Quinn Ch. 03


Thank you all for the support for this story. I am really enjoying this character and feel blessed she is allowing me to tell her tale.

All characters are fictional and over 18 years of age. I will continue assuming you are reading the previous chapters to keep up. I do this all myself and there are bound to be some minor mistakes and regionalisms despite my best efforts to provide an enjoyable read.


I rolled over in bed and felt my arm touch something. I sleepily opened my eyes to see Josh sleeping next to me, peacefully.

My eyes shot open and I was wide awake.

"Oh my God," I mouthed silently.

I couldn't believe all that I had done last night. I watched my best friend having sex with her boyfriend and brought my own boyfriend to my room. I had even given him a blowjob. Here was living proof, in my bed. I had to fight back my insane giggle. I was over the moon. I'd done it. I'd gone out on a date with an attractive person and had a good time that ended in erotic fun.

"Oh shit! I'm a tramp," I thought, "I fucked on the first date."

Okay, well not technically fucked, but oral sex is still sex. Fuck it. I just couldn't be upset with myself. I was 19. I waited long enough. It's about time I got experience this.

I noticed Josh has morning wood.

"It's about time I got to experience this again," I thought.

Totally delighted with myself, I slid my head under the covers and scooched down until I was at Josh's delicious erection. I put my hand on his tight young belly and caressed his stomach. I moved my hands down to fondle his pole. Delicately, I played my hand over his cock and tight sac. I leaned up and slowly eased my mouth onto Josh's meat.

My hard nipples tickled on the sheet. My heavy breathing was loud under the blankets, I squeezed and pulled at the foreskin of his prick and caressed his nice shaft again. I kept my eyes open to look at his cock as it disappeared into my mouth. I had it plugged into my O-shaped opening. Josh shuddered in his sleep at the touch of my velvety tongue against the underside of his tool. I took him into my throat like I'd been a cocksucker for years instead of only last night.

As I moved up to the tip, I would jack at his cock. I would suck hard at it as I slid back down to the base. My tongue would glide over the knobby head and throbbing rod.

"Oh fuck, Quinn. Damn, what a way to wake-up," Josh said from above me.

I looked up his body as he pulled back the covers to watch me. I attacked every luscious part of his penis that I could. His erection throbbed as I brought pleasure to every nerve center in his succulent cock. The room was filled with the wet sounds of my mouth slurping along his pole and our heavy breathing. Josh's moans joined the erotic symphony.

My own moans accompanied his as I squirmed my ass around on the bed, grinding my own penis into the mattress. My hands slid down to caress my own need.

"Yea, mouth fuck it," Josh begged me.

I deftly jacked my own dick, while my mouth pulled Josh to the brink of ecstasy and pushed him over. His moan of relief was so stimulating to my ears. He rocketed his thick jizz into my waiting mouth. He looked down to see some of it leak out the corners of my mouth. He was wide-eyed when he saw me swallow it all down.

My cheeks were flushed and rosy and my eyes were bright when I pushed myself back the bed to face him.

"Good morning Mr. Peterson," I said, like an innocent little girl.

Josh was beaming as he stretched, "Good morning, indeed, babe."

"No. not babe," I told him, "Say Quinn. I like when you say it."

He kissed me passionately and squeezed my ass. Then he looked me calmly in the eyes.

"Good morning, Quinn," he said.

I about came right then.

The rest of the morning was spent in Mom's pre-arrival preparing. We cleaned the house of all evidence, including washing all the sheets we used last night. Hector straightened the pool area. Becca and I took care of the bedrooms we used. Josh straightened up the living room and kitchen. He got off easy since I had maintained the house pretty well all week. Everyone packed up their stuff, so Josh got it out of the house and into Hector's SUV.

Hector and Josh ran to the store while Becca and I went to pick up Mom at the airport. We told her about Josh on the ride home. She asked a few questions about him, mostly directed at Becca. Mom finally got to meet him when we got home. Hector and Josh had a mid-afternoon feast ready. Mostly "boy food".

There were bratwursts, hot dogs, cheeseburgers, some melon cut up and a veggie tray with ranch dip. Mom greeted everyone and sat down to enjoy the food with us. She had just met Hector and Josh so she chatted with them primarily. I think Becca and I were in serious jeopardy of losing our boyfriends to her. They both definitely had a crush on Mom.

