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Quickie ~ Over the Couch


To my readers, please feel free to leave feedback for me so that I know that you liked my stories, what you would like to see, and perhaps maybe suggest one, or perhaps dedicate one to one of you. If you'd like to read it over and over again, favorite it and come back to enjoy it like an old friend. I look forward to hearing from you...K'Anne

I should have known my girlfriend had been too quiet as I gathered my things in the living room. She stealthily crept up on me and spun me around kissing me ardently as I tried to catch my breath from my surprise and from her. She frequently could make me breathless usually just from entering a room, now she was kissing me with so much passion I didn't stand a chance. The room spun and the things in my arms dropped as I grabbed her body to mine. It was worth the grab too. Her muscular body made mine want to wrap itself around her and I proceeded to try despite both of us standing. I made sure she understood in no uncertain terms that I wanted her, that I needed her, that I loved her and everything she was doing to me.

She propelled me back, walking us across the room until I could feel the couch against my buttocks but she didn't stop there. Unbuttoning my silk blouse she pulled my breasts out of my push up bra and buried her face between the fragrant flesh of them. I didn't protest as the sight of her brown head bent between them tugged at my nether regions. My own arms were wrapped around her encouraging her to her madness enjoying the feel of her against me and mine. I arched against her and this must have been what she was waiting for as she boosted my buttocks onto the back of the couch and began her assault on my legs. Now my legs have some definite secret pleasure spots and she knew them all. Her knowing fingers traced up the stocking clad legs and even through the silk she managed to make my legs twitch. She reached up and unsnapped the garters from the top of the stockings and expertly rolled them down my long legs making sure she touched the inside of my thighs, the back of my knees, each and every one of my pleasure spots with the tips of her fingers, her nails lightly raking along them on their way back up. She didn't hesitate as she pulled at my French cut panty, she merely pushed it aside so her fingers could first cup my crotch which I raised against her hand eagerly. My chest was rising and falling in my excitement at the unexpectedness of this assault on my body.

She firmly squeezed my crotch in her hand my clit was rubbed by the ball of her hand and eagerly anticipated what she would do next. I tried to stay up right but her face on my breasts was pushing ever so slowly against my body and I had gravity against me. I thought she wanted to make love to me on the couch and allowed myself to begin a slow fall onto it but she kept my hips on the back of the couch and I found myself in the awkward position of being bent over backwards over the couch. My arms were useless and I threw them over my head in supplication. I knew this affected her sense of sight seeing me helpless like this and she renewed her attack on my body.

Her fingers played first with my eager clit and then with the wetness she had caused. The panty seemed to want to get in her way and she expertly pulled it one handed from my body. I seem to go through a lot of underwear around this lover but I don't mind, I'm a willing victim of hers. I was most eager to feel her fingers inside of me and clenched my kegal muscles in anticipation. Her shorts clad legs must have felt the muscle contractions as she used her hips to drive her hand and fingers against my body. Her first finger that found its way inside my body was most welcome but not enough. I must have given myself away for wanting more in some way that she soon joined it with a second even more welcome finger. They reached unerringly inside my totally soused crotch and hit my G spot on the first try. My body went absolutely limp. I couldn't believe how that one spot in my entire body affected me so. I could never hit it myself with my own fingers or even with my toys, only this woman had that skill, that unerringly accurate sense of direction to the one spot that could control me. It didn't matter if we were in the throes of intense orgasms or play, one touch against that one spot and I was totally limp. She enjoyed the helpless look that always came over me at this moment knowing she was in absolute control of my body. Rather than a sense of power it gave her a sense of incredible love knowing what she could do to me.

Slowly but steadily she began to thrust inside my willing body. The thrusts varied and never framing them and thrusting them up in a delightful display to her eager view. Gravity had them thrusting up, waiting for her. Her lips and tongue captured first one erect nipple and then the other, constantly switching them up so I was never sure which one was next. Her teeth came lightly into play and drove me insane.

I wanted to grind my body against her firm one but the position I was in made it impossible. I had no choice but to let her have her way with me and while I would return the favor another time right now I was a willing victim of her mood, her needs, her play. I mentally played a picture of what we must look like from above in my head. I was sprawled over the back of the couch my head on the lower cushion, my breasts exposed out of my expensive silk blouse, my bra pulled down and framing those breasts pushing them towards my girlfriends eager lips and mouth, my lower half high and over the back of the couch at an excellent height for her hand to delve into, her hips lightly grinding against the back of her hand as it plunged in and out of my eager body.

My mouth wished it could reach hers but instead I arched my body to the best of my ability to give her access to indicate that I wanted more of what she was dishing out to take it greedily. As gravity worked in her favor it worked against me. The blood was rushing out of my legs which dangled over the back of the couch but then that could also be because of the orgasm that was building at the center of me. The blood was needed there. Yes, gravity could work in reverse I soon realized as the blood rushed out of my head to rise up to the center of my body and my crotch in one of the most mind blowing orgasms I had ever experienced. My mouth gasped as it began but only giving me enough breath to scream and provide my girlfriend with more incentive to thrust inside of me and take control of my orgasm as it swept through my body. The cries continued through my crises as she screwed her fingers inside of me.

I heard my girlfriend go "whoaaa" and looked up to realize I had squirted as I came and the front of her jeans was coated in ejaculate. I wasn't sorry, she had caused this and I wasn't the only who would have to change their clothes. As she thrust her way through the ejaculate she must have realized I was done and getting sore, her fingers were washed from the thinner liquid that my ejaculate was. Slowing down and gently massaging my crotch she looked deeply into my passion filled eyes and whispered "thank you" as though I had done her a great favor. I smiled wearily from my viewpoint.

As my girlfriend pulled back from my sweaty body I slipped down fully onto the couch and I swung my unsteady legs around onto the couch. I sprawled there a moment to catch my breath and to hope that the blood would reach my extremities. I hoped I would be able to walk soon. I looked at her and saw the mess I had made against her clothes and grinned. She returned my grin knowing she had deserved it for this 'sneak' attack on my person.

She helped me to my feet making sure I was steady on them before leading me upstairs so we could both change and get ready for work. The couch had had love made on it before but never over the back and we both had pleasant memories from the experience. I was thinking perhaps we should put slip covers or vinyl over the whole thing if I was going to ejaculate on it. It wasn't really my fault though, she had caused the whole thing. I was just a willing victim...smile.

The End...for now

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