tagLoving WivesQuiet Day at Work

Quiet Day at Work


It's a quiet Thursday afternoon at work in the parking booth. There is barely any traffic and so you are not really paying attention, browsing your phone idly. I see this as I approach your booth. I'm wearing that cute orange, flowery dress that I wear so often.

You particularly like me in this dress because it's short.

Immediately a smile crosses your lips, thinking your cute wife has probably brought you a lunch to work. You quickly notice though that I'm not carrying anything with me, but I do have that mischievous smile on my face... what am I up to?

I slip in through the door and give you a quick kiss on the cheek. You start to speak to me, to ask me why I'm there, but I stop you with a gentle finger on your lips. Then, without a word I crouch low in front of you, placing myself under the booth counter so that approaching traffic and security cameras can't see me.

I begin to undo your belt, your zipper... Your immediate reaction to me is clearly making itself known.

I begin gently licking your shaft from the base up, stopping just at the top to take your tip in my mouth before moving back down to the base.

Every time a customer drives up, you act like nothing is going on.

I make it a sloppy, blow job, the way you like.

A car slowly pulls up to your booth, so you have to shove my head down, make me deep throat your cock just to hide the noise. As the car passes though you release my head, so I can start sucking again...

Mmmm I love your cock in my mouth... up and down, faster then slower... another car pulls up. This time you don't deep throat me though, it feels too good. The driver gives you a weird look, but says nothing of it. You pass them their change with shaky hands and let out a moan just as they pull away.

Finally, it's clear, no cars are pulling in.

You tilt your head back just to take in the pleasure.

Just then your sexy co-worker, Emily, comes to break you for lunch... but you're really not that hungry just yet, and Emily can clearly see what's going on under the counter.

You have a moment of panic, what will she think? But you can just see the lust in her eyes. You look at each other for a moment, saying nothing.

The whole time, I'm still sucking your rock hard dick, never stopping.

Wordless, Emily takes position next to me under the counter... She looks at me. And I look at her... we smile, look to you and smile again... you're not sure what's going to happen next... you wait, breathless, watching.

Emily and I slowly start moving our heads together, we being kissing, gingerly at first, then with more desire. Grabbing at each other... but we are not here for us. We turn back to you and both start licking your shaft. One tongue on each side... up and down.

She takes you fully in her mouth, loving every minute, while I start licking your balls... The sensation is too great.

You can't control yourself.

There are cars pulling up but you don't want it to stop, not even for a few seconds.

Mmmmm... the cars are getting closer, you push Emily's head down, grabbing her hair, making her take all of you in her mouth again. She gags, but doesn't push away. She's loving it.

You grab my hair with your other hand and pull me back, away from you. You whisper to me, with that sexy dominance you have, to shut up and stay quiet. I obey, but with that same mischievous grin.

You've gained enough control now just to let the driver through without paying; it's too much to stop long enough to take their money. Now, you can release us.

Emily moves her tongue down to your balls and starts licking and begins tickling with the tips of her fingers. Just behind the balls, that amazingly sensitive spot. She knows exactly how to make you squirm. That alone would be enough to send you over the edge, but now I'm sucking your cock again. Between the two of us, we have the perfect rhythm going.

Your breathing gets heavier. You're calling out both of our names now, not wanting it to end. You're getting close though... your eyes close, your head tilts back, your fingers tangled in two sets of hair, not knowing which belongs to whom, or who is doing what. It's all one blur of sensation, of pleasure, you can't hold it anymore...

You release, just as I move my lips off your tip. You're cum is dripping on my lips, onto Emily's face... we both lick our lips and smile... enjoying every last drop.

We both silently slip out from under the counter. Emily goes back inside to finish her shift; I go the other way, heading home.

You're speechless and spent.

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