I saw everyone to the door after we cleaned up. I kissed Josh again. This was more of an end of the date, goodnight kiss.

"Can I call you tonight," he asked hopefully.

I shook my head, "Not tonight. Mom just got home. I need to hang out with her."

"Okay," Josh said, "I'll see you tomorrow...Quinn."

I shuddered when he said it. It does give me a tingle.

Mom and I curled up in her bed. I gave her an extremely abbreviated version of my weekend. We were picking at the veggie tray but it was mostly forgotten as we talked. She told me all about her weekend up north. She told most of the family about my transition., They said they understood. I think that is a bit of an overstatement. They saw some pictures of me now and were floored. My smile was now genuine they all agreed. That was load off my shoulders. I still had the feeling that the first time they see me in person will be a shock, like it was for Quayd.

"So, what about Josh? He seems nice," Mom opened.

I agreed, "He is, Mom. He's sweet and cute and seems like a polite gentleman and that makes me like him a lot."

She felt it coming and said, "But..."

I continued, "But, he wants the label. You know, his girlfriend. I'm not yet a girl. Am I a total bitch for deceiving him?"

"Honey, you're deceiving everyone right now," Mom pointed out.

"I know. But, I've never been happier either. It's so selfish of me," I countered.

Mom replied, "No Quinn, it's not. Look, Josh has a pretty young thing to adore and who adores him. His friends obviously think he is better for having you with him. I feel you both deserve a little happiness. I trust you to tell him before you seriously hurt him. Only you will know when, if ever."

"If ever," I asked incredulously.

"Baby, it's a high school romance," Mom stated, "It might not last forever. I know you feel like it will right now. Think about Quayd and Sue. How "In Love" they were. Where is she now?"

"I don't know," I answered.

"Exactly," she declared, "they each have moved on with their lives. If you never have to tell him and you guys break up, Josh gets to look back at you as one of his high school girlfriends. And you will look back at him and your first boyfriend."

"Wow, that's cold, Mom," I laughed.

She shrugged, "I'm just saying."

We snuggled for a bit.

"It's nice having a daughter to talk like this with and to snuggle with and talk about boy problems," Mom said, while stroking back my hair. "I'm just happy it's what you wanted."

"It does feel right, doesn't it," I agreed.

After a while I hopped up and went to my room. I had to get to bed for school the next day.


The next day was the beginning of a new routine. I got ready as usual. I was feeling lazy and actually wore some tight jeans and a Larry Fitzgerald jersey. I put my long blonde hair up in a ponytail. I was happy I was now in a B-cup now and wore a really cute red and black bra from Victoria's Secret. I matched it with a red and black lacey thong gaff. My regular beat up old tennis shoes. It was full-on tomboy mode that first day.

This time, Josh arrived early enough to join us in Hector's SUV. The next day I joined Josh even earlier and made him drive us out to one of the back roads so I could give him a before class treat. I loved sucking on his turgid prick and becoming more proficient at something we both enjoyed me doing. We would join Hector and Becca afterward. That was my new routine; meet Josh early, a quickie blowjob, then meet Becca and Hector before classes.

My new boyfriend certainly had no complaints about getting up and to school a little early. This continued for two weeks. That's when I got a punch to the gut that almost ended my year here early. I'll come back to that.

I really liked having a boyfriend even if we hadn't labeled it as such yet. The four of us were pretty tight now. We ganged up on Mom and conned her into letting us throw a Halloween costume party at our house. Halloween was on Saturday so we decided to throw it on Halloween. Mom had only three conditions:one, she chaperoned it. Two, Quayd's little house was off limits. And finally three,she could refuse entry to anyone not really in a costume-her discretion. That meant no one would be showing up in regular clothes and saying "this is my high school student costume". We agreed to her rules.

We went to the Halloween Superstore in the malkk. Becca and Hector got a a sexy nurse and naughty doctor costume combo. You've seen them I'm sure. Little skirt so high up, the bottom of her cheeks show and a top so low cut, half her big brown boobs will be sticking out; and Hector's is tear away. I bought myself a slutty Bo Peep costume and Josh would be my lamb. Mine was just as bad as Becca's, but I don't have the same assets she has. Becca and I both bought slutty six inch heels and fishnet thigh high stockings. Becca had red boots and the fishnets were white and My heels were blue and my stockings were red. Josh looked so cute in his costume. It was a white wool lamb costume with only his adorable face showing.

