'm a psychology major."

"Do you make good grades?" was my next question and, not surprisingly, she answered, "Straight A's." Since it appears that I was going to have to initiate any conversation between us, I continued, "What is your classification?"

"I'm a second semester junior." Was her reply, and that ended our conversation as we reached the dormitory. It was a nice, older building and her room was on the third floor, number 363.

As we entered she said, "You can just sit or lay where you want and relax. Make yourself comfortable. I am going to change my clothing." There was only a desk with a straight back chair, a bed, and one large comfortable looking chair in the room. I chose the chair and as I sat down, Marilyn pulled her sweater over her head and tossed it on the bed. Under it, she was wearing a revealing, loose fitting, red blouse that clung to her surprisingly large breasts. She then pulled down her loose fitting skirt and dropped it to the floor. Under it she wore a red skirt that matched the blouse, and reached to just above the knees of her elegant, well shaped, long legs. I was taken aback and my jaw must have dropped to the floor. She looked into my eyes and saw the lust there.

Stunned, I watched her walk into the bathroom and close the door. I heard water running and in a few minutes she opened the door and walked toward the bed. Gone were the glasses and the bun. Her straight, dark hair hung down to her shoulders, she had colored her cheeks, and put on a little lipstick. Marilyn was beautiful and I wanted her badly.

She plopped down on the edge of the bed, skirt hiked up, with her legs spread wide. Between her long, lean thighs I could see that she also wore red panties. Around the edges dark, pussy hair peeked out. I was suddenly mesmerized as I took in the beauty of this lovely creature and I began to salivate.

I was startled when she asked, "Do you want to lick my pussy?"

I hesitated, but only for a little while, before managing, "Yes.... Yes I do!"

"Lock the door." She directed and added, "We don't have much time. Let's make the most of it."

I stood up and awkwardly, took the few steps to the door, locked it, and turned around. Marilyn had removed her skirt and panties, and with her hands, had pulled her legs up to her shoulders, completely revealing her beautiful, hairy, dripping pussy. Her red panties had caught on her right knee, and hung there, dangling near her face. God! It was an erotic sight.

Without moving, I asked, "How did you know I would do this?"

"I saw the way that you looked at the other women." She replied. "I read your thoughts through your eyes. I know I didn't look attractive but you never looked at me. Never judge a book by its cover. This is going to be the best pussy you ever had. Stop wasting time. Come now.... Come eat my tight, young pussy"

I love spontaneous, unexpected sex. It is always the best, so I moved forward, dropped to my knees, and without hesitation, buried my entire face into her wide spread pussy. "Ooooh Yees! Marilyn exclaimed. "That's it! Put your whole, beautiful face in my pussy. It's been a long time pretty baby. Lick...me...good!

And lick I did. I ran my tongue along the entire length of her engorged cunt, lapping up the copious amount of cream that poured from her hole. I sucked her salty, sweet juice into my mouth. I pushed my tongue in and wiggled it around. We both moaned. Her scent was heavenly and the taste of her clean, excited pussy almost made me climax. God, I love the taste of a woman's cunt. I sucked and lapped, tongued her, and I could tell from her movements that she would cum quickly. She started to buck her hips and pound her juicy pussy at my probing mouth. I burrowed deeply into her, wetting my chin, nose and mouth with her juices. "Hunh, Hunh, Hunh, Unh, Unh, Unh!" she chanted as she bucked that fine ass in rhythm to my lapping tongue. " Ooooh Shiitt! I...am going... to... cum. All...over... your...beautiful... fucking...face! Marilyn stuttered and then screamed, "I'M CUMMING!" All... Fuckin... Ready!

Oh God! I thought. I love to eat pussy and I love to make a woman cum. Just seeing and feeling her cum made me cream in my panties. I hadn't even worked her clit and she had already cum. This little baby needed some good loving and I was in heaven as I lapped at her steaming cunt. I licked from the bottom to the top over and over, flicking her small bud at the end of each stroke. I feverishly licked all of the nectar that I could find as I probed her hole. I cleaned her pussy as best as I could and then ordered her to, "Get on all fours! I want some of that fine young ass."

"You sure can eat pussy. I knew you would be good, older women always are." She volunteered as she complied and turned over and stayed on the edge of the bed on her hands and knees.

"Like this? I like it like this. I like doggie. Do my ass. Lick it good." Marilyn continued. This, obviously, wasn't her first time.