Josh and I had been developing this relationship, slowly, but it was developing. It did not go unnoticed. We were a couple in most eyes now. It was just expected that Josh and I would do stuff together. To everyone in school, we were Josh and Quinn now. And that's when the bomb exploded.

I was in 3rd period study hall and requested pass to go work in the computer lab. I was going to meet up with Linda. I was good at computer stuff, but nothing compared to what she knew and could do. With her help, I was getting even better. We sat down and had just started when she started talking.

"So, you are dating Josh now," Linda stated more than asked a question.

"Yea, I guess. For just a couple weeks now. We had our first date October 3rd," I told her.

She said, "That's nice. I'm happy for you. So, you told him your secret then?"

The blood drained from my face making me even more pale than usual. My eyes widened and my jaw dropped. I began to tremble just a bit and I felt cold.

"My life is over," I thought, "I guess I can get my GED online.

"Um...what secret." I squeaked.

She looked around to make sure no one heard her even though we were the only two people in the room.

"You know, about you being a boy," Linda whispered.


I tried to act indignant and responded, "I'm not a boy. What?"

Linda agreed, "Well, not now obviously. But before you came to school here. At your old high school."

I was entering panic mode. She knew somehow. Deny, Deny, Deny wasn't going to work. I couldn't drag her body to the boiler room without being seen if I killed her. Plus, I'm almost positive Linda could take me pretty easily. And a magical "Forget" potion wouldn't work on Linda, because it doesn't fucking exist! All I could do was ride this free-fall conversation all the way to my nervous break down and the crying fit I had as I ran from the school. I braced myself for the teasing and humiliation I had endured my whole life.

Her eyes took on a softer quality. I think she finally realized I was truly frightened by what her news getting out could do to me.

Linda said, "Quinn, I'm not going to tell anyone. You okay? Relax. Breathe." She stroked my back and fanned my face with her notebook. "Chill, girl, chill."

"How did you find out," I finally asked.

She chuckled, "Girl, I know everybody's secrets. I eventually find out about everyone. I'm a snoop and a great hacker."

I was surprised and felt a little hurt, "You snooped on me?"

"On you? Only a little," she admitted, "I looked into you when we started class together. You know, your Facebook account and your Twitter stuff. Then, I saw you where you attended most of high school and decided to check that out. I was curious what sports or activities you might be into."

"Oh," I said, still numb. I guess I could understand that.

"Well, I pulled up the yearbook online and saw your class photos. It was fairly easy to put two and two together," Linda explained.

"What are you going to do now," I asked.

"Why? Do I have to do something," she asked me, "Quinn, we're friends. It's not place to spread your secrets anymore than I would tell you about things I discovered about other students. I was only asking you if Josh knew. I'm not judging you, but if it was me; I wouldn't tell him. Not yet anyway."

"My mom said pretty much the same thing. I was worried it was too deceitful not to tell him," I said.

Linda thought about it and said, "Girl, (it made me feel better when she still called me that) it's not like you tricked him into it. He knew you for weeks and liked you for you. The shape of your skin doesn't change the person inside. The one he asked to date."

"But he still wants a girl. A girlfriend," I whined.

Linda laughed, " I see that boy's smiles. Trust me, he is happy. Why take that away from him if you don't absolutely have to?"

The period ended and I walked to my next class thinking about what Linda said. Josh and I were having fun. We might not end up together forever and why end it yet. Between Mom and Linda, I had the go ahead to treat my boyfriend right and not worry about anything until I had something to worry about.

I trusted Linda and I was confident that my secret was safe with her. It was also a relief to have at least one person in my corner that knew. It was amazing to have a friend so secure. It didn't change the feeling of our friendship either. She still treated me like as just plain old Quinn, the female computer nerd.

After school, I waited for Josh to get done with Cross Country. I was in the library finishing my homework when he came to get me. He was freshly showered and smelled so nice. We were leaving the library.

"Quinn, I know we are exclusive, but I still wanted to ask you out on a date properly," Josh told me. He kissed me on a cheek, "Busy Friday night?"

I smiled and answered, "That's very sweet. I have no plans. I'd love to go on a date. What did you have in mind?"

"Well, a nice dinner of course," he started, "followed by a movie-your choice. After that, we just hang out, maybe look at the stars. You and me and no one else. I want you all to myself for one night."

I understood, "I'm sorry, baby," I leaned into him and kissed him. His hand reached around to scoop up my butt cheeks and pull me in. "We've been hanging out with Becca and Hector so much, we get no alone time. I promise, you can have me...all to yourself."

I was wearing a denim skirt and black blouse and my black ballet flats. The red panties and black bra were more chaste then I'd been wearing mostly for the last couple weeks. I moaned quietly against his neck as he kneaded my tiny ass and sucked my ear. I felt his fingers drag my skirt up a bit and I could cool air on my cheeks.

"Hey! Move along you two," Mitch, the janitor called to us. He was coming out of the boiler room and I knew he got an eyeful of my butt.

Josh let go of my skirt, letting it drop and we ran out to the parking lot giggling. We didn't stop until we got to our cars. The lot was mostly deserted by now. A couple football players leaving practice called their good-byes when they saw us. Josh leaned back against his Audi as I leaned against against my Beetle facing him.

Josh said, "Friday evening. Go home, get ready, and I'll pick you up. Sound fun?"

"That sounds perfect, honey," I agreed.


The rest of the week continued as usual. Linda even told me she was coming to my party and convinced Ike, her boyfriend, and some of the other football guys to come too. Ike was coming as a Ringmaster, like at the circus, and she was coming as a slutty lioness. I couldn't wait to see her plushy body in a slutty costume. Ike is a big football player. I bet he would look hot in his costume too.

I was still giving Josh his pre-class treat. My cock-sucking skills had improved exponentially since that first night, only a couple of weeks ago. I could almost make Josh cum on command now. I could give him a quick hit to get him off or a long lustful licking that had him quivering and shuddering until I decided to release him. I held off on Friday though. I wanted him aroused for our date.

After school, I drove home to get ready. I spend extra time preparing. It was going to be a special date and I wanted my appearance perfect for Josh. Shaving anything other than my legs or armpits was almost unnecessary now, but I took extra care in the shower to do a full body check anyway. Mom helped me style my hair, mostly up with a few loose strands framing my face. My make-up, usually cheerful and light to compliment my skin tone, was darker tonight. I wore smokey eye liner and glossy red lipstick. I wanted my face in dark contrast to my outfit.

I picked out and extra special outfit for tonight. It was a dress I had never had a chance to wear yet. I had on one of my new bras. It was white lace and satin and my gaff matched the bra. It was a delicious little thong. I wore a naughty white garter belt and sexy thigh high stockings with three inch white heels. The dress was a knee length white silk with a halter bodice tied behind my neck. It had a two inch slit up the side. The dress was sleeveless and form fitting. I realized the bra had to go. The neck and back of the dress would not allow for it. I was quite firm enough to not need the bra, but now my little nipples poked against the soft material.

When Josh showed up, I was dressed and ever so ready. He whistled when I greeted him at the door.

"Holy crap, Quin," Josh gushed, "You are amazing. You look fantastic."

"Thanks, baby," I spun so he could see all of it, "I wanted tonight to be extra special. This is the first time I have ever worn this...all for you. This will be a great night for you, but not only for you."

It was ihs intent to have a great night out and he accomplished that wonderfully. I had a terrific time. He was a perfect gentleman, opening doors, pulling my chair and standing when I left or arrived at the table, after powdering my nose. He was also pumping my ego with beautiful compliments. The gentleman routine was nice, but I had the perfect way of ending that later. Tonight, Josh was going to take my virginity.

We drove out of the city and toward home. I directed him to bluff not much before my road. It had a gorgeous view out over the desert. With the inky black sky and the brilliant stars twinkling gloriously, I couldn't think of a more beautiful place for this. We parked at the edge of the hill.

Josh turned to me and I leaned in. Our kiss was electric. I felt it all through my body causing my little cock to tighten against the concealing thong. My nipples were hard little points and my skin felt so sensitive. I could feel heat trails anywhere he touched me. I was beyond aroused. To Josh, it was probably nothing more than an intense make out session that would probably net him a blow job in the end. He had no idea what I had planned.

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