"Be patient pretty baby." I said as I gave her exposed butt a hard slap that made her delightful ass jiggle. "Ohh God, Yes!" She gasped. "I love to be spanked." I brought my hand down sharply again leaving an angry red handprint. Yes!... OHH, Yes!... Harder. I like it hard."

"Not now, Baby. I need to look at that fine pussy and ass before I eat some more." I said as I expressed my desire.

I looked at the juicy gash between her legs and found it to be, indeed, beautiful. Her aroused lips were engorged and hung down, glistening with her sexual secretions. I do love to eat pussy, especially hairy ones, and Marilyn certainly had one of those. It was covered with a thick bush that ran down either side. I leaned forward and ran the tip of my nose between those lips and I could feel the hair tickling it.

I raised my head, continued my appraisal of her slit and said, "I love hairy pussies."

Marilyn responded with, "I was worried about that. I haven't trimmed it in awhile. I didn't expect to be sexually active for some time and then you came along and this opportunity presented itself."

Her puckered and crinkly, little ass hole was beautiful and I sniffed it. It had a clean and slightly soapy smell to it. My little darling had washed it thoroughly during her time in the bathroom. I gave it a tentative little lick and she sighed, "Oh God, Yes! This is going to be good."

Emboldened by her words, with a flat tongue, I licked her juicy gash from her clit to her tiny little puckered ass hole. When I reached it I swabbed it thoroughly several times as I drenched it with my salivating mouth.

"This is so filthy. You are one nasty girl. That's it baby, lick my ass hole. That feels so good" She managed. "Oh shit, yes, lick my fucking asshole. Make me talk nasty to you. Make this nerdy little girl say bad words."

I pulled back and said, "Talk nasty baby while I eat. I love your young ass. Keep talking baby girl. Tell me what you like."

I gently nibbled around her little star with my teeth and then I rolled up my tongue and tried to drive it as far as I could up her crinkly little hole.

"Oh Yes! Pretty baby. Tongue fuck that ass and finger fuck the shit out of my pussy." Marilyn demanded.

Eager to please, I twisted two of my fingers on my right hand and carefully slid them into her steaming gash. I slowly pressed them in and out, my wrist rotating with each thrust. I licked and sucked her ass and rapidly tongued it and she began to moan and cried out. "That's it! That's what this nasty girl likes. Tongue...my...ass. Finger fuck my pussy. HARD!...Do...it...Hard... Baby!" She again demanded as she started to buck backwards smashing my lips with her firm ass.

"Hunh...Hunh...Hunh" She grunted then managed, "Oh shit, yes, lick my ass hole. That...feels...so...fucking...good."

Marilyn continued to buck that fine young ass against my face and exclaimed. "God! You...are...so...good. You...really...know...how...to...do...a...girl. I am going to cum again. DON'T YOU STOP! FUUCCK MEEE! I'mmm Cummmiing!"

She slumped forward on the bed and my fingers slipped from her pussy with a squishy popping sound. They were coated with her thick juices and I placed them in my mouth and languidly savored the taste.

"That was so fucking good. You made me cum so much." Marilyn slowly and contentedly whispered. "I've got to taste you. I want to suck your pussy.... Now!"

"Roll over onto your back." I directed. "Let's sixty nine."

As she complied I removed my soaking panties and climbed onto the bed. Facing her feet, I straddled her face and dropped to my knees and as I lowered my dripping gash, she said, "Raise your skirt. I want to see what I'm eating." I hiked my skirt above my waist and completely exposed my swollen, excited cunt for her perusal. "Oh, Miss Betty! You have a beautiful pussy. It's so hairy. The lips are so big. It is the most edible pussy that I have ever seen. Let me have it. Feed it to me."

As I lowered my cunt she grabbed my hips with both hands and pulled me down to her eager mouth. "Oh Yes!" She exclaimed as she thrust her mouth at my dripping pussy. Marilyn sucked my engorged cunt lips and thrust her tongue deep inside my tight, wet opening. She burrowed her face and her hands pulled my hips hard against her mouth. I did not need any encouragement and pushed my pussy down and started to slowly fuck her mouth. God! Her lapping tongue and sucking mouth felt fantastic as they worked my sawing hole. Her nose pushed against my asshole and I thrust and rotated my pussy seeking release. I wanted to cum all over her beautiful young face and I was determined to do so.

"That's it baby girl. Lick my fucking pussy. Suck it good. Make me cum on that pretty face."

I wanted to taste her again but I needed to cum first so I concentrated on that and provided encouragement with, "Yes...like that. Lick a little harder. Oh, that's so fucking good. Suck the cum out of my sweet...pussy....Hunh!...Oh!...Yes...Baby!...I'm... almost there. Oh!...Fuck...yes...Baby....suck...that...pussy. Ohhhh...yesss, I...am...going...to cum, Oh...sweet...darling. Lick my pussy! Aaaahhhh...I, mmm Cumminng!

I slumped forward and placed my face in her warm, wet pussy. Spent, and breathing in short gasps I inhaled the pungent smell of her beautiful fuck hole. As I languidly began to lick the thick love juice flowing from her cunt Marilyn stopped licking and said, "Oooh Baby! You cum so much. Can you go again?"

With my face resting in her pussy hair I managed, "I love to cum and I can cum often. What do you have in mind?"

"Turn around and straddle my face." She directed.

I turned around and straddled her beautiful face and bracing myself with my arms I held onto the back of the bed. I lowered myself and spread my thighs wider until I felt her softly lick my pussy. "Now fuck my face. And fuck it hard Miss Betty!" Marilyn demanded.

Aiming to please, I started to move my hips backward and forward in a sawing motion, slowly at first and then moving faster until I was giving her pretty face a really good ride. I was hitting my engorged clit against her nose with her mouth in my pussy and her tongue moving all inside of me. I felt so powerful that I fucked even harder and faster as I felt my orgasm building. I was really stroking and fucking her face so hard, that I no longer cared if I hurt her. My strokes were so powerful and long that her nose was going from my asshole up to my clit and down again, faster and harder. "You like it rough. Do you? I'm...going...to...fuck... that...pretty... face...Offff! I grunted and frantic to cum added, "Oh Fuuuck! I'mmm...about...to...cum."

I stroked a couple more times and screamed, "Fuuck Yees!" I had never cum so hard or long in my life. I screamed again, "FUCK!" and again, "FUUCCK! My orgasm lasted an incredibly long time and I ground my weeping hole down on her face, smothering her. Pussy juice was flowing out of me in thick and copious amounts and I could hear loud, slurping and gulping sounds made by Marilyn's appreciative mouth as she devoured my secretions.

"You cum so much." She observed. "Your pussy juice is so thick and tasty. Sweet pussy juice. I could eat you all day long but we have to go. Let me clean you." Marilyn managed as she continued to lap at my gushing hole and moan as she swallowed my sweetness.

I rolled to my side and said, "Good shit, huh? Unexpected and sudden sex is always the best and I sure didn't see this coming. I wish we had more time but we do have to get back."

Her face was a mess and covered with my secretions. Long thick streaks covered her nose, cheeks and forehead. God! She looked beautiful. "We do need to clean up. Let me help you." I offered as I licked and swallowed the cum that coated one of her cheeks. "I love to eat cum." I added. "I can't get enough and I won't waste this." I continued as I noisily vacuumed my tasty juices from her beautiful cum streaked face.

"You are one nasty bitch," she observed, "and a hell of a pussy eater," she added as she sucked in my cum coated tongue and we engaged in a lingering tongue swapping French kiss. We broke apart and I said, "We better get cleaned up and get back to the meet."

As we quickly put ourselves back together Marilyn said, "Please don't say anything to Angie about this. All of the girls think that I am totally nerdy and I'd like to keep it that way."

"Why would I tell Angie? I asked.

"I saw the way you two looked at each other and I can tell that you and Angie have been intimate before and probably will be again."

"You certainly are perceptive, and by the way, I want these red panties for a keepsake." I said as I picked them up and placed them and my soaked ones in the bottom of my purse. I'd have to go the rest of the day panty less.

"Love trophy? She asked as we started back to the gym.

"Yes it is." I answered as we briskly walked. "This certainly wasn't your first time with a woman."

"I'll quickly tell you my story" Marilyn volunteered. "My parents were killed in an automobile accident when I was a senior in high school. I was seventeen at the time and my mother's best friend, Erika, took me in. She was married but did not have any children of her own. They were wonderful to me and soon after I turned eighteen she seduced me. I was a virgin. After several wonderful encounters with her, Brad, her husband joined in and together they taught me how wonderful sex could be. It was their idea that I play the nerd while at school so that no one would hit on me. We are from upper New York State and they fly down about once a month and we spend the weekend in a hotel making love. They couldn't make it last month and I was getting horny until you showed up."

"I'll give you my number and if this ever happens again, you give me a call and maybe I'll be able to come and meet you. We'll get a room and really do some loving." I responded as we approached the gym.

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